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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 335 — The Missing Daughter

Chapter 335: The Missing Daughter

Having accumulated a sufficient amount of rage points, Zhang Yang flung a {Blast Wave} forward and took advantage of the 4-second stun on the monster to summon out Whitey.

The man and the bear joined forces on the battlefield, or rather, battlewaters, instantly inflicting an extreme amount of damage on the Shiny Silver Snake Eel.

But, it would be no surprise for one given a name such as a Snake Eel to have the characteristics of both eel and snake. Not only could the monster electrify it’s target, it also had the ability to use poison. Electrification caused 5,000 points of elemental damage and also paralyzes the target for 2 seconds; while the ability to poison actually had a damage over time (DoT) effect, inflicting a total of 3,000 elemental damage points. However, the poison effect was unstackable.

Paralysis and the stun effects were basically the same, players could not move under both conditions, they were as irritating as ever! Zhang Yang was basically immune to the poison effect, thanks to his equipment.

After a short battle against the sea and the creature, Zhang Yang finally slayed the Snake Eel, and loots dropped from the elite monster. However, he only received two pieces of [Shiny Fish Scales] which were only worth 50 to 60 copper pieces. He threw them away without second thought.

As he was now swimming to Emerald Island, it was inevitable for Zhang Yang to battle countless Snake Eels and their kin. As a result, he had acquired countless fish scales!

As humans were relatively poor swimmers, Zhang Yang spent more than half an hour to reach the land of the island. After he arrived at the shore of the island, he turned around and saw piles of dead Snake Eel bodies all lying on the shallows, it was a horrifying sight.

The surroundings of Emerald Island is covered in an emerald forest. From afar, players could see that the place is like a piece of Emerald jade, hence the name ‘Emerald’.

Zhang Yand rode on Whitey and began his search in the forest. But the island was shockingly big and vast, as large as the level 20 to level 30 maps! After exploring around for a long time, Zhang Yang finally discovered a manor by the far north side of the island.

The manor was extremely large, and right behind it was a large garden. The stone fort was five stories tall. Right by the entrance of the manor, there were four guards doing their jobs with dedication.

The moment the guards detected the presence of Zhang Yang, one of the guards went up front to Zhang Yang and questioned him, "Who are you?"

These four guards are Level 70 NPCs, normal grade, but their names were in green, meaning that they were friendly towards all players.

Zhang Yang did a salute and said, "I am Zhan Yu. An adventurer from the White Jade Castle!"

"Adventurer, you said?" The four guards were looking at each other and one of them later said, "Since you are an adventurer, you must be available for hiring! Our lord’s daughter has been missing for a few days now, and although our lord had sent many in search for her, none had managed to find her! If you can find our lord’s daughter, he will handsomely reward you!"

Zhang Yang was not given the opportunity to decline, one of the guards had already led Zhang Yang with much enthusiasm into the manor, then into the castle, and then up to a study room on the the second floor.

There was a sturdy man right behind a study table, he was large and tall, and he is a Descendant of The Seven Generals - Khrishan!

[Khrishan] (Yellow-Gold Leader, Humanoid Creature)

Level: 78

HP: 7,800,000

Defense: 1,400

"Dear adventurer, I believe that you have heard from my men, that my daughter Meryl has gone missing! Young man, please do me a favor, and bring me back my daughter, I will definitely pay you a great sum!" Khrishan informed.

‘Ding! Khrishan has given you a quest: The Missing Daughter, accept or decline?’

It seems that the only option was to accept the quest! Although players can forcefully attack and kill Friendly NPCs, there won’t be any experience points or loots from such acts.

To be able to acquire rewards from NPCs with green names, players can only follow the script and instructions obediently in order to complete the quests. However, if there was a change due to the events of the quests, or a cinematic cutscene, the NPCs can then switch their names from green to yellow or red, and players can slay them to get rewards!

