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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 356 — Answering a Fool According to His Folly

Chapter 356: Answering a Fool According to His Folly

The good news was that the fourth fragment piece of the [Dimensional Key] had been acquired. The bad news was that, even though Zhang Yang had been hurling [Spears of Obliteration] at Kazalo throughout the entire the boss battle, he had not earned a single experience point! And the boss did not even drop anything at all!

At least he acquired the [Titan Chest Plate], which was already worth all the trouble he went through!

More importantly, he had already collected enough [Titan Armor Set] pieces to activate the second special effect of the [Armor Set]: Every time {Block} is activated, the next activation of {Shield Bash} wouldn’t consume any rage points, while it would deal an additional 100%, lasts for 3 seconds.

Back in White Jade Castle, Zhang Yang inserted the [Gemstones] that he had acquired into the two empty sockets of the [Titan Chest Plate]. Instantly, his health points were increased up to a total of 76,590 points, and his damage absorption attribute reached up to 1,774 points, while his defense became 2,240 points! His survivability was once again boosted up to another level!

He is currently the CEO of the Silky Soft Holdings. Although all he really had to do was just to sign some papers, he was required to attend some company activities and some important meetings. Because the company had been shadowed by lots of negative news for awhile now, many of their top models had jumped ship to other companies. This month has been the toughest month for Silky Soft Holdings, and the worse has finally passed. Everything has gone back to normal as they should be, and Silky Soft Holdings is now back in business! Naturally, they had to recruit a new batch of models to present their latest products on their ‘menus’!

As the CEO of the company, Zhang Yang was required to interview the new batch of models.

He only found out later on that this rule was apparently set by Wei Yan Er’s father when he was well and alive. Enough was said about that, all men should know why such a rule was set.

It was fortunate that the models had already been filtered out through initial sign ups and interviews, so this session was more or less the final hurdle! Of course, having gone through the filter, these girls were truly lookers with pretty faces and bodies appropriate of modeling in lingerie. Although he did not plan to do anything with the girls, it would be really satisfying and fun for him to wash his eyes by looking at pretty, sexy girls. This would be interesting!

Currently, he was alone in the interview room, seated at a working desk, with a large-sized couch placed right beside the desk. It was odd to see a couch beside his desk. Zhang Yang could not help but to start having creative ideas. The things he could possibly do on the couch…

What he did not know was that Wer Yan Er’s father would have ‘settled’ the girl on the couch itself if he liked what he saw!

The girls coming for the interview came into the room, one after another, showing off their assets, flaunting as much as they could to earn ‘points’. It was all to ‘win’ the interview! These women knew that Zhang Yang is the CEO of the Silky Soft Holdings, and also a shareholder of the company. So they tried to use all their skills on Zhang Yang during the process of their interview, one after another. They were showing their yearning, hungry expressions at Zhang Yang. As long as Zhang Yang wanted it, they would give it to him!

Zhang Yang rated them based on his own preferences, as he did not care about professionalism or whatever sheet when it came to picking models.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Zhang. I’m entry number 21, my name is Luo Xin Yan---" the soft and sexy voice of a woman came through the door.

Zhang Yang was still rating the previous interviewee, which had a pair of very big boobs, a hot body, and a deceitfully baby face. She would surely be popular among men! However, when he heard the three words ‘Luo Xin Yan’, he snapped his head up in shock, what were the odds!

The woman that came in right after, and closed the door shut right behind her was the woman who had a history with Zhang Yang in his previous life, the woman with the name ‘Luo Xin Yan’!

It is already March, although it was still considered to be late spring, some vain women had already started wearing skirts and dresses. Of course, Luo Xin Yan was one of them, and for an interview such as this that could decide her future, she would definitely dress up nicely and put up enough make up to make her look her best! With a pair of red high-heels on her fair, long legs, wrapped up in black ultra sheer1. She had a very thin knee-length skirt around her waist that wrapped around her body, revealing her sexy, seductive figure.

The interview was facilitated in an air-conditioned room, but the temperature wasn’t too chilly. She probably brought along a coat to handle the elements outside.

Luo Xin Yan also caught sight of Zhang Yang. She was shocked to see him to the point that she opened her small little mouth wide, staring at him like a deer caught in headlights! She could have never imagined that the hoodlum who forced himself on her mouth would actually be the CEO of a huge company like this one!

Previously, she had already cursed Zhang Yang over the incident many times over and was finally prepared to move on with her life. But what she did not anticipate was that Zhang Yang would actually appear right in front of her, as a CEO of the company!

Zhang Yang was very entertained by the expression that Luo Xin Yan showed him. He crossed his arms and smiled vaguely. In his previous life, Luo Xin Yan had caused so much misery to him, that Zhang Yang would never let her off so easily this time. Furthermore, the thoughts of having her back by his side were repulsive.

As Zhang Yang had been really obedient towards her demands, he would give her any luxury that she desired! But, it appeared that her greed knew no bounds, and she was a heartless ingrate! Instead of being thankful for having Zhang Yang as her man, she had stabbed him the back! Zhang Yang would never forget the heartbreaking betrayal!

