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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 324 — Underwear Thief

Chapter 324: Underwear Thief

Without keeping him waiting, the guard came back and welcomed Zhang Yang into the castle. "Please follow me. The Queen will see you."

The guard led Zhang Yang all the way into the castle and into an exquisite library. There were two guards standing outside the library which were both Elite tier and their levels were three question marks, an indication that their levels were at least 20 levels higher than Zhang Yang.

"Your highness, the visitor from Lagguda has arrived," said the guard with the utmost respect.

"Let him in." The voice of Shaenita rang from within the library.

Zhang Yang walked in to the room and saw Shaenitta was sitting by the corner with a book in her hands. As expected of a queen, she was dressed in a black, fashionable dress which wrapped around her tightly that brought out the figure of her slim body. The cutting on her chest was so low and it squeezed her hookers out like a pair of water balloons! Zhang Yang could not help but to wonder how women actually breathed when their breasts were squeezed like that. Behind her were two handmaidens that also had their levels hidden.

When Zhang Yang finally approached her, Shaenita puts down the book in her hand and glanced up. Her eyes widened and was instantly burning with rage. "You!"

D*mn! NPCs with AI had "memories" and were really a nuisance when they actually remember what you did to them! If it were any other normal NPC, it would not matter what a player did him! You could beat him, slam him, give him a cock screw punch, R.K.O the s.o.b, pinch his nipple, or anything else, and the NPC will completely forget all about it once you leave its aggro range. The NPC will run back to its original place and reset its memories.

Zhang Yang smiled awkwardly. "Your highness, I represent the citizens of Lagguda to beg for your help!"

"Hmph!" Shaenita scoffed. "You’re not a citizen of my kingdom, who are you to represent the town of Lagguda?" It was plainly obvious that Shaenita was still angry at him.

"I’m but a adventurer. Fulfilling the wishes others in order to move forward. Now that I have given my word to the people in Lagguda, I stand by my plea to you. Please help us!" said Zhang Yang. It’s best to have his slate cleaned before asking for anything else in return.

Shaenita looked at Zhang Yang and solemnly sighed. After a long pause, Shaenita finally spoke. "A few years back, many had asked me to investigate a case where people would disappear after entering the town of Lagguda. Since the number of missing people were but a small number, I had always pushed the thought to the back of my head. I had never thought that it was all the work of an evil witch!"

Now that Zhang Yang had drawn her attention, he had to strike the iron when it’s hot! "Your highness, that witch was using some kind of time magic to obtain life force from the people who have consumed her potion. There is an easy to way to kill the witch, that is to use the Mirror of Truth!"

"You dare to mention about the mirror!" Shaenita shot up to her feet. "If it wasn’t for your foolish act and gullible brains, the Mirror of Truth would still be intact! You dare to feign ignorance about this?!"

Zhang Yang bowed down horridly. "Your highness! When there is a will, there is a way! Everything that had been wronged, can always be right! Can the Mirror of Truth be fixed?"

Shaenita sighed and sat down. "The magic behind the Mirror of Truth is not the mirror itself, it is the magical tool’s spirit! To fixed the Mirror of Truth, you must first revive the spirit that lives in the mirror!"

Jackpot. There’s never a quest that could not be done!

Zhang Yang asked, "Your highness. How does one revive the tool’s spirit?"

Shanita rested her chin on her silky, fair hands. While gazing to the horizon of the land from the window beside her, she said, "To revive the tool’s spirit, it’s not a big of a deal. All you need is a bottle of Ethereal Springwater. However, the only place to obtain the Ethereal Springwater is in the deepest parts of Siccory Mountains within the Chaos Realms. It will be tough for you, since that place is crawling with huge and dangerous monsters!"

Chaos Realms? This is a bad joke. That place can only be access after Level 100! This is just a Level 70 quest! How could the quest require Zhang Yang to be at Level 100 to complete it!

Zhang Yang frowned. "Is there any other way to obtained the Ethereal Springwater?"