Zhang Yang accepted the quest and left the manor. He brought up the quest list before him to check if there were any instructions given on the quest he just received.

[The Missing Daughter] (Difficulty: B-rank)

Description: The beloved daughter of Khrishan, Meryl has gone missing, you must find her as quick as possible! The wilderness is just too dangerous for a little girl!

Tips: Meryl loves to travel over to the south of the island by the cliff called the Heaven's Wave to look at the sea, you might find some useful clues and trails to follow.

Completion: Find Meryl 0/1

Zhang Yang immediately rode towards the south direction, going through a few dense forest growths before he arrived at the south side of the Emerald Island.

This so called Heaven's Wave was just about ten meters high, and Zhang Yang went on around the surrounding and discovered a vague glow on one side of the ground, so he approached it and took a closer look on the spot to find out that it was a pearl of a necklace. It seemed that the pearl had broken off a necklace.

‘Ding! You found the broken necklace of Meryl, she must have gotten herself into some sort of accident. Please look around, there might be other clues around.’

Searching a little more closely around the vast area, Zhang Yang found another pearl soon after. By searching around, locating one pearl at a time, he followed the trail of ‘breadcrumbs’. He picked up the pearls he found and followed the trail, leading him to an area of water. If he continued to go forward, he would be walking straight into the water already!

In reality, people could have easily set this up, but you can always trust the cliche plotline of a game! Zhang Yang jumped right into the lake and dove into the water. As he had the [Lungs of the Mermaid], he could breath underwater without having to worry about drowning in the water.

After some searching around, he uncovered a cave entrance about four or five meters down under the water. Immediately he swam towards it and entered the cave. The cave was dark and deep, and Zhang Yang swam for approximately two minutes before he saw a glimpse of light right above the surface of the water, before he swam up to the surface.

Right before him was an island within an island, and a beach right before Zhang Yang. There were crabs that were as large as cows creeping around the beach, crabwalking around, they clicked their mandibles and brandished their pincers menacingly.

[Giant Pincer Crab] (Elite, Beast)

Level: 75

HP: 75,000

Defense: 400

The moment when Zhang Yang set foot onto the beach, a Giant Pincer Crab nearby began to wave it’s large pincers around and charged towards him.


"Chichichi---" The Giant Pincer Crab began to spit bubbles out, as its two eyes swiveled around to look at Zhang Yang, trying to crush him within its pincers!

"You big crab! Just rest in peace by the beach!" Zhang Yang spun with his sword and ran right between the two pincers, causing burst of sparks.

After exhausting the monster’s health point down to 5% left, that Giant Pincer Grab began to spread it’s legs in attempt to flee. Zhang Yang immediately flipped onto Whitey and pursued, and in just a matter of seconds, he caught up with it and emptied out the remaining health points of the crab without much effort. But as the crab was running, they had attracted the aggro of two other Giant Pincer Crabs, which gave chase.

Zhang Yang did not have the time to recover at the moment, so he simply turned around and met them with his blade. It was fortunate that the first monster only managed to reduce his health points by less than 10,000 points, so he did not have to worry about not being able to handle the coming battle, not at all!

After a short while, the two Giant Pincer Grabs were near death, and they began to flee like the first one, attracting the other Giant Pincer Crabs in the surroundings.Before Zhang Yang could break free from battle he had to slay dozens of them, clearing up a whole plot of land!

Having to fight so many monsters in a row, he had activated a few of his life-saving skills which had long cool down periods. After slaying all the monsters pursuing him, Zhang Yang immediately sat down on the beach and consumed [Snacks] to recover his status.

20 seconds later, Zhang Yang was fully recovered.

These Giant Pincer Crabs dropped [Clam Shells] which can be opened up for other items such as clam meats. Of course, there was a certain low rate that players might get pearls from the [Clam Shells]. Pearls can be used to craft some special potions, and only can be obtained from opening a [Clam Shell], so it can be categorized as a ‘Rare’ item.

