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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 340 — The Flying Dutchman

Chapter 340: The Flying Dutchman

Zhang Yang dwelled in his sea of thoughts. In the end, he felt that Liu Shu Yan was the main suspect. If Liu Wei ever wanted to act, he would have already done so before he entered Silky Soft Holdings. Since it all happened after he had become the C.E.O, perhaps Liu Shu Yan’s prime reason in doing so was due to the hatred and the intention to seek revenge on Zhang Yang.

With that thought in mind, Zhang Yang went back and shared his thoughts with everyone, which put everyone on edge, especially Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er. They asked Zhang Yang to protect them even more.

Fatty Han took the opportunity to talk to his own gang members. That guy knew everyone in the local community and had even had many underlings. With their help, Fatty Han could investigate the location of Liu Shu Yan. Zhang Yang had mentioned before, that the people with Fatty Han were mostly street thugs. They are not police. They will not follow the legal procedures. They had their own protocols, which was to beat first, and question later. Zhang Yang felt no guilt in doing so, since the woman was never a good person.

However, ever since Liu Shu Yan had left the police station, no one had ever heard from her again. Fatty Han had been sending out his thugs to search for the woman but to no avail. Not even a trace of her shadow could be found in the city. Even though Zhou Su City was not a big place, it still had at least 6 million to 7 million doors to knock on and houses to ransack. And that was on the impression that Liu Shu Yan was not hiding on purpose. If she did try to get off grid, it would only make things worse for Fatty Han to search for her. It would be like searching for a grain of sand in the middle of the beach!

Imagine a venomous snake is hiding somewhere that you cannot see, and then imagine the possibility of getting bitten by it at any moment, and there was nothing you could do to prevent it. That sort of feeling is extremely uncomfortable. Zhang Yang, Fatty Han, Han Ying Xue, and Wei Yan Er had spent some time to discuss about the matter. They even considered moving to another house. However, before they could reach to a final decision, the little brat had told Sun Xin Yu about their plans and had invited the unsuppressed wrath of the policewoman.

On the other side of things, Zhang Yang had spent half of his time in the office as the C.E.O of Han Ying Xue’s company, Silky Soft Holdings. Even though his job was indeed as easy as signing papers like what Han Ying Xue had said, to give the work to a secretary, or to do the secretary when there is no work, Zhang Yang was not as sexually-deprived as Fatty Han. It was true that his job was easy, but he was constantly being harassed by the secretaries!

Zhang Yang could not help but feel that Wei Yan Er’s late father was a playboy among playboys. He had actually hired six, sexy, booty-licious, badahoonkers, secretaries! Zhang Yang had to use those kinds of adjective to describe them, because they were all Victoria-secret level super models! What a perverted old man…

After Zhang Yang had taken over the C.E.O position, all of the female secretaries had approached him. One by one, they had used their skills to seduce Zhang Yang. In broad daylight, they would wear overly short pencil skirts and sexy garter belts. Each time they entered Zhang Yang’s room, they would drop something on the floor to make a move. They would make sure to moan obscenely to draw Zhang Yang’s attention and bend down while sticking out their chest to display their deep cleavages. Either that, or they would bend over to let Zhang Yang see their butts. Zhang Yang could swear that some of them did not even have anything beneath their clothes!

Still, being a man, and not a hypocrite, Zhang Yang took the liberty to enjoy the "view". Whenever the girls came up to him and offered him a show to remember, Zhang Yang would just sit back and relax while the girls did their things. However, things had escalated to a point where the girls would deliver him a cup of coffee a few times a day. The unwanted coffee was one thing, the main problem was the fact that they would "accidentally" drop the coffee and spill some of it onto his shirt, giving them the excuses to make physical contact. Physical contact, meaning, overly sexual rubbing and borderline molestation.

