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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 316 — The Third Violet-Platinum Boss

Chapter 316: The Third Violet-Platinum Boss

At first, it was a nine versus one fight. Now, it became an all-out chaotic skirmish!

In terms of strength, the guards summoned by Pilo were much more powerful, but Endless Starlight was also a top tank with the best equipment, good intuition and control. Thus, he easily pulled five monsters and left another four monsters to the Summoned Soldiers to deal with.

Although the Summoned Soldiers had weaker attack power than players, they had vastly more HP. They would serve as good tanks!

Sun Xin Yu and the rest tentatively switched their targets and attacked the elite guards. With their strong attack power, the elite guards were killed, one after another.

The nine elite guards all fell defeated in less than three minutes. Because the guards were summoned, as a result, their corpses quickly disappeared without any loots! While at Zhang Yang’s side, the nine Veterans of Coyotes Camp had lost most of their HP, but none of them had killed. Besides, Han Ying Xue simply threw {Regeneration} on them and their HP started to increase!

"Unfortunately, these veterans cannot gain levels. How nice if they could gain level up to Level 80 or 90!" Hundred Shots lamented.

"Only three charges remaining, it would pointless even if they could!" Lost Dream shook his head and ran towards Pilo.

Zhang Yang commanded, "Veteran, attack this Red-Skinned savage!"

"Yes, sir!" Zhang Yang’s summoned soldier immediately saluted Zhang Yang and rushed towards Pilo, brandishing his spear.

"Wow, very impressive!" Wei Yan Er eyes shone brightly and pointed at her summoned soldier and then commanded, "Veteran, sing a song!"

"Yes, sir!" Wei Yan Er’s summoned soldier raised his chest up and sang, "Sister doesn’t open her mouth, sister is not talking, what is sister thinking…"

Everybody gaped at the soldier!

Zhang Yang felt like fainting on the spot and groaned, "Little brat, stop playing around. Quickly, hit the boss!"

"Sigh, I see everybody fighting so hard. I thought I could make my veteran sing you guys a song as a morale boost!" Wei Yan Er shrugged her shoulders and raised her hands then continued,

"Veteran, although I wanted to give you a ‘Yes’, I have no choice as the rest of the people do not agree! Do not worry, true gold will always shine anywhere, someone out there would appreciate your talents!"

"This is… talent show?"

"Little brat changed her favorite genre again!"

After the nine veterans had joined them, the team’s attack power increased significantly. In addition to that, the map no longer spat our spears or flames. As a result, they attacked Pilo with ease.


"My fellow courtiers and people, quickly, show yourselves, and fight for your King!" the boss yelled loudly once again.

Shush, shush, shush!

Nine elite guards spawned hundreds of meters away from the crowd once again. Nine elite guards shouted loudly and rushed towards Zhang Yang and the gang.

Endless Starlight had already lifted his hammer and shield and had dashed towards the elite guards without Zhang Yang’s command. The crowd also sent their veteran NPCs towards the elite guards. The veteran NPCs’ HP bars were already full with {Regeneration}!

Zhang Yang did not waste any opportunity to fling {Spear of Obliterations} at the distant elite guards. Every little bit of help would count. Wei Yan Er also followed suit. Her melee attack was up to about 4,800, so the damage caused was quite significant!

After clearing the second wave of minions, all of them turned around and continued attacking the boss.


For the third time, Pilo summoned the nine elite guards.

Everyone thought that the boss would change its attack pattern at every 20% reduction of its HP, but there was no change this time! They had already adapted to these elite guards, and the third wave was taken out even sooner!

Pa! Pa! Pa!

Their bodies hit the ground uneventfully.


"Stinking little pests, I may have underestimated you guys!" Pilo stared them with bloody red eyes then howled, "More! More minions! Crush all these silly intruders!"


18 Elite guards appeared!

This time, everyone was slightly nervous. If all 18 of these elite monsters surrounded and fought against a player, even Zhang Yang himself would succumb after two or three rounds of attacks!

"Send the veterans ahead. Starlight, don’t be a hero and just do what you can!" Zhang Yang immediately commanded, "If the veterans die, summon them again. They have no cooldown periods! Just another 1,000 coins!"

"Noob tank, I…"

"Apply for reimbursement! Apply for reimbursement!" Zhang Yang did not wait for Wei Yan Er to finish her words.

The Veterans may be lower in level, but it did not really matter! In ‘God's Miracle’, levels had a hard bracket at every 10 levels. For example, a level 79 monster would be slightly stronger than a level 70 monster, but they would be outrightly outclassed by level 80 monsters!

The disadvantage of Zhang Yang’s team was they were outnumbered. Although Endless Starlight had pulled six monsters, the other nine players still had to fight twelve monsters at once. Suddenly, the battle became a lot harder!

Luckily, they could use [Summoned Soldiers] three times without waiting for a cool down period. Therefore, they could immediately summon the Veteran again when the Veterans fell!

