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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 368 — Rhine Wildhammer’s Quest

Chapter 368: Rhine Wildhammer’s Quest

Zhang Yang struck like a hurricane, the elite monster could only live for 10 seconds under the combined attacks of Zhang Yang and Whitey! However, even with {Rearm}, Zhang Yang was still forced to take quite an amount of unnecessary damage. As Zhang Yang had quickly burned through two {Warrior's Will}’s effects, he needed to withstand the sharp bone stunning effect and lose 6,000 HP in the progress. (Zhang Yang’s [Heart of the Death Knight] helped to reduce 50% of status restriction duration, thus, 5 seconds of stunning became 2.5 seconds to him, and he only suffered 3 seconds worth of damage). In the end, the elite monster still caused sizable damage to Zhang Yang!

In order to save time, Zhang Yang did not eat health recover cakes after defeating the monsters, but drank [Level 4 Healing Potions] one after another. Also with the effect of transmuted [Troll Recovery Potion], was sufficient to support Zhang Yang. He did not need to take any breaks to recover his health condition.

There were tombs at the left and right sides of the passage, and there were many minions near the tombs which made it very suitable for training. But Zhang Yang wanted to complete the quest, so he did not waste time on these minions. He looked around each tomb and only moved forward if there were no minions.

However, the quest description never mentioned that the Lord of the Myriad Ghosts was in the deepest part of the Tomb of Despair, and it was just Zhang Yang’s own guess. On the other hand, there might be more than just the boss, Lord of the Myriad Ghosts. It would be good as Zhang Yang could have extra income if Zhang Yang met other mini-bosses. Besides, there might be the appearances of treasure chests!

There were many floors within the Tomb of Despair. As Zhang Yang was clearing the minions on his route at the bottommost floor, he saw a boss blocking his way.

[The Sobber, Heiminus] (Gray-Silver, Spectre)

Level: 84

HP: 840,000

Defense: 900

"Wu wu wu" Zhang Yang could hear boss’ sobbing sounds from afar. When Zhang Yang came closer, the sobbing sounds became clearer. The sobbing sounds were echoed endlessly in an unobscured passage, clear and sorrowful sobbing sounds, full of resentment which could actually horrify anyone in the middle of the night!

Heiminus was all but the skeletal remnants of a sorrowful existence, with green burning flames in its eye sockets, unable to even shed a drop of tear. But, it still covered its cheeks with both of its hands and wept terribly.

Zhang Yang switched his battle mounts and summoned Mythical Turtle, as Mythical Turtle was more powerful when fighting the boss!

Zhang Yang used {Spear of Obliteration} to pull the boss’ aggro.


"Wu!" Heiminus wept with grief, looked up at Zhang Yang, the green burning flames danced within its eye sockets and it shouted, "Abominable human, are you going to hurt me again? I won’t let you do as you please this time, I will fight back, I really will fight back!"

The boss chased after Zhang Yang.

‘Ding! You are affected by Sorrow Aura and your damage is reduced by 10%!’

Heiminus had a peculiar aura which immediately reduced Zhang Yang’s damage by 10%. It was very annoying.


The boss swung its bony hand at Zhang Yang, but the first attack was negated with {Block} which gave him 30 Rage.

After Zhang Yang added 5 stacks of {Cripple Defense} on the boss, he immediately fought back.

97%, 95%, 92%… Although Zhang Yang and the Mythical Turtle’s attacks were reduced by 10%, their total damage was still very strong. Just within 30 seconds, they successfully reduced boss’ HP to 75%!

‘Wu!’ Heiminus suddenly screeched, and Zhang Yang suddenly had a sad feeling that he could not even describe. He could not even raise his hands when his tears automatically started flowing from his eyes.

‘Ding! You are affected by Heiminus’ Sorrow effect, and you cannot control your own behavior. Lasts for 10 seconds!’

F*ck, this emo boss not only loved to weep and sob, but it was getting contagious, this was getting too annoying!

Zhang Yang quickly used {Warrior's Will} to remove this effect, while Mythical Turtle had no choice but to lie on the ground and shed tears silently.

Zhang Yang continued fighting the boss.

Another 30 seconds later, Heiminus activated its Sorrow Aura once again but Zhang Yang’s {Warrior's Will} was still under a cool down period, therefore, Zhang Yang could only receive 5 seconds of the ([Heart of the Death Knight]’s effect)! Luckily, Heiminus was just a Gray-Silver boss, its attacks by hand just caused about 3,000 damage to Zhang Yang, and within 5 seconds only deducted Zhang Yang’s HP by 9,000!

When the third time of Sorrow effect was activated, Zhang Yang’s {Warrior's Will} was ready.

30 seconds, 60 seconds, 90 seconds, 120 seconds… the Boss’ HP dropped drastically and was almost depleted.

