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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 318 — Dance of Heaven and Earth

Chapter 318: Dance of Heaven and Earth

After a bunch of crap talk, the battle was triggered immediately.

It wasn’t that Zhang Yang and his gang did not want to initiate the battle, but it was because the game had entered a cutscene, and they could only speak at that point!

Shoof! Zhang Yang initiated the battle with a {Charge}.

Although Slane was only a Yellow-Gold boss, his attacks were extremely brutal, and he constantly activated {Tornado Cleave}, inflicting high damage to any players around him. Regrettably for the boss, now that Zhang Yang and the gang had Merlinda on their side, her constant healing had turned the tables!

Even without Merlinda on their side, Zhang Yang and the gang could just carry out some tactics and bring down Slane --- afterall, they managed to slay a Violet-Plantinum boss all by themselves, what could a slightly above average Yellow-Gold boss do to them? Now that Merlinda was supporting them, the battle had become a cakewalk for them! They only remained where they were, ignoring the attacks of the boss, because they could!

In the case of Wei Yan Er, where she has to carefully manage the rage points that she has on hand, she simply embraced the damage inflicted upon her, now! With basically infinite rage points, she could just activate her skills at will, as long they were already cooled down!

With all the crazy skills and attacks thrown on him, Slane was slaughtered alive within 8 minutes!

"Sigh, he could be the king of the beastmen, and he chose to stand his ground and die by our hands! This is called committing suicide, even the gods and fairies wouldn’t be able to save him!" Fatty Han put his palms against each other and made a posture of praying to the buddha, "Farewell, my respected idol!"

"He left behind a number of Yellow-Gold equipment, at least!" Wei Yan Er went up with joy to pick up the loots that were left on the ground by the boss.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The rest of the gang destroyed the last Magic Cannon with their joint attacks.

‘Ding! You have completed a quest: Destroy the Magic Cannons, acquired 1,000,000 experience points!’

Slane dropped a total of four pieces of Yellow-Gold equipment, six pieces of Gray-Silver equipment, all of them being Level 80 equipment. The gang were no longer expecting a huge transition to a Violet-Platinum set anymore, so the four Yellow-Gold equipment were distributed among them. Of course, they did not spare any of the Gray-Silver equipment a second glance, so the rest of all equipment would be taken back to the Little Merchandize for sales.

Merlinda gazed into the distance and said, "Zhan Yu, all Magic Cannons have been destroyed, we can leave now!"

‘Ding! Merlinda has given you a quest: Escape from the Blood Moon Castle, accept or decline? This quest is linked to the Main Story Linking Quest, complete the Main Story Linking Quest to acquire luxurious rewards!’

Of course they accepted it!

[Escape from the Blood Moon Castle] (Difficulty: C-rank)

Description: You have successfully destroyed the defense of Blood Moon Castle, grab the opportunity to escape now!

Completion: Escape from the Blood Moon Castle 0/1

This quest is only ranked as C-rank, obviously it was a simple one. The gang gave a breath of relief as they stepped out of the walls.

No longer in battle, those who were without a [Battle Mount] were summoning their [Mounts] one after another. Merlinda had also summoned a white tiger.

Wei Yan Er’s eyes sparkled and she said, "Aww, what a cute, massive cat!"

"… Little girl, if you are to go to the zoo full of wild animals, I’m sure the tigers would appreciate your attention!"

The gang headed towards the elvish camp site.

"Master Thea!" Merlinda immediately jumped down from her [Mount] and walked towards Thea, "I could never imagine that you would personally come forth! Your noble presence puts me to shame, I am not worthy of it!"

"Merlinda, you are the new Priestess of the Moon, soon after, you complete the ritual back in the sacred land of ours, and you will become the leader of the Moon Elves! Your stature shall be even far greater than mine!" Thea smiled gently and turned to Zhang Yang and the gang to thank them, "Adventurers, you have completed the quest, I would like to express my gratitude on behalf of the entire race of the Moon Elves!"

She bowed gently at Zhang Yang and the gang, and the elvish warriors behind her, knelt down on one knee. It was a bone-chilling scene!

‘Ding! You have completed a quest: Escape from the Blood Moon Castle, acquired 200,000 experience points!’

‘Ding! You have completed the Main Story Linking Quest: Hope to the Race of Elves! Appraisal: Perfect!’

‘Ding! You have acquired Luck Attribute +1!’

‘Ding! You have acquired a skill book {Dance of the Heaven and Earth}!’

[Skill Book: Dance of the Heaven and Earth ]

Use: Teach you the skill {Dance of the Heaven and Earth}.

Required profession: None

Required Level: 70

Bound upon pick up.

This skill can actually be learned by any profession!

The gang all found that they had all been rewarded with the same [Skill Book: Dance of the Heaven and Earth].

"… We’ll only talk about this after learning it!" Everyone tapped the skill books on themselves and learned the skill. Since the skill books are bound to the players who picked them up, they could only learn the skill for themselves.

[Dance of the Heaven and Earth]: Activates a devastating assault upon the enemy, inflicting Chaos Damage of 10,000 for every second! Lasts for 10 seconds. Range: 30 meters. Cool down: 24 hours.

That would mean a total damage of 100,000 points in one single activation! Furthermore, chaos attribute damage ignores defense and magic resistance, which meant that 100,000 damage would always be inflicted!

Everyone drew a collective breath --- this amount of damage is just brutal! Even if Zhang Yang mounted on his [Battle Mount], he would not survive that!

