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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 350 — Search for the [Titan’s Chest Plate]

Chapter 350: Search for the [Titan’s Chest Plate]

Zhang Yang hastened the fight to his limits, as fighting one boss and three minions at the same time would be ridiculous, even for him. He quickened his attacks upon the elite guards!

Fortunately, those three elite guards were already close to death. Under Zhang Yang’s storm-like bombardment, they soon fell, groaning their last.

"Fool, I’m going to slice you into pieces and make you scream for three days and three nights. Now, entertain me as you struggle futilely against my might!" Mauta smiled evilly as he swung his saber at Zhang Yang.


The boss’ damage was very high, more than 6,000 points of damage in a single slash! Although the HP of Yellow-Gold bosses in Level 80 area maps were reduced, their attacks were still very strong!

Zhang Yang rode on the Mythical Turtle and stood motionless at that spot like a dummy, as he could not even move around to change positions!

Zhang Yang’s current situation could be compared to how people would not have time to cover their ears when the crackling of thunder hammers their senses! Although the speed of the boss’ attack was not as fast as thunder, the Mythical Turtle was simply so slow, that Zhang Yang had no choice but to receive all the attacks!

Of course, the movement speed aside, the Mythical Turtle was immensely powerful! It had a high attack power and a high HP limit which were sufficient to offset the weakness of a slow movement speed!

Moreover, the boss’ attacks were fast, so even if Zhang Yang rode on Whitey, Whitey would be unable to evade the attacks! But if the boss uses any AoE skills like {Rain of Fire} or {Frost Arrow}, Whitey could at least avoid them!

After Zhang Yang added 5 stacks of {Cripple Defense} on the boss, Mythical Turtle and his attacks were instantly magnified. Mythical Turtle was especially affected by this, its {Tear} caused more than 8,000 points of damage on the boss, and almost caused 17,000 points of damage on critical strikes!

Currently in China server, there was no players’ single attack could be higher than the Mythical Turtle!

Zhang Yang whistled at the high values floating before his eyes.

"Let me hear your screams, weakling!" the boss flourished his saber, drooling from the mouth as his bloodshot, dilated eyes gazed upon his foe.

Zhang Yang laughed out loud, undaunted. "Today, I’ll be the one doing the slaughtering, Shuro!"

"Come, I do not fear anyone!" Mauta was extremely angry, his eyes bulged as he stared at Zhang Yang.

98%, 95%, 92%… Boss’ HP started to steadily drop.


"Ha ha ha, what a fun toy, let me have fun with you!" the boss laughed maniacally and swung his saber, stomping on the ground.

The light reflected by his saber had been transmitted into the soil, and with the boss at the center, the ground within a radius of 30 meters suddenly flashed with rays of light exiting the cracks in the ground!

‘Ding! Bloody Shuro Mauta has released {Shroud of Swords}!’

Zhang Yang’s first response was to pull on the reins and try to escape, but he was riding on Mythical Turtle, who barely budged. Zhang Yang could only sit there in resignation and receive another attack full-on!

Shwoop, shwoop, shwoop!

Countless of dazzling swords light shot up into the sky where they blew up like fireworks. The pieces then came raining down! More swords continued shooting out of the ground as this went on!



As the rays of light came down, ten damage texts appeared above Zhang Yang’s head, all at once!

Zhang Yang exhaled in relief, as the boss’ ulti damage only did a total of around 6,000 HP damage. In fact, each wave of boss’ damage could have dealt up to 5,000 points, but Zhang Yang’s immense attack immunity reduced it to slightly over 600 points!

If the attackers from his party had received this kind of damage from the boss, within 10 seconds, the boss could have caused 50,000 points of damage! Besides, this {Shroud of Swords} was an AoE skill, so the party would have suffered massive casualties if they were here!

Luckily, the 50,000 points of damage was not released all at once, otherwise, Zhang Yang would have cried out in dismay!

"Ei, little guy, you are quite capable!" Mauta took out his saber and slashed it at Zhang Yang once again. The boss had been stuck in a pose for the last 10 seconds as he casted the skill, causing only around 6,000 points, which was an absolute waste of time for the two of them!

Zhang Yang laughed as he said, "Bloody Shuro, I told you I’m the one who’s going to chop your head off!"

