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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 325 — For the Sake of Fixing the Magic Mirror

Chapter 325: For the Sake of Fixing the Magic Mirror

The black hound relentlessly made its return over again and again.



Since the town was…a town, the number of people who lived here were few. That means, the number of laundries were as little. Many of times, Zhang Yang would have to sit there and wait until the underwear re-spawned again. For as long as it seemed, Zhang Yang got really agitated as times goes by. Every time there was someone coming out of their house to dry their clothes, Zhang Yang would be the first to visit the house and wait for the golden chance to swipe the ladies’ undergarment.



"Woof!" The black hound barked, "welcoming" Zhang Yang for the last time as Zhang Yang defeated the little critter to claim his final "prize". Once it’s done, he rode frantically to Gus to dump all the "dirty" load.

"What a blessing!" said Gus as he buried his face in the pile of slightly damp laundry.

Zhang Yang felt the ultimate disgust. Turning away, he cried, "You done? The request is completed. Where’s my reward?"

"Here!" said Gus as he tossed the Ethereal Springwater to him as if it was worthless. "Now scram! Don’t interrupt me in my moment of bliss!"

‘Ding! You have completed the quest: The Great Underwear Thief. Obtained 15,000,000 Experience Points!’

‘Ding! You have obtained: Ethereal Springwater x1!’

15 million?! That’s too much to be true! However, after thinking about it, Zhang Yang understood the reason behind it. As he had trudged along doing the quest, he had not obtained any drop of experience points! Perhaps defeating that black hound a hundred teams would have granted him that amount of experience points afterall!

Zhang Yang sighed. It may seem luxurious, but the system was just too stingy to not provide any bonus experience points. He quietly left the place with haste and go on his way. The moment he rode off a good distance, he saw a group of housewives coming out from their homes with kitchen knives in their hands. Everyone was pissed off. Just when he thought that he was about to be sliced and diced - Gordon Ramsey style -, the group of housewives headed for Gus!


"You sick old bastard! I’ll beat you up good!"

"Gus! How could you even steal my granny’s pants! Today, I’ll make sure you regret your decision to ever steal from us!"

While the crowd of people surrounded the old man, only the one black hound gave chase to Zhang Yang, barking ferociously. Luckily, the group of housewives had their anger and frustration directed at Gus, they failed to noticed the black hound was barking at the real culprit!

Zhang Yang ignored the hound and made his way out of the town. After some time, the hound turned back around after leaving its original position. Zhang Yang left Sivar and took a long, cumbersome journey back to Hera’s Castle.

"Noob tank! Wakey wakey! Time to make dinner for us!" Zhang Yang was only about to set foot into the castle when the annoying voice of Wei Yan Er came shouting. Zhang Yang logged out and realized it was already past 6pm. He then rushed down to made the "family" their dinner. He came down to the kitchen and got as busy as Hell’s Kitchen would be during rush hour. However, unlike the contestants, Zhang Yang was much more agile and proficient in cooking and had made several dishes in a flash. Content with his work of art, Zhang Yang went to the girl’s room and gave a hard and loud knock to notify them dinner was ready. He then hurriedly rushed to the toilet. Back when he was preparing dinner, he was already being called upon by nature, but since preparing a meal required constant observation, he could not just leave the stove on. Only after all the food was served, only did he permit himself to answer the call.

Turning and spinning around the house, he rushed into the toilet and relived himself. It was then he realized one fatal error of his decision. The toilet that he was in, was meant for Wei Yan Er and Han Ying Xue! When nature calls, you could not just put it on hold. Grah! So be it! Since it would only take a few seconds, at most a minute, if something is to happen during that duration, it’s the worse of luck.

After emptying his bladder, Zhang Yang cleaned his hands zipped his pants up and was ready to pull the door when he noticed a pair of black colored fabric. It was a T-back undergarment. Such a design could only mean that it belonged to Han Ying Xue the B*tchy Snow!

