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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 355 — The Mighty Titan Chest Plate

Chapter 355: The Mighty Titan Chest Plate


Every single attack of the monsters inflicted Zhang Yang with approximately 1,400 points of damage value. Zhang Yang did not dare kite both the monsters by himself, so he only kited one of the monsters and allowed [Mythical Turtle] to block the other monster.

When his health points were beginning to run low, Zhang Yang would take a bottle of grade-5 transmuted [Troll Recovery Potion], or a [Fountain of Life], or activate {Berserker’s Heal}, depending on the situation.

While waiting for those activated skills to cool down, Zhang Yang did not forget to throw his [Spear of Obliteration] onto the boss. Even if he could just reduce a 1 second period of time required for Kent to slay the boss, it would definitely reduce the pressure on him in blocking the monsters by the stairs as well.

One minute later, another wave of elite monsters began to charge up the stairs in an attempt to break through Zhang Yang’s defense. They were shoving the monsters in front of them, threatening to push Zhang Yang back. He was forced to use a combination of several skills to stabilize his position!

{Blast Wave}!

{Heroic Leap}!

{Wild Assault}!

{Blast Wave} and {Heroic Leap} were both skills that had crowd control effects, while {Wild Assault} is a new skill learned when a warrior reaches Level 80.

[Brutal Smash]: Delivers a fatal blow to the head of the target with the strength of a beast, inflicting 100% physical damage based on strength attribute, stuns the target for 4 seconds. Cool down: 2 minutes. Consumption: 30 rage points. Range: Melee.

{Brutal Smash} was a skill that had a control effect over one monster only, so if wisely coordinated with {Blast Wave}, a single target could be stunned for a total of 8 seconds! It would be extremely useful in PvP matches!

Zhang Yang turned his head around to check on the boss, and could see that the boss was still left with 97% health points! It would still take another 15 minutes or more for Kent to slay the boss! Although his equipment is top-notch, and he is well equipped with many lifesaving skills, he couldn’t possibly hold back two elite monsters for 15 minutes!

In a haste, he brought up his voice communication device and reached out for help, "Witch snow! Come quickly! Help!"

"Silly Yu, what’s up? Can’t hold your piss! Can’t you just hold on a little longer?" Han Ying Xue teased Zhang Yang.

"Just get over here, woman! I’ll make a superb dinner for you tonight!" Zhang Yang roared in desperation.

In just a short moment, Han Ying Xue activated the [Lover’s Charm] and teleported straight to Zhang Yang’s location. When she saw the number of elite monsters on the stairs, she was almost struck speechless. After a moment, she asked, "Silly Yu, how on earth did you attract so many monsters?"

"Just heal me, now!"

With Han Ying Xue healing him from one side, Zhang Yang no longer had to worry about his survival. He finally managed to hold off the assaults of the monsters, wave after wave, with ease.

As the third wave began, the number of those newly spawned monsters was increased up to 20 in a single wave! The fourth wave still had 20 monsters spawning to join into battle, and the fifth wave increased the number of newly spawned monsters to 30 in a single wave! The monsters were accumulating as more waves came!

That would mean that after every two waves, an additional 10 monsters would spawn with each subsequent wave!

Fortunately, it was safe to say that the entrance of the stairs was hard to break through, and was easily defensible. Even if there were 10,000 coming at them, only two monsters would be able to launch their assaults at Zhang Yang and his [Mythical Turtle] at a time! But as the number increased, so did the forces that worked against him. If he was careless, they could actually shove him back. He would have to put in far more effort in holding his ground!

11 minutes into the battle!

The boss was left with 26% health points, but the number of the monsters clogged up at the stairs had gone up to over 300! Although Zhang Yang and his [Mythical Turtle] had slain a few of the monsters, it was like trying to put out a burning cartload with a glass of water1.

As the battle entered its 12th minute, another wave of 60 monsters joined the battle, totaling up the horde to 400!

The 400 monsters exceeded the strength of Zhang Yang, and slowly, he slid back, unable to maintain his position.

"Witch snow! Let’s use our {Blizzard Sky} and {Luna’s Dew}!"

"… Silly Yu, don’t you start groping me!"

"Relax, I have standards!"


Zhang Yang and Han Ying Xue retreated at the same instant, leaving a gap by the entrance of the stairs. Immediately, a large number of monsters gushed in like a wave of tsunami from the entrance of the staircase, ganging up on the two of them!

As they held each others hands, they unleashed the dual skill! The {Blizzard Sky} and the {Luna’s Dew}!

The floor around them actually sunk down, and pieces of small snow flakes began to rain down, forming a layer of snowy-white frost on the ground! Then, a bright moon appeared right on top of the tower, and a ray of moonlight shone on the two of them!

This chilly moonlight turned out to be lethal!



As the moonlight struck the monsters, the monsters were continuously inflicted with a series of damages!



The monsters did not flinch under their assaults, but continued to launch their attacks fiercely on Zhang Yang and Han Ying Xue, but the two of them had been rendered invincible at that moment!

17 seconds later, the large horde of monsters began to die off, one after another, with more casualties at each passing second!

The {Blizzard Sky} and the {Lunar’s Dew} lasted for a full 30 seconds, and when the skill stopped, no monsters were left alive on the battlefield!

"Okaaay, maybe the developers might nerf this skill soon…!" Han Ying Xue had never slaughtered so many monsters by herself before, and was shaking in excitement.

