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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 339 — Mythical Turtle

Chapter 339: Mythical Turtle

Because the [Mythical Turtle] was current at Level 0, it could only appear in the form of a small little pet. It was fortunate that this [Mythical Turtle] could be summoned out together with Whitey. Zhang Yang quickly tore a [Teleportation Scroll] and went back to the White Jade Castle, and he picked a spot where there was a large number of monsters and began to train the [Mythical Turtle].

It was fairly easy to level a pet up, in addition to the face that Zhang Yang was currently engaged with monsters that were Level 70 and above, so the [Mythical Turtle] received an enormous amount of experience points. In just a short while, the little fellow had already leveled up to Level 30, and was immediately upgraded to [Battle Mount] status. With Whitey as the higher level [Battle Mount], the [Mythical Turtle] was automatically unsummoned back into the backpack.

So when Zhang Yang attempted to summon the [Mythical Turtle] out, Whitey was replaced by the presence of the [Mythical Turtle] and was banished into the backpack instead.

Level 30 [Mythical Turtle] had already grown larger than the size of a mature turtle, with a thick and solid turtle shell just like a millstone, covered with blocks of mysterious patterns of lines. It looked very mystical.

[Mythical Turtle] (Violet-Platinum Battle Mount)

Level: 30

HP: 18,930 (with vitality aura)

Focus points: 100/100

Defense: 1,140

Attack: 2,890 - 3,290 (Attack interval: 3 seconds, Damage per Second: 1,030)

Skill 1: [Shared Life] (Passive) : Combine the health points of the owner and the pet together.

Skill 2: [Turtle Shell Defense]: reduce damage received by 90% for the owner and itself, last for 10 seconds. Consumption: 20 focus points. Cool down: 10 minutes.

Zhang Yang was very satisfied, this meant that he had acquired another life-saving skill!

A Violet-Platinum [Battle Mount] is really powerful! Compared to his current [Battle Mount], a level 75 Yellow-Gold which only had a total of 19,800 health points, and an attack range from 4,212 - 4,612, the Turtle definitely did not lose out.

Of course, the [Gold-Eared Bear King] had also learned a skill {Iron Build}, increasing 30% of the health point cap, and with the addition of the 16% increase from (Vitality Aura), it’s attributes still surpassed the Turtle.

However, the movement speed of this [Mythical Turtle] was a huge minus. It was slow! It would take half a day just to move a few steps! The kind of leisurely momentum the turtle had would really give hot-headed people brain cancer! It was fortunate that Zhang Yang had the skill {Pet Taming}, so he need not necessarily mount himself onto his [Battle Mount], he can just let the [Mythical Turtle] take it’s own sweet time crawling slowly at the side while he went on to kite the monsters over to the [Mythical Turtle] and let it begin it’s killing streak!

In the following days, Zhang Yang spent most of his time and efforts on leveling up [Mythical Turtle], he was now halted by his level when it came to getting the next piece - [Dimensional Key Fragment 4]. He had nothing better to do at the moment. Furthermore, the 7 fragments of [Dimensional Key] had to be together for them to function. So even if he really acquired the 3 pieces of fragment within the Level 80 dungeon map, he would still have to get the final piece in the map of Level 90 dungeon!

His current objective was to level up as much as possible!

On the 5th of February, Zhang Yang and his ‘Silky Soft Team’ had took part in another match of the Professional League Championship. This time, their opponent were the Angel Wings who they had engaged before during the Soaring Sword Competition, and they had named themselves as the ‘Tengfei Technology Team’ for the current competition.

This time, the match was a devastating blow to the opposition party, Zhang Yang’s party won the match by scoring a 5:0, and they had accumulated 2 more points, placing themselves ahead of other parties with a total tally of 8 points!

And on the next day, Fatty Han and his ‘Huatian Team’ managed to proceed into their second match of the competition, and they scored 5:4, narrowly keeping a positive revenue of points!

On the 10th of February, Zhang Yang and his ‘Silky Soft Party’ once again scored 5:1 and secured their victory over the ‘Millennium Team’ of The Glory, solidifying their first place on the list of points accumulated.