Honest to god, and everything that He had created. Zhang Yang could swear at he had no fetish for a women’s undergarment. However, since he had been the Great Underwear Thief for such a long time in the game, his hands had automatically, and involuntarily moved to grab that piece of laced clothe and place it in his pockets. It was how he usually store items in his in-game inventory.


The toilet door opened and it was Han Ying Xue.

The two of them made eye contact for a moment and both of them turn to the dangling piece of cloth that had protruding out from Zhang Yang pocket. Silence filled the small toilet. After 7 to 8 seconds later, Han Ying Xue took a step back. Knowing that things had gone wrong at the maximum level, Zhang Yang frantically took out the panties and tossed it back to where it was.

"Wait! Let’s me explain! It’s an accident!"

Instead of the typically, expected response, Han Ying Xue seemed to understand him. Not in the way he wanted, however. "Well, it’s understandable since you’re living with two world class beauty and had not burst out like a raging beast. You did hold yourself back for a long time. This is nothing. Worry not. I’m completely fine with it."


Zhang Yang pulled the woman into the toilet and shut the door behind him. "You need to listen to my explanation before jumping to any messed-up conclusion!"

"Hey! Like I said! I understand what’s happening!" said Han Ying Xue while nodding understandably. The problem was her expression was different from her usual outbursts. If this incident got out unresolved, that little brat would be the first to know. After that, the little trumpet will surely spread the word to Sun Xin Yu, Daffodil Daydream and the others! Like falling dominoes, it would only get worse and worse…

Zhang Yang pressed his entire body to block the door and said, "Please listen! I really took it by reflex!"

"Like I said! I understand and believe you! Now, can you please let me out?!"

"Y-You! You’re not sincere!"

Han Ying Xue crossed her arms and her eyes turned soft suddenly. She took a step forward, drawing the distant closer and kissed Zhang Yang on the lips. "How about now?" said Han Ying Xue.

What was that? Was he just harassed by a lady pervert!?

Stunned, Zhang Yang was as stiff as a strawman. After a good second, "Y-You…W-Wha…Why?"

Han Ying Xue cocked her head playfully and flicked her index finger against Zhang Yang’s forehead. "Sigh…Dummy. You’re really a big dum-dum!" Han Ying Xue winked. "If I had no feelings towards you, why would I allow a man like yourself to stay with me? Do you think I’d let any wolf enter my house of lambs?"

Han Ying Xue stared into Zhang Yang eye’s with a face that says: All men sure are dumb!.

Zhang Yang stuttered. "Y-You like me?"

"What are you stuttering about? Did that really shock you that much?" said Han Ying Xue as she leaned against the wall, emitting a lustful, sleazy aura.


"What do you mean why?" She giggled. "You may not be as handsome as what I want from a man. However, you do have the qualities of what a man should be. You’re a figher. You’re dependable. Brave, strong, buffed, and other qualities that satisfies my taste!"

"…Well…that’s pretty straight forward."

"Sigh. What a tragic event. I had never thought that my confession would happen in a toilet. This is so not romantic! It’s a total lady-bone killer!"

Zhang Yang was so confused that he was sure that his brain was all gooey and soupy inside. His heart beat was so fast and he was already not thinking straight. Han Ying Xue’s confession was just too sudden! While looking into her dreamy eyes, he heard Han Ying Xue calling out to him.

"Is your head spinning?" Sighing heavily, Han Ying Xue pulled Zhang Yang large palm and pressed it against her left breast. "Can you feel my heart beat? If my words could not get through to you, perhaps the beat of my heart could!"

Waves and waves of confusion had successfully sent a surge of blood rushing to his face, making it flustering with red. Underneath her clothes, Zhang Yang could not feel nothing else but his own heart pulsing faster than a steam train! Unconsciously, Zhang Yang’s palm had started curling its fingers around.

