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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 354 — Kazalo Appears

Chapter 354: Kazalo Appears

Because the boss was taken down mostly by Kent, the loot dropped from the body were extremely miserable to look at. All Zhang Yang got was a piece of Yellow-Gold equipment and two Gray-Silver equipment. Furthermore, that piece of Yellow-Gold equipment was just a mere cloth armor with weirdly high attributes of Spirit and Ice-Resistance. So, he could only put it out for sale at his Little Merchandise.

"Pui! Filthy scumbag!" Kent spat on the dead body of Kiev and charged into the tower with large strides.

There were no thieves among them, the sounds of battle far behind them. Well, it was obvious that they had stepped into the battlegrounds of the final showdown between two kings!

As they entered the tower, Zhang Yang was automatically dismounted from Whitey. Because Zhang Yang had {Beast Taming}, Whitey had immediately turned into a combative pet and followed Zhang Yang from behind.

Zhang Yang gave it some thought and unsummoned Whitey. Since he would not be riding Whitey within the tower and the super slow movement speed of the [Mythical Turtle] would not affect his movement in battle, he kept Whitey into his backpack for the moment. He intended to summon [Mythical Turtle] after the boss battle begins!

There were still monsters within the tower, and all of the monsters were Level 85 elite-grades. But with Kent rampaging about, the monsters did not stand a chance at all. The monsters were slaughtered one after another with ease. Every single one of the monsters was killed in one hit! They were not able to do anything at all! It was actually a bad thing for Zhang Yang because he would not be getting a single point of experience!

However, he soon figured that he could hurl {Spears of Obliteration} at the monsters within his sight. Even if he attracts the aggro of the monsters, they would instantly be killed the moment they get closer, and Zhang Yang would immediately acquire experience points!

Being invincible all along the way, the two of them arrived at the seventh floor of the tower. At that moment, another boss appeared to block their way forward.

[Phoebe the 2nd] (Yellow-Gold, Humanoid Creature)

Level: 87

HP: 1,740,000

Defense: 1,500

This time, it blonde beauty with her luscious hair dancing in the air. It was unfortunate that she was blind in her left eye, wearing a black eye-patch. Otherwise, she had a strange and seductive appeal. She had a great body that was beautiful and charming, with a T-Shirt on her upper body that showed her navel button. She wore a pair of hot pants that exposed her snow-white, long thighs. She was bare footed, and held a golden leather whip in her hands.

The ‘queen’ has three main special plays, the ‘Wax Play’, ‘riding the Spanish donkey1’, and the ‘Whipping Exercises’! Zhang Yang could not help but start thinking of weird stuff in his mind!

"It’s you ---" the moment when Phoebe saw Kent, she revealed her hatred through her one good eye, "Seven years, Joe, seven years, since you took my eye from me! For seven years, I have been waiting for the day I can get my revenge! Joe, I’m going to suck you dry, of every drop of your blood!"

"Hahaha! You escaped seven years ago, but today, you are destined to die by my sword!" Kent let out a loud laugh and swung his axe around, charging towards Phoebe.

"Joe, for seven years, I have not forgotten how you blinded my eye with that sword of yours! That scene plays through my mind every single day!" Phoebe lashed out her whip with utmost prejudice.

Zhang Yang took the opportunity to charge at the boss, and then he summoned the [Mythical Turtle] out while applying his stacks of {Cripple Defense} on Phoebe, "Kent, someone has really been missing you! Seven years, my goodness, she’s madly in love!"

Kent laughed out loud and said, "Unfortunately, I have no interest in such vicious ladies!"

"Shut up!" Phoebe was enraged even more, and the golden whip in her hands swung around even more intensely! It tore the air open as it lashed at the two of them.


Zhang Yang was instantly inflicted with a damage value. Although he was not the first aggro of the boss, but the attacks of Phoebe had an AOE effect. Zhang Yang had let his guard down and suffered some damage for his complacency!

"Hahaha! Young man, this woman is a beautiful snake, now you have tasted her power!" Kent laughed at Zhang Yang’s expense while swinging his axe around, reducing the health bar of Phoebe in a very swift manner!

"Joe, you are a scumbag who deserves to die over a million times! You destroyed my beauty, and now you dare to humiliate me!" Phoebe was screaming in a high pitch, her golden whip was surging with vague red aura.


Zhang Yang once again received a damage value. He was so shocked, he had already made sure he activated his {Block}, how could he possibly be hurt?

‘You have blocked Phoebe’s {Chaotic Dance of the Snake}.’

‘The additional fire damage of Phoebe’s {Chaotic Dance of the Snake} has inflicted a fire damage of 6,342 points on you (2,000 damage immune, 1,658 damage absorbed).’

What the hell, a physical attack with an additional fire damage! No wonder Zhang Yang was still receiving damages from the attack even though he had already activated his {Block}!

It was fortunate that the boss only had one AOE skill - {Chaotic Dance of the Snake}, and the cool down period of the skill was 20 seconds long! So, Zhang Yang reserved his {Block} to counter the attack. Even if he received additional fire damage from the attack, the long cool down period of time was enough for him to take a bottle of [HP Potion] to recover his health points!

Under the powerful damage output of Zhang Yang and his turtle, the health points of Phoebe plummeted, and by the end of it, she let out a miserable scream and collapsed into her own pool of blood.

And this time, the loot was even more miserable to look at! Phoebe only dropped two pieces of Gray-Silver equipment! Not even one piece of Yellow-Gold equipment! Stingy as f*ck!

From the looks of it, the final boss Kazalo would be dropping anything good, so Zhang Yang could only count on the final reward of the quest! Zhang Yang could already predict that the rewards would include the [Titan Chest Plate]. However, the previous quests included a S-Rank difficulty quest and a cumulative quest rating. Would there be any add-ons for a good performance?