There was even one time where one of the secretaries had spilled the coffee on Zhang Yang’s pants. Without even acknowledging it, the girl had bent down, like a hungry wolf, and made her way down to his zippers, and was that close to greeting little Zhang Yang. That crossed the line for Zhang Yang, which led him to publicly have the secretary fired on the spot. With that, the rest of the female secretary were silently warned. Since then, their behavior had changed a 180 degree. From the slutty, sexy girls who would gladly hop on his cock at his command, to smart, casual, serious with work secretaries. They had even dressed decently for a change and were sure to hide every part of their body.

Eventually, after a very short period of time, they had found out that Zhang Yang did enjoy the occasional display of "affection", as long as it did not go over the line. After that, they reverted back to their revealing outfits and came back to being the secretaries who would moan as they bent over, displaying their fronts and their rears. The only thing that had changed in his office was that, he had to get his own coffee.

After work, Zhang Yang would come back to the game and continued his quest to search for the lost Dimensional Key Fragments. Back at the Great Lake Valla, he had ignored all other quests and had only one focus in his mind. Originally, he did not plan to grind in this map since the entire place was practically water. Before a player could get their hands on a flying mount, their movement speed will be greatly affected. However, now that he had Mythical Turtle, things had turned to out to be better! Since players had chosen to flock to the other five land-based training grounds, no one else was in Great Lake Valla, thus, Zhang Yang was able to grind to his heart’s content, without anyone disturbing him.

Zhang Yang arrived at the lake side and summoned the Mythical Turtle to his side. The Gold-Eared Bear King morphed into an orb of golden light and shot back into his inventory. Zhang Yang hopped onto the turtle’s back and commanded it to move towards the lake. The problem with turtle was its moving speed. It moved at an incredibly slow speed to the water, lumbering on its flippers.

Seeing that he was literally moving at a snail pace, Zhang Yang remembered a joke. A snail had fallen sick and had asked a turtle to buy some medicine from the pharmacy on the opposite road. After two hours of long waiting, the turtle had not returned. Puffing with anger, the snail had bellowed angrily and said, "What is taking that turtle so long?!" Just as the snail had done letting out his frustration, the voice of the turtle could be heard from the outside the door. "Complain again and you’ll walk over there yourself!"

Zhang Yang chuckled by himself. Just when the turtle had touched the surface of the water, there was an immediately change in speed. Like a train, the turtle suddenly sped up and he found himself practically flying in the water!

Hmph! Good speed!

The movement speed of the Mythical Turtle was so fast that it trumped the movement speed of the white bear! Furthermore, as expected of a Violet-Platinum tier mount, after diving into the water, a huge air bubble formed around the turtle’s back and protected Zhang Yang from the water. The main purpose of him being deep in the water, other than to grind, was to search for the water-specific herb called [Devil's Algae]. This herb could only be found around or in an underwater environment. Any small river or pond would have it, albeit an incredibly low spawn rate. Still, the sheer size of this massive lake accounted for that scarcity! Zhang Yang wanted to collect the [Devil’s Algae] to craft [Level 4 Strength Potion]. As the herb was currently not available in the market, he had to harvest them on his own.

‘Ding! You have used Collect on [Devil’s Algae]!’

‘Ding! You have obtained [Devil’s Algae] x3!’

It was a pity. His Herbalism has reached to the level of Specialist. Collecting herbs in level 90 maps or lower would not increase the profession’s mastery level. The herb - [Devil’s Algae] was not especially rare, thus the monsters around the herbs were not too strong. It was just a normal tiered monster, Marching Crab that required only three to five hits to kill.

Zhang Yang took his slow sweet time collecting herbs, and killing monsters. In the blink of an eye, Zhang Yang had already collected close to one stack of [Devil’s Algae]. There was a sudden bleep in his mini-map. Zhang Yang did not take notice of it, since it was probably just another indicator of a [Devil’s Algae]. However, it did not take long before Zhang Yang saw that something was wrong with it. The bleep was moving.

Could it be that the Devil’s Algae had gain consciousness and had decided to swim away?

