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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 322 — The Confession

Chapter 322: The Confession

Fatty Han’s hands were fast and deft. With a few seconds, he had unbuckled the rather thick jeans and had pulled the pants down, revealing a pair of floral, Hawaiian style boxers.

"Erhm…Fatty. Are you…erhm…are you planning to give him the experience of a woman?" said Zhang Yang with a shiver.

"Please. Boobies are the only pair I’ll take. That and nice, curvy buttocks." Said Fatty Han. "This is what I call a real life "Cripple Defense"."

Zhang Yang let out a long sigh of relief. Even Luo Yang Ming who had been pinned down was screaming at one point, thinking that his anus was truly in danger. After hearing Fatty Han’s explanation, he relaxed and stopped struggling violently.

Fatty Han then removed Luo Yang Ming’s leather, hard sole shoes and smacked his unprotected butt with the hard end.

"Owiie!" Luo Yang Ming screamed like a woman. His entire body stiffen up like a solid wood, trying his best to struggle. His sudden buckle even shoved off someone as heavy as Fatty Han!

"Hahaha! That was fun!" said Fatty Han, laughing like a hyena. Fatty Han turned Luo Yang Ming face down and sat on him again. This time, he sat on his lower back and made sure that Luo Yang Ming could not move again when he continue "spanking" his butt with the shoe until it was all red and swollen.

Zhang Yang groaned. "I’ve never known that you would be into BDSM."

"Please. I haven’t beaten up anyone for such a long time, I’m starting to get a little crazy! Bear with me a little, yeah!"

"Please stop! Please! Have mercy!" cried Luo Yang Ming. "I’ll give you anything you want! Just, please stop hitting me! It hurts!"

"Hmph! Fatty, don’t stop. Smack some testosterone into him! This sissy needs some manliness smacked into him!"

"Will do!" Being large, Fatty Han had heavy hands. The sheer momentum of his arms, coupled with the hard, rough surface of the shoe’s sole, had caused the poor Luo Yang Ming to faint from the pain and was awaken again and again from the same sensation. Both Zhang Yang and Fatty Han knew that the death of Wei Yan Er’s father had something to do with Luo Yang Ming. That was why they were relentless in punishing him for over 30 minutes!

It was winter. It was so cold that you can practically freeze a bucket of water in just 10 minutes. Yet, Luo Yang Ming was smacked to the point where he was drenched in his own sweat. With pools of sweat underneath, him, it was clear that the pain he suffered was tremendous. After having their suppressed rage released, Zhang Yang nudged Fatty Han aside and moved in to and slap Luo Yang Ming’s face.

"Alright, speak up! Was it you who caused your own uncle’s death?"

If Zhang Yang had started off with that question, Luo Yang Ming would surely have denied it. Now that Zhang Yang had given him a good spanking, the only thought in Luo Yang Ming’s mind was to not piss off the two attackers any further.

Obediently, Luo Yang Ming answered. "We have always known that at every Saturday, he will sometimes drive himself to visit his lover and his son. That’s why, we spiked his wine with a large dose of sleeping medication."

"Hmm. Did Liu Shu Yan put you up to this?"

"Hm. Liu Shu Yan was the master mind behind all of these. I was the one that carried it out. It’s true! I’m no one! I’m just a little guy! Please, let me go! Please!" Luo Yang Ming started to cry like a little girl.

"Hmph! I believe you!. Only because a little pea bag like you couldn’t have the intelligence to come up with such a plan!" Zhang Yang boldly proclaimed. "So? What’s next in your grand master plan? Do you actually plan to do something to Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er?! I know that after killing off Wei Zhang Tao, you guys would not inherit the family property!"

"The plan was to wait after uncle’s funeral. After that we will plan another accident to have her killed."

Zhang Yang slapped him again. "Right now, with the problems surrounding Silky Soft Holdings, you plan to use them as a good reason for them them to suicide, right!? Not bad. Not bad at all! Were all the negative rumors about Silky Soft Holdings spread by you?"

