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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 342 — Crimson-Gold Crab

Chapter 342: Crimson-Gold Crab

The Mythical Turtle mount, possessed by Zhang Yang had given him the highest advantage in underwater battle. Whichever target Zhang Yang chose, the turtle would swim towards his target like a homing missile! On the other hand, the poor enemy could never surpass Zhang Yang speed and could only use skills to evade and survive!

Zhang Yang had the natural athletic ability that was able to move behind his opponent during a battle! That was proven during the fight in the battle arena! Now that he had the Mythical Turtle with him, he was able to chase after two of the Thieves and one of the Guardians, not giving them any single chance to attack him!

Once the Spellcaster had activated {Ice Frame}, Zhang Yang had pulled the reins and had headed towards the last Spellcaster. They had a total of three Spellcaster and one Priest. When he had turned his target to the last Spellcaster, he too had activated {Ice Frame}. Zhang Yang turned around and headed straight to the Priest. Knowing his power, Branda Nights drew in a deep breath, and opened his mouth, and activated {Terror Shriek}.

[Terror Shriek]: Causes fear to all targets within 2 meters, making them to turn around in fear. Lasts for 5 seconds. Cool Down Time: 1 minute.

Zhang Yang responded quickly with {Warrior’s Will} and dispelled the effect on him.

Branda Nights was shocked and quickly cast a {Holy Shield} on himself. He knew that he would never beat Zhang Yang in a contest of speed. Since escape was not an option, might as well try to heal a little.




The first attack was greatly diminished by the {Holy Shield}. Close to 4,000 damage was absorbed by shield. However, the next attack - {Tear} by Mythical Turtle and Zhang Yang’s sure Critical strike - {Destructive Smash} had landed cleanly without any reduction in damage. With their combined attack, they had emptied Branda Nights’ 13,000 HP and had him immediately sent to the graveyard!

Two down, seven more to go!

The battle had only started for 5 seconds, and two members were already dead. The party had lost their composure. With the Priest killed, and the other two Spellcaster yet to "come" out of their {Ice Frames}!

Seeing them acting in hysterics, Zhang Yang laughed and shot towards Wind Up 30 Feet.

{Breaking Shot}!


Zhang Yang was finally struck. The turtle stopped moving and Zhang Yang’s character started to wander like a drunkard in the water.

"Make a move! Have him controlled!" screamed Snow.Wolf.Lake in the party channel. "Thieves! Get to them and have him stunned! Old fart, you first! Have him stunned for 10 seconds with {Ambush} and {Kidney Shot}! Wintermelon! Take turns with the old fart, and we could at least stun Zhan Yu for 40 seconds! I don’t believe that we can’t kill that guy in 40 seconds! Smokey! Gunner! Get out of your {Ice Frames} and hit him!"

Believing that they may have the chance to defeat Zhang Yang, every surviving member of the party regained their confidence. However, planning to have Zhang Yang killed and actually doing so is a whole other world of difficulty.

A player’s movement speed was reduced during underwater movement. After a Their enters stealth mode, their movement speed will be further reduced! Their speed was so slow that you would be wondering if you were watching a slow-mo video playback! Even though Zhang Yang was rendered immobile by {Breaking Shot} for 4 seconds, it was not enough for either Thieves to reach Zhang Yang! Even if the other Hunter, Heartless Aqua Luna could lengthen the {Dazed} duration by firing another {Breaking Shot}, it was not enough for them to reach Zhang Yang!

During that time, no one dared to attack Zhang Yang. The effect {Dazed} was just a temporarily state of immobility that could be easily dispelled by applying the slightest damage to the target! All of them were waiting for the Thieves to start their chain of stunning before they could attack for as long as 40 seconds!

Zhang Yang grinned. With a sudden twist of his body, Zhang Yang rushed towards the Spellcasters who were already out of their {Ice Frames}. Spellcaster were natural tank-killers. Zhang Yang had to destroy the two targets as his first priority before the others.


Both of them blinked away and were able to move 10 meters away from Zhang Yang. However, even if they could evade the first charge, they could not do the same for the second rush. 10 meters of distance would only take the Mythical Turtle half a second to travel!

Pak! 3 down!

Zhang Yang could not help but feel extremely impressed with the Mythical Turtle during PvP. During traveling, the turtle would regain 50 Focus points, and would ensure that every attack on the enemy could include one normal attack and one activation of {Tear}! The accumulated attack damage would sum up to 15,000! Zhang Yang only needed to plant one more strike to kill most of all the non-tank player characters!

Speed kill! All Spellcaster had been killed without breaking a sweat! Now that his natural enemies had been dealt with, the rest should be an easy task. It took him less than a minute to completely wipe them all flat and send them to the graveyard. The two Thieves gave him the easier kills. Since the beginning, they never had the chance to attack Zhang Yang. Instead, Zhang Yang had managed to catch their movements before they could enter stealth and had cast {Horizontal Sweep}, killing them both with a normal attack and {Tear}.

When the storm hits, there is nothing that you can do!

After clearing the battle field, three of the nine players had dropped a total of three equipment. Zhang Yang helped himself and took them all. Zhang Yang had given them the warning signs, but greed had clouded their judgement and had caused them to pay the price! Everyone would have to take responsibility of their actions!

Zhang Yang took his chance to enter the cabin. However, he did not rush into the hull. Instead, he waited on the inside. If the attackers revived and decide to leave, Zhang Yang would leave them in peace. But if they decide to make a comeback and ambush him while he was inside the cabin, Zhang Yang would be ready to launch a counterattack.

