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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 332 — King of Batman

Chapter 332: King of Batman

‘Ding! Tiffany has already escaped from the clutches of Batman and she is hiding somewhere in Ghastly Mountain! Find her immediately, and escort her out of Ghastly Mountain!’

No wonder the quest had no time limitation. The game developers had simply solved the problem by mentioning Tiffany had escaped from the clutches of Batman. Such convenient ‘coincidence’.

Still, where could Tiffany be hiding at? This Ghastly Mountain was not exactly small in size!

Zhang Yang thought for a bit, knowing that the system definitely would not let allow players to complete the quest so easily. As always, to make things difficult, Tiffany would most likely be at the top of the mountain. Also, this would mean that players would have to fight their way through hordes of monsters in order to achieve their objective. Besides, clearing monsters is the supreme path and concept of online games!

Time to set off!

Zhang Yang patted Whitey and continued going up the mountain, where he killed endless of monsters along the way, quickly losing count.

Without the appearance of bosses, nothing could slow Zhang Yang down. Three hours later, Zhang Yang reached the top of Ghastly Mountain.

Zhang Yang travelled through the dense woods, there was no Batman monster here but tigers, wolves and other wild beasts. All of them looked ferocious and violent, but they were merely normal monsters, and Zhang Yang killed them all with ease.


When Zhang Yang moved forwards, suddenly, the sound of a weapon zinged in front of Zhang Yang, and he subconsciously raised his shield to protect himself and activated {Block}!


The sword clashing with Zhang Yang’s shield, producing a series of sparks!

Zhang Yang dropped his shield and immediately thrust his sword towards the attacker. As he finally focused on his target, he realized that the attacker who sneaked up on him was not a wild beast, or a Batman, but a young pretty lady with black silky hair, a tall and slender figure, wielding a sharp, gleaming sword!

He quickly moved a step backwards moving the young pretty lady out of his own range, and his sword swooshed harmlessly before her! Even if the name of "Tiffany" was not being shown on top of her head, there were no other humans here, only her!

[Tiffany] (Elite, Humanoid)

Level: 77

HP: 77,000

Defense: 400

Tiffany also realized that Zhang Yang was also a human, so she stopped her attack and put back her sword into a scabbard on her back. She stared at Zhang Yang with her slanted, light gray eyes and asked, "Who are you? How did you get here?"

"I’m here to rescue you!" Zhang Yang answered and continued, "I have some kinship with you and I specially came to look for you from White Jade Castle, which is far away from here. Coincidentally, I heard from your villagers saying that you have been captured by the Batmen, so, I made my way up here!"

"Do you have any way to leave this Ghastly Mountain?" Tiffany was very surprised and excitedly asked Zhang Yang.

"Yes, there is a cave halfway up this Mountain, and also a teleportation portal which directly teleports us back to the bottom of this mountain! As long as we can make it to the cave, we would be able to get back to ground safely!"

"That’s great!"

Both of them quickly went down the mountain. However, Tiffany did not have a mount, so they made rather slow progress.

Zhang Yang patted Whitey’s butt and said, "Get on, you walk too slow!"

Tiffany hesitated for a while, but she decided to get on up. However, the sword that slung across her back jabbed into Whitey’s butt.

"Roar!" Whitey growled in pain and instantly moved its four limbs and madly rushed down the mountain.

The monsters along the way were almost cleared by Zhang Yang, so there were not many obstacles and they smoothly reached the teleportation portal in the cave.

Wait a minute, that’s it? Seems way too easy for a quest.

As long as they enter the cave and activate the teleportation portal, they would reach the bottom of Ghastly Mountain!

Both of them came down from the mount and walked into the cave.


Suddenly a huge, beastly claw lashed out from within the darkness inside the cave. Gleaming silver, with the flash of multiple swords, the claw headed directly for Zhang Yang’s chest!

"Watch out!" Tiffany shouted and kicked Zhang Yang’s left hip. Hard. Zhang Yang was flung four meters away. At the same time, Tiffany also pulled out the sword on her back and dashed towards the beast.


The sharp claw clashed with sword. The clang of steel rang through the cave and sparks flew!

Zhang Yang had actually lifted his shield and activated {Block}, but he was kicked by Tiffany and flung away, which also wasted one cycle of the {Block}’s cool down time!

