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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 320 — Dividing the Power

Chapter 320: Dividing the Power

‘Ding! You have crafted [Enrage Potion] X 4!’

‘Ding! You have crafted [Enrage Potion] X 4! Because of your {Alchemist’s Intuition}, the [Furious Potion] have acquired a transmutation!’

Zhang Yang had crafted thousands of [Enrage Potion] in a single breath. But unfortunately, the rate of {Alchemist’s Intuition} kicking in was extremely low, and less than 100 bottles of potions had acquired transmutation. Furthermore, most of them only acquired grade 1 to grade 3 transmutations. Naturally, the higher the grade, the harder they are to occur! For instance, the number of potions that had undergone grade 7 transmutation or above were only 7 bottles. 3 of them had undergone grade 7 transmutation, 2 of them had undergone grade 8 transmutation, one of them had undergone a grade 9 transmutation while the last bottle undergone a grade 10 transmutation.

Even then, most of it was due to his extremely high luck attribute!

He then deposited all the non-transmutated potions into the guild’s warehouse, waiting for the correct moment to distribute them to the members when necessary. These non-transmutated potions will still have their uses in battle. For example, tankers will not be able to kite monsters if they had no rage points left in them, they could use these potions to gain more aggro!

As for those [Enrage Potions] that had undergone transmutation, he kept them into his own backpack. One frustrating fact was that if the potions had different grades of transmutations, they would be categorized as an entirely different item, and they would no longer stack up together. Although there were only 97 transmutated [Enrage Potions], these potions had solidly occupied 10 of his backpack slots!

Awhile later, Fatty Han came online as well.

Zhang Yang could not hold his smile and he sent a voice message over and said, "Someone did not even log into the game last night, is it because someone has been shakalakaboombooming with someone else?"

"Sigh, little Yang, why must your brain always filled with those thoughts? Can’t you be a little decent for once?"

Zhang Yang almost fell flat on the ground, to be criticized in such manner by a legendary pervert! He did not know whether to cry or to laugh!

"Oh, so, you two were just holding hands, leaning against each others shoulders while looking at the stars in the sky for the whole night?"

"Hehe, I’m just going to keep that to myself, it’s a secret!"

Fatty Han paused for awhile and said, "Oh yea, you were really savage last night! To kiss that b*tch by force, that really left me stunned! Worthy of being my brother! Even when you’re acting all gangster on her, you look awesome! Xiao Wei said she had never seen that b*tch run away, all flustered like that before!"

Zhang Yang smiled vaguely and said, "You sure about this ‘real’ love?"

"Yes, yes, and yes, unless it’s Xiao Wei, I’m not getting married, ever! To show my determination, I have decided to deposit all the educational discs of Ms.Aoi and Ms.Matsushima over at your place, and I will turn over a new leaf!"

"… you can just throw them away!"

"Well, they have been with me for so many years, they do hold a special place in my heart, you know!" Fatty Han was feeling regrettable and said, "All these years, you have no idea how much I have sacrificed as offerings to them, all the sweat, all the jiz---"

"Stop stop stop! Hold it right there, I haven’t had my lunch yet!" Zhang Yang felt a cold shiver down his spine as his mind automatically started picturing how Fatty Han would juice himself out, in front of the computer while doing it. It was just too much for Zhang Yang to bear, and he was feeling ill, just thinking of it!

After more idle chatter, Fatty Han set out to grind for experience points. Meanwhile, Zhang Yang had realized that his herbs had almost been used up, so he too, set foot in the Black Moss Wilderness. He kept going back there, because despite not having much minerals and ores, the entire land was rich with herbs!

Just as he was sunken into the joy of collecting herbs, suddenly, Zhang Yang received a voice message from Hundred Shots.

"Zhan Yu, the number of players applying to join our guild is getting out of hand, and many of them are actually highly skilled! But we have reached the population cap for Level 2 guild. We’ll be missing out on some good recruits! I would like to suggest that you elevate our guild to Level 3 guild with a [Level 3 Guild Upgrade Order]!"