Zhang Yang cleared the monsters that stood in his path, and along his way, he managed to pick up a total of 78 [Clam Shells], but he only obtained 3 [Small Pearls] out of all the [Clam Shells].

After getting through the defense line of the beach, he arrived at a sea of reef rocks, and there were many monsters with lobster-like lower bodies and humanoid upper bodies. These monsters were holding long spears while patrolling around the area.

Are these the ‘legendary’ shrimp soldiers and crab generals1? Zhang Yang thought cynically.

[Red-Tailed Lobster Man] (Elite, Beast)

Level: 76

HP: 76,000

Defense: 400

What else to do? Just slay them all!

Fortunately, although these were just ‘shrimp soldiers’, the Lobster monsters were far more combative than the Giant Pincer Crabs, all of them stayed and fight to their deaths, none of them fled, none!

However, there were so many of them that even a night of fighting did not clear the area. He could only log out of the game to train his physical body. It was his old habit, and old habits die hard.

He jogged around the small housing area. Although February is still a cold month with cold weather that makes the air cold to breath in, but Zhang Yang was still wearing very little while jogging out. He only wore a sport t-shirt which prominently showed his sturdy and solid body. It was not clear how many lonely wives had set their thirsty eyes upon the sight of him running around!

The women that live in the area can be mainly categorized into two types, the rich types, and the mistress-type. These mistresses are basically ‘taken in’ by old men, so they certainly lacked satisfaction in certain aspects. Seeing a sturdy and strong man like Zhang Yang jogging around their neighborhood, ‘triggered’ their lust.

After Zhang Yang returned back to Han Ying Xue’s house, he recalled being eye-raped by those ‘hungry’ women and felt an intense shiver down his spine. If he had jogged a little slower, some of those ‘hungry’ women might have already caught up to him. He had already encountered too many of ‘those eyes’ in the bar, during his previous life.

Back inside the house, Zhang Yang saw Wei Yan Er wearing just a small T-Shirt along with a small pair of thongs with a picture of a cute bear on the front. She was yawning while walking towards the bathroom. Although the boobies of this little girl were not fully developed yet, her two thighs were long and smooth, and her complexion was crystal clear, she somehow looked far better than most of the so-called ‘beauty-leg’ models!

Zhang Yang felt a sense of shame and guilt, so he quickly turned away and said, "Little girl, there’s a man in your house, please take care of your image!" Although he would always take the opportunity to run his eyes over a beauty, Wei Yan Er was already like a little sister to him, so just having the thought of it would make him guilty.

"Groot groot groot!" Wei Yan Er was rinsing her mouth with water, she only spoke after awhile, "Aren’t you my brother-in-law? You won’t be such an animal that you would ‘eat’ us two sisters right?"

"… when did I become your brother-in-law?"

"Wa, noob tank, so now, are you denying it all after you have accepted the ’goods’?" Wei Yan Er reached her head out from the bathroom, "Cousin sister already told me everything!"

That witch, unreliable witch! She said that she would keep the secret into her grave, but the moment she turned around, she already began to betray him!

Zhang Yang let out a breath of sigh and put the soya drink and the deep-fried dough sticks onto the table. He was already used to eating these, he was totally not a fan of the "American" breakfast of fried eggs - sunny side up and toast. When he moved into Han Ying Xue’s house, he had also brought along his habit and supplies, so Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er had ‘picked it up’ from him after their first try on the soya drink and the deep-fried dough sticks. Nowadays, Zhang Yang would go out early to buy some breakfast from the shops two streets away. He just treated this as a regular morning jog everyday.

As Zhang Yang and Wei Yan Er was talking to each other, Han Ying Xue also walked right in. She was also wearing a T-shirt and a pair of tight pants, which was much better compared to that little girl. However, the main point was that maybe she wasn’t fully awake yet, or she was doing it on purpose, her tatas were set free! Braless! The pair of two round spherical objects that she was so proud of were ‘towering’ right in front of Zhang Yang’s eyes, and the outline of the tips that seemed to be trying to drill their way out through the fabric poked out prominently!

