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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 352 — Huge Python Mopy

Chapter 352: Huge Python Mopy

Both of them continued pushing forward like locusts crossing the border, not missing out any herbs or monsters!

Still, they had to tread carefully. Up ahead, the black river swirled into a huge and bottomless vortex. If both of them aren’t careful, they might actually end up being flushed down it!

If both of them really did get caught by the current, there would be no escape! Either they would have to use a [Teleportation Scroll] to teleport back to the city, or commit suicide and resurrect at a graveyard! Both of these were totally unnecessary expenses.

Three hours later, they came to the deepest of the abyss. Both of them had already obtained plenty of experience points and herbs, and Han Ying Xue’s backpack was already fully stuffed.

They could see from afar, that a huge python had coiled its body under a huge rock. Its body was thicker than a train!

The huge python’s scales were thick and heavy, and each scale was as big as a manhole cover, which made them drip cold sweat.

Before they approached it, both of them could already smell a nausea-inducing stench.

Han Ying Xue used her hands to cover her mouth and nose, and then complained, "How long has this smelly snake gone without a bath? Oh my gosh, I can’t even breathe, how are we supposed to fight it?!"

"Adjust your olfactory sensitivity!"

Both of them were fine after adjusting their olfactory sensitivity.

[Huge Python Mopy] (Violet-Platinum, Beast)

Level: 85

HP: 8,500,000

Defense: 2,400

Han Ying Xue rolled her eyeballs and asked, "Silly Yu, don’t tell me that you plan to take on this Violet-Platinum boss with just the two of us?"

"Yeap, that’s the idea!"

"Brother, you are going to die fighting against this boss, and I’m not going to die with you. I’m heading back to the city! Good luck!" Han Ying Xue was already pulling out a [Teleportation Scroll].

Zhang Yang anxiously said, "Let’s just give it a try, if it’s too tough, I will use the [Friendship Jade]!"

Han Ying Xue kept her [Teleportation Scroll], rode on Red Gold Crab and stayed behind Zhang Yang, saying, "Silly Yu, carry on then!"

First, Zhang Yang equipped the [Friendship Jade], and then moved a few steps forward and summoned the Mythical Turtle. After that, he threw a {Spear of Obliteration} at the boss.


{Spear of Obliteration} had the special effect of ignoring defense. Although the boss had 2,400 of defense, it could not negate the damage from the {Spear of Obliteration}.


Huge Python Mopy stuck its red tongue out and angrily slid towards Zhang Yang.

40 meters away, its huge tail was lashed out like a giant whip and struck Zhang Yang.


Zhang Yang responded swiftly as always, he raised his [Titan Wall] and blocked the attack.

Huge Python Mopy twisted its long body and wound itself around Zhang Yang.


Zhang Yang immediately received a huge amount of damage.

Han Ying Xue quickly healed Zhang Yang’s HP by spamming all her healing spells.

After the boss was done twisting around Zhang Yang’s body, it immediately moved back and lashed it tail at Zhang Yang again.


Violet-Platinum bosses were really strong and ferocious, this one was dealing 5 digits of damage at a time!

Luckily Zhang Yang was mounted atop his turtle, with a HP limit that exceeded 120,000. Any other tanks would have been crushed to death by now! At this stage of the game, battle mounts were a necessity if players intended to stay ahead of everyone else. Therefore, the presence of battle mounts made a huge difference to battles!

Huge Python Mopy’s attacks were random and unpredictable, it occasionally swung and simply whip its tail which caused strong whirlwind like hurricanes. Besides, this was an AoE attack, even if Han Ying Xue was standing 30 meters away from boss also received the attacks, thus, ‘-19,000’ high damage text popped up on top of her head!

Han Ying Xue quickly yelled, "Silly Yu, quickly, use the [Friendship Jade]!"

Two waves of AoE had pushed her to the limit. Healing Zhang Yang alone was already a monumental task for her, but she was taking heavy damage herself, it was impossible to carry on!

After all, Han Ying Xue was only Level 78, equipped with a Level 60 Yellow-Gold set equipment! If she was equipped with her Violet-Platinum set equipment, she definitely could heal Zhang Yang and herself and keep up with the battle!

Zhang Yang saw the boss using its tail to wind up for yet another huge attack, and knew then, that it was an impossible battle! He immediately activated the [Friendship Jade] and used the last remaining summon.

"Roar!" Smaug’s phantom appeared and roared towards the sky, wielding his Blood Shadow Blade. He dashed towards Huge Python Mopy without saying a word!


Smaug’s sword came raining down, causing a ridiculous amount of damage!

Huge Python Mopy furiously turned towards Smaug’s phantom. But fighting against a Holy boss, was too much for a mere Violet-Platinum boss!