Ever since Zhang Yang and Sun Xin Yu had made a mess in the Japan-Korea server, and the incident of the two Japanese players challenging them, Lone Desert Smoke was becoming even more famous, turning their guild into a national symbol! Other guilds were struggling to recruit players, while Lone Desert Smoke was having a shortage of space!

All bosses that are higher than Level 80 had the possibility of dropping a [Level 3 Guild Upgrade Order], but unfortunately, for Zhang Yang and gang, they was no sign of a [Level 3 Guild Upgrade Order] even after they had slain a few Violet-Platinum bosses!

However, when players have attained Level 80 and above, the chance of encountering a Level 80+ boss would incearse, as would the rate of getting a [Level 3 Guild Upgrade Order]! After all, Zhang Yang and all his gang members were currently around Level 70+, so they could only wander around the map of Level 70. Therefore, it would be really difficult for them to encounter a Level 80 boss!

Zhang Yang gave it some thought and said, "It is really difficult to suddenly obtain a [Level 3 Guild Upgrade Order], how about we establish a Sub-Guild then?"

"Sub-Guild?" Hundred Shots frowned vaguely. They discussed about this before, but because they were really worried about juggling the standards between the two guilds and the inconvenience that it would cause, they had not implemented it until now. Furthermore, if the Sub-Guild is not being managed well enough, discord might be sowed among the members, with the Guildmaster himself being dragged into the mud in a worst case scenario!

If the Sub-Guild was managed too poorly, some ambitious players would try to take over, and cause them shame in public!

Zhang Yang laughed and said, "If Heaven wishes it to rain or your mother to remarry, there is no way in stopping them1. If there really are people who would try to make a scene, the Guildmaster will cause an even bigger scene!"

"Then, who shall manage the Sub-Guild then?"

"Let Fatty Han and Endless Starlight go over to manage it. With them both there managing and supporting, the progression in Dungeon of the Sub-Guild should be able to keep up, they won’t look too awkward."


Establishing a Sub-Guild was a very short process which required only a short period of time. Firstly, Fatty Han and the appointed members would leave the guild, and then they would register a new guild, with a new name at the reception of Guild-Establishment. When there were 30 players responding to this establishment, then ‘Lone Desert Smoke First Sub-Guild’ would be established.

Zhang Yang broadcasted the announcements in White Jade Castle, informing everyone about this new development. Those players who wished to join Lone Desert Smoke will be placed in the Sub-Guild for a certain amount of time. If they performed outstandingly, then they will be promoted to the main guild.

Fatty Han went over to the Sub-Guild in great delight, shamelessly asking for the Guildmaster spot. His main aim was to be a fox, assuming the majesty of the tiger, to experience the joy of barking orders left and right for his own pleasure. Meanwhile, Endless Starlight was hugging onto the leg of Zhang Yang while bawling madly, giving everyone the impression that he could not bear the sorrow of leaving Lone Desert Smoke.

But, at the end of it, Zhang Yang solved the situation with only one sentence, "The Sub-Guild is full of pretty ladies!" The little brat actually bought it and disappeared in just a second. Everyone only found out that Endless Starlight was actually unwilling to leave the pretty ladies in Lone Desert Smoke, not Lone Desert Smoke itself!

Zhang Yang then summoned all the higher ranking players in the guild for a discussion, where they temporarily came up with a few guidelines.

1. Members in the Sub-Guild who perform well are eligible to be promoted to join the main guild. While members in the Main Guild who under-performs will be demoted to the Sub-Guild for further observation.

2. Although there are differences in the names of Main Guild and Sub-Guild, everyone should be considered as full-fledged members of Lone Desert Smoke, like a family. The Sub-Guild must be treated as equals by all means!