Zhang Yang laughed and said, "When you reach Level 100, you can go ahead and get a damage-type ‘Inheritance’. It will turn you into a healer that both heals her allies, while channeling damage upon your enemies!"

13 minutes into the battle, another wave of 70 monsters spawned and charged up by the staircase again!

But they had survived a wave of 400 monsters, what was 70 to them!

Zhang Yang positioned himself by the entrance of the staircase once again with his [Mythical Turtle] and once again, formed a blockade!

14 minutes into the battle, the number of the monsters had accumulated up to a total of 138!

Meanwhile, on the other side, Kazalo was left with merely 7% of his health points! Victory was just right in front of them!

It was really fortunate that they had that overpowered dual skill, or else they would not have lasted the battle! It would take countless players to guard against that horde of elite monsters! This was why the quest has been graded as an S-Rank. Although it wasn’t a quest that required players to defeat a Violet-Platinum boss, players were required to hold back a horde of super strong, elite-grade monsters!

30 seconds left!

Zhang Yang steadily held his ground, a number of monsters well within his capabilities!

20 seconds left!

Kazalo was left with only 2% of his health points!

10 seconds left! 9, 8, 7… 3, 2, 1!

"No! You can’t possibly have defeated me! I’m the invincible Kazalo, I’m the wielder of the [Star-Devourer]! I should be the one who would rule the entire world!" Kazalo was letting out his last miserable breath, right before his last drop of health points were cut off by Kent!


Kazalo’s heavy body shook the ground, and his [Star-Devourer] fell beside him with a ‘cling!’ The glow of the sharp blade gradually faded, turning slowly into the natural shine of regular steel.

The remaining elite monsters started running away upon witnessing the death of their leader.

Kill the head, and the body will follow! When Kazalo died, it was natural for these monsters to run for their lives.

Zhang Yang did not pursue them, because he knew, he would get nothing in return for slaughtering these monsters. He could always get an abundance of experience points without having to chase their asses around.

Kent picked up the [Star-Devourer] from the ground and turned his eyes towards the dead body of Kazalo, and kept it in its scabbard. After that, he turned to Zhang Yang and said, "Young man, we have succeeded! We have slain the chieftain of the ‘cancer’ and have rid the people of the Grand Canyon of Eternal Night of its ‘pests’! Now, I shall rebuild an army for the people, an army that can really protect the people from harm!"

"Then, I wish you best of luck, Kent!" Zhang Yang smiled.

"Young man, you are a brave warrior, I need a warrior just like yourself by my side, come, help me build the army!" Kent invited Zhang Yang to join his cause.

Zhang Yang quickly shook his head and said, "Thank you for the offer, Kent. But I am an adventurer, I wander around, building my strength, exploring the world, that is my most desired dream! So I must decline your invitation."

"Hahaha, young man, maybe the thing that you seek is somewhere in this vast world!" Kent did not pursue the matter any further, and he said, "No matter what, I must thank you. Without your aid, I would not have defeated Kazalo! Take this, as promised!"

Kent placed a piece of the metal fragment that glittered silver into Zhang Yang’s palm.

‘Ding! You have obtained an item: Dimensional Key Fragment 7!’

‘Ding! You have completed a quest: Slay the Chieftain of the enemy, acquired 5,000,000 experience points! Kent’s remaining health points: 35%, quest rating: Perfect! The rating will be calculated into the final reward of the quest!’

‘Ding! You have completed Linked Quest: Rebuild the Republic Army! Total rating: Perfect!’

Kent took off the [Titan Chest Plate] that was on him and gave it to Zhang Yang, "Young man, hold on to this. This belongs to you now. Now that Kazalo is dead, you can have this chest plate!"

[Titan Chest Plate] (Violet-Platinum, Heavy Armor)

Defense: +80

Vitality: +806

Strength: +230

Agility: +115

{Level 3 Socket 1}

{Level 3 Socket 2}

Equip: Absorbs 232 damage when hit.

Additional effect 1 (Only effective on Player Zhan Yu): Cast a {Titan’s Shield} onto yourself or your targeted party member. When {Titan’s Shield} is activated, a player’s casting will not be interrupted. {Titan’s Shield} can last for 2 minutes, or absorbs a total of 300,000 damage points and then vanish. Cool down time: 4 hours.

Additional effect 2 (Only effective on Player Zhan Yu): When {Shield Wall} is activated, you will recover 10% of your health points for every second until the shield vanishes.

Required Profession: Guardian

Required Level: 80

Titan Armor Set (5/8):

Note: This is a legendary equipment forged by the god of Titans himself, not some cheap replica!

The additional effect probably came up because he had completed S-Rank quests with perfect ratings! So, although the equipment was not bound to him, the two additional effects would only be accessible by Zhang Yang alone in the entire game!

Yes indeed, this was the difference between the original item and its replica!

The additional effects of the equipment are super dope! The {Titan’s Shield} was a super powerful protection skill for himself and his party members! Although the cool down period is a little too long, it could become the key to changing the tide of a battle!

The second additional special effect was even more incredible!

Zhang Yang had already leveled his {Shield Wall} up to level 6, and the cool down period of the skill was currently at 4 minutes 30 seconds. With the additional special effects of his shield, the [Titan Wall] that extends his {Shield Wall} by another 5 seconds, his health points would recover by 150% whenever he activates {Shield Wall}!

In a nutshell, he has become even harder to kill!

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