"Arrogant and ignorant fellow, I will rip your bones out and crush them before your dying eyes!" Mauta roared with anger, with Zhang Yang’s taunts getting on his nerves.

Both of them continued fighting intensely!

With Zhang Yang’s current equipment, skills, and items preparation, he could totally fight a Yellow-Gold boss alone! Besides, the pitiful Mauta only had one AoE skill of note, which was the {Shroud of Swords}! This skill was designed to fight against many players but when the boss used this skill to fight against Zhang Yang alone, it turned out to be a highly inefficient move!

80%… 50%… 20%… the boss’ HP depleted dramatically, as the DPS of Zhang Yang and Mythical Turtle together was more than 7,000, a value that was actually far more powerful than a normal 5-man party!

"Bastard, it hurts, I’ll pay it back tenfold! I’m going to use the most brutal methods to torture you!" as Mauta’s HP dropped bit by bit, his dialogue had also started changing from an arrogant tone to manic, angry tone of disbelief.

Zhang Yang did not bother with the back and forth of words any longer and continued slashing madly on the boss. He could not let his guard down, who knew if the boss had an emergency skill, or a ridiculous berserk mode?!

At 10%, the boss’ whole body turned blood red, and he entered his "berserk" state, which increased his damage by 50%!

Zhang Yang took the opportunity to activate the [Ring of Beastman's Ancestor]’s special effect! It was time for a trial run.

Instantaneously, a green-skinned Beastman’s shadow emerged from Zhang Yang’s ring. It had the look of a Beastman’s Prophet, holding a staff that looked ancient and moved with a speed that matched its aged appearance.

The summoned old Beastman slowly waved the staff in its hand, and a globe of light gradually gathered up at top of its staff.

The special effect of the ring releases the soul of the ancestor, and apparently, would cause massive damage to the enemy. But, this old Beastman did not look like it was going to do anyone any harm, and Zhang Yang even worried that the old Beastman would die of old age at any time!

"Ha ha ha, weakling, are you going to rely on this? Is this old man your grandfather? Ha ha ha, let me kill both of you together!" Mauta laughed out loud as he lifted his saber and swung at Zhang Yang and the green-skinned Beastman!

‘{Dividing Slash}!’

The saber directly went through the old beastman’s shadow and struck Zhang Yang.


No time to play around with a "Berserk" boss!

At that moment, the old beastman’s spell was finally prepared! In fact, it had a two second cast time, but Zhang Yang somehow felt like that took ages! Perhaps it’s due to the fact that he was on a slow turtle, accompanied by a slow shadow of an ancestor!


A mass of bright light emerged from the old beastman’s staff and shot towards the boss.

Although the old beastman was slow in motion, that mass of bright light flew through the air. The boss had no chance of evading the light. It struck him squarely in the chest!


A few strong flashes of electric current fizzled over the boss’ body, like sparkling lights that danced through his body, what a spectacular view!

A debuff icon appeared on the boss’ head.

{Chaotic Dance of Electric Current}: Receives extremely strong electric current bombardment, unable to move, receives 10,000 Nature damage every second. Lasts for 10 seconds.

Zhang Yang laughed happily and said, "You will be struck by lightning if you talk too much nonsense, didn’t you know that?"

By taking the advantage of the 10 seconds, Zhang Yang quickly unleashed a flurry of attacks.



Zhang Yang and Mythical Turtle produced about 7,000 DPS, and within 10 seconds, they successfully emptied the boss’ remaining 170,000 HP!

"Ah!" Mauta uttered a pitiful cry, his tall, huge body collapsed to the ground.

Finally, they killed the boss!

Starting from the Level 80 area maps, Yellow-Gold bosses were becoming pushovers, as their HP had been drastically reduced!

Zhang Yang reached out and grabbed the boss’ drops. Firstly, he picked up Mauta’s bloody head, as it was the quest item. It had priority above all else.

After completing the quest, then only did Zhang Yang start to check the loot.

The boss dropped two pieces of Yellow-Gold equipment, the upper parts of a cloth armor and a leather armor, which were of no use to him. The rest were seven pieces of Gray-Silver equipment, which would be automatically sent to the shop!

These few days, Zhang Yang had been acting alone. Lacking Zhang Yang’s guidance, the number of the equipment hunted by the 9-man party had decreased rapidly, which led to Fatty Han complaining that Zhang Yang had no sense of brotherhood, and did not share any of the fortune with him!