Shaenitta shook her head and stopped suddenly. "I recall that there was an adventurer named Gus who lived in the Tanjar Flatlands, the Town of Sivar. He had ventured into the Chaos Realms and obtained a bottle of Ethereal Springwater himself! Zhan Yu, if you can retrieve the Ethereal Springwater, and fix the Mirror of Truth, I will promise to lend you the mirror!"

What the hell!? This queen is being a b*tch! The mirror was nothing but shattered into pieces of glass! The queen was taking advantage of Zhan Yu to basically fix the mirror for free! But from the way she phrased it, it seemed that Zhang Yang was the one who was gaining a huge favor from the queen! As expected from a manipulative politician!

‘Ding! Shanita has a quest for you: Fix the Mirror of Truth. Will you accept it?’

It’s not like he could simply ask for a better way around, does it?

Zhang Yang left the palace and rode the white bear towards the Tanjar Flatlands.

Tanjar Flatlands is a Level 70 map. Luckily, it was not far from Oz. It was just right beside the Black Moss Wilderness. Oz was to the left of Black Moss Wilderness, while the Tanjar Flatlands was to the right. Still, a Level 70 maps was just too huge, that Zhang Yang had spent 5 hours just to travel from the far left to the end of the right.

Compared to the silent town of Lagguda, Sivar was much livelier. With many people walking around, filling the street, the town brimmed with liveliness. Along the street, Zhang Yang stopped once in a while to ask for the location of Gus the adventurer. Never had it cross his mind that Gus was rather infamous in this town. The thing was, it was not because of the tale of his adventures, it was the mischiefs that he had done in town.

"What? You want to talk to that old pervert? The guy that will fall to his feet and flip a beautiful girl’s skirt to peek at her panties?! Is that the man that you’re looking for?" This was said by an NPC in Sivar. However, it crossed his mind that that description would fit how Fatty Han would behave, 40 years in the future.

As he proceeded to the east of the town, Zhang Yang finally encountered the legendary adventure who had ventured into the depths of Siccory Mountain and obtained the Ethereal Springwater, the brave and bold adventurer, who was currently crawling over a brick wall, trying to steal the neighbor’s laundry, specifically undergarments that were worn by woman. However, even after he had successfully crawled over the wall, an older lady, roughly by the age of 40, had come out of the house, and with a butcher knife in her hand, had started to chase after Gus.

Right then, Gus had not managed to steal any of her undergarments. Still, despite his age, his veteran status as an adventurer made itself clear as he started sprinting away. Behind, the old woman was puffing with steam, throwing a huge fit as she was slowly left behind.

Zhang Yang quickly hopped on his bear and chased after Gus as well. No matter how fast you may run, you can never outrun a four-legged beast.

After a good distant from the house, Gus stopped by the road side for a quick rest. Panting for his breath, he jumped when he saw the bear sniffing at him. Unconsciously, Gus covered the female fabric in his chest. "I’m warning you, young man! Don’t be thinking of any funny business! It took me 3 days of scouting to get Marilyn’s panties!"

Zhang Yang nearly fell off his bear. The 40 year old woman who was chasing him not two minutes ago was not what a normal man would want to have as a wife. Zhang Yang knew this because he had seen her clearly just now. To think that a man would have her panties, and do something…indecent…the man would need to have the heart of the bravest warrior!

Zhang Yang shook off the thought of what would Gus to do that piece of undergarment and said, "Look, Gus, I just want to buy the Ethereal Springwater that you have."

Gus raised an eyebrow suspiciously. "I have you know that the Ethereal Springwater was obtained with such bravery. I nearly lost my own life venturing deep into the Chaos Realms to get that godly water. It’s practically priceless! Young man, are you sure you want to buy it?"

Money? That word meant nothing to Zhang Yang now. He was not the kind of person who would use the money in some investment kind of trade. All the dollar bills that he owned was sitting in the bank’s vault, collecting dust. If anyone wanted to compete in money spending, no miserly millionaire could even be a match for him!

Zhang Yang nodded and said, "State your price, old man!"

