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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 311 — Rescuing the Priestess of the Moon

Chapter 311: Rescuing the Priestess of the Moon

‘Ding! You have completed the quest: Collect the Dragon Crystal. Obtained 500,000 Experience Points!’

After submitting the [Dragon Crystal], everyone obtained only a little experience. It was only about the same as killing monsters. After the Level 70 threshold, the amount of experience points required to gain another level was a headache.

"This is wonderful! Now, I can create a Teleportation Device!" Thea the Priestess took out a bunch of Tiger Teeth, and Burning Ambers from somewhere on the back of her body. She then placed the ingredients on the ground and the Dragon Crystal on top of the pile. She then proceed to pour vials of potion-like stuff on the pile.

"Say, Little Yang. Where you do you think that this lady kept all the Tiger Tooth?" said Fatty Han as he stared pointedly at Thea’s voluptuous butt. His question was completely rhetorical.

Zhang Yang kept quiet for a while and finally facepalmed when Fatty Han would not stop staring at Thea’s butt. "Fatty…How dry are you? Are you so desperate for some, that you would stare at a virtual character’s rear? Please find yourself another girlfriend to help you solve your loneliness at night!"

Fatty Han laughed. "Oh please, Little Yang. Don’t be saying stuff like that. Don’t tell me that all the people in the movies and television were fake, and you can’t hug, touched, or even take them to bed?"

"That…That’s a whole other story! At least you know that the person behind the camera is a real human!"

"Ah! You cannot deny the fact that those characters were also the products of fiction! The only difference between the one in front of us and the one in the movies is that one was an image captured by a camera while the other has been created by data! How could you guarantee that this lovely lady right here was not created based off a real female model? Artists are not magician who could create something out of nothing. Technically, they draw inspiration from their real life experiences!"

Zhang Yang gasped. "Woah! Fatty! Since when did you become so wise? You must have created such a viewpoint on life after all those hardships and heartbreaks from the ladies!"

"Hey!" Fatty Han started to put up airs like a philosopher that was lost in his thoughts. "We are the sum of all our past experiences. I am but a sword hidden in a sheath. For someone to discover the real me, one would need to dig deep into my soul and discover a youthful man of artistic sense!"

Zhang Yang laughed. "I have known you for close to 20 years and just only managed to discover this part of you now!"

Everyone grinned, some were almost at the point of laughing out loud. Endless Starlight snickered and said, "Fatty Bro, what the big boss had just said, what…buahahaha, was too true!"

"Oh…f*ck off you little prick. Little Yan and I have a friendship as strong as the steel that was forged from the brutal fights in the streets! The kind of bond we have could withstand anything you throw at us! We drank beer together, broke bread together, found the same girls in the clubs…"

"F*ck you Fatty, who would want to go to the club with you! Please do not tarnish my name here!"

As the crowd laughed and joked, Thea was finally ready to craft the Teleportation Device. With a sudden blast of light ray, a weird, awfully similar gadget appeared in her hand. It was black, but it look awfully similar to that of a hair dryer!

Lost Dream frowned. "I think the designing department of Dream Tech was too lazy. Look at that bloody contraption! It’s hideous!"

"Adventurers, I, have but one last request of you." Said Thea with a stoic expression. "The next candidate of the Priestess of the Moon is being held at the Blood Moon Castle! You have to make haste in order to save her! You have proved your strength to us and show us that no one other than you are perfect for this mission. On behalf of the Moon Elf race, I beg of you! Please head towards the Blood Moon Castle and rescue our Priestess!"

"Candidate for the Priestess of the Moon?" Zhang Yang repeated, seemingly coming to an epiphany.

The Priestess of the Moon is the highest rank, and served as the leader of the Elven race. Theoretically, she would be as least the same rank as the King of the White Jade Kingdom. An Ascended tier boss! However, how could such a boss could be trapped in a Level 70 map? Either that, or she was in a similar circumstance as Princess Serena! Now that Thea had explained the situation, the Priestess that was kidnapped had yet to inherit the throne. It was only natural that someone like her would be targeted.

"That’s right. There’s hasn’t been a Priestess of the Moon guiding the Moon Elves for at least 300 years! Bless the Moon God for she had not forsaken us! For she had even elected a successor for our race!" said Thea. "Please. Adventurer! I beg of you!"

‘Ding! Thea - Moon Glory has a quest for you: Rescue the Priestess of the Moon. Will you accept it? This quest will be linked to a part of the main story quest. Complete the quest for a luxurious reward!’

A main story quest!

Everyone exchanged a look, nodded their heads in unison and accepted the quest without saying a word.