Zhang Yang laughed and divided the profits of Little Merchandise Shop, and distributed it to his main force. Each member had a 5% share of the shop. Based on their shared system, the hunter of the equipment made no difference, and everyone would receive the money every month, anyway.

The 5% shares cannot be underestimated, although the profit of Little Merchandise Shop was not as high as the territory, the Little Merchandise Shop actually generated about 30,000,000 of net profit, and 5% of it would be 1,500,000. This was a stable income, so after a year, the members of Zhang Yang’s gang would become millionaires!

Everyone in the main force was there because of their skills, save for Fatty Han. By bribing these people with 10 million as their annual incomes, Zhang Yang got back way more than what he’s paying for!

In Zhang Yang’s previous life, when he participated in A-Class Professional League, his annual income was already more than 10 million. Besides, Hundred Shots and Lost Dream were also in the S-Class bracket!

Zhang Yang unsummoned Mythical Turtle, and then used {Burrow} to leave Raven Ridge. After that, he summoned Whitey to go back to White Stone Peak and made his way back to Kent. Joseph.


Zhang Yang threw Mauta’s bloody head at his feet.

Kent was clearly surprised, as he bent down to pick up Mauta’s head. He had a look at it, and then threw it down the hill. "Young man, color me impressed! I honestly did not expect you to get the job done so soon!"

‘Ding! You have completed the quest: Kill Bloody Shura Mauta. Obtained 2,000,000 experience points!’

Zhang Yang smiled as he said, "So, I should have proven my strength, now!"

Kent crossed his arms and said, "Steady now, young man!"

Kent looked at Zhang Yang and said, "Come, let’s fight, I want to know how strong you are!"

Suddenly, Kent’s name changed from a green tag to a red tag!


Kent swiftly punched at Zhang Yang!

Zhang Yang quickly raised his shield and activated {Block}.


{Block} was invalid and Zhang Yang only had 1 HP remaining, Zhang Yang could not help but fall off his mount, where he sunk to a knee and started coughing out blood!

"Ha ha, young man, confidence is good, but too much of a good thing, is never good!" Joseph lowered his fist and his name changed back to green.

Obviously, the system deliberately made the player fail. Otherwise, no Level 85 Yellow-Gold boss would be so powerful!

Zhang Yang was left with no choice. Obviously, Zhang Yang would have to initiate another new story quest.

Kent slowly paced back and forth as he said, "If it is so easy to defeat Kazalo, I would have killed him 20 years ago! He was stronger than I am, and if you cannot even handle one of my attacks, how in the world are you going to defeat him?!"

Zhang Yang was eating health recovery cakes. He asked, "Kent, does that mean that we are going to let Kazalo continue harming the innocent people?"

Kent sighed, "I know that there is a strong relic that can defeat Kazalo, but it is extremely difficult to get this relic! For 20 years, I have been looking around for this relic, but I am surrounded by enemies all around me. I cannot leave this spot safely. Not that I am afraid of death, but once I die, there will be no one else to fight against Kazalo anymore!"

Here it comes! Zhang Yang spoke up, "Kent, let me help you search for that relic!"

"You?" Kent looked at Zhang Yang and hesitated, "Although you are quite capable, to ask you to search for a [Titan Chest Plate] would be ridiculous!"

En? [Titan Chest Plate]!

Zhang Yang’s eyes shone. He speedily rushed to the front of Kent and got so close to Kent’s face that their noses almost touched, and then asked, "Did you just say, [Titan Chest Plate]?"

Kent actually blushed, and he quickly pushed Zhang Yang away and said, "Young man, you look good and all, but I only like women, so please stay away from me!"

Zhang Yang laughed happily and said, "Kent, tell me where the [Titan Chest Plate] is, and I will definitely find it for you!"

Kent hesitated a while and then said, "Okay, since you insist, I’ll tell you!"

Kent looked into the sky as he started telling a story, "According to legend, in the prehistoric age of mythology, the powerful God of Titans created a Titan set equipment which had supreme, godly power! Unfortunately, in the Gods’ war, even the immortal relics were not spared. So, the Titan set equipment also took great damage in the war. The Titan set equipment lost its original supreme power, and the eight Titan equipment set parts were scattered in every corner of the world! Although the Titan set equipment had lost its godly power, in the hands of mortals, they would still overpower everything else!"

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