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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 348 — Unstoppable

Chapter 348: Unstoppable

It’s sad to say that Zhang Yang’s pushing speed was reduced, due to him not able mass-kill. Still, it wasn’t like he had the attack power of a grunt. Zhang Yang’s attack power was still considered to be somewhere among the best. That being said, Sun Xin Yu and Wei Yan Er were the best among the best! There could be others out there who were stronger than they were!

However, being combined with the Gold-Eared Bear King, Zhang Yang could consider himself as a one-man-army! The most important factor was his Defense. From the beginning till now, Zhang Yang had never needed to sit down to heal himself with any recovery items! If he had an issue with HP, all he had to do was to use {Berserker’s Heal}! He was like a perpetual moving machine! This kind of efficiency was far superior to Sun Xin Yu or Wei Yan Er!

After two hours of trekking, Zhang Yang had made his way to the second outpost of the hill and found himself another boss to defeat.

[3rd Commander Balgor] (Gray-Silver, Humanoid)

Level: 82

HP: 820,000

Defense: 900

This was another green-skinned orc, with a huge build. He was holding a large Wolf Fang Club that would occasionally be swung around to destroy random boulders in his path. Orcs were one of the first four races that roamed in the Union and were the toughest, sturdiest race among all. Balgor wore nothing but a pair of small leather pants. The hair behind his head was almost a foot long. It was quite manly of him to hunt in the wild. The wind would occasionally blow his hair, making it something like a scene from a movie to emphasize a man’s coolness. Even his muscles were so ripped and well built! The six packs in his abdomen looked like shiny, fresh baked bread!

Still, no matter how manly he was, he was just a Gray-Silver tier boss. Zhang Yang had no need to make any sort of preparations to kill him. Zhang Yang only needed to summon the turtle out and draw him into the battle with the {Spear of Obliteration}.

Balgor was considered to be a warrior type monster. Aside from the normal smashing and bashing, Balgor also possessed warrior skills such as {Tornado Cleave} which was used once every 20 seconds, and {Destructive Smash} which was used once every 30 seconds, carrying a 50% healing reduction rate which lasted for 30 seconds! This skill was used so often that Zhang Yang did not have any room to breathe. The good thing was, Zhang Yang had no need of healing at all!

In less than 2 minutes, Zhang Yang had hacked Balgor up and made him his b*tch! Balgor dropped a few Gray-Silver and Green Copper equipment that were not worth mentioning. There was also a piece of Alchemy recipe, meant for making Level 4 Healing Potions.

Even though Zhang Yang could easily buy [Level 4 Healing Potion] from shops, it was just too expensive to buy in bulk. It was always better to concoct them on his own. Money was nothing to him, but the skill {Alchemist’s Intuition} was! He could concoct a potion that could possess a Transmutation effect! Since he never made any healing potions, he did not know what the bonus effects would be.

After clearing the boss up and collecting all the goods, Zhang Yang recalled the bear and rode further up the hill.

Along the way, Zhang Yang only encountered elite monsters. Since it was taking quite some time, Zhang Yang went on and harvested some herbs on the side. The herb [Purple Seed Orchid] was all over the hill in abundance. These herbs could be used to concoct [Blazing Potions] which could enhance a Pyromancer’s attack. Overall, Zhang Yang had taken four hours, plowing through the hill. He had collected a total of 132 [Purple Seed Orchid] before he reached the third boss.

[2nd Commander Gullini] (Yellow-Gold, Humanoid)

Level: 83

HP: 1,660,000

Defense: 1,500

After entering Level 80 maps, Yellow-Gold bosses were much weaker. If Zhang Yang was in a Level 70 map, Gullini’s HP would surely be at least 8,000,000! However, after Level 80 maps, Yellow-Gold bosses would be downgraded to make way for the superior Violet-Platinum bosses.

Gullini was a tiny little Gnome. Like Orcs, Gnomes had a similar green colored outer skin. However, they possessed smaller bodies, comparable to Dwarves! Zhang Yang wondered how did the Dwarves end up being named "Dwarves" since the Gnomes were obviously smaller! On the side note, Gnomes had trademark features such as long, sharp noses like Pinocchio. They had no hair on their scalps. Their scalps were so free of hair that they could be used as mirrors!

Gullini was seen standing guard on the route. In his right hand was a large battle axe that was taller than he was. In his left hand was a shield. He was obviously a tank class monster!

Zhang Yang stopped and called out the turtle. Now, Zhang Yang had the utmost confidence to fight a Yellow-Gold boss all by himself!

{Spear of Obliteration}!

‘-5,380!’ Critical!

How lucky! A critical strike!

Gullini bellowed angrily and brandished his axe, rushing towards Zhang Yang. "Human! You dare to attack the great Gullini!? Gullini will smash you into bits and make stew out of you!"

Zhang Yang hopped on the turtle and waited for the boss to come to him.




The Mythical Turtle had attacked with a normal attack, followed by a {Tear}, coupled with Zhang Yang’s own normal attack. They had instantly dealt more than 15,000 damage on the boss.

"URGH! What power! You’ve hurt the great Gullini!" cried the boss as he retaliated.


‘-383!’ {Block} reflect damage.

‘-1,516!’ {Shield Bash}.

Zhang Yang had not activated the Titan’s set equipment second set effect. With that, he could double the attack of {Shield Bash} to greatly increase his DPS.



Since the boss’ Defense was so strong, Zhang Yang had first used {Cripple Defense} on him. However, on the second {Cripple Defense}, the boss had suddenly raised his shield and blocked Zhang Yang attack. What that was surprising, was not the use of {Block}, but the fact that he could still deal 582 damage on Zhang Yang, even with Zhang Yang’s greatly upgraded defense! Zhang Yang calculated that the boss’ minimum damage was at least 5,000!