After seven Veterans were killed, they finally cleared all the 18 elite guards! Still, the veterans had a 10 minute duration. The remaining ones would disappear too, in time to come!


Another 18 elite guards had been spawned again!

"Ha ha ha, stinking little pests, I have the best soldiers and the strongest war horses, my soldiers are going to kill all of you!" Pilo shouted, and the eighteen Arhats rapidly rushed towards Zhang Yang’s gang.

"Oh my god, why is it not over yet?!"

Zhang Yang was frowning as he said, "Perhaps the boss would summon 27 to 36 elite monsters when its HP drops to 10%. That would really be trouble!"

"No time to worry about that, hurry up and clear all these minions first!" Han Ying Xue cried. She was already pushing past her limit. Any more pressure, and she might slip up, and someone may die, leading to a cascade failure.

Having learned slightly from the previous wave, they only lost 4 veterans this time.


Boss’ body started to turn into bloody red and its damage output instantly skyrocketed as it roared wildly!

‘Ding! Pilo has entered Berserk state, damage output increased by 20%!’

At first, Han Ying Xue could scarcely heal Zhang Yang’s HP, but now she could only panic and and stare helplessly as the boss turned into a Berserk state!

Zhang Yang quickly activated [Merlinda's Ring of Grateful], drank health recovery potion and tried to reduce Han Ying Xue’s healing pressure. Zhang Yang kept {Berserker's Heal} and {Shield Wall} for last!


"Warriors of Blood Moon Castle, come and fight for your King!" Pilo shouted as it lifted its axe!

36 Elite guards appeared hundred meters away!

It was not just the normal 36 normal monsters, but the genuine elite monsters!

Everyone was instantly astounded!

"Let’s use the Veterans to fight the elite monsters, try to hold up against them as long as possible, and we will focus on defeating the boss! Regardless of whether the minions disappear after the boss is killed, at least we complete the quest requirement!" Zhang Yang said as he commanded his Veteran to rush towards the terrifying wave of elite guards.

The rest of the people also sent out their Veterans as they attacked the boss without wasting any second.

The nine Veterans were able to hold up eighteen elite guards for a long time, but these nine Veterans collapsed was faster when they faced the 36 elite guards. Horrible shrieks and bodies fell every 10 seconds!

The corresponding players quickly summoned other new Veterans to replenish their numbers. In total, they had used their [Summoned Soldiers] 16 times. After another 11 summons, they ran out of uses!

During this time, the boss was left with less than 3% HP, which was a total of 220,000 HP!

"I will activate {Vanguard's Aggression} protective barrier!" Endless Starlight shouted, immediately lifted his shining blue armor and shrouding all the people within the protection barrier. At the same time, Endless Starlight also used both {Strong Hammer} and {Devotion} to pull the six elite guards.

Endless Starlight waited until the last moment before multiple weapons struck him, and activated {Sacred Protection}, granting him invincibility!

Endless Starlight used the five seconds of invincibility to its fullest!

3, 2, 1!

The moment the effect was over, he took one wave of attacks which almost emptied out his 20,000 HP entirely! He quickly activated {Sacred Protection} and recovered his HP! However, that would only buy him a second or two at most!

At this time, Zhang Yang had activated {Vanguard's Aggression’s} protective barrier while also activating {Shield Wall} at the same time! Endless Starlight’s {Vanguard's Aggression} protection barrier was already fading.

"Quickly, kill the boss!"

Everyone let out their warcries!

140,000! 110,000! 90,000! 70,000!

{Vanguard's Aggression} protection barrier’s duration ended! Zhang Yang quickly used {Rearm} to end all skills’ cool down, and then activated {Vanguard's Aggression} protection barrier once again!

50,000! 30,000! 10,000!

"No…" when Pilo was left with only 10,000 HP, it actually turned tail and started fleeing!

"F*ck, what kind of boss is this? It actually wants to escape!"

Caught off-guard by the boss’ sudden move, the gang stood rooted to their spots for a moment, before coming to their senses and giving chase. If they dragged the fight any long, they would definitely be overwhelmed by the elite monsters in no time.

Zhang Yang and Wei Yan Er threw {Spear of Obliterations} toward the boss which caused a total of about 6,000 damage. Daffodil Daydream also quickly used {Fire Blast}, and a ‘-2,812’ damage text appeared above Pilo’s head.

Just a little bit more!

Luckily, they had Hunters in the team. When the boss ran out of the 3-meter minimum range, the Hunters launched their arrows!



"Argh…" Pilo got shot in the back of its knees, the final bit of his HP bar fading away. Pilo fell on his face and tried to crawl forward, "I’m the Lord of Red-Skinned Beastman, I could have ruled the entire Beastman, conquer the whole continent, but I got an arrow to my knee…"

‘Ding! You and the party members around have killed Pilo. Obtained 888,938 Experience Points. (50 points party bonus)!’

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