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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 367 — Unsealing the First Magic Circle Seal

Chapter 367: Unsealing the First Magic Circle Seal

‘Ding! You and your party have acquired the Pandemonium (Hardcore Mode) First Clear Title, as the leader of the party, please key in the name of your party. Your name will be published on the list of the First Clear title, allowing the world to praise you!’

Once Sulga died, Zhang Yang received the system notification immediately. He let out a sigh and then keyed in those advertising words. Luckily he was a shareholder of Silky Soft Holdings now, so he did not feel as embarrassed as before.

Suddenly, the server was flooded with plenty of their First Clear notifications. Besides that, Zhang Yang and his 20-man party members were entitled to rewards of 10 gold coins, 1 skill point, and 500 alliance reputation points.

Zhang Yang added the skill point into his {Warrior's Will} and maximized the level of this skill. Now, it had only a one minute cool time duration! However, Zhang Yang had taken his newly acquired [Titan’s Chest Plate] into consideration, knowing it would be a good choice if he prioritized maximizing his {Shield Wall}’s level. That was an extra 150% of HP!

The party members were grinning as they were entitled to reward of a skill point and got to be enlisted in the First Clear rankings. This was especially true for the irregular party members, they were extremely excited! In fact, there were not many 20-man party dungeons. There was only Level 20 Marzerway's Lair, Level 60 Poison Fireland and now, Pandemonium!

No one could ever be faster than Wei Yan Er when it came to picking up the loot dropped from bosses. Wei Yan Er’s actions were very fast, once the boss had died, she had bent over to pick the loot.

First, she picked up 12 pieces of gold coins and put them into her backpack, before she started picking up other loot.

[Vortex Gauntlets] (Yellow-Gold, Heavy Armor)

Defense: +40

Vitality: +134

Intelligence: +123

Spirit: +54


Level Requirement: 80

It was a heavy armor with the additional attributes of Intelligence and Spirit, so this must exclusively be for Sacred Knights. This heavy armor was distributed after the two Sacred Knights in the party bid on it.

[Carrion Cutter] (Yellow-Gold, Two-Handed Axe)

Weapon Attack: 1,570-1,970

Attack Interval: 3.8 seconds

DPS: 466

Equipment: Every time the target is struck by this weapon, there will a chance of cutting the target’s carrion and cause 2,100 physical damage to the target.


Level Requirement: 80

Wei Yan Er was still using a Level 60 axe, therefore, she quickly bid for it without hesitation and won the two-handed axe. But, compared to the previous Alps’ drop, Death Blade which was a Violet-Platinum and two-handed sword, it was so much better than [Carrion Cutter] which also made little brat regret it for so long.

[Devotion Boots] (Yellow-Gold, Cloth Armor)

Defense: +8

Vitality: +120

Intelligence: +138

Spirit: +61


Level Requirement: 80

After some bidding, the equipment was taken by a Spellcaster who was named "Destroyer". Both Han Ying Xue and Daffodil Daydream had more chances to obtain the equipment, so they willingly stepped back.

Except for the three pieces of Yellow-Gold equipment, the rest of the equipment were Gray-Silvers which were also distributed to the party members.

Mountain Mover said, "This system is very stingy, there is only a Yellow-Gold boss in this dungeon and it only dropped three pieces of Yellow-Gold equipment. It will take very long for all the party members in a party to gather whole sets of Yellow-Gold equipment!"

"This wasn’t that bad, at least we still obtained some Yellow-Gold equipment, which is much better than defeating Gray-Silver bosses!"

But then again, the difficulty of the final boss in this Hardcore Mode was pretty high, therefore, not many equally leveled players in other guilds could defeat this final boss. As a result, it was unrealistic to universalize the Yellow-Gold equipment! Conversely, Gray-Silver equipment were already universalized.

Zhang Yang and his party could easily clear the dungeon, only because they had the {Dance of the Heaven and Earth}. This marvelous skill had carried them past the boss’ hardest Rage Mode! If it was any other party, at least three tanks would have been needed to take turns using {Vanguard's Aggression}. Even so, it was not easy to withstand 15,000 points of terrifying damage, which also tested the healers’ ability!

Zhang Yang did not immediately disband the party, but continued searching in the canyon as his [Mysterious Sword Hilt] still needed Margery as a guide in the subsequent quest. This might also need another battle, so Zhang Yang kept everyone with him.

After hundreds of meters, Zhang Yang saw an old woman who was wearing a scholar's gown, and the name on top of her head was Margery!

[Margery, the Greatest Historian under the Sky] (Normal, Humanoid)

Level: 80

HP: 8,000

MP: 4,000

Defense: 80

Zhang Yang quickly walked over and said, "Scholar Margery, I’m an adventurer from White Jade Castle and I have something to ask of you!"

Margery used her staff like a crutch and looked at Zhang Yang with her poor eyesight then said, "To think that you can actually find me, even though I live in such secluded area! Alright, since you are here, I will grant your wish!"

Zhang Yang took out the [Mysterious Sword Hilt] from his backpack and handed over to Margery then said, "I inadvertently got this sword hilt, and according to Smithing Master Banderash, there are three magic circle seals carved on this sword hilt, I would like to ask you, how can I unseal these three magic circle seals?!"

"Inadvertently…" Han Ying Xue pursed her lips.

