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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 345 — Blizzard Sky, Lunas Dew

Chapter 345: Blizzard Sky, Luna's Dew

"…Could you please refrain from drooling all over the chest. You’re gonna get it dirty!" said Zhang Yang while crossing his arms.

Han Ying Xue pushed herself back up and rolled her eyes at him. She then opened the chest and revealed the haul.

[Titan’s Cape] (Violet-Platinum, Cape)

Vitality: +141

Strength: +40

Dexterity: +20

Equip Effect: Absorb 81 damage on attack.

Equip Effect: Grants a 10% chance to reset the cool down of {Block} every time you use {Destructive Smash}.


Class Requirement: Guardian

Level Requirement: 80

It’s a Titan armor set!

Zhang Yang was extremely happy. With that, he had collected a total of four pieces of the Titan armor set. With one more piece, he could activate the second set equipment effect!


"Hoho! This maiden has the best of hands!" said Han Ying Xue as she kissed her own pair of hands.

"Yeah yeah, I’ll give you a red packet when we go back. Don’t stop now!"

[Heart of the Death Knight] (Violet-Platinum, Accessory)

Equip Effect: Reduces all Restriction effect received by 50%

Use: Immune to all damage and status restriction effect. Increases damage by 50%. Lasts for 10 seconds. Cool Down Time: 1 hour.

Level Requirement: 80

Now, this is a real haul! This is too strong to be real! It’s a bug! No! It’s a cheat!

Han Ying Xue turned to Zhang Yang and raised two fingers. Two red packets.

Zhang Yang happily nodded his head. For two red packets, this accessory was definitely worth the trade! The passive skill was able to reduce the effects of all restriction skills on him by 50%! This would definitely be useful during PvP fights! For the final decisive match, the equipment could be the one thing that could turn the entire fight around! For example, when a Thief has chained their stun perfectly, this item could break that chain and help the user engage in a perfect counter attack!

Furthermore, the item had an active skill! Upon activation, the user would be granted 10 seconds of invincibility and increase damage for 50%! Even though the cool down might be a little long, the skill alone was definitely worth the wait! After all, it was a Violet-Platinum accessory!

Han Ying Xue continued digging around, but there was no more equipment. All that was left in the chest were two skill books!

[Paired Skill: Blizzard Sky]

Use: Teaches you the skill {Blizzard Sky}

Special Restriction: Cannot be learned once {Lunar’s Dew} is already learned.

Class Requirement: Unrestricted.

Level Requirement: 70

[Paired Skill: Lunar’s Dew]

Use: Teaches you the skill {Lunar’s Dew}

Special Restriction: Cannot be learned once {Blizzard Sky} is already learned.

Class Requirement: Unrestricted.

Level Requirement: 70

Han Ying Xue crossed her arms and asked curiously. "Hey Silly, what are these Paired Skills? It seems that the two skills books have something to do with each other. Look at the description, it says that one player cannot learn them both."

Zhang Yang nodded his head. "Paired Skill are those skills that require help from another person. Like those Wuxia stories, some skills cannot be used alone! It has to be done by a pair!"

"Oh! Like Yang Guo and Xiao Long Nu’s Forbidden Lover’s Sword? The Sword Art of the Horny Husband and Vixen Wife?"

"…Since when did those two learn that sword art?"

"Beats me. Or is it Fiery Fist of Fury?"

"…You’re just making stuff up now. Anyhow, which skill do you want to use? {Blizzard Sky}? Or {Lunar’s Dew}?" Zhang Yang was annoyed.

After thinking it through, Han Ying Xue picked the {Lunar’s Dew}. "I’ll take this. This name suits a young maiden like me! Kinda sounds like a moon goddess, doesn’t it?"

Zhang Yang facepalmed himself. Without wasting any more energy dealing with the woman, he took the other skill book and learned it instantly.