Luo Xin Yan began to calm herself down, and then she lifted up her skirt and took her panties right off and threw it on the floor. Then she strutted up to the sofa, bent down and squeezed her boobs together forwards, showcasing them. She then rolled her skirt up and revealed her plump, round butt with a thick black bush in between it, showing it to Zhang Yang.

She pushed her two palms against the sofa and turned her head over, "Didn’t you want to ‘please’ me that day? Bring it, as long as you sign the contract to hire me, I’m yours to ‘please’!"

Thud, thud, thud, Zhang Yang approached her slowly.

Luo Xin Yan revealed a cold smile, thinking to herself that men were all about the few seconds of pleasure! She believed that there was nothing to lose in those few seconds. And if she happened to ‘encounter’ men who were talented and good at ‘pleasing’ women, it would be a bonus!

"Argh ---" She let out a moan, with her eyes closed and her brows knitted as she felt an ‘unknown’ object entering the crevice right beneath her butt. It was cold, but it was extremely thin. Luo Xin Yan could only scorn in her heart. So, this tall and macho Zhang Yang has such a tiny object in his pants, what a joke!

Zhang Yang, from a seated position on his sofa, spoke up. "I don’t have the habit of ‘pleasing’ prostitutes!"

Luo Xin Yan was stunned, as she instantly that felt there was something wrong about this! Even if Zhang Yang’s ‘little buddy’ was really long, he couldn’t possibly reach her from the sofa, right beside her! She looked around again to see that Zhang Yang was still well dressed and his ‘little buddy’ was still safe and sound underneath his pants!

She quickly put her hands to her crotch to investigate, only to realize that there was a ball pen inserted within her! She only realized then, that the cold and thin ‘unknown’ object was in fact, a ball pen!

Luo Xin Yan instantly felt embarrassed and enraged at the same instant, but she remembered that Zhang Yang was the man controlling her fate at that very moment, so she did not dare to treat him like how she treated him during the ‘Speed Dating Event’. She spoke softly in a calm tone, "Mr. Zhang, I’m sorry for being so blind about you. Please forgive me. You’re such a significant person, you don’t have to bother so much about a little peasant like me."

How could he not see this side of her in his previous life? Such a manipulative, cunning side of her, so shallow-minded and snobbish!

Zhang Yang could not help but sigh quietly. In his previous life, he was really blinded so much by his own lust, or should it be that blind love had made him so stupid! Now, this woman, Luo Xin Yan, only disgusted him so much that he was genuinely remorseful over his stupidity for loving her so much in his previous life!

He smiled vaguely and said, "I will never give you this job!"

Luo Xin Yan instantly sank into silence, and after standing up, she turned her back on Zhang Yang and was ready to leave the room.

Zhang Yang smiled and said, "Although I won’t be signing you as a model of the company, there is another job that pays you millions a year. I’m just wondering if you are interested in it."

Luo Xin Yan froze mid step and stopped. With a quick and loud "shoof!", she spun around and looked at him with a happy face, "What did you say? A job that pays mi… millions a… a year?"

Zhang Yang nodded and said, "That’s right!"

Luo Xin Yan immediately walked back to Zhang Yang and said, "So you’re simply a rabbit that doesn't nibble the grass near its own hole! I thought that you were a decent person!" She thought that Zhang Yang was going to take her as his mistress.

Zhang Yang shook his head and said, "I want you to become a mistress, for someone else!"

Luo Xin Yan suddenly turned furious, "What do you think I am?"

Zhang Yang laughed and said, "You tell me, what should you mean to me then?"

Luo Xin Yan went into silence, and finally, she gritted her teeth and said, "One million a year, not a cent less!"

In his previous life, Liu Wei had planted Luo Xin Yan in his life to spy on him. In this life, Zhang Yang had decided to do the same thing to Liu Wei, to plant Luo Xin Yan on Liu Wei in order to spy on him, and to ambush him when the time came!

According to the history of his previous life, the Silky Soft Holdings should have already been ‘torn apart’ by Luo Ming Yang and those scumbag relatives. So, it would have been impossible for Luo Xin Yan to attend today’s interview. In that case, she should be meeting Liu Wei anytime soon to become his woman! Two years from now, she should be sent to spy on Zhang Yang.

Time to answer a fool according to his folly!

Zhang Yang nodded and said, "I’ll bank-in 100,000 into your account on the 1st of every month! You will be earning about 1,200,000 annually, far more than what a model could earn!"

Luo Xin Yan grit her teeth as she thought about it, because being a mistress is a totally different from having a one-night-stand with a man!

Zhang Yang continued on, "You don’t have to do anything after you return to school. Just, go to classes, as usual, finish your classes as usual. One day from now, one month from now, who knows, a man called Liu Wei will appear in front of you. Then, you know what to do! What I want you to do is simple, just report to me every single word he says. Send me recordings, send me notes!"

Luo Xin Yan blinked in surprise, and then she said, "You’re asking me to become a corporate spy!"

Zhang Yang gave some thought about it and replied, "Yeah, that’s the idea!"

