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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 363 — Party Summon Order

Chapter 363: Party Summon Order

As Wei Yan Er skipped happily towards toward the loot of the boss, everyone could not help but smile, especially those who did not have any Violet-Platinum equipment.

[Party Summon Order] (Violet-Platinum, Accessory)

Use: Summons your party (Maximum 10, including Party Leader) to your side. Cool Down Time: 1 Hour.

Leve Requirement: 80

Everyone exchanged a look and raised an eyebrow. What kind of item would not increase attack, defense, or any stats, but summons a bunch of people to one’s side?

While everyone was extremely confused, Zhang Yang was the only person who was laughing happily. Since no one expressed their desire for the item, Zhang Yang took the item and kept it. "Hey guys. It’s not as bad as it looks. If anyone could get their hands on a Group Summon Order or an Expedition Summon Order, that would be nice."

In ‘God’s Miracle’, 10-man parties are the basic party built system. 5 of the 10-man parties would form a 50-man Group. 20 of the 50-man group would form a 1000-man Expedition. There are Expedition Summon Orders and Group Summon Orders, both in which could respectively summon 999 players, or 49 players to the user’s side.

It was an incredible item to hold on to. If a few Thieves could smuggle themselves into an enemy territory, they could use the Expedition Summon Order to call out a few thousand players to their side and easily topple over the Territory. It could also be used to eliminate an important enemy NPC boss.

That is, if they could get their hands on several Expedition Summon Order! Since the usage of the item was too good to be true, the item drop rate was extremely rare. Party Summon Order’s drop rate was rare but it's not impossible to obtain one. On the far side of the scale, Expedition Summon Orders were so rare that it could take the luck of a thousand men to farm it. Zhang Yang had only known about the item’s existence in his previous life. However, to whom it belonged to, was unknown to him.

Wei Yan Er continued to reveal another item.

[Leve 3 Guild Upgrade Order] (Violet-Platinum, Usable)

Use: Upgrades the Level 2 guild to Level 3.

Requirement: Guild Master position.

If they could smile harder and wider without tearing their lips apart, the party would gladly do it. This piece of upgrade order had been on their radar for as long as they had been a Level 2 guild.

"It’s finally out!" cried Fatty Han.

"Finally shot it out?" said Endless Starlight with a perverted smile on his face.

"Oh, I’ll ‘shoot’ your sister!" Fatty Han gave him the finger.

"Sadly, I don’t have any sisters. How about you shoot one out for me?" said Endless Starlight laughing. Fatty Han fell silent as he could not come up with any comeback.

Zhang Yang picked up the guild upgrade order and bellowed proudly. "We, the Lone Desert Smoke shall be the first guild in China to be a Level 3 guild!"

"Yeah!" Everyone cheered. The guild’s strength was their strength, the guild’s pride was their pride. The guild was like their home, their country, their homeland. With their guild standing stronger than ever, every member of the guild would have their standards increased! Even the common members too, would feel a certain level of pride to walk in the game, having the name tag - Lone Desert Smoke hanging over their heads.

Zhang Yang then opened the guild upgrade window and prepared to use the Level 3 Upgrade Order. Lone Desert Smoke had long since reached the maximum experience points to reach Level 3, the last step they needed to take was to obtain the Level 3 Upgrade Order!

‘Ding! Lone Desert Smoke has fulfilled the conditions to upgrade to Level 3. Proceed to upgrade Lone Desert Smoke to Level 3. Will consume one [Level 3 Guild Upgrade Order]. Proceed?’

Heck yea!



‘Ding! Congratulation! Lone Desert Smoke has been upgraded to a Level 3 Guild!’

Every member of Lone Desert Smoke heard the notification bell. Within seconds, the guild channel was instantly filled with words of gratitude by almost all the members.