"Yes…" said Luo Yang Ming having lost all resistance. "Those years where we had taken money out of the company, no one, not even uncle, knew about it. Uncle was a klutz. The only thing in his mind was to play with women! However, Little Xue played quite a role in office management as well. If she ever found out of the discrepancies, we would be the ones in trouble! I would rather have her die before me!"

The last sentence took Zhang Yang over the edge. His face hardened up, and he spat on the ground beside the man’s face.

"What a shameless prick!" said Fatty Han as he spat directly on Luo Yang Ming’s face.

"Let’s go. We got what we needed," said Zhang Yang as he turned off the phone. His entire confession had been recorded.

"Hey! Give me the recorder! Please! I’ll pay you! I’ll pay you a fortune!" said Luo Yang Ming as he started struggling frantically.

Zhang Yang scoffed and kicked him in the face before turning away. "I don’t need your money. Use that pathetic money of yours to visit the doctor…while you still can!"

The two of them got into the car and left Luo Yang Ming in the dirt.

Back at Han Ying Xue’s house, Sun Xin Yu was still there waiting. Zhang Yang did not even bother to clean himself up and directly dropped the phone into Sun Xin Yu fair hands. "Take this. It has everything you’ll need to prosecute that bastard!"

"You guys…what did you—"

"You don’t want to know!"

"…You. I see. Let’s just say an anonymous citizen handed this over!"

"You’re absolutely right. The police and the citizen should help each other out during hard times!"

With the confession in hand, the Public Security Bureau had everything the needed. The "suicide" news was brought up to light and had cause major uproar in the media around Zhou Su City. There were headlines about this investigation all over, in the newspapers, for the next few days! After a thorough investigation, the Bureau had managed to uncovered more than 10 suspects that were involved in his homicide case, however, the main culprit, Liu Shu Yan had manage to slip out of trouble! Since the only mouth that was tying her to the case was Luo Yang Ming’s. However, there were no proper evidence that stated her involvement in this case! Furthermore, she was backed up with a very efficient lawyer!

This sly fox was very good. She was the mastermind, but her hands had never been sullied. Luo Yang Ming did all the heavy work. Since the two of them had never recorded their conversations, Luo Yang Ming would only appear to be falsely accusing her. The case was dismissed, and she got off the hook under the premise of false allegations.

Zhang Yang and the rest of them were waiting outside the station when Liu Shu Yan walked out of the station, free from all charges. When the woman entered her car, she stared coldly at Han Ying Xue. Zhang Yang could have sworn that he saw the woman was smiling.

"What a completely retard! Why didn’t he keep any sort of evidence that he could have used as leverage?! What a loser, now he’s taking all the heat!" said Fatty Han disgruntledly.

"This woman would not rest until she gets what she wants." said Zhang Yang. Deep down, his instincts were screaming when he saw the smile. It contained such a killing intent, faint, yet so powerful that Zhang Yang would not ever get a good night’s sleep.

"That’s why, noobie tank should continue on protecting me and cousin sister!" Wei Yan Er had regained her spirit.

Zhang Yang was slightly relieved. In truth, he did not want anything to happen to them. He frowned and said, "I’ll say, what you really want is to have me to make you more dishes! Isn’t that right, you little brat!" said Zhang Yang, as he rubbed the little girl’s head.

"Nyehehehe!" Both Wei Yan Er and Han Ying Xue grinned happily.

Zhang Yang had lost his parents when he was only a little boy. Since childhood, he had learned to cook on his own and had manage to raise his culinary skills to a certain extent. During his stay in her house, Zhang Yang was the one who had been cooking all the meals for Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er. With his level of cooking, Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er had completely fallen for his cooking.

Fatty Han shot him a thumbs up, flashing a wink that practically says, "We are a good team!"

Sun Xin Yu was starting to get agitated. "With only Zhang Yang staying over, it would be extremely inappropriate for the both of you! From here on out, I shall take over the role and protect you both!"