3. The resources of the Main Guild and the Sub-Guild would be shared equally, as would the loots and earnings. Therefore, the points accumulated in the Sub-Guild can be spent in the Main Guild.

At that moment, the reputation of Lone Desert Smoke was reflected. After only 3 hours, the number of applications to join the newly founded Sub-Guild had already reached the maximum capacity of Level 1 guild. Although the [Level 2 Guild Upgrade Order] was not that difficult to come by these days, elevating a Level 1 guild to Level 2 guild required the accumulation of experience points, other than just the [Guild Upgrade Order].

They’ll have to take it in stride!

Zhang Yang irresponsibly threw all the responsibilities to Hundred Shots and Daffodil Daydream, and then he went on to collect herbs and grinding on his own.

After going offline to have his dinner, Zhang Yang logged back into the game and managed to secure a new alchemy recipe :{{Level 4 Intelligent Potion}}.

[Level 4 Intelligent Potion] (Consumable)

Use: Increase 100 intelligent points, last for 1 hour.

Required level: 60

Coincidentally, he had a few hundreds sets of the materials for crafting this potion, so he got to crafting.

‘Ding! You have crafted [Level 4 Intelligent Potion] X 4!’

‘Ding! You have crafted [Level 4 Intelligent Potion] X 4! Because of your {Alchemist’s Intuition}, the [Level 4 Intelligent Potion] acquired a transmutation!’

[Level 4 Intelligent Potion (Transmutation 2)] (Consumable)

Use: increase 100 intelligent points, magic attack increased by 20 points, last for 1 hour.

Required Level: 60

After 5 to 6 minutes, all of the materials had been crafted into [Level 4 Intelligent Potion], but only 19 of the potions were transmuted potions, and there was no sign of potions that had undergone grade 7 transmutation, not even one!

Even his 10 points of luck did not seem to be near enough. Only if he could reach 30 to 40 of luck attribute points, he should have a 10% rate of transmutation!

"Daffodil, come back to White Jade Castle, I’m passing you some potions!" Zhang Yang sent a private message over to Daffodil Daydream.

"Alright, coming."

Traveling back to White Jade Castle was easy, and within just a couple of minutes, Daffodil Daydream had arrived back at the castle, riding on her [Mount]. Although her [Mount] was only a Gray-Silver grade, it looked magnificently appealing. It’s pair of dual wings allowed it to glide in the air, looking significantly stunning!

It was the image of a pretty lady riding on her [Mount]. Along her way, Daffodil Daydream had attracted the attention of countless players from below.

"Guildmaster ---" Daffodil Daydream jumped down from her [Mount] and realized that only Zhang Yang was there. Her oval, olive-skinned face instantly turned a little red, as she fidgeted around with her sleeves in her fingers and asked, "You call me over for something?"

"Yea, I just crafted some potions, here are some for you!" Zhang Yang traded a bunch of [Intelligent Potions] over to Daffodil Daydream, and among those potions were some good stuff like grade 4 and grade 5 transmuted potions!

Daffodil Daydream immediately widened her bright eyes and said, "You’re too good, guildmaster!"

Is she treating him more than a friend? It was getting awkward.

Zhang Yang was feeling uneasy about the situation, so he let out a sudden "Oh!" and asked, "Oh yea, I haven’t seen Witch Snow and that little girl online yet, have you seen them?"

Daffodil Daydream thought for a while and said, "Yea, I haven’t seen them for awhile now, either."

Zhang Yang felt puzzled, if Wei Yan Er did not come online during the day, it might be because she had gone for school, but she had never ever missed a night before, what could be the reason?

Daffodil Daydream went on to grind again. Meanwhile, Zhang Yang went on to the mailbox and sent a portion of the potions that he had crafted to the second-party including Fantasy Sweetheart. A portion of the potions were reserved for Han Ying Xue. However, the entire night passed without them logging in.

On the next morning, Zhang Yang could not beat it anymore, so he gave Han Ying Xue a call.

