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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 312 — A Sneaky Business

Chapter 312: A Sneaky Business

Gray-Silver? It be had nothing on Zhang Yang. Dilloca the Butcher was immediately flattened like a pan cake.

That being said, how could a pan cake fill your stomach when you break fasting? The equipment that the boss dropped was nothing but scraps. All the Gray-Silver and Green-Copper equipment were swept into Zhang Yang inventory, ready to be sold in the shop. Right now, the current market value of Green-Copper equipment was worth peanuts, on the other hand, Gray-Silvers proved to be slightly better and were worth a couple of beer, with some snacks on the side. That being said, Yellow-Gold bosses were still as rare as the blue moon.

The end of the hall was another large door which led to a long winding stairway that led to the second floor. Almost all of the monsters in the second floor were the same Berserk Soldiers. The group went on a killing spree and obtained a large quantity of [Silk]. 30 minutes into the second floor, the party came to another large hall, and another Red Skinned Crusher, with the same morning star similarly made from wolf fangs.

This turn, Endless Starlight was not brave enough to go on alone. Instead, the battle started with both Zhang Yang and Endless Starlight each taking on one. After killing the door guards, the party entered the hall of the second floor. Deep inside the hall, there was an orc, draped in full fashionable accessories, with gold and silver blings hanging all over his body. He looked like a walking a chandelier. He did look like an orc, neither did he really resemble a human. With a face that read money, business, and trade, his eyes went up and down the surroundings, as if he was frantically trying to find something, or someone.

[The "Honest" Florick] (Yellow-Gold, Humanoid)

Level: 78

HP: 7,800,000

Defense: 1,400

Note: The one and only, world’s most honest being alive!

This boss had a yellow name tag on him, which meant that he will not promptly attack anyone.

"Hmm? Where did you guys sneak in from?" said Florick when he had noticed Zhang Yang from afar. Without any visible change in stance, he did not have any hostility towards them and gestured the party to approach him. "Could it be, that you have heard about the famous Florick and decided to pay him a visit?"

He quickly laid down a large sack and opened it to show the party a bag full of colorful shiny equipment. "Count yourselves lucky. This batch of stock had only arrived today. If you want to buy, make it quick. I’m about to leave to meet with an old client.

Everyone was immediately weirded out, for since when, could a boss turn into a merchant? However, when Florick took out the equipment and displayed it to them, they were immediately entranced by the gleaming luster. Like cats drawn to light, the party swarmed around the weapons only to find themselves gasping for air. They were all Celestial tiered weapons! All of them!

The Sword of the Sky! The Heaven’s Helm! The Opal Chest Plate! The Hands of the God of War! The Sky Scraping Heavenly Pillar!

Everyone started to drool like deranged gods. What was going on? Could a Celestial weapon be sold off? If this fate?!

"N-N-Noobie tank! Look at the battle axe!" said Wei Yan Er, stuttering. She lifted the gigantic axe and showed it to Zhang Yang.

[Nova Breaker, Agulos' Heavenly Axe] (Celestial, Two Handed Axe)

Weapon Attack: 98,038 - 118,038

Attack Interval: 3.8 Seconds

DPS: 28,431

{Level 10 Socket 1}

{Level 10 Socket 2}

Equip Effect: Grants a chance to summon the great Agulos’ soul, giving the attack a fixed chance to cause a Critical strike.

Level Requirement: 0

"Am I going blind? Do all of these Celestial weapon cost only 1,000 gold?" said Endless Starlight.

"I think I’m going blind as well, because I’m sure that they are sold for only 1,000 gold!"


Zhang Yang sensed that something was incredibly off. How could a Celestial weapon be sold? Furthermore, there was no Level Requirement and they only cost 1,000 gold coins each. That meant that a character could equip this Celestial equipment from head to toe! If that was the case, how would the game be balanced? Besides, he had not heard anyone from his past life owning a Celestial tier equipment!

Zhang Yang hurriedly tried to stop the party. "Don’t buy them. Something has got to be off!"

"Dude! I’m already wearing them! Look at me!" said Fatty Han as he pat his chest proudly. He then spun around to show everyone how fabulous he was, wearing a complete set of equipment from top to bottom.

Tempted, the rest of the party started buying equipment as well. It was a euphoric feeling, as if you had just stepped up from a 1986 Toyota Sprinter Trueno (AE86) to the latest model of the Mitsubishi Evos series. 1 The feeling of owning a bad*ss weapon was surreal.

Slim and Handsome, HP 2150.

Lost Dream, HP 2850.

… …

Those who were wearing complete "Celestial" tier equipment had only over than 3,000 HP! They were basically naked!

Technically, to wear a full set of Celestial equipment, your HP should have been boosted to close to a million. However, their HPs were less than 10,000! They were all fakes!

"What the…"


Both Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er shrieked in horror. "We’ve been had!"