[Blizzard Sky]: Deals 5,000 Chaos damage every second to all targets within 30 meters, around the target. Lasts for 30 seconds. During the channeling duration, players must remain stationary. Any physical movements would cause the skill to be stopped instantly. During channeling, players would gain invincibility. Both {Blizzard Sky} and {Lunar’s Dew} must be used simultaneously. Both players have to hold hands to activate the skill. Cool Down Time: 3 Days.

It was a little pitiful that the skill had fixed damage instead of a percentage-based value. It would surely be deserted in the late game stage. Compared to the {Dance of the Heaven and Earth}, {Blizzard Sky} and {Lunar’s Dew} had a longer cool down, and stronger damage. Best of all, the skill was an AoE type! The major drawback was the fact that both players would have to be holding hands!

"Haha! With {Lunar’s Dew}, this maiden will be the strongest maiden in the world! None shall defeat me!" said Han Ying Xue as she laughed into the sky.

"Calm your tits. Anything else in the chest?" snapped Zhang Yang, already irritated at Han Ying Xue’s previous antics.

"Hm…There’s this broken sword hilt." Han Ying Xue pulled out something that looked like an ancient sword hilt. The condition of the sword was extremely old and brittle. It looked like it could not even be used to crack open a walnut. Useless as it seemed, there were ancient markings carved at the side of the hilt, making it somewhat important.

"…Is this an Assembled Equipment?"


"Then, what is it?"

"See for yourself, woman! I’m not an encyclopedia!"

[Mysterious Sword Hilt]: Use it to induce a quest.

Class Requirement: Warrior, Knight, Thief

Level Requirement: 70

This quest item was the last item in the chest. After Han Ying Xue took out the sword hilt, the chest glowed a little and turned into millions of light particles, dispersing into thin air. Blinking in shock, Han Ying Xue bellowed. "What!? We have been busy for a whole day and this maiden here has busted her butt to serve someone *ahem*. Why is there nothing for me!"

Zhang Yang dripped a cold sweat. "Well, at least you got a skill out of the deal."

"Please. This is half a skill. Plus, I have to hold your stinky hand to use it! Sigh!" Han Ying Xue sighed heavily and shrugged exaggeratedly.

"Fine. I’m sorry!"

Zhang Yang took the sword hilt from Han Ying Xue, since she could not trigger the quest.

After accepting the sword, Zhang Yang’s quest list was refreshed with a new entry.

[Mysterious Sword Hilt] (Difficulty Level: D)

Quest Description: You have discovered an ancient sword hilt. You can still feel an ancient power sleeping from within the broken sword! Due to the lack of knowledge, you failed to identify the source of the power from within. However, your instincts tell you to search for an old blacksmith in White Jade Castle call Banderas. Perhaps the elder blacksmith will know something about the sword hilt.

Progress: Ask Banderas about the origins of the Mysterious Sword Hilt 0/1

"Are we going right now?" asked Han Ying Xue.

"Not unless you still want to eat dinner? I could go and get the quest done, but someone might be grumpy later," said Zhang Yang as he raised his eyebrow questioningly at Han Ying Xue.


Both of them tore a [Teleportation Scroll] and went back to Thunderstorm Castle. After a long day of battle, both of their equipment durability values were low and were in need of fixing. From Thunderstorm Castle, Zhang Yang went back to White Jade Castle and had the new equipment Identified, placing them for sale in his shop.

In the past few days, Zhang Yang had been visiting the auction house. He found that there was someone trying to stir up the market by monopolizing all the pet skill books. Zhang Yang had wanted to purchase the skill, {Wild Recovery} for his Mythical Turtle, but had never gotten the chance, since the extremely common skill book was nowhere to be found on the market! Zhang Yang had poked around a little and found out that only the common pet skill books were affected. There were some other pet skill books for sale, but they were sold for ridiculous prices. To think that someone would try to flip prices to such an extent.