Her good intentions had unwittingly inconvenienced him a little!

Zhang Yang pondered as he ran back to Tiffany with his sword drawn. Within the dark environment, he vaguely could see the attacker’s outline.

It was a tall and huge Batman, with terribly huge wings, even though they were barely unfurled. Its upper body was bare, and it wore some crude loincloth, made from the dressed skin of animal, with long, lanky limbs.

Its face was scary, hook-nosed like an eagle’s beak, and its forehead was protruding like a long horn was growing out of its forehead! And finally, a pair of cloudy gray eyes, murderous rage intent in its face!

[King of Ghastly Mountain Batman] (Yellow-Gold, Humanoid)

Level: 78

HP: 7,800,000

Defense: 1,400

Zhang Yang groaned, why would he meet a Yellow-Gold boss in a side quest. Besides, this was only Level 70 area map and Yellow-Gold bosses should not be so abundant!

"Ha ha ha, do you think that you can escape from here?" King of Batman made a wry smile, it flexed its huge wings behind it and a strong wind was blown towards Zhang Yang and Tiffany. Both of them were blown out of the cave!

This King of Batman strode after them, coming out of the cave. In visible light, he could be seen more clearly now. King of Batman was more than three meters tall, and had a wingspan of up to eight meters!

Tiffany fearlessly swung her sword and dashed towards King of Batman, while yelling, "Demon! How many villagers have you killed over all these years?! Today, you must pay with your blood!"

King of Batman made another wry smile as it calmly caught her blade, "I thought it would take me some time to find you, but I discovered the appearance of this human. So, I decided to wait for you at the teleportation portal. As expected, like running rats, you turned up here!"

Zhang Yang shook his head in embarrassment, to play into the hands of a monster like that!

"Demon, you haven’t won yet!" Tiffany slashed at the boss, a flash of white light bursting out of the sword. It did good damage, but the boss’ HP bar was so abundant that it did not seem to do anything!

Zhang Yang had also moved in and added 5 stacks of {Cripple Defense} on the boss to reduce its defense value so that Tiffany’s damage power was magnified. In a short time, Zhang Yang quickly got a solid hold of the boss’ aggro, while also drinking health recovery potions and the [Fountain of Life].

"Ha ha ha, the lady, whose blood courses with so much "Yin", lay down your sword, and obediently dedicate your virgin blood to our great ancestor. The Batmen will rise again!" the boss violently lashed out at Zhang Yang as it continued rambling on.

Shush! Shush!

The boss’ huge wings were like cutting wheels, its wings spun about occasionally. It did not cause any damage but knocked back Zhang Yang and Tiffany by about three to four meters away.

Tiffany yelled and the sword in her hand moved even faster ans struck the boss again and again, each strike causing more than 3,000 points of damage.

In this game, a player could take on a boss single-handedly, but only if he was sufficiently leveled, and had really good equipment! With all his long cool down skills, he could still duel with Gray-Silver bosses. However, he would need to equip some Violet-Platinum equipment in order to take on a Yellow-Gold boss all by himself!

Zhang Yang drank Red Bottle, gulped down [Fountain of Life], activated {Berserker's Heal}, summoned Merlinda’s Shadow and used {Shield Wall}. He had used up all his emergency skills within a minute, and the King of Batman’s long HP was reduced by less than 10%. Even if Zhang Yang used {Rearm} to clear all skills’ cool down time and repeat the steps again, there was no chance of beating this boss!

Zhang Yang did what he could, tanking to his limit before he decided to hand over the pressure to Tiffany!

Zhang Yang hopped down from Whitey and used {Shadow of the Void} to escape from the battle. He ran 30 meters away from the boss, and then emerged from the void, and quickly started gobbling down his health recovery consumables.

Because the Gold-Eared Bear King was "combined" with Zhang Yang, the pet itself did not carry any aggro from the boss. So, when Zhang Yang escaped from the battle, Tiffany was the one who had the highest aggro in the boss’ aggro list. Although Whitey still had a few drops of HP left, it would have definitely been finished off by the boss. Because of Whitey was not targeted by the boss, it was spared.

Zhang Yang came up with a quick idea and commanded Gold-Eared Bear King to activate {Wild Recovery}. The Gold-Eared Bear King started to recover its HP, 5% every second.