Both Zhang Yang and Han Ying Xue only needed to stand aside and watch the battle between the two bosses.

Unfortunately, I had to use the last charge of the Friendship Jade. I can only dream of getting another!

As Zhang Yang watched Smaug’s phantom toy with the Huge Python Mopy, he sighed dejectedly.

"Silly Yu, that [Friendship Jade] has already given you three Violet-Platinum bosses. If you don’t curb that greed of yours, lightning will strike you down!" Han Ying Xue said.

Zhang Yang was shocked and said, "Evil b*tch, should I start calling you an evil w*tch instead? You read my mind!"

"Please, your face said it all!" Han Ying Xue scoffed.

"How is the little brat now?" Zhang Yang tried to divert the topic.

"She’s still pretty depressed. At least she’s a little more talkative these days, even saying that she has decided to go for a good university!"

Zhang Yang felt worried for Wei Yan Er and said, "With her half-hearted attitude, how is she going to achieve anything?!"

Han Ying Xue rolled her eyeballs and said, "Yan Er is actually really smart, you know!"

"Hey! If you are telling lies, you will be punished by lightning strikes!"


As they continued chatting, Huge Python Mopy was fighting for it’s life against the powerful strikes of a Holy boss. At this stage of the game, it’s like a cheat code being activated. Just how powerful would the Holy bosses in the future be?

‘Ding! The party you are in has killed Huge Python Mopy. Obtained 4,250,000 experience points!’

Within two minutes, Huge Python Mopy was slain, and a huge corpse sprawled like an overturned train, with a length of several hundred meters!

Smaug’s phantom went back to Zhang Yang’s side, sheathed his blade, and stood upright like a loyal bodyguard.

"Wow, I’m going to be rich!" this time, Han Ying Xue took no notice of the slime and muck, but instead, ran to the smelly corpse and picked up the coins, equipment, skill books and ETC which had spilled all over the floor.

"Ei?" after Han Ying Xue picked 10 gold coins, she wanted to pick up a very ancient looking armor, but was unable to. She asked, "Silly Yu, what’s wrong with this thing? Why I can’t pick this equipment up?"

Zhang Yang laughed and said, "This is my quest item, it’s not for you to take!"

"Ah, so you had that good a quest and you never even bothered to mention it to me, let alone share it. Finally, I have seen through you!" Han Ying Xue grumbled.

"Silly girl, I wanted to share the quest with you when you arrived, but the quest assistant notification showed that I am unable to share the quest with other players! It’s a single player quest!"

Zhang Yang walked over and picked up the armor. The quest notification rang in his ears, signifying the fulfillment of a part of the quest!

[Titan Chest Plate] (Quest Item)

Description: Although this piece of armor has been dilapidated, you can still feel the immense power within it! You feel like an ant before its divine might!

Zhang Yang had a feeling that this armor would be his, by the end of the quest! However, it should be an imitation like his [Titan Wall], as Celestial equipment would not appear at Level 80 stages of the game!

Han Ying Yue continued picking up the rest of the drops.

[Scepter of Snake King] (Violet-Platinum, Staff)

Magic Weapon Attack: 1,897-2,297

Equipment: Each time you cast spells, there is a 1% chance of obtaining extra 200 spell damage bonus.


Level Requirement: 80

"Ha ha, my hands are lucky!" Han Ying Xue gleefully admired the staff. Staves did not have attack speed limits, as casting speeds depended on the skills themselves.

Zhang Yang sighed and said, "You probably used up all the luck there, I won’t be getting anything now!"

"Ha ha, my luck will get you a suitable weapon!" Han Ying Xue assured Zhang Yang as she thumped her chest.

Her fist sunk into her huge, soft melons each time it made contact, inadvertently jiggling the rest of the soft flesh around it. Zhang Yang’s eyes wandered, and lingered upon the marvelous sight.

"Silly Yu, you miss them, don’t you?" Han Ying Xue thrust her chest out at him, the bountiful mounds of sinful creations jiggling in response. She then cackled like a witch.

"F*ck you! Evil witch, they would have drowned you to death if you lived in ancient times!" Zhang Yang covered his nose as he said. Blood was threatening to spurt out from it at any moment.

"Ha ha ha" Han Ying Xue laughed to her heart’s content, before she continued picking up the boss’ loot.

[Snake's Spur] (Violet-Platinum, Dagger)

Weapon Attack: 599-799

Attack Interval: 1.3 seconds

DPS: 538

Equipment: All attacks ignore target’s 500 defense value.


Level Requirement: 80

"Damn, this is a great offhand weapon for Assassins!" Zhang Yang exclaimed.

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