The gang was overjoyed except for Zhang Yang, he was the only one who sighed lightly at aside. This {Dance of the Heaven and Earth} is the best skill for the current stage of the game, but the weakness of this skill was that it would soon be phased out in the later stages of the game. It could not be upgraded, and would still deal the same amount of damage upon players reaching Level 200!

If a tanker stacked up on more damage reduction passives, they could still turn themselves completely immune to the attack! Furthermore, with the improvement of equipment over time, the health points of the players will increase as well. So, this {Dance of the Heaven and Earth} was only a temporary gimmick, and even then, it could only be used as a final resort in a battle, as it had a long cool down of 24 hours.

"In the upcoming Professional League Championship in few days time, let’s just throw our {Dance of Heaven and Earth} at all of our opponents at the same time, then we shall become the champions!" Fatty Han was excited, as his PvP abilities were lacking, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to activate one skill, was it?

Everyone nodded to express their agreement! If the number of players who learned this skill increased, PvP matches will become meaningless. It would turn into a cowboy match of seeing who pulls the trigger first, and who had more health points to outlast their opponent!

In the future, the arena would forbid the use of powerful skills that had a cool down time of more than 10 minutes!

Zhang Yang could only keep this to himself. Afterall, even the beta players will never be able to foresee this kind of future development, and he cannot leak the future to anyone, so he could only bury this fact deep down in his heart until it happens.

"Fellow adventurers, please stay for the night and have a good rest. Tomorrow, we shall depart for the sacred land of Chaos Realm! We shall wait until you are strong enough to step into the Chaos Realm. By then, you must not forget to make yourself guests in Arthulan. We, Moon Elves are forever indebted to you!" Thea said.

Everyone nodded.

Of course, they could not possibly waste one night there, so they mumbled a simple excuse and left the camp site, marking the beginning of their new journey.

After earning a large amount of fortune, none of them were up for any other quests. So they just slayed some monsters around the wild to maintain their lead in the leveling board. Meanwhile, Zhang Yang headed back to the White Jade Castle to stock up the Little Merchandize with their newly acquired loot. From the looks of it, this batch of equipment is bound to generate a large sum of fortune for them.

After that, he got rid of his ‘Smithing’ and approached Herbalist Mentor to learn a series of new profession-based skills.

‘Ding! You have chosen to forget your Smithing Skills. Once forgotten, even if you relearn the art of Smithing, the recipes and skills you once learned will not exist anymore, accept or decline?’


‘Ding! You have forgotten Smithing, now you can learn a new profession skill.’

‘Ding! You have chosen the Herbalism as your second profession skill!’

‘Ding! You have acquired a new skill: Herb Search!’

‘Ding! You have acquired a new skill: Pick and Pluck!’

[Herb Search]: The navigation map will show the location of available herbs around the area.

[Gather]: Allows you to collect herbs in good condition.

Unfortunately, the newly learned Herbalism skill was still at Level 1! Left with no choice, Zhang Yang could only summon his Whitey and dashed forward over to the Level 10 Leveling area. He could only travel to the lowest level map to begin his training on his Herbalism skill, because he still cannot gather high-level herbs yet. Attempting to harvest them would only damage the herbs, and garner him no experience points!

‘Ding! You have acquired a new skill: Blood of Life!’

When the Herbalism level of Zhang Yang has reached middle-class level, he automatically obtained a new skill, and this is actually a ‘free gift’ for all players who practiced the art of Herbalism.

[Blood of Life] (Level 1): Recovers 100 health points within 10 seconds. Cool down: 2 minutes.

It was really a fortunate thing that they adjusted the ratio of the in-game time and the reality time, plus the leveling up of the herbalism skills took little effort. It took him two days and two nights to level up his Herbalism skills before he achieved the Professional grade! The skill {Blood of Life} will level up automatically based on the level of the player’s Herbalism. So when Zhang Yang had elevated his Herbalism skill up to professional grade, the {Blood of Life} had been leveled up to Level 3 as well.

[Blood of Life] (Level 3): Recovers 2000 health points within 10 seconds. Cool down: 2 minutes.

This skill {Blood of Life} was actually quite a handful skill, similar to a regular bottle of red potion. The only weakness was that the cool down time was a little lengthy, and the healing amount did not come all in one shot. But, what else could you hope for, it is already a good skill that would save you a few bottle of potions in a battle. After all, this is just a free skill that anyone can obtain.

It was already almost 6.p.m the next day when he logged out of the game. Actually, he intended to rank up his profession skills to the Specialist grade, but Fatty Han came over to forcefully drag him out on a speed date.

"Fatty, are you sure you are going on a speed date?" Zhang Yang felt that it made no sense whatsoever.

"Let’s just go! Fermenting yourself in your little apartment room everyday is not healthy for your both mental and physical state! Little Yang, you must not always live in the virtual world, plus, you are not some kind of isolated hermit!" Fatty Han replied seriously for once.

Zhang Yang burst into laughter and said, "Alright, just because you say so, I’ll tag along this time, good gentleman!"

"It’s accompanying me, brother fatty, not gentleman! What’s in it for a gentleman, just strings and limitation that binds one person into the mold of an obedient ‘gentleman’, there’s no fun at all. I’m a man without strings and limitations!" Fatty Han pulled open his car door.

"Hey fatty, haven’t you been picking up many pretty girls by driving your sport car around? Why are you attending this sort of speed date then?"

"Hehe, I fell in love with one of those pretty girl upon first sight!"

"Entering into a relationship without the aim of marrying her is kind of disrespect towards the lady, an act of indecency, you know?"

"… I’m being serious this time, if she is willing to, I am willing to take her over to the Civil Affairs Bureau to register!"

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