As expected from the boss, if a player could deal 5,000 damage on damage reflect of {Block}. He must have 5,000 Strength! Right now, Zhang Yang only had 1,133 Strength points, which was very far from what he wanted to reach!

This battle is a match between a super tank and a super tank!

Player had dubbed tanks as turtles since their Defense values were as strong as turtle shells. That is why, right now, there was a total of two, NO, THREE NINJA TURTLES, FIGHTING EACH OTHER!

Like Zhang Yang, the boss could use {Block} to negate Zhang Yang attacks. However, the boss’ {Block} cool down was as long as 15 seconds, whereas Zhang Yang’s {Block} was only 6 seconds long. Any tank that did not invest in {Block} first, are useless tanks!

Gullini had all the basic Guardian skills like {Blast Wave}, {Thunder Strike}, and {Shield Bash}. Luckily, he did not have the passive skill - {Shield Oath}, which could reduce 20% incoming damage. The boss’ damage was quite devastating since his normal attack could deal as much as 6,000 damage! Even with Zhang Yang’s 6 seconds {Block} cool down rate, the boss DPS reached as high as 2,000!

In less than 1 minute, Zhang Yang was already beaten down to his last drop of HP.

{Berserker’s Heal}!


That exaggerating healing power that had just restored all of Zhang Yang health. It could easily cause the shock of any healer, even Han Ying Xue! Still, even with Zhang Yang’s and the Mythical Turtle’s combined attacks, the boss’ HP was dropping slowly. He still had more than 74% HP left! Zhang Yang would have to last for another 4 minutes before he could kill the boss!

Technically speaking, even though all Level 80 Yellow-Gold bosses have suffered a slight nerf, having their HP reduced to a certain extent, they were still not something that a player could solo-kill! However, Zhang Yang could do it since he possessed a game-breaking amount of recovery skills! {Berserker’s Heal}, {Fountain of Life}, {Healing Potions}, {Troll Recovery Potion} that had been transmuted, {Shield Wall}, and if he still faced difficulties, everything could be used once more with {Rearm}!

The best fact was that the {Fountain of Life} healed in terms percentages, not fixed values. Zhang Yang’s lengthy HP was at around 110,000, and 50% of that would be 55,000!

Zhang Yang used his skills one by one, consumed healing potions, [Fountain of Life], and even used the special effect of his necklace that could grant Zhang Yang an additional 5,000 damage absorption! It was unlucky for the boss to face a player such as Zhang Yang. He hacked and slashed his way until the boss was down to his last 10% HP.

Naturally, Zhang Yang had done his part to achieve that feat, by using almost all his ulti skills.

‘Ding! Gullini has gone Berserk!’

The boss entered Berserk state after his HP dropped lower than 10%.


His body glowed with the usual red light and gained a huge muscle mass! His power had grown so strong that one axe attack caused huge damage to Zhang Yang.

As predicted, Zhang Yang had kept {Shield Wall} on standby to anticipate the boss’ berserk mode. The Titan Wall’s equipment effect extended {Shield Wall’s} effect duration by 5 seconds! Zhang Yang now had a 15 second long {Shield Wall}.

Now that everything is ready, all that’s left to do was to slash! Slash as hard, as fast as he could!

9%! 8%! 7%!…3%!

15 seconds! {Shield Wall} ended, but Gullini still had 3% HP, 50,000 HP left!

Zhang Yang clenched his teeth and focus only on attacking.


‘Ding! You have killed Gullini. Obtained 1,660,000 Experience Points!’


The Gnome jumped in shock, dropped the axe on the ground and ran away, with his tail tucked between his legs.

Zhang Yang noticed that the axe was lootable! The first battle loot from him.

[Gnome Commander Battle Axe] (Yellow-Gold, One Handed Axe)

Weapon Attack: 732 - 1,132

Attack Interval: 2.6 seconds

DPS: 358

Equip Effect: Increase 1% Critical rate.


Level Requirement: 80

Zhang Yang whistled! It was a shame that it had a 2.8 seconds attack interval. Still, it was a Level 80 Yellow-Gold weapon. After having it Identified, it should be much stronger than his current Dark Enigmatic Sword.

Zhang Yang had a sudden idea. He would use the axe for single monster fights, and the sword for mass-kills!

Zhang Yang kept the [Gnome Commander Battle Axe] and proceeded to check on the other drops. Zhang Yang was quite impressed at what Gullini dropped for him. There was a Chaos Gem that could increase his inventory size, a Magic Scroll, and a piece of Rune Craft recipe!

[Magic Scroll: Extreme Fervor] (Usable)

Use: Increases attack power by 30%, but lowers Defense by 50%. Applies to all party member. (Maximum of 10 men). Last for 30 seconds.

Level Requirement: 80

This Magic Scroll would work best during boss fights. Since attacking classes had little Defense, they would not lose much defense. On the other hand, + 30% damage would be a huge buff. Since everyone in Zhang Yang’s little party of nine, had the skill {Dance of the Heaven and Earth}, with the attack buff…The boss would be crying before the fight even starts!

Zhang Yang took the Chaos Gem and used it immediately, increasing his inventory space to 90 slots. It was a pity that the Chaos Gem drop rate was extremely low. Players would use it immediately. Only a few would sell them. So few, that Zhang Yang’s intention to increase his inventory size to 200, would just be a pipe dream. Especially, since Zhang Yang had taken up Herbalism. With {Alchemist’s Intuition} the different types of Transmuted potions had piled up and stuffed his inventory up!

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