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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 315 — Beastman Lord

Chapter 315: Beastman Lord

Besides Merlinda, there were no other NPCs. Zhang Yang and the gang looked at each other and focused their sight on the grille at the end of the hall.

"Let’s go!"

There was a long corridor which was connected to staircase after they opened up the grille. Everybody followed the staircase and reached the top of the castle.

It was an outdoor environment and the wind was violent. The entire ground on this floor was all flat, and the area was larger than a football field. The nine of them stood there like insignificant ants.

A Red-Skinned Beastman stood magnificently not far from them. Its height was three meters tall with ripped abs. Its muscular arms were much thicker than an ordinary people's thighs! The Red-Skinned Beastman was holding a giant axe, where it puffed its chest out in an imposing fashion!

[Red-Skinned Beastman Lord Pilo] (Violet-Platinum, Humanoid)

Level: 80

HP: 8,000,000

Defense: 2,400

It was a Violet-Platinum boss!

Everybody was astonished, as this was the third Violet-Platinum boss they met. The first Violet-Platinum boss was defeated by Smaug’s phantom, the second Violet-Platinum boss was killed by the power of the entirety of Lone Desert Smoke!

Now there were only nine of them, could they defeat this boss?

Zhang Yang thought for a while and said, "Let’s try this once, if it’s clearly impossible, I will summon Smaug’s phantom as a last resort!"

"Wait a minute!" when Zhang Yang wanted to move forwards, but Wei Yan Er stopped him suddenly. Wei Yan Er suddenly summoned her [Fire Chocobo Chick] and smiled. "We are able to use mounts here!"

Everyone was speechless. No genius would have seen this coming. It was only because the little girl simply felt like peeking at her pet mount at that moment!

Still, this meant that four of them could use their battle mounts now, it would really make a huge difference to their combat effectiveness! Although Zhang Yang had the {Beast Taming} skill and he could use his mount as a battle pet at any place, a combination of their hitpoints would do wonders for him!

"Let’s fight!" Zhang Yang got atop his Whitey, lifted his [Dark Enigmatic Sword], and at his command, the great bear let out a roar and charged at the boss.

Those who had pet mounts also followed him closely.

"Bold intruders, how dare you step into my domain!" Pilo suddenly shouted and it lifted its axe, "How did you guys come in? My domain is impregnable and indestructible, how could these stinking little pests come in? Are you guys colluding with spies in this castle? Hmph, who is so bold to actually betray me, I’m going to slash that spy into pieces and behead that spy’ entire bloodline! Could it be Slane, the bastard who wants to overthrow my throne? Damn it, all of you are fools, after this, I’m going to kill Slane, that traitor!"

This boss was a paranoid one. Zhang Yang and the rest had not uttered a word but the boss was already coming up with all sorts of presumptions!


The boss swung its axe and Zhang Yang quickly raised his shield and used {Block}.


Zhang Yang and Whitey were knocked three steps back!

"En, this boss is very strong! Just like me in real life!" Fatty Han said.

Wei Yan Er quickly stuck her tongue out and said, "Pervy fatty, the boss’ arms are much thicker than your thighs, stop bragging!"

Fatty Han said serious, "I never brag! If I started bragging, the Earth would go upside down, the Moon would be out of its orbit! Do you know how did Chang'e escape to the Moon? I blew her up to the Moon with a single breath!"

Everyone was speechless. Even Endless Starlight also said, "Brother Fatty, too much bro, too much. I wanted to help at first, but I don’t even know how to carry on!"


Pilo started the second attack with its axe. Zhang Yang had to take the damage head on!

"Ha ha, let’s have some fun!" the boss turned its giant axe the other way round and struck the ground with it, as if he was using a sledgehammer!

Suddenly, a countless amount of sharpened spears popped out from the ground!

However, the spears did not strike all corners of the map, but instead struck different spots at a time. There were two variations, and they were divided by squares, it was as if all the white squares on a chessboard were lighting up, before the black squares followed.

Everyone was spread out, so only some of the party members were hit. However, those who were unlucky, got hit for ‘-5000’ damage.

The sudden, unpredictable attack startled everyone.

Fortunately, everyone’s HP was almost 20,000 points. Even if they received another spear attack, they would not be killed!

Three seconds later, the sharpen spears struck out from the ground once again and the "Qiang Qiang Qiang" sound was made as the spears skewered the air.

The spears were alternating between the ‘white’ squares and ‘black’ squares.

These people were not stupid. In fact, all of them were professional. They immediately understood the spears’ attack pattern and started moving accordingly.

The battle was started and it was totally different compared to their boss fights. This battle required everyone to constantly change position. Otherwise, ‘-5,000’ of damage texts would appear continuously. Han Ying Xue had to cast healing mainly on Zhang Yang, so she did not have enough time to take care of the rest. At most, she could only throw {Regeneration} on them whenever she managed to find the time!