Zhang Yang unsummoned the [Mythical Turtle] and followed Kent from behind without questioning further.

Every monster that appeared on the way were instantly killed by the swinging axe of Kent. Both of them arrived at the highest floor of the tower in just a short amount of time.

A powerful, hulking middle-aged man was standing right by the large windowsill of the floor with a sword in his hands. He was looking down to the battlefield from up high. Although he had already heard the footsteps of Zhang Yang and Kent coming up, he did not turn around, and spoke with his back facing them, "Joe, you must be Joe. Smith, aren’t you? I just don’t get it, why must you go against us so badly! I have already sent you secret letters! As long as you join us, you will have your territory in the mountains! You won’t lose anything!"

[Kazalo] (Violet-Platinum, Humanoid Creature)

Level: 88

HP: 8,800,000

Defense: 2,500

Kent was shouting in rage, "Kazalo, you and your men had been plaguing the Grand Canyon of Eternal Night for so many years! Today shall be the day that I end you and rid the ‘cancer’ of the Grand Canyon of Eternal Night!"

Kazalo burst into laughter and he finally turned around. His face was almost square, with a pair of sharp and fierce-looking eyes, giving a sense of calm, and yet intimidating aura. He shook his head and said, "To hear these words from a thief in the mountains, it’s like listening to a joke!"

"Kazalo, prepare to die!" Kent took a deep breath and began to charge towards the boss with his axe.

"You’re just a small fry, you need to know your own place!" Kazalo did not even look at Kent, and with an upwards swing of his sword, he intended to deflect the axe!


Kent’s axe was broken in half, like it was made of tofu! With only one hit, the boss had broken Kent’s axe!

"Hahaha! Tremble before my [Star-Devourer]!" Kazalo was laughing madly, and he continued to raise his sword up, ready to slash at Kent’s body.

Kent showed no signs of dodging the blow! With his right fist raised, he forcefully threw a fist at the boss with incredible strength!


The [Star-Devourer] reached the body of Kent first, but it did not slash Kent into half like it did to the axe. Instead, the hit gave out sparks upon impact, inflicting a certain amount of damage to Kent.

On the other side, Kent’s fist had landed on the boss, inflicting an incredible amount of damage to the boss!

"Huh?" Kazalo was shocked and confused, he questioned his own eyes and said, "What kind of armor are you wearing? It can actually withstand my [Star-Devourer]!"

Kent lifted up his other fist and began to punch it out, "Curious, aren’t you? Let’s wait until I punch your brain out of that thick idiotic skull of yours, and then I shall tell you! I won’t let you die without knowing!"

"Dream on! What can one good piece of equipment do to you, I will still be able to obliterate you! I should thank you for bringing me such good armor!" Kazalo confidently resumed his attacks!

"Young man, please aid me by securing the entrance of this place, don’t let anyone in!" Kent shouted at Zhang Yang as he engaged in the fierce duel.

‘Ding! The objective of the Quest: Slay the Chieftain of the enemy has been modified, you must secure the entrance of the floor by the stairs, stop any of the mobs from giving aid to Kazalo, until Kent slays Kazalo. If Kent dies, the quest will fail!’

It meant that Zhang Yang did not have to slay the boss, all he had to do was to block the entrance. The more monsters that got through him, the higher chances of Kent losing the battle and ending the quest in a failure!

Zhang Yang took in a long deep breath, and reminded himself to hurl his {Spear of Obliteration} towards the boss from afar whenever the opportunity presents itself. Because as long as he could inflict some damage on the boss, at least he would be able to receive some experience points and loot. Although the value of the loot was expected to be low, it was better to get one or two pieces of equipment than end up empty handed. Plus, the boss was a Violet-Platinum grade boss, anything dropped from him would be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars!

As he was looking down from the higher ground, he saw a wave of approximately 10 elite-grade monsters marching up the stairs.

Zhang Yang had already summoned his [Mythical Turtle] by his side, ready to engage anything that comes his way, together with his turtle!

Tut tut tut! The first monster had already arrived in front of Zhang Yang.

[Kazalo’s Close Quater Guards] (Elite, Humanoid Creature)

Level: 85

HP: 85,000

Defense: 450

Zhang Yang immediately took out his axe and hacked at the enemy, inflicting a damage of 2,812 on the monster. His rage points were instantly accumulated, rising up to a total of 31 points! At the same instant, he activated his {Block}, saving himself from the counterattacks from the monster, giving him another 30 points of rage points!

As the second monster was approaching as well, he immediately switched his weapon to [Dark Enigmatic Sword] and activated his {Horizontal Sweep}. Instantly, another two damage value of 4000+ were inflicted on the monsters at the same time.

That’s right! {Horizontal Sweep} did not have the attribute to pass through solid objects, but the entrance of the stairs was so narrow with Zhang Yang and [Mythical Turtle] blocking the way, only two of these elite monsters could squeeze to the front to attack Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang was also limited to hitting the two targets in front of him.

First he activated his {Blood Rage}, and then he let out a burst of {Blast Wave}!

This time, 10 damage values appeared at the same time within his sight view! The [Dark Enigmatic Sword] kicked in, inflicting further damages to the monsters!

Zhang Yang then switched his weapon back to the [Goblin's Head Lobber] and continued to station himself and his turtle at the narrow entrance, where they continued to unleash their assaults on the two monsters in front of them.

The quest only required him to delay the elite monsters from reaching Kent, it did not say that Zhang Yang would need to clear out all of the monsters in front of him. Therefore, it was not necessary for him to work on killing them off. As long as he could block them at the entrance until Kent slays the boss, he would have done his part.

His strength value was already very high at the moment, so the monsters would not be able to knock him back. Like a sturdy rock, he stood against the tide!

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