Margery took over the sword hilt, looked carefully then said, "These are magic circle seals from ancient times, full of endless mysteries. It’s not easy to unseal them!"

Margery mentioned that it was not easy, not impossible!

"Great scholar, please elaborate more!" Zhang Yang said.

Margery closed her eyes, pondered for a while then said, "These three magic circle seals are interlocked with each other. I can only see the first magic circle seal, while the mysteries within the other two magic circle seals can only be discovered after the first magic circle seal has been unsealed!"

‘Ding! You have completed the quest: Refer to Margery for information!’

Margery slowly paced for a few steps and said, "If you want to unseal the first magic circle seal, you are required to defeat Lord of the Myriad Ghosts as it has an [Ancient Magic Stone]. After that, you are required to search for a [Millennial Heroic Soul], as this can protect the impact of the [Ancient Magic Stone] from destroying the sword hilt!"

‘Ding! Margery has a quest for you: Unseal the first magic circle seal. Will you accept?’

Of course, Zhang Yang would accept the quest!

"Come back to me when you have found both of these ingredients. I also would like to take a look at the remaining two magic seals. These could be useful for my research!" Margery gave the order.

Since everything had been resolved, everyone tore their [Teleportation Scroll] and returned to Thunderstorm Castle. Zhang Yang returned to the same route where he came from as he planned to gather all the ingredients to unseal the first magic circle seal. He could take advantage of the empty dungeon, he did not need to clear the monsters once again.

[Unseal the first magic circle seal] (Difficulty: S)

Quest Description: You got a clue of unsealing [Mysterious Sword Hilt] from Margery. What are you still waiting for, take action now! You are required to get [Ancient Magic Stone] from the Lord of the Myriad Ghosts and a [Millennial Heroic Soul]! It was said that Lord of the Myriad Ghosts is in the westernmost of Grand Canyon of Eternal Night. While it is rumored that Honduras in Killua Castle, which is located in Black Feather Forest, snapped a photo of a [Millennial Heroic Soul] three years ago. You better pray that he has not used it yet!

Progress: Obtain [Ancient Magic Stone] 0/1, [Millennial Heroic Soul] 0/1

Zhang Yang felt helpless, as he was at Altair Flatlands now, but the Lord of the Myriad Ghosts was located at Grand Canyon of Eternal Night, while Honduras was located in the Black Feather Forest. Therefore, this was another time-consuming quest which would require Zhang Yang to run around!

Well, complaining was useless, Zhang Yang decided to start the journey at once!

Zhang Yang exited from the dungeon, rode on Whitey and rushed towards Grand Canyon of Eternal Night.

Five hours later, Zhang Yang entered Grand Canyon of Eternal Night’s map, where he continued rushing to the west, and after another two hours later, he reached the Tomb of Despair.

Level 80 map was very huge!

However, if compared to the Chaos Realm’s map, this Grand Canyon of Eternal Night’s map was not that huge! Chaos Realm’s map was different from the maps below Level 100, each main city had their own respective maps at every 10 levels. However, the level spans of Chaos Realm’s maps were huge, for example, Siccory Mountains started from Level 110 to Level 140, which spanned by 30 levels!

The bigger the level span, the bigger the maps! Besides, after Level 100, the penalty of level gaps had increased from 10 levels to 30 levels, which encouraged the players to challenge stronger monsters!

Zhang Yang was familiar with Tomb of Despair as in his previous life, he had completed quests at this place and he still remembered there was a quest that rewarded a Gray-Silver accessory. Besides, this was definitely good news for most of the players who still had not yet occupied their accessory slots!

This Tomb of Despair was located within the mountains, and its entrance was very narrow. If the players did not pay attention, no one would think that there was another world there!

The entrance was very dark, and Zhang Yang walked blindly, without any light for a long time before he finally saw lights that looked like burning torches slowly appearing in front of him. The closer he walked towards the torches, the clearer he could see.

There was no monsters at the dark area in front of Zhang Yang. But there were hunchbacked skeleton soldiers wandering back and forth close to the burning torches. They made cracking noises as they moved.

[Skeletal Soldier of Tomb of Despair] (Elite, Spectre)

Level: 83

HP: 83,000

Defense: 450

Lord of the Myriad Ghosts must be in the deepest part of Tomb of Despair. Zhang Yang took out his [Goblin's Head Lobber] and threw a {Spear of Obliteration} at the frontmost skeletal soldier and started the battle.

An elite monster certainly was no threat to Zhang Yang, but when the skeletal soldier’s HP dropped to 50%, it suddenly took out a sharp bone from its rib cage and stabbed at Zhang Yang’s chest!

‘Ding! You are stunned, due to the effects of Skeletal Soldier of Tomb of Despair’s sharp bone and you will lose 2,000 HP every second. Lasts for 5 seconds!’

This effect directly deducted 2,000 HP not deal 2,000 points of damage! Even though Zhang Yang’s defense was strong, this effect totally ignored Zhang Yang’s high defense!

Zhang Yang quickly activated {Warrior's Will} to remove the stunning effect, so that the HP deduction effect could be removed as well! After that, Zhang Yang defeated the minion with ease.

Luckily he had maximized his {Warrior's Will}’s level so the cool time duration was only one minute! Most of the tanks at the moment had not even maximized {Block}’s level, how could they have the extra skill point to add to {Warrior's Will}’s level? {Warrior's Will} would not help much if its cool down duration was 10 minutes!

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