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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 321 — Beat Down

Chapter 321: Beat Down

The Han Ying Xue at that moment, seemed very weak, her lovely and gentle eyes were lost in despair.

Zhang Yang nodded and said, "I will do my best!"

"Thank you." Han Ying Xue frowned and said, "I do not know who to trust anymore! If Yan Er’s father has been murdered, then their fangs must have found their way into the inner circle of the company’s management, no one in the entire company can be trusted!"

Too much thought had been put into this already!

Luo Ming Yang had a simple thought, and that was to make sure Han Ying Xue, Wei Yan Er and Wei Yan Er’s Father stay dead, then the entire Silky Soft Holdings will become theirs to claim! They did not care how bad will the company becomes in the future, as long as they could get their hands on the profit, they were already satisfied!

Wei Yan Er slept all the way until 3 p.m before she woke up. When she saw that Zhang Yang was present, she tried to pout at him like she always did, but quickly broke down into tears again. Then, she sobbed, "My dad is gone!"

Zhang Yang sighed gently and patted her shoulder, and he said, "Everything will pass! You still have your cousin sister, and you still have us, your friends! You are not alone!"

Of course, Wei Yan Er did not stay in her own house after that, instead, she went to stay with Han Ying Xue at her warm house. Zhang Yang insisted on becoming their driver to send them both back to their place safe and sound.

"Silly Yu, you are welcome to stay here for the next few days." Han Ying Xue suggested. She glanced at Wei Yan Er’s house which had been flooded by those ‘animals’ and said, "I’m very worried that Luo Yang Ming and his goons will knock on our door to make a scene!"

Her worries were not based on nothing, and Zhang Yang had always wondered why he had never heard of Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er before, in his previous life!

Anyone could see that Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er were extremely good looking, and they were highly skilled. They also had the heart and grit to match up to everything else! So according to all these facts right in front of him, there is no doubt that these two girls should have become famous players in the game, like Snow Seeker! But somehow, he had never heard of them in his past life, and the most suitable explanation was that they had already quit the game before the Professional League Championship had even begun!

If Zhang Yang had not intervened, they would just believed that Wei Yan Er’s father died of car accident, and they would definitely have let their guards down. By then, it would be possible that they would also suffer similar ‘accidents’, and their names would just disappear from society for good!

Zhang Yang felt a chill from head to toe, and he knew, no matter what, he must not let that kind of thing happen to these two ladies!

"Alright, I will be your personal bodyguard for these few days!"

"You can use Yan Er’s game helmet to log in, and I will order a new one. Also, I don’t think she will log into the game for these few days." Han Ying Xue said mournfully.

Han Ying Xue’s house had 3 rooms, two living rooms and two bathrooms. So the three of them could have their own personal rooms. As for the use of bathrooms, they had to be strict in the sharing part, so Zhang Yang would only use the one on the west side while the two ladies would be sharing the one on the east side of the house.

"Silly Yu, you are not going to release your foul beasty attitude and go gangster on me and Wei Yan Er in the middle of the night, are you?" If Han Ying Xue could say such things, it only meant that she was getting back to her usual self.

Zhang Yang could only shake his head again and again, and said, "No worries, I will never take opportunity on others!"

"You better be, and I am telling you now, I have a tazer, a pepper spray and all other sort of stuffs that can prevent perverts, all lying there in my room! It would only mean death for you if you try something funny!" Han Ying Xue warned Zhang Yang.

"Fine! Fine!" Zhang Yang took the game helmet over from Han Ying Xue, then he walked into the guest room and began to log in to the game.

He then informed Fatty Han and the rest of the gang about the horrible things that had happened to Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er. Everyone felt so sorry to hear about it. Fatty Han said that he would go visit them, while Daffodil Daydream and the rest who were living afar expressed that they were going to fly over to Zhou Su City to attend the funeral of Wei Yan Er’s father.

On the next day, Fatty Han and Sun Xin Yu came by to Han Ying Xue’s house.