‘Server Announcement: Congratulations to guild Lone Desert Smoke. They are the first Level 3 Guild! All members of Lone Desert Smoke will receive a 3 days benefits: 100% Bonus Experience Points, 50% discount on equipment repair fees, Gem Socketing fees, and Item Identifying fees.’

The benefits of becoming a Level 3 guild was the extra benefits upgrade! The maximum member limit had been increased to 30,000. Furthermore, the 20% bonus experience points gained from grinding and completing quest had been increased to 30%! Either benefit was a huge help to further strengthen the guild’s prowess.

Right after the system notification was released, other guild masters like Snow Seeker, Greensleeves Prince, Crimson Fire, and Sky Shaman had sent their congratulations to Zhang Yang. Unexpectedly, even One Sword Stroke had sent his regards as well! Perhaps, he was trying his best to resolve the conflict between the two guilds.

However so, the two guilds had already formed a deep, intense sense of enmity. The conflict between the two guilds could never be resolved with a few simple words! Even then, Zhang Yang would never find peace with One Sword Stroke, as long as Liu Wei stood with Imperial Sky!

[Holy Gauntlet of Justice] (Violet-Platinum, Heavy Armor)

Defense: +80

Vitality: +282

Strength: +81

Intelligence: +40

Equip Effect: Absorbs 162 damage on attack.


Level Requirement: 80

This gauntlet was a Defender’s specific equipment. Zhang Yang could use it nonetheless, but he would be wasting the 40 Intelligence points. Now that the party had a Defender, it would only be fitting to hand it over to him.

Smiling from ear to ear, Endless Starlight took the item and rubbed it against his face. Though he was not Level 80 yet, he was excited to have finally obtained a Level 80 Violet-Platinum equipment.

The remaining equipment Wei Yan Er had drawn out were seven counts of Yellow-Gold equipment. Even though right then, Level 80 Yellow-Gold equipment were still extremely rare, Lost Dream and many others did not set their sights on the equipment, since they had already had Violet-Platinums as their targets.

Fatty Han sighed heavily and said, "What a tiresome day. We have been fighting this boss, not to mention the bloody Reputation farming! The only person benefiting from this conquest was the Starlight brat! Sigh…"

Zhang Yang was not as depressed as Fatty Han. He knew, that no matter how strong the equipment was, they would eventually be discarded after 10 to 20 levels. On the other hand, the [Party Summon Order] and the [Level 3 Guild Upgrade Order] would forever retain its value!

Zhang Yang smiled. "Hey fatso, at least you got one Yellow-Gold equipment out of the pan, don’t be too greedy! Appreciate what you have!"

"Ah…hah…You’re right."

Since killing Eins Brook was not a quest request, they had no need to search for an NPC to complete any quests. Since they had been lingering in the small island for quite some time, the party wanted to go back to the main city.

"Wait guys, we did kill the fake son of god…Would the NPCs in the village be angry at us? Would they stop selling stuff to us?" said Wei Yan Er just when she was about to tear her [Teleportation Scroll]. Skill books and recipe were one-time items that can only be bought once and never again, however [Enchanting Gemstones] were different. Those items were used to upgrade equipment and would definitely continue to remain relevant in the future. If killing the boss and had jeopardized their relationship with the villagers, it was possible that they could no longer buy those items!

Now that it was out there, everyone started to have thoughts about it. They stopped and went towards the village and check the situation. Luckily, the villagers seemed completely oblivious about that, they were still treating Zhang Yang’s party with the same friendly attitude, all the while spouting the same nonsensical words of worshiping the son of the Fire God.

Now that everyone was the same as before, everyone calmed down and went back to Thunderstorm Castle. Everyone except for Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er wanted Zhang Yang to use his [Teleportation Scroll] and use the [Party Summon Order] to summon them to White Jade Castle. They wanted Zhang Yang to have a taste of using the summoning order. In truth, they just wanted to save some gold coins!