Tut… Tut… The phone rang for awhile before it was being picked up.

"Hello---" it was a weak voice coming from Han Ying Xue.

"I’m Zhang Yang. Anything happened to you and Wei Yan Er?" Zhang Yang was worried.

"… Wei Yan Er’s father ran into an accident and passed away yesterday." Han Ying Xue only replied Zhang Yang after a pause.

Zhang Yang was shocked, then he asked, "How did it happen?"

"Her father left a suicide note, saying that he would want to take responsibility for all the negative news about the company, and he apologized to Yan Er’s mother. So he decided to end his life to make up for it!" the voice of Han Ying Xue indicated her tiredness, it was probably because she did not have a good rest at all.

"How is little girl holding up?"

"She cried for the whole night, and she just fell asleep just now."

Zhang Yang thought to himself for awhile and said, "I’m coming over right now!"

"… Alright. We are at her place, just take down the address."

After taking down the address, Zhang Yang immediately departed out and took a cab to the destination.

Wei Yan Er’s house was located at a high-class villa area. After going through a security check by the guards, he finally arrived at the doorstep of Wei Yan Er’s house. It was a three-storey high house, with a large garden by the entrance, and also a series of facilities like a swimming pool, a tennis court and the likes of it.

Han Ying Xue personally came out to invite him into the house. The body of Wei Yan Er’s father had not yet been recovered from the Police. After all, the deceased was the CEO of a muti-billionaire company, a thorough autopsy was required to ensure that there was no foul play. There were a number of people gathered in the middle hall of the house, and the only person that Zhang Yang recognized was Luo Yang Ming, so all of them were probably relatives.

After seeing Zhang Yang, Luo Yang Ming immediately jumped over and asked, "Little Snow, who is he? Is he qualified to be here at all?"

"Oh, buzz off!" Han Ying Xue spoke to him coldly and dragged Zhang Yang up to the second floor.

Luo Ming Yang was so furious that he tightened his grips on both hands, but when a pretty-faced, frivolous girl tapped his shoulder gently, he was back at ease, a cold grin on his lips.

Zhang Yang and Han Ying Xue entered a study room, and both of them sat down facing at each other.

"Did the little girl’s father really commit suicide?" Zhang Yang began to ask.

Han Ying Xue shook her head and said, "Who knows! I don’t know! We just received an email. His so called ‘Death Wish Note’ was sent from his email address. So in theory, only he himself could have access to the account, but ---"

She did not have to finish her words for Zhang Yang to understand, no matter how good the firewall of the company was designed to prevent hackers, according to Wei Yan Er, her dad was a flirtatious person, god only knows if there were any ‘Secretaries’ under his ‘care’ as he logged into his email.

Zhang Yang let out a breath of sigh and said, "I am genuinely worried for your safety, for both of you!"

Han Ying Xue set her sight upon the floor, and it was as if she was gazing through the floor at the people downstairs, and she asked vaguely, "Can people really be that ruthless when it comes to money?"

Zhang Yang solemnly said, "The numerous negative news about Silky Soft Holdings back in the days could have been staged for this, I guess! Setting up a good reason for Yan Er’s father’s death! They could just say Yan Er’s father could not bear the enormous stress from the company, and to prevent himself from seeing his own company fall, he committed suicide!"

"How much could a fallen company get them? 2,000,000,000, or only 1,000,000,000, in fact! There are so many of them, each of them can only get, at most, 100,000,000 to 200,000,000!" Han Ying Xue was muttered dejected.

Zhang Yang said, "Even if it is only one or two hundred million, it is definitely better than not getting anything at all! Furthermore, maybe one to two hundred million isn’t much to you, but for regular folk, this amount of money is no small matter for them! People die for money, birds die for food, the ancient idioms used to say that!"

"Zhang Yang, I need your help!" Han Ying Xue stood up and looked at him with renewed hope!

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