"Little Yang, you stayed overnight over here?" Fatty Han asked Zhang Yang pointedly.

"What are you thinking?"

"Well, there are two pretty ladies in there, and they’re nicely spread over multiple preferences of men, if you get what I mean. One mature, one young, and they are both feeling hurt, being in a state of ‘void’. It is extremely easy for you go, you know, ‘get in’! Little Yang, I approve and give my utmost support on you having a ‘double kill’!" Fatty Han patted Zhang Yang’s shoulder gently, expressing an expression that said ‘I know, you know’.

"Shut up!" Zhang Yang then turned towards Sun Xin Yu and asked, "Anything suspicious?"

Sun Xin Yu gave Zhang Yang an intense stare before she begin to speak, "After the investigation, it appears that Mr.Wei ingested some alcohol before he drove. However, the amount of alcohol in his blood stream wasn’t high. However, there were also traces of high dosages of sleeping pills inside his system, which caused him to be disoriented while driving. As a result, he died in a crash!"

Zhang Yang felt uneasy under her intense gaze, and he was shocked to hear about the result as well. He paused for awhile and said, "No suspicion at all?"

"If, let’s say that the ‘Death Wish’ email from Mr.Wei is real, then his suicide is most likely true! But if the email was forged y someone else, then the police will take in account, on the possibility that someone was drugging him on purpose!" Sun Xin Yu explained coldly.

"Doesn’t Mr.Wei have his own personal driver?" Zhang Yang was curious, a big boss of a large-scale company like Mr.Wei wouldn’t drive by himself. Plus, he was not some youngster, so he wouldn’t simply race around for the thrill of it!

Han Ying Xue smiled coldly and said, "I guess he was on his way to meet his mistress, his driver could not know."

Although she treated Wei Yan Er like her real sister, but she obviously did not share the same respect towards Mr.Wei.

"Icy, didn’t I tell you that the biggest suspect is that annoying guy Luo Yang Ming? Why didn’t you guys bring him in for questioning yet? That guy is definitely the spineless type. A few good scares will definitely crack him up!" Zhang Yang told Sun Xin Yu.

"Police work requires solid evidence!" Sun Xin Yu was still speaking coldly to Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang could only smile and he turned to Fatty Han, "Fatty, let’s go and have a chat with that guy."

Sun Xin Yu frowned her pretty looking eyebrows and asked, "What do you guys intend to do?"

"Did you say police work requires solid evidence? We are gangsters, hoodlums! As long as we suspect someone, it’s enough reason to shake them up!" Zhang Yang replied.

"Personal torture to extract confession is illegal!"

"Then arrest me!" Zhang Yang put out both of his hands, "Or just pretend you know nothing about this!"

Sun Xin Yu was enraged, but she only turned her head away after giving some murderous glares at Zhang Yang.

"Move out!"

Zhang Yang requested for the contact number of Luo Yang Ming from Han Ying Xue and he dialed the number. After just awhile, he heard a man’s voice over the phone saying, "Hello? Who are you? How did you get my number?"

"You with the sir name Luo, if you did nothing wrong, what are you so afraid of!"

"You’re insane! I’m hanging up if you’re not telling me who you are!"

"Hehe, hang up then! Because if you hang up the phone right now, I shall let lose the recording of the conversation between you and Liu Shu Yan, discussing about your conspiracy!" Zhang Yang took a wild guess, hoping to strike gold. Zhang Yang assumed that if they really had something to do with the death of Mr.Wei, these two siblings must have had more than one conversation about it.

Instantly, the sound of Luo Yang Ming breathing rapidly was heard over the phone, and after quite awhile, Luo Yang Ming finally began to talk, "So what do you really want?"

"Of course it’s money!" Zhang Yang gave a few sinister laughs and said, "Meet us alone, drive alone! We shall negotiate the amount of money that you need to pay us to get back the recording! I will only wait for half an hour! Any later, do dress up nicely for the cops, yeah?"

Luo Yang Ming immediately panicked and said, "Please don’t! Please calm down! I’m coming right now! Please don’t go to the police station!"