After a long period of grinding, Zhang Yang felt a little bored. Instead of continuing the search for the pieces of Dimensional Key Fragments, Zhang Yang took his time to do some other activities. The last key would require him to reach Level 90 before he could visit the map, and since he is only at Level 81, there is still a good 9 Level gap for him to take his slow, sweet time. Right now, Zhang Yang did what he found to be his favorite past time activity, that is to concoct potions, while anticipating any "prizes" that pop out. Having a transmuted potion as a bonus felt like he was obtaining a rare loot from a boss, or so he thought it was.

The problem was that, he was still lacking one important herb to concoct the [Level 4 Natural Resistant Potion]. He then visited the auction house to do a little shopping and at the same time, checked for goods that others might have left out.

They say that those unwise shoppers were aplenty in the streets, it's either luck for him to stumble into one. This time, Zhang Yang was pretty lucky himself, he had purchased himself a good pet skill book!

[Madness]: Increases your pet attack speed by 50%, whilst granting a 10% chance in each attack to restore 30% HP. Last for 10 seconds. Cost: 50 Focus. Cool Down Time: 10 Minutes.

Zhang Yang pondered over it for a little and finally decided to let the Mythical Turtle learn the skill instead. So far, almost all bosses had been fought with the Mythical Turtle. On the other hand, the Gold-Eared Bear King would be used to kill small monster and mini-boss, therefore, with or without a power boost, it would not matter much.

He bought half a stack of [Paralytic Flower] from the auction house, and empty potion bottles from the Alchemy Shop. After gathering the materials needed, Zhang Yang started to concoct the [Level 4 Natural Resistant Potion]. Half a stack was not the usual amount of which Zhang Yang did his purchasing. In fact, he would buy even more than just a single stack, if they were available in the market. [Paralytic Flowers] were rare, thus the supply in the market was extremely scarce. Currently, Zhang Yang was probably the only person in the city to be capable of concocting the potion. When the recipe becomes more widely available to others, the number of herbs in the market would drop even lower!

[Level 4 Natural Resistant Potion]

Use: Adds 5,000 Natural Resistant. Lasts for 2 minutes. Cool Down Time: 2 minutes.

Level Requirement: 70

The transmuted bonus of the Natural Resistant Potion could increase the effect by 10% to 100%. That meant that, if Zhang Yang was lucky enough to concoct a Grade 10 Transmutation, the Nature Resistance value would be 10,000!

The night went by and Zhang Yang logged off to made dinner for the girls. After having their meals, Wei Yan Er sneaked away to her room to read the news on her PC. Zhang Yang and Han Ying Xue were left in charge or cleaning up.

"Eh? Sis, noobie, the official site posted something about a guild war coming up in the next few days," cried Wei Yan Er from her room upstairs.

Zhang Yang was stunned. He had never heard of any guild wars in his previous life.

Wei Yan Er came down running and sat on the sofa, which was directly adjacent to the kitchen where Zhang Yang was. "Noob tank, what’s the guild war?"

Zhang Yang frowned and sighed heavily. "Hey kid. I am here washing up after you. Besides, you just read the post yourself, didn’t you? Why are you asking me for!"

"Tch." Wei Yan Er clicked her tongue, which made Zhang Yang slightly irritated. "You’re the one who claimed to be a beta-tester! You’re supposed to know everything there is about the game!" said Wei Yan Er while pouting her lips.

"Oh god…" Zhang Yang facepalmed himself.

Wei Yan Er shook her legs while waiting for Zhang Yang and Han Ying Xue to finish cleaning the dishes.

"You done?" asked Wei Yan Er when she saw Han Ying Xue wiping her hands dry with a cloth. "The guild wars is as the name describes. It is a competition where two guilds will have a face off with each other. Just like the Soaring Swords Competition! However, this match will not host an offline competition. The champion guild will be rewarded with a +3 Level to all members of the winning guild! They will also get a Gray-Silver battle mount! Crimson Flaming Horse!

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