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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 333 — Burrow

Chapter 333: Burrow


A shadow emerged from Zhang Yang’s body and formed a shadow which held a rapier. The shadow thrust the rapier rapidly like a flash of light and penetrated the King of Batman’s body. Rapid ‘-10,000’ damage texts appeared on top of its head, one after another!

Such a scene would never get boring!

"No!" King of Batman struggled to stay afloat and tried to escape from the devastating attacks. But without invincibility, there was no escaping such an attack!

Within 10 seconds, the boss abruptly lost all its remaining HP!


The corpse of King of Batman was sliced up in the air and its blood poured like blood rain. The scene was sanguinary and adrenaline inducing. As always, a moment later, the corpse of the boss came crashing down again, back in one piece. It was just a cinematic effect of the skill.

"The demon is finally dead!" Tiffany felt relieved but expressed some sadness on her face and said, "Our village is finally free from the threat of these vampires! The dead will never be forgotten!"

Zhang Yang, left the NPC to her questline script, and silently shoved all the drops from the boss into his backpack and said, Tiffany, let’s go back to the village!"


Both of them entered the cave and came to the middle of the magic circle. A ray of white light flashed and they were immediately teleported back to the ground which was where the Fountain of Life located at.

"This is the Cyclops’ lair?" Tiffany was shocked and asked, "You are a brave warrior, to even defeat the Cyclops. Is it that the gods had mercy on us and sent a savior down to earth?"

They rode on Whitey and rushed towards Alfalfa Village. Zhang Yang took advantage of this opportunity to flip through King of Batman’s loots.

The loots included one Yellow-Gold equipment and nine Gray-Silver equipment, this boss was very stingy. However, it was probably due to the fact that Zhang Yang only managed to defeat the boss by relying on an NPC, Tiffany’s invincibility skill. In that case, getting a Yellow-Gold piece of equipment wasn’t that bad a deal!

Besides, this Yellow-Gold equipment was a Level 70 two handed axe. Even though the two handed axe’s attack interval was 3.5 seconds, instead of the perfect 3.8 seconds, it was still a level 70 Yellow-Gold weapon, guaranteed to fetch a good price!

[Axe of Lunar Eclipse] (Yellow-Gold, Two Handed Axe)

Weapon Attack: 1,023 - 1,423

Attack Interval: 3.5 seconds

DPS: 349

Equipment: After hitting on the target, there is 10% chance of obtaining Acuity effect and ignoring 10% defense. Lasts for 10 seconds. The maximum stacked Acuity effect is 3.


Level Requirement: 70

Perhaps he should gift it to Galileo, the main Berserker in the second party of Lone Desert Smoke and also the second S-Class Professional team of Lone Desert Smoke. Although the kid had a Violet-Platinum weapon, that weapon could only be equipped at Level 80. They would be fighting in the Professional League tonight, this axe would definitely help.

Zhang Yang did not even bother to look at the Gray-Silver equipment, as all of them were fated to be sold in Little Merchandize Shop. On the other hand, this boss also dropped an Alchemy recipe which Zhang Yang immediately patted on his body, learning the recipe.

[Troll Recovery Potion] (Consumable)

Use: Restores 100 HP every five seconds. Lasts for an hour.

Level Requirement: 60

This [Troll Recovery Potion] seems normal, 1,200 HP restored within a minute, and 72,000 HP restored within an hour which was slightly higher than Zhang Yang’s HP limit. Zhang Yang still had his {Alchemist's Intuition}, the effect of this [Troll Recovery Potion] could not be predicted after transmuted.

Whitey ran like the wind, and finally they reached Alfalfa Village.

"Sister Tiffany!" a small group of children at the gateway of the village spotted them from afar, and came running towards them. They were clapping and cheering.

Tiffany hopped down from Whitey and gently smiled at the children, no wonder those children dreamed of marrying Sister Tiffany.

The rest of the villagers also ran out from the village, relieved when they saw Tiffany. While, Tiffany announced that the King of Batman has been killed, and their village was no longer subject to the threat of vampires. The villagers cheered, tears streaming down some of their faces.

Tiffany brought Zhang Yang to her house, which was a very clean and neat cottage.

"Zhan Yu, this is your [Ancient Fragment]. I’m very sorry, I had extracted the power within this [Ancient Fragment], and you may need hundreds of years to recover the power within it again!" Tiffany handed over the [Key fragments] to Zhang Yang and apologized sincerely.

Zhang Yang pondered internally, the NPC’s {Ancient Magic Shield} could only be activate once every hundred years. This skill’s cool down time was extremely long, perhaps it was worth the ten minute duration afterall! Zhang Yang took the [Key fragments] and said, "Tiffany, I purposely came from afar to search for fragments similar to this [Ancient Fragment], can you lend me your fragment?"

Tiffany hesitated and smiled as she answered, "Although this was left behind by my ancestor, I will not be able to use it for another hundred years. Besides, our biggest threat, King of Batman is already eliminated and I no longer have any real reason of using it! Since you need this, it is yours!"

Tiffany handed over the second [Key Fragment] to Zhang Yang.