[Rescue the Priestess of the Moon] (Difficulty Level: S)

Quest Description: The Priestess of the Moon of the Elven race has been kidnapped by the Red-Skinned Orcs of the Blood Moon Castle! You have to rescue her as soon as possible! The Elven race requires a new leader! Godspeed! Who knows what the Orcs will do to the Priestess of the Moon! Blood Moon Castle is located at the East of the Black Moss Wilderness.

Progress: Rescue Priestess of the Moon 0/1

"Please take this with you!" Thea passed the "hair-dryer" to Zhang Yang and said, "This device can only be activated when you’re 500 meters away from the Blood Moon Castle. It can directly transport you into the castle. However, since I forged the device in a hurry, the device can only be used once!"

[Carelessly made Teleportation Device] (Quest Item)

Use: Teleports you and your team mates into the Blood Moon Castle. Can only be used within 500 meters away from the Blood Moon Castle. Transports a maximum of 10 persons.

"Let’s go! Let’s save the world. Again!" said Zhang Yang as he summoned his white bear.

The party rode like the wind towards the west. They reached their destination about 30 minutes later. Unlike the topography of the Thunderstorm Castle, the Blood Moon Castle was built on a flatland. The castle was fully exposed and surrounded by a vast empty field and could be attack from all directions. That being said, the castle was impregnable. With thick castle walls and an uncountable number of magical cannons. The defense of the castle was astonishing!

Zhang Yang took out the "hair-dryer" and said, "Let’s fly!"

However, when Zhang Yang clicked on the machine, it responded with a message. ‘Ding! You can only use this device within 500 meters from Blood Moon Castle!’

"What’s wrong?"

"…My bad. We have to walk a little up front."

The party had to move a little further. As they moved, the device did not prompt anything but shone brightly, enclosing the party in a large light cage. With a loud crack, the party disappeared. When vision returned to their eyes, they had found out that they had indeed been teleported into the castle. Judging from the surroundings, they were in the kitchen. The nine of them were unfortunately trapped behind a stone oven and an invisible chain fastened them to the wall, rendering them immobile.

"Hey! I can’t move! How bout you guys?"

"I can’t move either!"

"Me too!"

"What the hell is going on?"

The party channel was instantly rowdy.

"Tesmo, you’d better be puttin’ some effort in yer back eh. Our great lord Pilo is going to marry that Elven babe. He ordered us to make ‘em good meal. If we screw this up. We be losing our heads!" During the commotion, two red-skinned orcs entered the kitchen. One was tall, and the other was much shorter. It was the shorter one that had just spoke.

The taller orc said, "I’d say Piji, but our Lord Pilo has the purest blood flowing in his veins. I’m curious at the fact that he would marry to a female Elf? I must say that those puny little minxes are too skinny for us orcs. My word, how could they bear to give birth to great warriors in the future? What say you my good orc?"

"Yer moron!" the shorter orc shook his head. "Heard from Lord Shalin, dem Elf babe was a saint. She be the Priestess of the Moon! Think of it, if she be bearin’ me kids, it surely be a godly kid innit? He be carryin’ some of dem godly powers eh?"

"I comprehend your speculation, my dear friend."

"What yer yapping like that for eh? Put em plates out now!"

As the shorter one finished with their conversation, the two of them exited the kitchen. Just then, Zhang Yang and the team regained their mobility and were surprised by a sudden notification.

‘Ding! You have obtained a sudden news. The red skinned orc leader Pilo wants to marry the Priestess of the Moon! You have to move faster to save the Priestess of the Moon!’

‘Ding! Main Quest: Rescue the Priestess of the Moon! A time limit has been added. You now have 10 hours to rescue the Priestess of the Moon. The quest shall be permanently terminated upon failure.’

The normal quest could be re-taken again if the party fails to meet a certain criteria of the quest by visiting the NPC and start over again. However, main story and hidden quests were different. With only once chance, its either win it, or pack it!

"Comrades! Let’s hurry! We must save that Priestess of the Moon!" Fatty Han cried.

"Could you be more civilized, pervy fatty?"

"What are you talking about? I’m merely stating the obvious!" Fatty Han raised an eye brow.

"Enough. Let’s work!" Zhang Yang unsheathed his sword and headed to the exit of the kitchen.

"Did you guys feel that the tall orc was very polite?"

"And that shorter one was savage as f*ck!"

"Would you guys please focus!?"

Just when the party left the kitchen, a pair of orc guards spotted them and charged at them.


They swung their weapons in the air like lassos and aimed to bash the living hell out of Zhang Yang.

[Red Skinned Berserk Soldier] (Elite, Humanoid)

Level: 76

HP: 76,000

Defense: 400

"Aren’t all orc green in color? Why are they all red here?" asked not by Wei Yan Er, surprisingly, but Daffodil Daydream.