Han Ying Xue moaned, and her faced twisted with a surge of pleasure. With her cheeks dyed pink, she playfully pinched Zhang Yang’s arms and said, "I said to feel my heart, not make yourself comfortable!"

What an impossible demand!

Han Ying Xue slowly removed Zhang Yang’s hand and said, "Is it all that hard to believe?"

Nodding obediently, Zhang Yang could not help but to think that this was just a bad prank.

Han Ying Xue lunged herself and locked her hands together around Zhang Yang’s neck. "Kiss me!"

How could he!? This minx is a world-class calamity! If he were to fall into her deceit, it would be the end of the chapter for him! Still, her sensual eyebrows were like magic working their way to hypnotize Zhang Yang. Her rose-colored lips were like the burning flames that could attract poor insects to burn themselves. In that moment, Zhang Yang knew that he had f*cked up. His resistance towards this woman is practically 0!

Or perhaps, he already had feelings towards her a long time ago and had not realized it till now…

Zhang Yang lowered his head and pressed his lips against hers. Time stopped for the both of them. Both of their hearts were pulsating to strong that they could feel each other heartbeat. After an eternity, they separated their lips, a line fluid stretching between the both of them.

Be it bashful, happy, angry, or excited, Han Ying Xue’s expression was gold. Giggling, she said, "Dummy, now that you had touched me, you had kissed me, you’re now my man!"

"Actually, I had been meaning to ask you…Just how old are you?"

"Hmm…that is a good question. I’ll answer that question when you’re the grandfather of my grandchildren 50 years later!" said Han Ying Xue with a wink.


"Now, begone! Yan Er will be out soon and if she sees us together like this, it would be a whole other mess to deal with," said Han Ying Xue. She then pushed Zhang Yang away and out of the door.

Still confused over what had just happened, Zhang Yang did not know how he found his way back at the dining table. Completely dumbfounded, the thought that Han Ying Xue had just confessed to him, and kissed him, was all simply too surreal!

Wei Yan Er was just too thick headed to realize what had just happened. She took no notice of extremely odd behavior of Zhang Yang and Han Ying Xue on the dining table. Minding her own business, she walloped the food on the table and once she was done, she tossed the chopsticks on the table, said "Thanks for the meal!", and disappeared into her room. They had a rule, or rather a competition, that whoever was the last person eating should be the one cleaning everything up.

Still confused, Zhang Yang decided to put it all behind his head and logged into the game to finish the quest.

"Your highness. Zhan Yu has arrived and had completely the mission!" said Zhang Yang as he took out the Ethereal Springwater and offered it to Shaenita.

One of the handmaiden walked and retrieved the bottle for Shaenita.

Shaenita took the bottle and opened it immediately. With a wave of her wand, a puff of black smoke came floating out of the bottle and formed into various of shapes in the air.

"Wonderful! This is, indeed, Ethereal Springwater!" Delighted, she summoned another handmaiden and said, "Fetch me the pieces of the Mirror of Truth!"

"Yes, your highness!"

It took them a while, but the hand maidens had come back with a large box. The box was then placed onto the large desk. Shanita took the bottle of Ethereal Springwater and emptied it into the box. She then start waving her wand whist chanting an incomprehensible spell.

Bang! Bang! Boom!

Like fireworks, the box started to glow with various colors, emitting popping noises here and there. This lasted for at least 3 to 4 minutes until Shaenita stopped her chanting. A bright white light burst out from the box and formed into a face of a man. With a loud groan, "uuuUUUAAA! I’m back! I’m finally back!"

Pieces of the shattered mirror pieces started to float up into the air. The broken pieces then glued themselves together and formed a large mirror.


A bright light flashed all the way from the bottom of the mirror to the top and all of the cracks and gaps in the mirror were repaired instantly.


The mirror dropped back down and landed on the desk unscathed. A cloud formed from within the mirror and formed the face of a man. "Ah! My beloved lady, is there anything you want to ask of me today?"

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