After a while, Zhang Yang saw them reviving. Disappointed in their next actions, Zhang Yang sighed. Humanity’s greed is immeasurable! After reviving, they had recovered back to full health and were headed towards the cabin again! However, to the least of their expectations, they did not predict that Zhang Yang would be waiting for them at the entrance of the cabin!

Zhang Yang consumed a bottle of [Rage Potion (Grade 4 Transmutation)] and activated {Horizontal Sweep} in a swift motion. The attack had caused everyone in the party to be in a disarray. Since they were all heading towards the entrance, they were all grouped together closely. Because of that, the Dark Enigmatic Sword had able to trigger its effect and had blasted them with two waves of 4,000+ damage. All of them had lost more than half of their maximum HP. Zhang Yang then cast a {Blast Wave} and stunned them all shortly. One by one, the turtle had been able to attack with quick snaps, killing them and dropping more of their equipment.

Zhang Yang then leaped into the group with the {Heroic Leap}, stunning them for a longer period. With this wave of attack, three Spellcaster had managed to save themselves by activating {Ice Frame}. However, it only bought them 10 seconds of additional time, and nothing else! In the realm of the underwater, the Mythical Turtle prevailed. None shall escape from it!

10 minutes later, everyone revived again, but this time, Zhang Yang strike preemptively. Everyone was killed instantly since they had only 20% remaining HP after being revived. After three rounds of killing, Zhang Yang had managed to collect a total of 10 Gray-Silver equipment. It was…a great haul?

Zhang Yang waited to strike again but this time, but the bodies that were slowly floating up to the surface disappeared. They had all revived directly at the graveyard! However, Zhang Yang was cautious. Instead of heading into the cabin immediately, he waited for close to half an hour for them. It could be a trick. They could pretend to have given up and come back again only to strike him from the back. However, as time passed, Zhang Yang had convinced himself that he was being overly cautious. Perhaps, they had really given up, and were scarred for life!

Zhang Yang humored himself and went into the cabin after waiting for 30 minutes.

Inside the cabin were a number of Spectral Pirates. They were all hiding in the shadows and would wait until Zhang Yang was close to them before striking. However, their methods would never work against the combined strength of Zhang Yang and his Mythical Turtle!

After some time, Zhang Yang felt that he had memories of Floating Clouds of his past life. Zhang Yang thought hard. He remembered the name, but could not recall why would he remember them. After killing on and on, Zhang Yang had finally associated them to his memories.

In his previous life, Floating Clouds was a rather famous guild. They had even managed to enroll themselves in the S-class Professional League, with good rankings! The guild master’s name was Blue Phoenix. Some said that she was a beauty to behold. There were three vice guild masters. They were called, Handsome Suppressed, Weed Lord, and Tooth Fairy. These four players were best friends in reality. They had been together ever since they were in primary school, all the way to graduation from a university. Their bond was practically unbreakable. Besides their friendship, the three males really liked Blue Phoenix. This had led Blue Phoenix to be in a tight spot. Since their friendship grew deep, whomever she chooses will lead the same outcome. One of them will be happy and the other two, or three will be sad. Eventually, Blue Phoenix chose Handsome Suppressed.

Weed Lord and Tooth Fairy had nothing to offer but blessings for those two and silently moved out of the love triangle. On the day of their wedding, both Weed Lord and Tooth Fairy had incidentally obtained bad news from the drunk Handsome Suppressed. Blue Phoenix had chosen him was because he had raped her while she was intoxicated and had impregnated her.

This news had led both Weed Lord and Tooth Fairy to be extremely mad and had killed Handsome Suppressed in a fit of anger. Both of them were sentenced to prison for 20 years and 22 years respectively. Blue Phoenix was saddened by the death and had left the game and the guild, leading to the disbandment of the guild ultimately.

When Zhang Yang first joined ‘God’s Miracle’, it was at the time when Floating Cloud was just disbanded. That was why he did not recall much about the guild.

Now that Zhang Yang had thought about it, he was contemplating whether to or not to give a piece of advice to all three of them. Zhang Yang may not be a savior of humanity, but if he could save four players with a lift of a finger, why not?

However, there was the catch. What should he say? Since the incident had yet to occur, and their relationship was as strong as platinum, it’ll just appear that he was antagonizing them! In the end, Zhang Yang sent an anonymous, mysterious, foreboding message to remind them of their friendship and if they refuse to listen, he could do nothing else.

For now, Zhang Yang placed the matter about Floating Clouds at the back of his head and continued on killing more and more Spectral Pirates.


A fiery red shadow shot passed Zhang Yang in a flash. Zhang Yang turned just as quick and smiled when he saw what it was. The fiery red shadow was a tiny little crab, roughly the size of his palm. The opaque red shell was so vibrant that it seemed to be dyed in blood. The crab remained stationary and stared at Zhang Yang while snapping its tiny claws. Its eyes were constantly shrinking and popping back out.

[Crimson-Gold Crab] (Rare Yellow-Gold Battle Mount, Beast)

Level: 0

HP: 50

Note: Can be sealed.

Zhang Yang swiftly contacted Han Ying Xue and said, "Hey Snow B*tch, take the Lover’s Charm from Ice cube and come to me. Here’s the Yellow-Gold battle mount that you had always wanted."

Zhang Yang could only hear a sudden cry of happiness before she hung up without saying another word. Zhang Yang shrugged and put on the [Lover’s Charm: Yang]. Not soon after, a white light flashed and Han Ying Xue appeared right beside him. Shocked, Han Ying Xue struggled for a moment before she could adjusted herself to the underwater environment. Zhang Yang laughed for a bit and handed the [Mermaid’s Lungs] to her.

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