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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 351 — Blackwater Abyss

Chapter 351: Blackwater Abyss

The Titan set equipment actually had such a great backstory?

Since the Titan set equipment was created by the God of Titans, even if the Titan set equipment is already damaged, how should it just be a Violet-Platinum grade?!

Zhang Yang could not hold his doubt anymore, so he unequipped his [Titan Wall] and handed over to Kent, asking, "Kent, I came across this [Titan Wall], at least that’s what it calls itself, can you have a look at it?!"

"Oh?" Kent was a little surprised and took the shield and examined it carefully. He focused on the shield, and after a while, he passed the shield back to Zhang Yang, smiling as he said, "Young man, this [Titan Wall] is an imitation. Although it is not the real [Titan Wall], I have to confess that the craftsmanship of this shield is very intricate, it faithfully reproduces the image of the original. Imitation or not, it does have power in its own right, the one who forged this shield must have been very skillful!"

Imitation! Then, this perfectly explains why there were so many Titan sets around. They were all just imitations, this allowed the game to produce as many sets of it as it liked.

Zhang Yang laughed as he shook his head at the cheap method of covering up a plot hold, and asked, "So, this [Titan Chest Plate] that you are looking for is the real deal?"

"Exactly!" Kent nodded his head and continued, "The genuine Titan equipment contains immensely powerful strength! The [Titan Chest Plate] is able to resist all mortal attacks. If we equipped it, even Kazalo will have a hard time harming us!"

Zhang Yang earnestly asked, "Kent, please tell me, how do I search for this [Titan Chest Plate]?"

Kent hesitated again, and then said, "[Titan Chest Plate] is in the deepest depth of Abyss of Blackwater, and it is guarded by a huge python! This d*mned huge python is no ordinary beast, as it understands the power and value of the [Titan Chest Plate]! When I said guard, I meant that the chest plate is in its stomach! The d*mn thing swallowed it whole to start absorbing the power from within. That’s some completely messed up digestive system! D*mn it, the power within the [Titan Chest Plate] is going to be completely absorbed at this point!"

Zhang Yang quickly said, "I will reclaim the [Titan Chest Plate] right away!"

Kent nodded his head in approval. "Then, you must be careful!"

‘Ding! Kent. Joseph has a quest for you: Snatch back the [Titan Chest Plate]. Will you accept it?’


Zhang Yang left White Stone Hills once again and headed to the Abyss of Blackwater.

[Snatch back [Titan Chest Plate]] (Difficulty: S)

Quest Description: Kent. Joseph requires you to head for the Abyss of Blackwater immediately to snatch back the [Titan Chest Plate] from huge python! Warrior, you must hurry up, every single day that passes, the Huge Python Mopy will absorb even more strength from the [Titan Chest Plate]! Abyss of Blackwater is to the north of Grand Canyon, you better bring a few friends, as it is not easy to fight against Huge Python Mopy!

Progress: Snatch back [Titan Chest Plate] 0/1

This was an S grade difficulty quest!

If it was a B or A grade difficulty quest, Zhang Yang would have completed the quest alone without hesitation! But an S grade difficulty quest, the boss would never be an enfeebled Yellow-Gold boss. It had to be a Violet-Platinum boss, the toughest tier of bosses at this stage of the game!

Zhang Yang had planned to invite Han Ying Xue and the rest of the gang to come over and defeat the boss together, the quest had a time limit! Although the quest did not clearly mention the time limit, being an S grade difficulty quest, there should be quest score, so if he completes it in a speed beyond the prediction of the developers, he might once again score a beyond perfect rating!

Zhang Yang thought again and then decided not to waste time and immediately looked for the boss. For this, he has decided to use the last charge remaining of [Friendship Jade]!

Of course, Zhang Yang would still bring along Han Ying Xue. If the two of them proved enough to be able to defeat the boss, Zhang Yan would definitely keep the last charge of the [Friendship Jade]. Since Han Ying Xue just needed to ask for [Lover's Charm: Yin] from Sun Xin Yu, she could immediately teleport to Zhang Yang at a short notice.

Zhang Yang made the call to Han Ying Xue as he was rushing to the Abyss of Blackwater and said, "B*tchy, ask ice cube for the Lover's Charm, I need you to heal me soon!"

"No need to be so troublesome, the Lover's Charm is always with me!" Han Ying Xue smiled sweetly and said, "That frosty lady want me to return the Lover's Charm to her? Humph, that’s not happening!"

Zhang Yang felt a headache starting up. These two ladies better not start a fuss out of nothing now!

"Then, come over to my place now. If you are here, I’ll get things done even quicker!" Zhang Yang said.

"Thank you for summoning me, Your Highness!" Han Ying Xue said in an awfully melodramatic tone, and immediately appeared beside Zhang Yang.

"You intend to play a role of Lady Yang, or Zhao Feiyan?"

"Wu Zetian, fated to cause her husband’ death, stopped her son from robbing power off the throne, and gained independence as the emperor herself!" Han Ying Xue threw a flirtatious look to Zhang Yang and summoned her Storm and Gale Direwolf. The Red Gold Crab could only increase her movement speed by 100% when on the ground. Of course, it would shine during combat.

Both of them rushed towards the North, and they reached the north of Grand Canyon in a short period of time. There was black liquid flowing in a river stream, and the river extended to a huge, black lake. The river was flowing so fast that no raft could possibly survive the rough journey. Foam and mud frothed about.

"How do we proceed? Are you actually planning to swim in this filthy ditch?" Han Ying Xue rolled her eyeballs as she said.