On 13th of February, Zhang Yang had not only leveled up his [Mythical Turtle] to Level 75, he had also managed to level up himself to Level 77!

[Mythical Turtle] (Violet-Platinum Battle Mount)

Level: 75

HP: 38,280 (with Vitality Aura)

Defense: 2,100

Attack: 6,271 - 7,071 (Attack Interval: 3 seconds, DPS: 2,224)

Those attribute points had left Zhang Yang speechless and drooling at the same time! It totally left Zhang Yang’s own defense and health points behind! Compared to the regular attack - 2,038 - 2,238 of Zhang Yang, the attack of the [Mythical Turtle] was much more intimidating and terrifying. If it’s attack interval can be shortened down any further, it would become a nightmare!

By reaching Level 50, the [Mythical Turtle] had also learned a new skill.

[Tear]: inflicts 120% physical damage to target. Consumption: 50 focus points.

If the [Mythical Turtle] was not so slow on land, Zhang Yang would definitely use the [Pet Skill Engravement Scroll] to ‘cut’ the {Icy Built} and {Iron Build} from Whitey and transfer the two skills over to [Mythical Turtle] without any hesitation!

Unfortunately, he would have to use the [Pet Skill Engravement Scroll] when he obtains a stronger [Battle Mount] or pet!

This year, the 14th of February was a little special, it was not just a regular Valentine’s Day but also China’s most celebrated traditional festival --- Chinese New Year!

As Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er had basically cut ties with their relatives, they had no one else to celebrate a reunion dinner with. On the other hand, Zhang Yang had been alone for more than 10 years, so when three of them were coincidentally gathered together, they decided to make themselves a reunion dinner. Unexpectedly, Sun Xin Yu did not travel back to her hometown to celebrate Chinese New Year with her family --- one thing was for sure, Zhang Yang knew that she is not from Zhou Su City.

So, on the 14th of February, with Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year stacked together on the same day, all four of them were seated around a table, having their dinner together.

Zhang Yang managed to cook a few dishes and placed them on the table, and the four of them had some red wine as they had some light conversation. As they had been through a lot of bad experiences year after year, they seemed to have forgotten their hardships for the moment, as they spent the entire night together.

That night, they did not log into the game, but stayed up playing some board games till 5 am, before they retired to their rooms, yawning. Of course, they wore their game helmet and logged into the game, as they could play in their sleep.

The moment they logged into the game, they received waves of wishes from the players in the entire server, it was a merry atmosphere.

As Chinese New Year had arrived, everyone was filled with joy. However, Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er remained down, even if they momentarily forgot their troubles in the heat of the celebration. The deficit of the Silky Soft Holding was far worse than they could imagine, although they had sold a number of companies and parts of their holdings, they still could not cover up all of the ‘holes’ that had cropped up from the damage cause by the internal sabotage!

Silky Soft still had most of its integrity up in view of the public, but banks simply refused to offer them any loans, having had their reputation tarnished to that extent. They might have to wrap up at that rate!

Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er wracked their brains until they gazed upon a bypassing Zhang Yang. Perhaps he could stabilize their situation after all.

It was safe to say that Zhang Yang had nothing but money!

The Little Merchandize Shop, the Territory, and now a mining cave! The total earnings from managing all these had given him a total of 700 millions in earning! Zhang Yang, being the free-spirited, simple man, was never aware of his own exact net worth, but only knew that he had money. When he did check on it however, he had to pinch his face to make sure that it was not a dream, and that his eyes were not playing tricks on him!

Silky Soft Holdings could be said to be a centipede, because an idiom says that a centipede dies but never falls down1, as long as the company survives the hardships, then it could definitely rise back up from the ashes and reborn! Zhang Yang had always had high hopes on Silky Soft Holdings, and since his money was idly resting in his bank account, why shouldn’t he take it out and put it to use? He had a territory, and his Little Merchandize, and also other ways to earn money, so he would always have a stable income!