Since it was Daffodil Daydream instead of the annoying little brat, Zhang Yang had no qualms explaining. "These red skinned orcs were once a faction of the main orc race. Their ancestors were tempted by the demons and had succumbed to the demonic force. Their bodies were infected with the demonic power, turning them into a blood red color."

Zhang Yang and Endless Starlight each engaged one orc and with the party laying waste to them, the elite monsters were kill in matter of seconds. The obtainable loots were just a few pieces of Silk and coins. Coins were to be expected but the quantity of the Silks was just too scarce. Be it Tailoring or First Aid, player would need a large volume of these Silks. Even though they are relatively cheap in the auction house, the supply in the market is always on shortage. Players would have to farm on their own to supply themselves.

As the party continued venturing into the deeper parts of the castle, they had encountered and killed a number of red skinned orcs. After 30 minutes, the party came into a large hall. At the entrance of the hall were two humongous red skinned orcs! With its top half naked, and a small loin cloth covering its lower half, the muscular body of the orc was greatly emphasized, bringing out their destructive power and intimidation. They were both carrying huge morning stars made of wolf fangs. Imaging getting your head bashed in with those spiky balls…

[Red Skinned Crusher] (Elite, Humanoid)

Level: 76

HP: 760,000

Defense: 600

They were also elite tier, but these two brothers had 10 times more HP than the regular monsters around. They even had 50% more Defense! With these types of stats, they could be the equivalent as a Gray-Silver boss!

Endless Starlight felt a sudden rush of goosebumps when he saw their weapons. "Hey, Fatty bro, how would it feel if you were pricked in the *ss by those weapons?"

"Hehehe. I’m telling you. These two monsters are actually called The Butt Crackers!"

Zhang Yang slid towards Endless Starlight and lightly kicked his butt. "In that case, you should try and solo tank the boss this time! Try and let the monster rip you a new one!"

"WAA. Mama mia! No!" cried Endless Starlight, covering his butt with his hands. However, he went on forward and tossed his shield from afar, triggering the fight.

"Intruders? Such brilliant timing! I was just lacking a cup! I shall make do with your skull and fashion it into my drinking cup!" said one of the orc as they charged towards Endless Starlight.

Wham! Bam!

10 seconds into the battle, one of the Red Skinned Crusher’s morning star glowed as it smashed Endless Starlight. He was then immediately sent lying on the floor motionless. Unable to get up, he was stunned for 6 seconds and was beaten like a flat pancake by the two orcs!



The two devastating damages had nearly killed him off when Endless Starlight frantically activated {Sacred Protection}.

"Why did the damage suddenly spike up!?"

Endless Starlight answered hurriedly while attacking, "The stun carried another effect that will increase all received damage by 100%!"

"NYAHAHAH! Now that what I call as Butt Cracker!"

Zhang Yang effortlessly activated {Provoke} to draw one of the Red Skinned Crusher to lessen the burden on Endless Starlight.

No wonder the monsters were named Crusher. Their stunning capability was heightened to a point that it could even cause additional damage to their target. Luckily, both Zhang Yang and Endless Starlight were well-equipped. Though the battle was slightly nerve-wrecking, the party managed to take down the two monsters without any casualties.

"Phew! If all the monsters from now on are as strong as these Crushers, I’d better prepare myself!" wailed Endless Starlight.

Zhang Yang reached out with his hands and uncovered the loots.

[Bloodied Staff] (Green-Copper, Magic Staff)

Magic Attack: 446 - 646

Equip Effect: Increase 1% Critical rate.

Level Requirement: 70

Note: There were weird blood stains on the tip of the staff. Wonder where did that come from?

Noticing the equipment description, both Fatty Han and Endless Starlight started to grin evilly.

The entrance of the hall was shut tight but was easily pushed open by the combined force of everyone in the party. Inside, there was a huge empty space. Deep inside, there was a huge, approximately 3 meters tall red skinned orc lying motionless. At his side, there was a 5 meters long battle axe with fresh blood still dripping at the blade.

[Dilloca the Butcher] (Gray-Silver)

Level: 76

HP: 3,800,000

Defense: 800

"Just a Gray-Silver? What a letdown!"

"It’s better this way. The easier the boss, the faster we can complete the main story quest!" said Daffodil Daydream with her chest held up high.

"Endless Starlight, go and tank it. I’ll be the attacker this round!" Zhang Yang unequip his shield to reduce the extra generated aggro.

Endless Starlight nodded and wielded his battle hammer and shield and charge to the boss. Within 30 meters, his toss out his shield and started the fight.

Once triggered, the boss bellowed. "MUAHAHAHAHA! Another bunch of rats for me to kill!"

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