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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 334 — Heading for Emerald Island

Chapter 334: Heading for Emerald Island

As Uncle Susan was cooking the [Snake Meat], Zhang Yang also started making [Troll Recovery Potion].

‘Ding! You have made [Troll Recovery Potion] X4!’

‘Ding! You have made [Troll Recovery Potion] X4. Due to {Alchemist's Intuition}, [Troll Recovery Potion] has become transmuted!’

‘Ding! Congratulation, your Alchemy mastery has increased to Specialist-level. The number of potion and medicine that can be made at once is increased to six!’

After Zhang Yang’s Alchemy mastery became Specialist-level Alchemist, Zhang Yang would not gain any more experience from making any potions and medicines at the current phase, as he required the learning of new recipes or the gathering of new herbs to continue increasing his mastery. He would only worry about this when he reaches level 90.

[Troll Recovery Potion (Transmute 2)] (Consumable)

Use: Restore 100 HP every five seconds. When you are hit, there is 3% chance of restoring 10% HP. Lasts for 1 hour.

Level Requirement: 60

The chance for [Troll Recovery Potions] to be transmuted was very low. Although Zhang Yang had made about 1,000 potions, only six potions were transmuted. Among the six transmuted potions, the highest transmuted level was 5 and its additional effect was that when the player is hit, there is a 3% chance of restoring 25% HP.

If the ratio remained the same, a transmutation of level 10 would restore 50% HP!

Unfortunately, the chance for the potion to be transmuted was too low! But this was understandable, as the Lifesteal effect was too godly, so the number of the transmuted [Troll Recovery Potion] had to be strictly limited.

Zhang Yang distributed most of the non-transmuted [Troll Recovery Potion] to Sun Xin Yu and the rest of the main force members. Zhang Yang also teleported back to Thunderstorm Castle and planned to head for the Great Lake Valla to look for the third Descendant of The Seven Generals.

Whitey ran like lightning and travelled through the dense woods. Zhang Yang suddenly received a voice chat from Li Ru.

"Hello, hero Zhang, come over and help me tank a boss, I have a quest to complete!"

Li Ru was Zhang Yang’s ex-classmate, so he immediately complied with her request. After Li Ru had joined Lone Desert Smoke, she had not asked him for any help. It was a small favor, so he had no problems helping out. However, Zhang Yang happened to be in a party with Wei Yan Er at that time, and since she would ask a million questions, he did not join Li Ru’s party but asked Li Ru about her coordinates. Upon receiving them, he patted Whitey and directly rushed towards her location.

Currently, Li Ru was Level 53, and was still training at the Burning Flatlands. It was the pace of a casual player.

Zhang Yang ran for about two hours to reach the destination. However, Li Ru and her party members had gone to clear the minions for leveling while waiting for Zhang Yang. So, Zhang Yang waited for them a while at the destination then only he saw four players with mount were rushing towards him.

Besides Li Ru, the rest of three members were male players and Zhang Yang could see those three players were interested in Li Ru as they were competing to stay next to Li Ru.

Life of Seeking Love, Broadsword Lord and Stylish Pig were those three male players’ names. All of them were Guardians, which was puzzling. Three tanks and one spellcaster, what kind of party arrangement was that?

The three men looked at Zhang Yang, their eyes were obviously full of hostility and alerted.

They seemed to treat everyone who appeared around Li Ru as potential love rivals because their facial expression showed that they wanted Zhang Yang to leave as soon as possible.

"Zhang Yang, let me introduce you my three supervisors in my company. I do not need to mention their names!" Li Ru walked next to Zhang Yang and gave him a teasing smile which made Life of Seeking Love and the other two slightly twitched their lips.

Finally Zhang Yang understood the three men intentions, they were not just wanted to pursuit a beauty but also yearned for Li Ru’s huge assets. If they courted Li Ru, they could own the company. They would fulfill their careers and love lives at the same time!

Zhang Yang had no mood wrangling with these jealousy men and he smiled as he said, "Where is the boss, hurry up, let’s go kill the boss. I still have other quests to do!"

"We waited for you about two hours and we never utter a word, what are you rushing for?!" Broadsword Lord was the first to trigger the wrangle as he could not bear the way Li Ru looked at Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang only threw a faint smile and did not bother with the man any longer.

Li Ru said, "It is around here, is a Gray-Silver boss. You can handle it alone, right?"

This Burning Flatlands was Level 50 map, the highest level of Gray-Silver boss was Level 60. Zhang Yang was already used to killing Level 70 Gray-Silver bosses by himself. This would be a hitch! He grinned and answered, "I will give it a try!"

"Hey, don’t just spout out hot air, we do not want to die with you!" this time, Stylish Pig tried to trigger the wrangle. These three persons were obviously hostile to each other but once Zhang Yang appeared, they tentatively formed an alliance and allied to gang up on Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang gave them a half-hearted smile. If Zhang Yang had not hidden his profile to prevent the in-game paparazzi, these three males would definitely have a very different attitude now! Zhang Yang was starting to get annoyed, but kept his calm demeanor and said, "Let’s go to the boss!"