However, his money was not enough to revive the company just yet, because there was still a deficit of 300 million in cash! Now that Zhang Yang recalled, there was a person called Li Ru, and the woman is a rich person. However, he had never thought that Li Ru would immediately agree to help right after she heard about Zhang Yang’s request! It left Zhang Yang with mixed feelings, and he was definitely shocked by her instant decision! If he was being untruthful, Li Ru would have been cheated a total of 300 millions! How would she be willing to risk parting with such a sum?!

Li Ru’s company could not give 300 millions directly to Silky Soft Holdings, but she had loaned the money from the bank and succeeded on getting 300 million for Silky Soft Holdings.

On the 19th of February, Silky Soft Holdings had released a new announcement on the news report, announcing the two new shareholders: Zhang Yang occupied 21% of the shares while Li Ru occupied 10% of the shares, putting in a successful investment of 1 billion, solving all the problems that Silky Soft Holdings was facing.

Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er had finally gotten rid of their problems, but Zhang Yang had gained tons of new problems!

Because, under the recommendation and support of the two pretty ladies, Zhang Yang was forced to take up the position of a CEO in the company!

He frowned with sweat all over his head and said, "I don’t know anything about economy or finance, let alone on how to be a CEO!"

Han Ying Xue threw a flirtatious wink at him and smiled, "It’s very simple to be a CEO, you just have to know how to sign. Pick up a pen, and write your name down! Like what the wisemen say, the secretary will handle things for you, and if there’s nothing to handle, then you just ‘handle’ the secretary. A most favorable position for men like you!"

Zhang Yang flipped his eye balls backward and said, "What do you mean, men like me? If it’s so simple, why don’t one of go be CEO?"

"Little Snow needs to go to school, and as for me… My purpose is to spend money, not earn them!" Han Ying Xue stated.

Although Zhang Yang was still trying to reject the arrangement, it was 3 against 1, in favor of Zhang Yang becoming CEO. And that was it, Zhang Yang found himself as CEO of Silky Soft Holdings. He had been played by the devilish ladies! On the 20th of February, Zhang Yang was officially the CEO of the Silky Soft Holdings.

Donning a suit, complete with a tie, Zhang Yang walked right into the company with an appearance of a human but the mannerisms of a goofy dog. Whether he was in the elevator or on his way to his office, every employee was greeting him by ‘Mr.Zhang’, making him very uneasy.

Alright, a man should make a good carreer sooner or later, and countless people in this world would be envious of the position he is in right now! Zhang Yang comforted himself and continued to walk towards his new office.

After entering the office of CEO, he shut the door tight and took out his game helmet, and he began to play the game from there.

As he was so near to reaching Level 78 currently, he went on to grind for experience points for the entire day, and through his efforts, he was elevated up to level 78 by the end of the day.

On the 24th of February, the S-Rank and A-Rank matches of the Professional League Championship that were postponed due to the celebration of Chinese New Year were finally resumed. Meanwhile, the D-Rank matches of the championship had not acquired a fixed schedule or battle chart for them to compete against each other yet. So if they wished to take part, they could just let the system decide their opponent based on their rate of victory to accumulate points and increase their rate of victory in the championship. Even during the Chinese New Year period, a number of teams had already met the criteria for accumulated points and the rate of victory, and succeeded to be eligible to take part in the C-Rank championship.

When B-Rank championship matches begin, the Professional League Championship of the {{God’s Miracle}} shall become a competition fully based on the fixed system.

On the second day of Zhang Yang joining the Silky Soft Holdings as the CEO, he received a call from Fatty Han saying that his old apartment was on fire last night, and everything in his apartment was lost! Fortunately, everyone in the same floor of the apartment was able to escape in time, and no one was killed during the incident!

The cause on how the fire started still remained unknown, the police were still investigating the source of the fire. However, two suspects instantly came into Zhang Yang’s mind.

Number one, naturally it would be Liu Wei! That fellow had already being humiliated by Zhang Yang multiple times, and knowing his vengeful personality, he would most probably take his revenge whenever he see fit!

Number two, it might be the fish that got away last time during the Mr.Luo incident, Liu Shu Yan! He had foiled her plans, and this was probably a warning from her!

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