There was a hidden note under the properties of the equipment description that stated : (1) This is a product of imitation. (2) Item will disappear after 15 minutes. Those two sentences were so small to begin with, and they were only visible after a player had made the purchase!

Everyone frantically swapped back to their original equipment and glared at Florick. Especially the two girls, who were basically misers. The two of them grabbed Florick by the collar and screamed in his face. "You cheater! Give me back my money!"

"Sorry. Goods sold are not refundable!" said Florick with a straight face.

"What goods? They’re all fakes!"

"That’s preposterous! I am Florick! The one and only, the world’s most honest merchant! You shall not slander me, women! Or, I will sue you in court!" said Florick, as he hurriedly packed up his wares and made ready to leave. "I have another client to meet. Please leave!"

"You cheater! You refuse to return my money?!" said Wei Yan Er with a pain in her voice. Wei Yan Er had spent more than 10,000 gold coins just to purchase a full set of "Celestial" equipment. How was she going to let the man go?

"You want your money back? Well then, I shall see to it! Defeat me if you can!" Florick growled and took out a large axe. He then took out four weird looking sticks and struck the ground with it at four corners around him. The sticks were round on the top and had slim shafts, like pins.Florick’s name tag had changed from yellow to red, indicating that he was a hostile target.

With a flash, Zhang Yang scrape the floor with {Charge} to rush towards Florick, while Endless Starlight tossed his shield.

"Stupid boss! Give me back my hard-earned money!" Wei Yan Er gritted her teeth as she cleaved the boss over and over again, her fury off the charts. Until the moment Wei Yan Er gets her money back, she would probably never sleep again.


One of the pins on the ground had blasted a wave of fire and dealt around 2,000 damage to the party. 2 seconds later, it released another wave of fire.

"What sort of plaything is this?" Everyone was intrigued by the pins and checked on its properties.

[Flame Totem]: HP: 1,000, Defense: 0. Deal 2,000 Fire damage every 2 seconds, to all targets within a 10 meters radius.

[Squall Totem]: HP: 1,000, Defense: 0. Increases 10% Dexterity to all ally within 30 meters of the totem.

[Great Earth Totem]: HP: 1,000, Defense: 0. Grants ally the ability to absorb 20% incoming damage on attack.

[Vitality Totem]: HP: 1,000, Defense: 0. Restore 1,000 HP every 3 seconds to all allies within 30 meters of the totem.

"Dummy, what class is this boss supposed to be? How, and why did he stab that many sticks into the ground?" Han Ying Xue asked.

"Hm. That is called a Poke Poke Master!" said Zhang Yang with a straight face.


Zhang Yang laughed. "Alright. The boss’ class is called a Totem Master. This class plays with the natural elements of Fire, Wind, Earth, and Water! That being said, they are pretty good in melee combat as well! In the future, whoever who gets to become a Totem Master after the Inheritance patch would have strong DPS power, and also a strong supporting capability! Sill, the totems are rather fragile and can be easily destroyed. However they can only be struck by targeted skills, not AoE."

"In my opinion, that’s pretty useless. I mean, just look at the totem’s HP. People will simply wipe them out!" said Wei Yan Er.

"It’s not that simple. You can place four totems at the same time, while others can only destroy them one at a time. Think of it this way, while others spend some time being delayed by the shared cool down to destroy one totem, you have already summoned four. You still have the advantage!" said Zhang Yang. That being said, unlike the Aura skill, the totems were immobile and had a limited range, whereas the Aura skill is basically permanent and always moved with the player!

The party destroyed the four totems and proceeded to target the boss. Once the totems were destroyed, the boss’ attack and defense were no different compared to a regular Yellow-Gold tier boss. He posed no threat to the party, but when all the totems were destroyed, the boss would always immediately summoned them again. It was getting annoying.

"Cheater! Liar! Give me back my money!" Wei Yan Er cried endlessly.

"A bunch of gullible pricks! I will kill you all and take all your money!" said Florick, displaying the same manner of greed as Wei Yan Er.


The boss cleaved Zhang Yang for 6,974 damage. Suddenly, a dark gust of wind blasted out of the back of the axe, propelling it further and causing more damage.


As the second damage text popped, Zhang Yang quickly referred to the battle log to get a better understanding on what just happened.

‘Florick used {Force Strike} and dealt 6,974 damage (3,000 damage reduced, 1,026 damage absorbed).’

‘Florick’s {Force Strike} had triggered an echo effect and dealt 7,201 damage (3,000 damage reduced, 1,026 damage absorbed).’

What a complicated attack pattern! What was more important was that the boss could actually use a Warrior’s {Force Strike}.

After the axe cleaved through Zhang Yang, the boss pulled back the axe and waved his hands. A blot of white lightning blasted out and struck Zhang Yang. The bolt of lightning leaped off and struck Sun Xin Yu, Wei Yan Er, and Lost Dream. All of the melee attackers had suffered close to 10,000 damage except for Zhang Yang. He had only taken 6,974 damage.

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