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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 319 — Luo Xin Yan

Chapter 319: Luo Xin Yan

Fatty Han drove Zhang Yang over to a hotel's conference hall. A banner hung over the entrance of the hall: Best Century Major Speed Date Assembly.

However, entry was not free, men were required to pay a sum of 100 dolar to enter, while women could simply walk in. Although Zhang Yang and Fatty Han did not care for that small sum of 100 dollars, they were still sighing over the fact that men and women will never be equal, despite all the protests, and slogans, and speeches about true equality.

The two of them searched around for a table to sit, and leisurely ate the melon fruits that were served on the table. These melon fruits were free of charge, but if anyone wanted a refill, it would cost some money. Of course, they could order some other food, but they would all cost some money.

"Don’t you have a photo of your beloved lady? Take it out and show me, let me see the charm that actually got you to keep your balls in check!" Zhang Yang was munching on some orange slices to keep his hunger at bay. Thanks to Fatty saying that there would be dinner for him here, he had not yet eaten. Now, he was so hungry that he was beginning to see stars!

"Of course I do! Have a look! Look!" Fatty Han took out his phone and presented it to Zhang Yang as if he was presenting a precious item.

It is a pure, sweet looking girl, she wasn’t really that pretty, but she gave people a fresh kind of feeling, and she looked to be about 18 or 19 years old.

"Not bad at all!" Zhang Yang nodded to express his approval. Well, finding a wife is totally different compared to finding a boyfriend or a girlfriend, and a pure looking girl is far more reliable than a sexy-ass woman.

"Of course, when have I ever shown a lapse in judgment?" Fatty Han was blatantly boasting at Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang burst into laughter and said, "Then how does she feel towards you?"

"Well, we just had two conversations, and I haven’t had the chance to ask! Today’s the day I find out more, and also, she’s a local! So I came all the way here! She should feel quite alright with me, I guess!"

"So after all we have been through, only now you are telling me that it’s just your own wishful thinking and feelings!"

"Well I am not bad on the outside, and as long as she spends some time together with me, she is definitely going to dig me!" Fatty Han confidently told Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang passed the phone back to Fatty Han and said, "She is just about to begin her university life and here you are, rushing her into things now?"

"This is called fate!"

More people were arriving as the time passes, but the lady that Fatty Han had his eyes on had not shown up yet. A little while later, a man, seemingly the official person-in-charge, went up on stage and gave a few words to the crowd. After that, he announced that the Speed Date Assembly had officially begun and everyone can look for their dates freely.

"Let’s go, it seems that she had stood you up!" Zhang Yang had already eaten up all the melon fruits that were available on the table, leaving the plates spotless.

"Just a little longer ---" Fatty Han was not willing to give up, his eyes fixed to the entrance of the hall. Suddenly, he widened his eyes and said, "There she is!"

They could only see two pretty, young ladies walking in from the entrance, both of them were in their late teens. The lady on the left was slightly shorter than the other one, and she had that pure sweetness around her, looking just like the photo that Fatty Han showed Zhang Yang.

The other lady was about 170 cm tall, with a tall and thin body, small waist, well-shaped buttocks, with long hair flowing over her shoulders, she was very pretty. The outer corners of her bewitching eyes tilted upwards like a feline, and her lips were thin and red, charming several men at first glance.

However, Zhang Yang was startled!

Luo Xin Yan! The woman who toyed with his feelings for half a year! In the end, it turned out that she was a mistress sent by Liu Wei to suck the warehouse of Clear Water dry, she was a woman who had almost succeeded in bringing him down to his knees!

He immediate raised his alertness level from his head to toe! If ‘history’ was repeating itself, Luo Xin Yan should only appear in his life two years after. But as he sailed across the sky to be reborn, many events had been altered from the original timeline. It was perfectly possible that Liu Wei had sent her to string him up like a puppet!

Zhang Yang quickly shook his head again and again. He only happened to be here by coincidence, only a god could predict things this far!

He buried down all his restless thoughts deep and calmly remained in his seat.

On the other side, Luo Xin Yan and the pure lady had spotted Fatty Han thanks to his obvious mass, and were already approaching them.

"Fatty---" Luo Xin Yan snapped, "So you are the one pursuing our Xiao Wei?"

Fatty Han is lustful, but he was no fool who would have weak legs whenever gazing upon a pretty woman in front of him. Instead, he immediately took offense and fire back, "What’s it got to do with you!"

"Humph! Xiao Wei is my roommate, of course I must watch out for her, to prevent her from being played around like a doll!"

Her tone struck Fatty Han deep down in the gut. He furiously growled, "Hey! Don’t you dare make things up off the top of your head!"

"Xin Yan!" Xiao Wei pulled the sleeve of Luo Xin Yan and gently said, "Fatty Han is a decent person!"

"Pfff---" Zhang Yang could not hold it, the milk that he just drank came back gushing right out of his mouth. It was fortunate that his head was laying low and the milk had not struck anyone else. As he coughed repeatedly, he wondered how did Fatty Han manage to butter up that pure lady into believing him so much. She had so much faith in him that she would call him a ‘decent’ person! It was like calling a tiger a vegan!

"You have no quality at all!" Luo XinYan suddenly turned her ‘firepower’ towards Zhang Yang and began to fire away, "Xiao Wei, people say that the same type of feathers flock together! Looking at the company he keeps, he can’t possibly be a nice person! Tonight is the last time you’re seeing him!"

"Xin Yan!" Xiao Wei pulled Luo Xin Yan’s sleeve again, blushing in embarrassment.

Zhang Yang stood up and pulled Luo Xin Yan into his seat which was right beside Fatty Han.

"What are you ---" Luo Xin Yan was about to reach out to pull Xiao Wei up from her seat.