Luo Xin Yan immediately shook her head and said, "That’s too dangerous, one million is not enough!"

Zhang Yang smiled coldly and said, "Don’t you think that you’re the only woman I can ask of this! 1,200,000 is just an extra earning for you in a year. I believe that you would not really want to be somebody’s mistress for the rest of your life, right? After you have earned enough, you can just pick a favorite spot and vanish! I also believe that this amount of money is enough for you to disappear and have a good life! There’s more to this, whenever you get me some useful information, I shall add a bonus of 100,000 to your account!"

Luo Xin Yan was trying to bargain for more, hoping that Zhang Yang would increase his pay. These 100,000 extras did it for her! After giving it some thought, she said, "Alright! I’ll do it!"

Zhang Yang gave her a contact number to keep him informed of things.

Luo Xin Yan’s butt wagged from side to side with each step, as she walked all the way to the door and left the room. After just a short while more, Zhang Yang heard the sound of the door opening again, and another girl came in, "Mr. Zhang, I’m interviewee number 22, my name is Wang Ya ---"

A delicate and attractive beauty walked into the room, she had a pretty face, with curly locks of hair going down her visage. Her boobs were so round and huge that they were on the verge of bursting out of her clothes!

Zhang Yang could not help it but wonder, why are all these women so well-endowed! The reason is simple, this is a company that manufactures bra! So they would turn their eyes towards models who would best display their ‘weapons’, they had to be huge! This was also the final stage of the interview, the ‘lesser’ women had already been eliminated up to this point!

As the beauty ran her eyes across the room, she saw the pair of black panties that were left on the floor by Luo Xin Yan. She could not help but smile knowingly! No wonder it took so long for the previous interview to end!

Thinking that she had it all under control now, she smiled and began to take off her clothes.

Zhang Yang stared wordlessly at the scene, "…"

Who would have thought that it would be so tiring to host an interview!

After everything was settled, Zhang Yang closed the door of the office shut and put on his game helmet. Ever since Luo Xin Yan had walked out, all of the remaining interviewees seemed to have been ‘enlightened’ by the panties on the floor, the moment they walked through the door, they used all of their ‘skill sets’ to seduce Zhang Yang!

But none of them thought realized, that even if Zhang Yang was really lustful, it would still be impossible for him to have so much ‘stamina’ and ‘juice’ to take them all, one after another!

In the end, the company managed to recruit a total of 30 models out of 64 interviewees. That was about half of the number of the interviewees. Zhang Yang had followed his own preferences in picking the 30, after which, he passed the name list to his secretary, leaving the ‘cleaning up’ for his employees to do.

The moment he went online, Zhang Yang went straight to the Alchemist Shop to buy some [Potions], and then he proceeded to his warehouse and crafted all of the materials into [Level 4 Healing Potion].

‘Ding! You have crafted [Level 4 Healing Potion] X 6!’

‘Ding! You have crafted [Level 4 Healing Potion] X 6! Because of [Alchemist’s Intuition], the [Level 4 Healing Potion] has transmuted!’

[Level 4 Healing Potion (Grade 4 Transmutation)] (Consumable)

Use: Immediately recovers 8,000 health points, and proceeds to recover 3,200 health points over the period of the next 10 seconds. Cool down: 1 minute. Using any kind of potion will send all potions into the same cool down duration.

Required Level: 60

Awesome, grade 4 transmutation is giving an additional 40% of the initial healing amount. It also means that grade 10 transmutation could give up to a total amount of 16,000 healing points! Unfortunately, this additional healing amount of health points was just like [Heal], it had a cool down of 10 seconds before any healing potions can be used again.

This [Potion] will really come in handy during Player VS Player match!

Zhang Yang then gave these [Level 4 Healing Potion (Grade 4 Transmutation)] to the members of the two parties that were taking part in the S-Rank Professional League Championship. Lost Dream and the rest of the party members were shocked to receive the potions from Zhang Yang and they thanked him over and over again.

Just as he was preparing to craft more potions, Zhang Yang suddenly received a message from Hundred Shots.

"Zhan Yu, we have a situation. I received news that The Dominators has been gathering other guilds to aid them in launching an assault on our Mining Cave! They are planning to take our Mining Cave from us!"

--- it had been a regular thing for large-scale guilds to plant spies in their enemy guilds to spy on them internally.

Zhang Yang was shocked, he paused for a brief moment and shook his head, "This ‘Hypocrite’ still has not learned his lesson yet! Still trying to get back at us, eh? Fine, make some arrangements then! If The Dominators want a fight, then let's bring the fight to them! We shall show no fear!"


Zhang Yang contacted Han Ying Xue and the gang, "That ‘Hypocrite’ is trying to trouble us once again, let’s go and show him some ‘colour’, shall we?"

"Yes! Awesome idea!" Wei Yan Er was excited to let some steam off. She had been focusing on her studies very hard these days. As she had been looking at books and homework, she had not logged into the game for days! Her playful nature was screaming out for her to let loose!

Other than Wei Yan Er, Lost Dream, and Galileo were also players who lusted for battles. Everyone else seemed to be very excited about it!

"Let’s go!"

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