Zhang Yang arrived at the auction house and decided to try his luck for a change, however, his eyes almost popped out their sockets when Zhang Yang saw the search result. The books were all there. Thousands of them. However, the price was just too absurd. A few days ago, a {Wild Recovery} skill book would only cost as much as 20 gold coins. Yet, in front of him, were such books being priced at 500 gold coins. What more, the auction price was not placed at a minimum bet. They were all set at a fixed price of 500 gold coins!

How could anyone be that greedy!?

Zhang Yang did a few more taps found the name of the seller. The player clearly did not intend to hide his identity. It was Jurassic Lover!

Hm! It was the same dishonest trader from his past life!

Zhang Yang immediately recalled the name and the person. This player was the same player who once caused a huge market meltdown in his previous lifetime. He was the kind of person that could cause an item in the market to raise up by several hundred percents of its original value. His usual tactic was to buy all item at the lowest price and sell them at a huge marked up price. No doubt, this man knew his stuff. Many times that he had successfully grabbed the business opportunity and became a multi-billionaires by exploiting ‘God’s Miracle’ market.

Eventually, Jurassic Lover’s tactic in messing up the market was greatly criticized by the public. Players who had to buy items from him always got riled up upon hearing the name Jurassic Lover.

As of now, values like 500 gold coins were nothing for Zhang Yang, since he had a few more zeros in his own bank account. However, ethically, he was not pleased with the man’s dishonest trading’s behavior. For him, no matter how much money he had in the world, he would rather throw the money into the river than giving them to the man!

Zhang Yang then decided to buy the item later in the future. Since the particular skill book had a decent drop rate, the price would never remain at that position for long. At most, Zhang Yang predicted that the price would only last for a few days before plummeting back down. He gave up the search for the skill book and headed to the blacksmith to forge out a complete Fireglass Necklace.

[Fireglass Necklace] (Yellow-Gold, Necklace)

Vitality: +59

Intelligence: +24

Equip Effect: Increases 46 Fire resistance.


Level Requirement: 70

Zhang Yang rolled his eyes in frustration when he saw the attributes. Equipment type that increased elemental resistance were not very useful! It was a total waste of an equipment effect slot. This would only cause the equipment to nerf a DPS class player. Luckily, it was at least a Yellow-Gold tier item. Since it was a rare drop, it could still be sold out!

Zhang Yang took out the sword’s hilt and handed it over to Banderas, "Master, do you perhaps know about this sword’s origin?"

The dwarf blacksmith took over the hilt and examined it carefully. His uninterested expression gradually turned serious, and he gazed up back at Zhang Yang with his tiny eyes wide open. "This sword…hm…I can sense powerful godly energy from this. Even though there’s nothing left except for the hilt, it still has contains some power!"

Zhang Yang was not expecting much from it. Surprised and slightly intrigued, Zhang Yang asked, "Master, do you have any means to restore the sword back to its former glory?"

Banderas shook his head sadly. "The ancient art has long been gone with history. I do not possess the ability to repair the blade of the sword, although I do not claim to be the best blacksmith in the world. Others may be able to do it. However, when I was examining the sword’s hilt, I sensed a strong power lying dormant. Perhaps something could happen if you awaken the power!"

‘Ding! You have completed the quest: Mysterious Sword Hilt!’

What a drag! It did not even reward a single point of experience!

Zhang Yang frowned disgruntledly and asked again. "Master. How does one awaken the power from within?"

Banderas picked up the hilt and examined it. He then pointed something out to Zhang Yang. "Look here, there are three magic circles that have sealed the power of the sword. I fear that the power will remain dormant until all seals are broken!"

"Master, how does one break the seal?"

"I’m but a blacksmith, breaking magic circles and seals are not part of my specialty. Perhaps you should try and search for Margery. She is a magician and a scholar. She could help." Banderas returned the sword hilt to Zhang Yang.

‘Ding! Banderas has a quest for you: Consult Margery. Do you accept?’

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