"Fine, then go to this address!" Zhang Yang gave Luo Yang Ming an address.

After hanging up the phone, Zhang Yang let Fatty Han drove him over to the address he gave to that guy.

Luo Yang Ming was really a coward, to cave in so easily. An idiot like him, can they really get the proof on his conspiracy?

Zhang Yang could not help himself but to have doubts in his plan.

Having the sport car parked at the dark corner side of the bridge, Zhang Yang got down from the car and said, "If that guy shows up alone, just ring the phone once, if he brings some muscles along with him, ring the phone twice!"

"You can count on me! Just relax!" Fatty Han pounded his chest and told Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang walked down from the bridge alone. It was alright, because the weather was quite cold that day, and there was no sign of hobos around the area. He quietly waited for awhile, and then his phone began to ring! And it only rang once before it was cut off.

In just awhile, a shadow of man was visible within his sight, and under the pale moonlight, he could see that the shadow was indeed that rich bastard, the son of the rich, selfish family!

"Hello --- I’m here, where are you?" Luo Ming Yang was beginning to feel anxious and began to call out. Although the security in Zhou Su City was not bad, there were still cases related to guns and murders happening around the city. It would take a lot for the coward to have come out alone by himself.

Zhang Yang was standing by the shadow of the bridge, and under the cover of darkness, he began to talk, "You who carries the surname Luo, you really are a bogey, you attempted to rape your cousin, and then you killed your own uncle! Any other dirty things that you haven’t done yet?"

"What can I really offer you to stop all this?" Luo Ming Yang was indeed an idiot. He had not denied anything once, and had already admitted that he indeed was involved in the ‘accident’.

"How much money do you want, you just say it!"

Zhang Yang shook his head again and again, and then he walked out of the shadow into the light, and the moonlight instantly shined on his face.

"You… You are the guy that went to Wei Yan Er’s house yesterday!" Luo Ming Yang lost his voice while attempting to shout.

Zhang Yang was shocked for a while there before he could react. His face is different from his avatar’s face in the game, no wonder Luo Yang Ming could not recognize him!

Luo Yang Ming was sensing that something was not right, so he began to back up slowly!

Zhang Yang dashed forward, and it was like an eagle grabbing a chick, with only one hand, he grabbed hold of the back collar of Luo Yang Ming and lifted that coward up into the air.

Although Luo Yang Ming was an idiot, he knew at once that he was outmatched and outclassed! Instantly he stopped struggling and said, "Boss, anything can be settled, just say the price, please don’t hurt me!"

Zhang Yang took out his phone and called Fatty Han, "Hey fatty, come over here for some exercise! Move your bones and muscles for a little bit!"

The instance Luo Yang Ming heard what Zhang Yang said over the phone, his face turned pale immediately and said, "wha… what are you guys going to do?"


Zhang Yang swung his fist, at the same instant, he let go of the collar and Luo Ming Yang staggered back, clutching his jaw. He then spat out some blood and broken teeth from his mouth!

Luo Yang Ming was given a beat down to the point that he could not understand! Anything could be settled with words right? They could have discussed over it and have a happy ending. But why would he be beaten up without even having the chance to negotiate at all!


Zhang Yang swung another powerful punch and Luo Yang Ming let out a horrible and terrified scream. More teeth flew out of his mouth.

Fatty Han had also arrived at the scene, and seeing that Zhang Yang was having a hell of a good time beating up that coward, he too rushed forward and said, "Allow me to enjoy for a bit!"

Zhang Yang took a few steps back while Fatty Han cut in and began to do some weird stuff to that guy. Fatty Han let out a few sinister laughs, and pressed Luo Ming Yang face down into the ground, and shoof! Fatty Han took off Luo Ming Yang’s pants!

The man was barely conscious, but was instantly shaken out of his stupor! He began making muffled groans, thinking that he was about to be violated by that fat man! The horrific screams coming from Luo Ming Yang broke through the night, and his tears were dripping down, like there was no tomorrow.

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