Zhang Yang used {Berserker's Heal} and {Shield Wall} which additionally recovered 150% of his HP, and then directly defeated Heiminus! Starting from Level 80 maps, Gray-Silver bosses were equivalent to Green-Copper bosses and were no longer as strong as they once were. Not to mention, Zhang Yang was already equipped with almost a full body of Violet-Platinum equipment, which was much stronger than Heiminus!

Also, {Berserker's Heal} and {Shield Wall} had only a few minutes of cool down duration. After killing a few minions, {Berserker's Heal} and {Shield Wall} were ready once again and did not have to spend money! Besides, a bottle of [Level 4 Healing Potion] in the current market could be sold for 100 gold coins!

After Heiminus was killed, it dropped four pieces of Gray-Silver equipment, which was quite stingy. However, it still dropped two [Chaos Gems], and helped Zhang Yang extend his backpack space to 120 slots, so that he could put more herbs and potions.

Zhang Yang continued moving forward, although the tombs were very dark and very chill, they spawned a kind of herb, called [Zombie Moss] which could be used to concoct [Zombie Potion]!

[Zombie Potion] was very interesting, after using it, it allowed the players to "Scam Death"!

After the player who drank [Zombie Potion] died, the player could tentatively turn into zombies and continue the battle, lasting for 30 seconds! During this period, the player would ignore any damage but could not ignore status restriction skills. However, after 30 seconds, the player would still die! But if it was in PvP, 30 seconds of damage ignoring were sufficient to defeat the opponent who were close to death. However, if the grade of equipment for both sides were different by a lot, even 10 minutes of [Zombie Potion]’s effect would still be pointless!

On the other hand, [Zombie Potion]’s effect was also good when defeating the boss, the player allowed to continue fighting 30 seconds. When the number of players was high, the damage input to the boss was still powerful!

Nevertheless, [Zombie Potion]’s recipe not easily dropped and [Zombie Moss] also not easily collected! [Zombie Moss] only grew in Level 80 and above tomb’s environment, besides, its re-spawn time was 72 hours. Also, less than 10 [Zombie Moss] were growing in each tomb!

After Zhang Yang cleared two floors of Tomb of Despair, he successfully obtained four [Zombie Moss] which was terribly low amount! Luckily, only a [Zombie Moss] was required to concoct a [Zombie Potion]. Thus, these four [Zombie Moss] could concoct four [Zombie Potions].

An hour later, Zhang Yang reached the second floor of Tomb of Despair and fought the second boss, Cassandra.

[Cassandra] (Gray-Silver, Spectre)

Level: 85

HP: 850,000

Defense: 900

The boss’ flashing green light eyes asides, Cassandra would definitely be a top beauty, she had a slender and voluptuous body figure, tear-drop shaped breasts, a plump booty and a curvy waistline.

She was wearing black tight leather, which totally displayed her voluptuous body figure. But her face was too pale, like some kind of sickly beauty.

The boss was holding a sword, and blood still dripped from the tip of the sword. Her pink tongue kept licking her red lips, which gave a completely femme fatale vibe!

Zhang Yang summoned the Mythical Turtle once again and threw a {Spear of Obliteration} at the boss, and then rushed towards the boss using {Charge}.

"Here comes another prey!" Cassandra excitedly screamed and raised her sword in readiness, "What an aromatic, delicious smell of blood!"

After Zhang Yang pulled the boss’ aggro by throwing {Spear of Obliteration}, he started stepping backward until Mythical Turtle was able to engage the boss. Both Zhang Yang and Mythical Turtle bombarded the boss’ HP. It was just a Gray-Silver boss, how powerful could it be?

Cassandra’s attack power was similar with Heiminus, but she had a few offensive skills, thus, her overall damage was much higher than Heiminus! But, she did not have the aura that reduced player’ attack power, and she did not even have status restriction skills. As a result, Zhang Yang and Mythical Turtle’s damages were much higher now!

Other than using {Berserker's Heal} and {Shield Wall}, Zhang Yang also drank two bottles of [Level 4 Healing Potion] before successfully defeating the boss. Besides, other than a few pieces of Gray-Silver equipment, Zhang Yang obtained two [Chaos Gems] and instantly, his backpack space became 140 slots!

Zhang Yang went on to the third level of the Tomb of Despair!

After fighting his way for a period of time, Zhang Yang suddenly stopped, and then doubled back a few steps, turning around to look at a tomb on his left side.

Eight skeletal soldiers were attacking a red bearded dwarf, and at that moment, the battle almost ended. When Zhang Yang started moving towards the battle, the dwarf already fall defeated, groaning in pain, dropping his big hammer.

Once the dwarf died, the eight skeletal soldiers also instantly disappeared, and the nearby of the tomb also became empty.

Zhang Yang sighed. He was too late!