Wei Yan Er walked up to Sun Xin Yu and cocked her head cutely. "…Sister Sun? Can you cook?" she asked like an innocent little girl.

"I…I-I-I’ll order takeout!" said Sun Xin Yu coldly as she stuttered. Apparently she had zero cooking abilities.

"No.NO.NO.NO!" said Wei Yan Er as she turned her head left and right at a high speed. "Takeouts are not as nice as the one that noobie tank cooks!"

Sun Xin Yu sighed. Helplessly, she blushed with a great deal and walked over to Zhang Yang. "Don’t you dare agree to them!"

"Huh? Why?"

"There’s no why! Just don’t!" said Sun Xin Yu.

Zhang Yang cocked his head as well and pretended to gasped. "Oh! You’re jealous!"

Sun Xin Yu slid across the floor and went up straight closer to Zhang Yang. "GRAH! W-W-Who’s j-j-j-jealous!? Hmph! I’m leaving!"

Although she said she was leaving, but Sun Xin Yu turned around to walk into the station instead.

Since Wei Zhang Tao, Wei Yan Er’s father had just passed away, Wei Yan Er was not in the mood to hold a party for her birthday. In the end, she had only called for Han Ying Xue, Fatty Han, Zhang Yang, and Sun Xin Yu to have the traditional Longevity Noodle1. Two days after the court order, Wei Yan Er was so busy cleaning up the mess in Silky Soft Holdings, and other related matters. After the dinner, made specially by Zhang Yang, everyone took a stroll outside before logging into the game.

Since it had been a while since they had logged in, many guild members had missed them. The moment the notification rang, announcing their logins, members started to bombard the girls with greetings. Zhang Yang invited them into his party and took Wei Yan Er and Han Ying Xue to take up some quest and kill monsters for experience points.

"Grah! Annoying!" cried Wei Yan Er. "These days, I finally gone through the accounting. Those parasites have already eaten up a large empty hole inside the company accounts! My god! Even cheese rolls have lesser holes than this!"

Han Ying Xue was also frowning. "The company will be announcing the past year records in just a few days. I have no idea how this issue will affect the stock value. Furthermore, the suppliers will want us to settle the accounts with them as well! I have no idea how to solve this huge gap!"

"Couldn’t you just ask for a loan from the bank?"

"After reading the company financial report, I could swear that no bank will be willing to offer us a loan!" said Han Ying Xue as she shook her head disappointingly. "We might need to lay off a few large departments, tuck in, and hope for the worst to past by before we can relax!"

"I had never known that those little parasites could really spend that much! No wonder that worm would resort to attempting to kill me and cousin sister off! The amount of money that has been taken out of the company would be enough to have them shot in the head! More than once!" cried Wei Yan Er furiously.

"Enough with the bad news. There will be a bridge and we’ll cross it when we get to it. Until then, let’s just focus what’s now!" Zhang Yang transferred a large number of [Intelligence Potions] to Han Ying Xue and said, "You guys have been inactive for some time now. You’ll need to speed things up a notch and get back on track!"

That being said, Zhang Yang himself had not been training for the past days. Still, he was at Level 74 with 51% experience points, while Wei Yan Er and Han Ying Xue were still at Level 71.

After arriving at the usual grinding site, Zhang Yang and the party killed one wave of monster when a figure was seen from afar galloping towards them. Initially, the trio thought they were players, however, when the figure got closer, it was a soldier, fully clad in armor, on a handsome horse.

[Leanger, the Messenger] (Elite, Humanoid)

Level: 80

HP: 80,000

Defense: 450

Leanger stopped the horse when he was close to Zhang Yang. He then got down the horse and salute Zhang Yang. "In the name of Prince Serena, Zhan Yu has been requested to return to the castle immediately!"

The three of them exchange a surprised look. An NPC could search for a player?! How intriguing.

"What does Princess Serena need of me?" said Zhang Yang.

"My apologies. I was only sent here to summon you back," said Leanger as he saluted again. "The message has indeed been delivered. Please head back to the castle at once. Fare thee well."

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