However, right before she could even finish her words and reach Xiao Wei, Zhang Yang had forced her into his seat, and then he sat right on top of her, grabbing her hands to prevent her from getting up.

"You hoodlum! Let me go!" Luo Xin Yan screamed.

Zhang Yang smiled gently and said, "One would damage ten temples rather than destroying a marriage! Do you understand?" So be quiet, and just sit there, and watch!"

Luo Xin Yan had lit up like a firecracker, snarling at him furiously! As she struggled to get up from the seat, Zhang Yang overpowered her with his mighty strength and kept her pinned down.

"You f*cking hoodlum, let go of me!"

Zhang Yang turned to Fatty Han and Xiao Wei and he said, "You two, take your time and enjoy your evening, we are not going to interrupt you!" then he turned back at Luo Xin Yan and aimed his lips at her red lips, and it went in for the kill! He kissed her!

"Mmm---" Luo Xin Yan’s eyes widened as she uttered something inaudible.

Fatty Han and Xiao Wei were left with their eyes wide open and their jaws hanging wide. Who knew that Zhang Yang would be so bold as to do such extreme actions in public! Fatty Han was giving him a thumbs up behind his back. He thought that Zhang Yang was truly his brother in arm, bold enough to strike on the spot like that!

At first, Luo Xin Yan still tried to struggle, but under the forceful kiss of Zhang Yang, her strength began to fade and by the end of it, her feline-like eyes grew hazy, and she seemed to sink into the moment. Her nostrils were flared, as she moaned a little.

After all, Zhang Yang was most familiar with Luo Xin Yan, even if compared to the experiences of this life! In his previous life, Zhang Yang had shared the same roof with her for about half a year, and he knew what exactly turned her on!

Only after a long while, Luo Xin Yan only managed to recover from the ‘attack’. She could not help but to feel ashamed of herself for actually beginning to enjoy the forceful kiss performed by a man that she had never met before!

The more Luo Xin Yan thought about it, the worse she felt about herself. How could she possibly stay here any longer? So she stood up quickly and tried to leave. However, her legs were already weak, and as she stood up in a swift manner, she almost fell down flat on her face! But as she quickly braced herself against a chair, she met Xiao Wei’s curious gaze. Knowing that her face was telling a very strange story, she covered her face and quickly walked out of the hall.

"Xin Yan---" Xiao Wei stood up.

"Don’t worry, I shall help you escort her back, you and Fatty Han can take your time and chat!" Zhang Yang smiled, and then he stood up and followed Xin Yan.

After walking out if the hotel, Zhang Yang did not go after Luo Xin Yan, because he did not have the mood to do so!

In the previous life, Luo Xin Yan had really done a number to him, not just by breaking his heart, but also sucking dry the entire warehouse of Clear Water guild, costing a loss of more than tens of millions of dollars! What she left behind for Zhang Yang, was a short clip of her, confessing that she only got together with him because she had taken Liu Wei’s money and had been told to do so! Everything she had with Zhang Yang was just a lie, a farce!

Zhang Yang gazed at the back of Luo Xin Yan slowly fading into the street, as he sneered in satisfaction.

After taking a cab back to his apartment, Zhang Yang thought to himself, that maybe it was time to give himself a new place to live.

Logging onto the game, Zhang Yang summoned his Whitey and went straight to the Black Moss Wilderness. Then, he picked a spot with fewer people and began to grind for experience points by slaying monsters, while collecting herbs to improve his Herbalism skills.

‘Ding! You have used {Gather} on the [Corrupted Grass], your Herbalism dexterity has increased by 1 point!’

‘Ding! You have obtained [Corrupted Grass] X 2!’

‘Ding! You have used {Gather} on the [Black Leaf Lotus], your Herbalism dexterity has increased by 1 point!’

‘Ding! You have obtained [Black Leaf Lotus] X 3!’

Because in the current stage of the game, the number of players who had managed to reach Level 70 and above were so small that they may be counted in one hand, so Zhang Yang had no pressure at all. He claimed all of the herbs on the entire map, and where ever he went, he would just use {Gather} to pick up herbs at his will!

The night had arrived, and Zhang Yang had succeeded in elevating his Herbalism to the Specialist grade, and his {Blood of Life} had been elevated up to Level 4 as well, giving him a healing effect of 8000 health points within 10 seconds, which was not bad at all.

The latest update version of the game helmet had an additional function of a‘wake-up call’, so Zhang Yang had set the alarm at 7a.m. At seven in the morning, the helmet brought his brain out of sleep, and automatically logged him out of the game.1

After a series of serious training, Zhang Yang once gain logged into the game and began to craft potions at the Alchemist shop in the White Jade Castle.

As he just bought a new recipe - {{Enrage Potion}}, the use of it was to instantly increase 100 rage points. Because these [Enrage Potions] were not highly in demand, Zhang Yang had kept the recipe to himself instead of passing it over to Yu Li.

‘Ding! You have crafted [Enrage Potion] X 4!’

‘Ding! You have crafted [Enrage Potion] X 4!’

‘Ding! You have crafted [Enrage Potion] X 4! Because of your {Alchemist’s Intuition}, the [Furious Potion] acquired a transmutation!’

[Furious Potion (Transmutation 3)] (Consumable)

Use: Instantly gain 100 rage points, while increasing your attack by 30%, lasts for 10 seconds! Cool down: 1 minute. Use of any potions will cause other potions to enter a state of cool down as well.

Level required: 60

{Alchemist’s Intuition} gave potions additional effects other than just their initial effects, and the potions would transmute based on the rate ranging from 10% to 100%. If this ‘Transmutation 3’ gives an additional effect of a 30% increase in attack, then a ‘Transmutation 10’ should be able to give an additional effect of a 100% increase in attack!


Zhang Yang was motivated to continue brewing more potions!

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