Gus looked at Zhang Yang while raising both eyebrows, one side at a time and was scratching his graying beard. He looked like the kind of man in the thrift shop trying to cut you a deal, but instead, he was just trying to get more money from you!

After tapping his foot a thousand times, Gus finally answered, while gritting his teeth, "100-"

100 gold coins? That’s too low! But if it’s 1,000,0001, that would be daylight robbery!

"—pieces of woman’s panties!"

Zhang Yang actually fell from the white bear after hearing his demands.

"Nyehehehe! 100 female panties! You can’t buy them from the store! I want them used! Not fresh! If it has to be fresh, it must be fresh from the laundry! And make no mistake, I better not be sniffing some men’s boxers! You feel me?" said Gus, with a shameless expression, and a smug grin.

‘Ding! Gus has a quest for you: The Great Underwear Thief. Will you accept it?’

…Was there an option for him to reject the quest and beat this @#$% with a cast-iron frying pan instead?

[The Great Underwear Thief] (Difficulty Level: B)

Quest Description: Search and give Gus 100 female panties! Pss! Don’t forget, the best ones are the fresh ones! Don’t be swiping the male underpants eh?

Progress: Panties collected 0/100

Quest Reward: Ethereal Springwater.

Zhang Yang sucked in a deep breath to prepare himself for the worst possible quest that he has ever done in his life. To become an underwear thief was harder than he had expected.

Zhang Yang rode the bear and sighed all the way. He could not believe that the game developers would actually make a player commit such degenerate acts. Zhang Yang started peeking left and right for freshly dried underwear. He finally saw one at the far end of a street. He sighed heavily. He is the guild master of Lone Desert Smoke, the champion of the Soaring Sword League, China’s number 1 tank! How did he end up doing something as retarded as stealing people’s underwear! If word spread about this, there is no hole in the world for him to hide his face! He would literally lose all his fame in one night!

Behind the house, there were a few hanging laundries, one of them was a cute pink underwear that was surely was not worn by men! The backyard was only protected by a low fence. The bear leap over the fence effortlessly and proceed on to swipe his "prize". However, before Zhang Yang could reach out his hands, a low bark was heard from behind him. Zhang Yang quickly turned around only to find a large black hound waiting for him.

[Guard Dog, Black Star] (Elite, Beast)

Level: 75

HP: 150,000

Defense: 400

Note: The Guardian of the town! Rocky’s Partner! Untamable!

"Woof!" the hound barked and leap towards Zhang Yang.

The white bear lifted its paws and forcefully pushed the black hound back to its place. Zhang Yang then started swing his Dark Enigmatic Sword to slice the hound. Even though he was never a person who would treat animals badly, but for the sake of this ridiculous quest, he had to kill the poor guardian.

Even though the hound was an elite tier, it was too weak to be a fair opponent to Zhang Yang. Within 40 seconds, the dog was beaten to its last drop of HP. However, before it could be killed, the hound whimpered ran away, its tail tucked between its legs. How fortunate, the system was protecting it.

Zhang Yang ignored the hound and picked the underwear and kept it in his inventory. With a "ding" ringing in his ears, the quest progress went up by 1.

A thousand-mile journey begins with the hardest step. Now that he had taken one, the rest should be a walk in the park.

Continue stealing!

Without delay, Zhang Yang had found another victim and leaped across the fence, towards the laundry.

"Woof!" The black hound appeared again, its health fully recovered. The hound charged heroically and was sent running again by Zhang Yang.


The third piece! The hound appeared again! Same thing went with the 4th and the 5th!

The hound was persistent! Every time it was sent packing, it would always appear again from behind the fence and was ready to fight Zhang Yang until the last drop of its HP.

Zhang Yang could not help but recalled a joke he heard from Fatty Han.

It went like this: A hunter came up a mountain to hunt for bears. He failed and was beaten by a bear. The next day, the hunter came again and was sent home again by the bear. On the third day, when the bear saw the hunter coming up again, the bear asked, "Hey. Are you really here to hunt or to seek for some BDSM sheet from me?"

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