Qiang! Qiang! Qiang!

This battle scene was very spectacular, countless of sharp spears struck towards the sky time and again!

Fatty Han and Endless Starlight were so busy counting the timing of the spears and changing position that they did not even have the time to talk nonsense. Otherwise, they would definitely have started a joke about getting their asses impaled or something.

Pilo caused about 10,000 points of damage on Zhang Yang for each attack and Pilo attacked every two seconds. Zhang Yang could use {Block} every six seconds, resulting in him taking 3,000 damage per second. This was close to Han Ying Xue’s limit.

However, Pilo’s defense value was too high, even if Zhang Yang weakened Pilo’s defense value by 50%, Pilo still had about 1,200 defense values. Also, as the team had to constantly run about, their damage output had decreased significantly.

Like emptying the tank of an oil tanker, one drip at a time, they slowly worked on the boss.

Seven minutes later, Pilo’s HP was down to 80%

"Hah, I never thought you guys would last this long! Ha ha, I will let you guys try something else more powerful now!" Pilo laughed madly.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Flames were rapidly spewed out from the left and right, and instantly, the entire ground turned into a sheet of flames. Each flame was three meters wide and nearly took up the entire ‘square’ that the spears sprouted out from. Luckily, there were three meter wide gaps between each flame, which were the safe zones for the players.

‘-8,000’ damage text appeared above the heads of those who got scorched!

"F*ck, did this boss come from circus, what’s with all these stage effects?!" Lost Dream could not help but yelled.

"Stop complaining, quickly figure out how these flames work!"

The flames activated every three seconds, but with the boss and the spears, they couldn’t figure it out. If it was anyone other than the peerless healer, Han Ying Xue keeping them alive, they would have been wiped out already!

After running about in panic, they finally caught the pattern. But everyone’s HP had already been drastically reduced at this point. Han Ying Xue could only cast {Regeneration} when she was able.

77%, 74%, 71%… After they were able to stabilize the battle, Pilo’s HP resumed with its slow but steady descent.

"You fools, why you guys are not dead yet?!" Pilo swung its axe at Zhang Yang’s head. Fortunately, due to all the gimmicks from the stage, this boss did not have any powerful skills, other than {Dividing Slash}. As long as they did not stand in front of this boss, they would not receive damage from {Dividing Slash}.

"Stinky boss, you are the one who should die!" Wei Yan Er shot back.

"Little brat, you are indulging in online games all day long. If you were born 20 years earlier and met ‘professor Yang and professor Tao2’ then you would have been the one suffering!"

"Who are ‘professor Yang and professor Tao’?"

Another six to seven minutes later, Pilo’s HP had been reduced to 60%!

"Damn it, these stinking little pests actually have some skills! It seems like I really need to be very serious this time!" Pilo howled loudly, "My courtiers and people, it is the time for all of you to serve your King!"

‘Ding! Pilo has released [Summoned Guards]!’

"Grr…" suddenly, nine fully armed Red-Skinned Beastmans spawned hundred meters away from the crowd and uttered a crazy howl before rushed towards Zhang Yang and the gang, swinging various weapons.

[Pilo’s Guard] (Elite, Summon)

Level: 77

HP: 77,000

Defense: 400

It seemed like the number of the guard boss summoned was based on the number of the players in the battle! This was where a small party would shine. Otherwise, hundreds of thousands of monsters would have spawned and overwhelmed the team. For a small group of elite players however, it was a different story!

"Starlight, start kiting the minions and call for us once you have them all. The rest of you, clear them up, then come back to me!" Zhang Yang commanded. He paused for a while and looked at surrounding to make sure that there were no more surprises like spears and flames, and then he said, "Also use the [Summoned Soldier] to show the boss that not only it can summon minions!"

"Noob tank, 1,000 gold coins are required for each summon!"

"… Alright, you can apply for reimbursement!"

"That’s great!" Wei Yan Er happily used [Summoned Soldier].

Pa! Pa! Pa!

More and more human soldiers popped out. As Fatty Han and the rest had also completed the quests of the Coyotes camp and obtained [Summoned Soldier], they too started summoning.

[Veteran of Coyotes Camp] (Elite, Summon)

Level: 70

HP: 70,000

Defense: 400

Although the Veterans of Coyotes Camp were slightly weaker than the Red-Skinned Beastmans summoned by the boss, they were still very strong!

Endless Starlight dashed towards the nine guards and started to pull the monsters, using {Devotion}. The summoned Veterans of Coyotes Camp charged at the Red-Skinned Beastmen.

1Chang'e or Chang-o, originally known as Heng'e, is the Chinese goddess of the Moon. She is the subject of several legends in Chinese mythology.

2‘Professor Yang and professor Tao’ started the treatments of online gaming addiction by using traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine and even electric shock at China in the year of 2004.

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