Zhang Yang was surprised when he saw Tiffany holding her own solidly beneath the boss’ violent, stormy attacks! Her HP bar was holding steady.

Zhang Yang selected Tiffany and looked carefully, realizing that the NPC had a powerful passive ability.

{Soul of Ancestral Blessing}: When attacked, damage is reduced by 90%.

It was like using a {Shield Wall} for the entire battle, oh my god, what a powerful effect!

Zhang Yang recalled that the first Descendant of The Seven Generals, Khrishan was also the only person who did not get poisoned by the witch in the town of Lagguda. Obviously, the Descendants of The Seven Generals carried power in their bloodlines. Although they were not as powerful as their ancestors, they definitely held potent power!

Zhang Yang quickly recovered his HP within a short time and immediately ran towards the boss, using {Charge} to close the distance. After that, he quickly hopped on Whitey and combined both their HP once again.

Although Tiffany’s immune ability was outstanding, her attack power was not strong. So, Zhang Yang easily pulled back the boss’ aggro.

Zhang Yang activated {Rearm} then launched all surviving skills and used {Shadow of the Void} once again to escape from battle. After that, he continued eating the health recovery cakes to recover his HP at a quiet corner.

Even though Zhang Yang activated {Rearm}, the boss still had more than 80% HP left. Unless his {Shadow of the Void} was cooled down and ready, he would not survive the next charge!

After Zhang Yang recovered his HP bar to full, he took out his shield and dashed towards the boss once again. This time, he did not ride on Whitey and tried to share some aggro and let Tiffany act as the tank.

Even though Tiffany’s defense was high, the boss’ HP was too long and its HP was hundreds of times Tiffany’s! Even if Zhang Yang, Whitey and an NPC, Tiffany combined their attack power, they would not hold out for long. Even Tiffany would not outlast the boss!

Currently, Zhang Yang was looking forward Tiffany to shout something "Eternal life" and use {Berserker's Heal} when she a few drops of HP left and recover her HP bar to full!

The Boss’ HP was reducing and the same went for Tiffany. Although her passive ability was outstanding, the boss could still cause about 1,000 points of damage on her for each attack and her 70,000 HP would only last for about two minutes!

10,000… 5,000… 2,000, Tiffany was close to the brink of death!

"Demon, I will destroy you, at any cost!" Tiffany shouted, taking a piece of metal out.

Clenching it tightly, there was a burst of extreme, bright light that emanated from it and quickly surrounded her body!



The boss’ attacks instantly became useless!

Another additional effect appeared on top of Tiffany’s head.

{Ancient Magic Shield}: Immune to all damage, attack power increased by 100%. Lasts for 10 minutes.

10 minutes of invincible effect, this skill was incredible! Zhang Yang thought, the boss must be extremely angry for bumping into such an NPC!

However, that silver metal looks like the [Key Fragment] that Zhang Yang obtained before. It was probably the second [Key Fragment]!

The King of Batman revealed an astounded expression and said, "That is the energy of the Ancients!"

Zhang Yang charged at the boss, unleashing his onslaught.

Tiffany’s attack power increased by 100% which could cause much more damage on the boss, at the same time, meaning that she had a solid grip on the aggro now. Zhang Yang could attack the boss as much as he wanted now!

However, even with {Ancient Magic Shield}, close to ten minutes later, the boss still had 2,500,000 HP!

Zhang Yang quickly took out his [Key Fragment] in his backpack and asked, "Tiffany, can you use the power just now once again?"

Tiffany turned around, surprised as she asked, "You also have the [Ancient Fragment]? Quickly, hand it over to me, it will give me some more time!"

The NPC seemed to call the [Key Fragment], [Ancient Fragment]! Zhang Yang immediately threw the fragment to Tiffany.

Again, with a bright burst of light, she had another 10 minutes of immunity!

What an obvious cheat!

The boss would not complain about this and continued acting based on its duty. Its attacks to Tiffany became useless once again!

30%, 20%, 10%… the boss’ HP became lesser.

500,000, 300,000, 150,000, 80,000!

King of Batman roared, its wings behind its back were extended and beat frantically. It rose up in the air and shouted, "I will be back!"

Do you think that you are the grey wolf in Happy Lamb and Grey Wolf1?

Zhang Yang gave a roar of rage and launched {Dance of the Heaven and Earth}!

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