Zhang Yang was extremely intrigued. He then patted the Mythical Turtle and swam towards the bleep. With haste, the turtle arrived at the source of the blinking light. Zhang Yang could not keep a straight face when he saw what was presented to him. It was a huge sailing…NO! Swimming ship! Zhang Yang was close to a hundred meters below sea level and the ship was fully submerged!

The ship was at least 200 meters long. The sails of the ship was still intact and was guiding the massive and grand ship like a huge dragon, swimming majestically under the water. Hanging on top of a rotting old center mass of the ship was a flag with a human skull. Written on the lower side of the flag were the words "The Flying Dutchman". On top of the ship were many types of wild moss and weeding, and a large portion of them were [Devil’s Algae]. No wonder the bleeps in the mini-map could move! Zhang Yang was grateful for this lucky find. The ship was moving at an extremely slow speed, probably the same as the speed of the turtle when it was walking on land. The size made it look majestic, despite the moving speed. Zhang Yang swam alongside ship to have a good look at it.

After thinking thoroughly, Zhang Yang had realized that the name Flying Dutchman was the name of the legendary ghost ship! According to the folklore, the ship once belonged to a group pf infamous pirates. They had robbed and plundered a number of treasure! On one fateful day, during one of their usual robbing routine, they had encountered a powerful magician. Even though the pirates managed to kill the magician, they had been cursed by him. As a result, no one heard from them for long. Many had spread the word that the crew members had perished with the ship. In truth, the ship was not destroyed. It merely had been turned into a submarine! That was why no one ever heard from them.

From a distance, Zhang Yang noticed that there were a few skeletons patrolling on the ship. Some of them were cleaning, while some were standing on the observatory platform, looking into the telescope. It appeared that none of them had realized that they had already died, and had continued moving and behaving as if they were alive.

Just then, Zhang Yang realized something. Pirates robbed others of their wealth. Now that they had sunk into the water…there should be treasure on the ship!

Greatly motivated, Zhang Yang patted the turtle and swam towards the ship like a torpedo. This is a chance that should not be missed. The Flying Dutchman had an entire massive body of water to roam about! If he misses this chance, he could take another long month to search for it!

Once the turtle was alongside of the ship, Zhang Yang immediately dismounted and hopped onto the ship. Two skeletal crew members noticed the intruder and immediately drew swords from their sides and growled at Zhang Yang.

[Flying Dutchman Crew Member] (Elite, Spectre)

Level: 77

HP: 77,000

Defense: 400


The Mythical Turtle snapped its beak and dealt heavy damage on one of the skeletons. At the same time, {Tear} was activated, dealing another 7,620 damage to the same monster. In an instant, a total of 14,000 damage was dealt! This kind of damage can only be dealt by strong entities! As expected of the Violet-Platinum mount! What a monster!

Feeling extremely lucky to own the mount, Zhang Yang started his own attack on the incoming skeleton.


Even though Zhang Yang was supposed to be ultra-strong, his attack was only a pea shooter compared to the attack of his own pet! After a short skirmish, Zhang Yang had wasted close to 20,000 HP to kill both of the elite tier monster. Zhang Yang took a short amount of time to fully recover, using [Bandages].

Onboard the ship were 10 and more skeletal monsters. Zhang Yang drew their attention with {Spear of Obliteration} and killed them one by one. After clearing every monster he could see, Zhang Yang tried to find his way into the ship’s interior. The problem was that the cabin of the ship was sealed shut. If he wants to get inside, he would have to find another way in. Zhang Yang searched all over the ship’s rear and gave up, after he could not find any entry points.

He then mounted the turtle and swam towards the bow of the ship. Along the way, he had killed another 10 and more crew members before arriving to the ship’s front. At the frontmost of the ship, there was a huge man, wearing the ship captain’s hat, steering the ship. The man was shouting commands like, "Man the bridge!" or "Raise the sail!".

[Captain Mordor] (Gray-Silver, Spectre)

Level: 78

HP: 780,000

Defense: 800

The boss was obviously one tier higher than the normal monster. Having a perfect body with no decaying muscles, the only part that made it non-human were the glowing, emerald green flaming eyes!

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