"Pff---" Zhang Yang choked and spurted the soya drink out from his mouth, and the choke got him good, causing him to cough continuously.

It’s not decent to seduce people like that!

"Hey Witch, please wear your bra, you’re going to burn holes in your shirt!" Zhang Yang spluttered.

Han Ying Xue straightened her back, throwing out her massive pair and smiled sweetly at Zhang Yang, "At least your eyes are getting ‘moist’ aren’t they?"

"… They’ll sag if you don’t support them anytime soon."

Shocked, she silently turned around and walked into her room.

Wei Yan Er had also changed her clothes and sat steadily by Zhang Yang’s side, and then she winked and whispered dramatically, "Noob tank, you really are doomed, she’s going to ‘eat’ you alive!"

Zhang Yang frowned with sweat running down all over his head, he had not even claimed full payment from Yu Li yet, and now he has to face Han Ying Xue. Meanwhile, Sun Xin Yu has been looking at him kinda funny! The thought came across that there was a 1% chance of him sleeping with her, but he suddenly calmed himself down, the percentage of sleeping with her is obviously so much lower than the chance that he would end up with a bullet in his head!

As for Lin Yu, he did not pay much mind on her.

He had enough women on his mind, he did not need to find trouble for no reason!

Well, nevermind, the cart will find its way around the hill when it gets there2, he need not pay so much mind on it now!

Zhang Yang logged into the game and continued slaughtering those poor Lobster Men until six in the evening, and finally, he managed to clear a path to the ancient ruins of a palace.

This ancient palace had been destroyed, and all that was left were the broken walls of the palace. Zhang Yang could see a huge statue made of stone being placed right in the middle of the entire area. The statue took the form of male mermaid, having a macho upper body, muscular and hot, like popstar icons, holding a trident in both of his hands, while the lower body was a fish’s body, but it was blocked by some of the broken walls around, so Zhang Yang could not see the entire lower body of the statue.

Zhang Yang took out his [Dark Enigmatic Sword] and charged towards the statue on Whitey.


The moment he set foot into the area of the palace, an arrow came straight at him! Ranged attack cannot be countered with {Block}, so the arrow inflicted a damage of ‘-1371’ onto Zhang Yang.

At the same instant, the attacker that shot the arrow at Zhang Yang walked out into the light. It was a female Naga, with a human upper body and a snake’s body as her lower body part. She looked just like the elves, and her face tattooed with their clan markings. She held a long bow in her arm, and she was loading up another arrow, ready to shoot!

[Screeching Siren] (Elite, Humanoid Creature)

Level: 77

HP: 77,000

Defense: 400

Having no time at all to hesitate, Zhang Yang immediately patted Whitey and ran behind cover.

The Screeching Siren let out a deafening screech, sending a cone of wave-like patterned attack at Zhang Yang.


That attack did a number of damage on Zhang Yang, and at the same instant, it pushed Zhang Yang 5 meters backward.

Screeching Siren took that moment of advantage to reposition herself and let her arrow fly, and it did another 1000+ damage onto Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang brought up the battle logs to find that this monster was capable of using {Sonic Screech}, which inflicts one round of damage to the target and pushes the target 5 meters backward!

Whitey immediately charged back up and Zhang Yang instantly countered the upcoming attacks from the monster.

It was fortunate for Zhang Yang that the rate of {Sonic Screech} used by the Screeching Siren was that high, and the damage inflicted by hunter-type monsters will reduce when players get within melee range. In a nutshell, this Screeching Siren is almost similar to the DPS of a Red-Tailed Lobster Man.

After taking out the Screeching Siren, Zhang Yang continued to push forward. But the next monsters that appeared right before Zhang Yang was a Male Naga, holding a long spear in both hands, and it was obvious that this monster is a warrior type monster!

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