‘Ding! You have obtained an item: Dimensional Key Fragment 5!’

Zhang Yang took nearly 10 days to finally obtain the second [Key Fragment]!

"Anyway, Zhan Yu, thank you for saving me!" Tiffany smiled sweetly towards Zhang Yang, she stood on tiptoe and gently kissed Zhang Yang lips.

Her lips were as soft as cotton, and tasted slightly sweet!

‘Ding! You have completed the quest: Rescue Tiffany. Gained 5,000,000 Experience Points!"

What a tragedy, no other reward was given to Zhang Yang, it seemed that her kiss was the only reward!

"By the way…" Tiffany took out a book covered with gray-brown leather and handed over to Zhang Yang, "This is a secret skill passed down by my ancestor. I relied on this to escape from the bat's guards. I believe this would assist you greatly!"

‘Ding! You have obtained an item: {Burrow}!’

Zhang Yang was stunned. What, {Burrow}?!

[Skill Book: Burrow]

Use: Grants the skill {Burrow}.

Class Requirement: Not limited.

Level Requirement: 70


It was really that {Burrow}! The {Burrow}! Zhang Yang had struck the jackpot!

Zhang Yang quickly patted the skill book on his body and learned the skill before viewing the description of the skill.

{Burrow}: Allow you to burrow through the ground but the movement speed is reduced by 50%. Lasts for 10 minutes. Cool down time: 1 hour.

This was a marvelous skill that had some similarities with {Shadow of the Void} which allowed a player to bypass the enemy defense lines and penetrate deeply into enemy hinterland! The differences were that {Shadow of the Void} allowed the player to escape from the battle and increased a player’s movement speed, while, {Burrow} just allowed the player to hide in a place from the enemy which the enemy unable to attack the player, besides, the player’s movement speed would be reduced by 50%. However, it lasted far longer!

No matter what, Zhang Yang had earned something incredible!

"Zhan Yu, please visit the village if you have time, our Alfalfa Village will always welcome you!" Tiffany said sincerely.

"Alright, I will come when I have time!"

After Zhang Yang got the second [Key Fragment], he did not go to Great Lake Valla immediately to look for the third Descendant of The Seven Generals but directly tore off [Teleportation Scroll] and returned to Thunderstorm Castle, and then teleported back to White Jade Castle.

In an hour’s time, Fatty Han and the rest were going to fight for their first S-Class Professional League match, so Zhang Yang was going to be there to support them!

Zhang Yang disconnected from the game and prepared dinner. After feeding three stomachs, Zhang Yang logged into the game.

Currently, the competitions for S-Class and A-Class Professional League were in full swing, the number of people watching the competitions frequently broke a high record which brought a wide range of business attention. This could be expected, as soon after there would be a huge influx of wealthy businessmen coming into ‘God's Miracle’ to seize the opportunity.

Zhang Yang gave the [Axe of Lunar Eclipse] to Galileo. The young boy was surprised and delighted. He constantly bowed to Zhang Yang and made the people around laugh out loud.

At 7.30 pm, the seventh S-Class Professional League started, Pride and Honor Battle team versus Mugen’s Master Cow team.

Fatty Han and his team scored 3-4 for the first seven matches and put themselves at a disadvantage. They also started a party match as the final match which decided the final outcome! Fatty Han knew that he did not have much ability in PvP so he did not join the party match. However, they lacked a real commander candidate. Unfortunately, they lost the party match and their final total score was 3-6, defeated.

Zhang Yang consoled them and greatly praised Galileo as the young little boy definitely had a great potential, he must be a powerful player in the future and it would be a waste not to hone his skills.

Although the second team had lost, Zhang Yang had another piece of good news. One of the fanatic, non PVE players in the guild could finally cook [Snake Meat]!

Zhang Yang quickly threw all the [Snake Meat] he had to a middle-aged uncle who carried the bizarre IGN of "Uncle Susan". After cooking for at least 3 hours, the whole batch of meat was cooked.

[Delicious Snake Meat] (Consumable)

Use: Restore 30,000 HP and 20,000 MP in 20 seconds and increases your dexterity attribute by 50 points. Lasts for 15 minutes. Can only be used under non-combat situation, any movement or combat would disrupt the consuming effect.

Level Requirement: 60

Unfortunately, the additional attribute was dexterity, instead of strength and vitality needed by Warriors. Anyhow, these 50 points of dexterity attribute were free and there was no harm in receiving it!

Zhang Yang rationed the meat and mailed them in separate bulks to Fatty Han, Sun Xin Yu and the rest.

However, Cooking and Fishing were not easy for the players!

Alchemists could concoct potions at an incredibly fast pace. Up to four potions could be produced in one second. However, Cooking and Fishing were totally different, as these two skills completely simulated reality. The time taken to fish and cook was equal to the time taken in real life!

For those players who preferred gaining levels and obtaining best equipment, Cooking and Fishing were definitely a waste of time for them! But there were no exceptions when it came to anything at all, like Uncle Susan. He logged into the game every night to Fish and Cook. It was how he enjoyed the game.

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