Zhang Yang laughed as he said, "Black water wouldn’t necessarily be smelly, perhaps it is petroleum, that’s black gold there!"

"Yo, it is sticky and disgusting!" Han Ying Xue complained, "If I knew that, I should have come after you’ve made it through here!"

"Cut the bullsheet, just summon your Red Gold Crab and move!" Zhang Yang shouted. He knew that Han Ying Xue enjoyed dominance. However, if one were to strongly assert command over her, she would give in and obey.

Although Han Ying Xue pursed her lips, she still obediently summoned the Red Gold Crab.

Zhang Yang also summoned his Mythical Turtle, and the both of them entered the black water river, and followed the current!

The river rapidly went into the valley, going deeper and deeper down, until they were plunged into total darkness. After what seemed like hours, they saw light once again, and saw the high walls of the cliffsides on either side of them.


Vultures flew over their head, except that they were skeletal, spectral, huge birds without any feathers or flesh. Other than that, they acted as they did in life, the scavengers of carcasses that they were.

On both sides of the river, there were countless skeletal animals of different types. They all blindly wandered around, their eyes flashing the familiar green.

The flowing speed of the black river gradually slowed down at a certain point, eventually stagnating. Still, the entrance to the abyss seemed far away. They could still swim along the river, without having to bump into the spectral animals at this point.

But, Zhang Yang said, "B*tchy, let’s go ashore!"

"Why?" Han Ying Xue was a lazy person, and the less she had to work, the better.

"There are herbs!" Zhang Yang smiled, as he could see the appearance of plenty of herbs on the both sides of the river in the mini map. Besides, there were also rare medicinal materials which required long duration of re-spawns, such as [Ancient Vines]. These vines took up to a full day to respawn, they were incredibly rare!

Once they went ashore, a Blackwater Sabre-Toothed Skeletal Tiger dashed towards them, its sharp teeth snapping at Han Ying Xue, who was the closest to it.

[Blackwater Sabre-Toothed Skeletal Tiger] (Elite, Spectre)

Level: 84

HP: 84,000

Defense: 450


A damage text immediately appeared above Han Ying Xue’s head. Fortunately, she was already mounted on her crab, giving her almost 50,000 HP. The attack barely fazed her!

"Silly Yu, quickly save me!" By right, Han Ying Xue should be much stronger than Zhang Yang at this rate, thanks to her pet mount! The pet mount would be responsible for attacking, and she could simply heal herself, how would any elite monster be a threat to her?

But, Han Ying Xue’s first reaction was to ask for help from Zhang Yang. She knew the right tone, and the right role to play the b*tch in distress. She just knew how to trigger a man’s desire. Men would die protecting her, without really knowing why.

Zhang Yang, fully aware of this, shrugged and lifted his sword. He dashed towards the skeletal tiger. First, he used {Provoke} to pull away the monster’s aggro and then took turns attacking, along with Mythical Turtle’s bites. They definitely had the monster’s attention now.

At that moment, Han Ying Xue had already trained her Red Gold Crab to Level 76, so their attacks were quite impressive, although they could not be compared to the Mythical Turtle. But, Han Ying Xue and her Red Gold Crab’s attack power would already bring shame to most dedicated attackers! With the two game-breaking pets, the Blackwater Sabre-Toothed Skeletal Tiger became a pile of bone fragments within a short period of time. It gave a lot of experience points to Zhang Yang and Han Ying Xue.

"It is great to ride on the coattails!" Han Ying Xue came down from her pet mount and looted the monster’s drops.

Zhang Yang raised one of Mythical Turtle’s right legs and flapped it in front of Han Ying Yue.

"What are you doing?" Han Ying Xue stared at Zhang Yang.

"I thought you wanted to ride on the coattails?"


With the presence of Han Ying Xue, Zhang Yang pulled all the monsters without hesitation. He summoned Whitey and stayed among the monsters, and then turned around and pulled about 10 monsters at once. After that, he started group killing.

Unfortunately, the chance of triggering the [Dark Enigmatic Sword]’s special effect had greatly reduced after Zhang Yang had reached Level 80. Although 1% and 2% was only a difference of 1%, it was half its value!

However, [Dark Enigmatic Sword] was still a godly AoE weapon that could not be replaced at the current phase. Although the chance of triggering special effect of {Horizontal Sweep} had been reduced a lot, it still did impressive damage when using {Blast Wave}, his main monster-killing skill.

Five to six minutes later, there were a lot of bones around Zhang Yang and Han Ying Xue. Bypassers could have easily mistaken them as grave robbers or something, at that rate.

Han Ying Xue happily looted the monster’ drops all over the ground, Wei Yan Er and Han Ying Xue had a good habit of not missing any loot. Even single pieces of copper coins would be swept off the floor! In the meantime, Zhang Yang was busy harvesting the herbs.

After looting the drops and harvesting the herbs, both of them continued moving forward and they pulled another wave of monsters and started clearing them off.

Han Ying Xue was very satisfied. Although Zhang Yang was a Guardian, he had the [Dark Enigmatic Sword] and a bunch of AoE skills which surpassed the attacking power of attackers! Although Wei Yan Er also excelled in group killing, she was limited to normal monsters only, as she would not last against the combined attacks of an elite crowd!

Moreover, as Zhang Yang had both high defense and strong attacks, nothing wiped out huge waves of monsters better than he did!

By staying together with Zhang Yang, Han Ying Xue’s leveling efficiency was at its highest, and she could do her healing with one eye closed. Naturally, Han Ying Xue would wish to ride on Zhang Yang’s coattails more than anyone else.

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