The boss was a giant wolf with silver white body, Level 55 with 550,000 HP but it had 10 followers and all of them were Level 53 normal monsters. No wonder Li Ru and the rest dared not fight the boss, as there were 11 of them. Even if Li Ru’s party had a healer, they would still face trouble.

Zhang Yang just wanted to complete the quest as fast as possible and then leave, so he immediately patted Whitey and dashed towards that bunch of monsters. He swung his sword and launched attacks.

"Idiot!" those three persons shook their head again and again.

{Horizontal Sweep} launched which coincidentally stimulated [Dark Enigmatic Sword]’s special effect. Those monsters instantly killed and all defeated.

Broadsword Lord and the other two men were suddenly stunned when they saw Zhang Yang’s super high damage.

Zhang Yang did not even want to waste time entertaining them. Zhang Yang swung his sword and drastically depleted the silver wolf boss’ HP.

Silver wolf boss’ basic attack was less than 4,000. When it struck Zhang Yang, it could only cause about 1,000 damage. So, Zhang Yang only used {Berserker's Heal} once and then defeated the boss as fast as a lightning.

"I’m leaving!" Zhang Yang took out [Teleportation Scroll] and quickly teleported back to Thunderstorm Castle.

"Sheetty Zhang Yang, I purposely wanted to make you jealous by using those three guys, but now you are making me mad!" Li Ru immediately spoke to Zhang Yang via voice chat.

"Why would you do that? We are old classmates, we should just leave it at that?" Zhang Yang said.

"Hmph, I will think of other ways to seduce you again!" Li Ru unwillingly disconnected the voice chat.

Zhang Yang did not think about it any further and rushed back to the Great Lake Valla once again.

The map name, Great Lake Valla, was 90% in a huge lake called Lake Valla. Level 70 maps were quite large and this Lake Valla was like an ocean. Besides, there were about 10 islands in the lake, small patches of evenly distributed land.

The Descendant of The Seven Generals that Zhang Yang was looking for was in one of these islands and the descendant’s name was Khrishan.

The characters in ‘God’s Miracle’ knew how to swim since the dawn of their creation, but they still swam much slower than they ran. The swimming speed was 10% of the character’s normal running speed and it was not even worth comparing to the speed of mounts!

If a player used such a slow speed, like a turtle to find the NPC, it would take too long. Besides that, players could also tire out, swimming all the way would not cut it!

Zhang Yang pulled on the reins of Whitey and ran around the lake to look for a transport.

Two hours later, Zhang Yang reached a small fishing village, and he found an old fisherman at a small pier.

"Old man, I would like to rent a boat for sailing, is there a ferry here?" Zhang Yang asked the fisherman.

Old fisherman looked up, glanced at Zhang Yang and asked, "Where do you want to go?"

"Emerald Island!"

Old fisherman thought for a while and showed two fingers as he said, "20 gold coins!"

"Alright!" Zhang Yang. He did not bother bargaining, unlike what Fatty Han would do. Time was money, and every second spared was money saved. Fatty Han could haggle with anything and anyone that moved for ages!

Old fisherman immediately showed all five of his fingers and said, "The price goes up, 50 gold coins!"


Zhang Yang took out the [Dark Enigmatic Sword] and remained silent, running a thumb down the blade.

"Just 20 gold coins, hahaha, 20 gold coins" the old fisherman immediately backed down.

Zhang Yang boarded the fishing boat, and paid the gold coins. The old fisherman opened up the sail and brought Zhang Yang into Lake Valla.

Although it was a sail boat, its speed was comparable with the nuclear-powered destroyer. About half an hour later, Zhang Yang saw a huge island within his sight.

"Behold, Emerald Island!" the old fisherman said.

At that moment, a tide of white, foamy water rolled towards them. Only after a moment, only did they realize that it was actually a three meter tall wave rushing directly at them!


The billow hit them and the fishing boat instantly capsized. Zhang Yang and the old fisherman fell into the lake.

The wave sent Zhang Yang 10 meters away from the point of impact. Zhang Yang popped his head out of the water, spluttering. He had no idea where the wave could have come from, as it was a calm, sunny day.

"Ah!" that old fisherman broke the surface of the water, and immediately cried out in despair, "My boat! My boat!"

Retribution for greed!

Zhang Yang swam towards the island in front of him, ignoring the old man!


As Zhang Yang was swimming, pain lashed across his leg, and a damage text immediately appeared above his head! He quickly took a dive but he could only see the blurry lake water around him. When he turned around, suddenly, a huge snake eel, four meters long, as thick as a human leg appeared in front of him. The snake eel’s body was a shiny, silvery color, and dangling from its lower jaw was a long beard!

[Shiny Silver Snake Eel] (Elite, Beast)

Level: 73

HP: 73,000

Defense: 400

At this moment, that Shiny Silver Snake Eel nimbly flitted around Zhang Yang and bit his elbow.


Zhang Yan quickly counterattacked. Because the old fisherman wanted Zhang Yang to pay another 100 gold coins as a sailing fee if Gold-Eared Bear King was summoned, so Gold-Eared Bear King was currently tucked away in his bag. As a result, Zhang Yang’s attack power was slightly reduced.

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