That red-bearded dwarf was the NPC who offered accessory quests. As long as players passed by and rescued him from the monsters, and helped him get the "treasure chest" behind the fourth boss, Briggs, players would be entitled accessories as the quest reward.

This pitiful NPC would continually be attacked by the monsters, and if no players passed by, then this NPC would die for many times! If there is a counter for the number of NPC deaths in God's Miracle, this dwarf would surely top the list!

However, if players had completed the quest, this dwarf NPC would no longer spawn, this was called a "mirror" technology in this game.

Five minutes later, the dwarf re-spawned, along with the eight elite skeletal monsters!

[Rhine Wildhammer] (Elite, Humanoid)

Level: 85

HP: 100,000

Defense: 450

Note: Claiming himself as a great explorer, but the others usually call him a grave robber.

"Damn it, why are there so many spectres here! God of Titans, please, quickly send someone to save me this pitiful Rhine!" the dwarf raised his big hammer to meet his foe as he grumbled.

Zhang Yang laughed out loud, patted his Whitey to dash into the tomb chamber and said, "I thought I heard a coward crying for help!"

"What, you dared to call the great explorer as a coward? Mortal, let’s fight a duel!" Rhine roared angrily, giving one of the skeletons a particularly good thump.

"Hey, is that how you to talk to your rescuer?" Zhang Yang waved his sword, launched {Blast Wave} and stunned all the eight skeletal soldiers, and then rescued Rhine immediately!

"Alright, human kid, since you have helped me, I can forgive your rudeness, but you have to compensate me!"

"Roar!" the eight skeletal soldiers awoke from their stun and started attacking Zhang Yang.

While Rhine Wildhammer did not help Zhang Yang a hand but hid away and put on a bandage to recover his HP. However, the times taken for NPCs and players to put on bandage were different, the bandage progress bar under the NPC’s tag moved extremely slowly. Obviously, the NPC would not help immediately, but would instead wait for Zhang Yang to clear all the monsters. The other case would be if Zhang Yang got close to death. The NPC too would help out.

In terms of attack power, the eight skeletal soldiers were pieces of cake for Zhang Yang. But when these monsters were reduced to 50% HP, they would use sharp bone paralyze effect. If these monsters took turns to use this status restriction skill, it would be very troublesome for Zhang Yang!

Therefore, Zhang Yang switched targets repeatedly until all the monsters were at 51% of their HP… After that, he used {Blast Wave} and {Horizontal Sweep} to reduce all eight monsters’ HP to 50%!

The eight skeletal soldiers initiated sharp bone paralyze effect together on Zhang Yang!

‘Ding! You are stunned due to you are affected by Skeletal Soldier of Tomb of Despair’s sharp bone paralyze and you lose 2,000 HP every second. Lasts for 5 seconds!’

‘Ding! You are stunned due to you are affected by Skeletal Soldier of Tomb of Despair’s sharp bone paralyze and you lose 2,000 HP every second. Lasts for 5 seconds!’


All of sudden, the system notifications rang around Zhang Yang’s ears, nonstop.

‘{Warrior's Will}!’

All the debuffs were removed!

Zhang Yang immediately bombarded the eight monsters without hesitation and worries, while using {Shield Wall} and {Berserker's Heal}.

"Hey, human, you are kind of powerful, huh!" Rhine stopped putting his bandage and his HP bar became full. Rhine gazed at Zhang Yang with narrowed eyes, "Since you are helping me, I will not fuss over your rudeness earlier on!"

Luckily, the NPC had not helped Zhang Yang out just now, otherwise, Zhang Yang would not be able to precisely control the monsters’ HP, and be unable to remove the eight sharp bone paralyze effects at once by using {Warrior's Will}!

Zhang Yang smiled happily as there were two extreme combinations, some dwarves were kind and honest; while some dwarves were greedy and cheapskate. Rhine Wildhammer definitely was the second type of dwarf, which was greedy and cheapskate. That was why Rhine fooled away Zhang Yang’s kindness of helping him.

However, it was pointless to fuss with an NPC.

"Dwarf, I have something else to do, stay safe!" Zhang Yang said.

"Wait a minute!" Rhine blocked in front of Zhang Yang and said, "Warrior, you look capable, I can give you a task! Help me enter the fourth floor of Tomb of Despair and search for a useless box, and I will give you a sacred treasure of our Dwarf race!"

‘Ding! Rhine Wildhammer has a quest for you: This is just a little favor. Will you accept it?’

Zhang Yang did not accept the quest immediately but equipped [Party Summon Order] and then activated it.

Sun Xin Yu, Daffodil Daydream, Fantasy Sweetheart, Lost Dream, Fatty Han, Hundred Shots and Endless Starlight appeared around Zhang Yang within one to two seconds. Wei Yan Er asked in the party channel, "Noob tank, why did you teleport us there? Do you know [Teleportation Scrolls] are very costly?!"

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