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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 369 — This Is But A Small Favor

Chapter 369: This Is But A Small Favor

[Party Summon Order]’s teleportation was consensual.

When someone in the party used a [Party Summon Order], a dialogue box would pop-up in the rest of the nine party members’ interface, to give them the option to accept. The players could choose to accept, or reject, or even ignore the dialogue box but the dialogue box would last for only a minute. after a minute, the system would reject the summoning automatically.

Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er loved to be garrulous with Zhang Yang as they knew that Zhang Yang would not summon them for fun, so both of them only appeared around Zhang Yang after three to four seconds later. Besides, Zhang Yang had to reimburse them the "ticket" back to the city!

Zhang Yang pointed at Rhine Wildhammer and said, "Talk to that NPC to receive a quest!"

Everyone talked to that dwarf and received the quest, "This is just a little favor".

[This is just a little favor] (Difficulty: B)

Quest Description: Help Rhine Wildhammer to get the treasure! You must ensure that Rhine Wildhammer survives. If Rhine Wildhammer dies, this quest will be deemed a failure.

Progress: Help Rhine Wildhammer get the treasure 0/1

Quest Reward: [Dwarf’s Blessing]

[Dwarf’s Blessing] (Gray-Silver, Accessory)

Use: Removes all the effects that restrict a player’s action. Lasts for 10 minutes.

Level Requirement: 80

This accessory was born for PvP, as it could remove all the status restriction skills. However, it was not as useful as {Warrior's Will} which also could remove DoT damage effect, or give an invincible effect like {Sacred Protection}. However, this NPC gifted the players an auto ability of anti-status restriction effect, which was also quite good!

Especially when fighting against Thieves, an extra anti-status restriction effect ability would also increase the survivability!

This was why Zhang Yang summoned everyone here for the quest.

"Hey, you guys have to work harder! As I’m rewarding you guys our Dwarf race’s precious treasure. If you guys cannot protect me, then you guys should just slit your necks up with a knife to commit suicide!" Rhine said with his cheapskate’s face.

Luckily, everyone was used to dealing with the cheapskates Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er, so they did not bother about the NPC.

After everyone had received the quest, Rhine started walking in front of everyone.

When Zhang Yang was alone, he had already swathed a path through the various monsters, and now that there were so many of them, it was even easier to defeat all the minions along their way. Half an hour later, they reached the third boss, Brighton.

[Brighton] (Yellow-Gold, Spectre)

Level: 86

HP: 1,720,000

Defense: 1500

It was a huge and tall man with a ferocious face, his top was bare and full of scars, and some parts even exposed his internal organs and bones! For spectre, bones were their fundamentals, while blood and flesh were not necessary for their survival, therefore, their physical injuries would not be recovered automatically.

The party no longer needed to be extra careful when fighting against Yellow-Gold bosses. All of them rushed towards the boss and launched vigorous attacks.

Brighton was a gatekeeper boss, although his HP was low, he must be harboring an ulti! Unfortunately, he was only the third boss, although he was stronger than the previous two Gray-Silver bosses, he was still no match to the party. A minute later, he was killed by the party!

Brighton dropped two pieces of Yellow-Gold equipment, both of them being cloth armor. The gloves were given to Fantasy Sweetheart while the helmet was given to Daffodil Daydream. Besides, the boss also dropped three [Chaos Gems]. It seemed that all the bosses here would drop [Chaos Gems].

Zhang Yang did not even win a [Chaos Gem]. However, he had already taken four [Chaos Gems] previously, so he did not feel particularly bad about it.

After killing the third boss, the party continued moving forward and rushed into the fourth floor of Tomb of Despair.

"I smell my lovely precious!" Rhine sniffed, about, his huge brandy nose twitching. He sped up and moved forwards.

Everyone quickly followed closely, as if the NPC died, they would have to run back to the same place and receive the quest once again.

All of them defeated the minions easily along the way, and half an hour later, they reached the front of the fourth boss,

[Briggs] (Yellow-Gold, Spectre)

Level: 87

HP: 1,740,000

MP: 870,000

Defense: 1,500

This was a magic-type boss. This boss had a hunched back, wore black robes, held a dark green staff, was barefooted, and had the bones of its toes exposed.

"My precious treasure!" grave robber Rhine saw the boss like a pervert seeing a naked beauty, the excitement shone in his eyes, he shouted and rushed towards the boss with his greedy face, as if he would sacrifice anything for the treasure.

Zhang Yang and the rest immediately turned to Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er. The resemblance was uncanny!

Wei Yan Er fidgeted uncomfortably and asked, "Why are you guys looking at us?"

When everyone heard her ask so, they immediately burst into laughter.

While at this moment, Rhine had already initiated the battle, and both of these NPCs had already started fighting each other.

Although Rhine received a boost and mysteriously grew stronger upon seeing his Rhine, as a mere elite monster, he could not be the boss’ opponent. So, Rhine was in pain as his HP dropped drastically. He quickly yelled, "You guys, hurry up, come over to help me, I’m your employer!"

Zhang Yang laughed out loud and raised his [Goblin's Head Lobber] and then rushed towards them.

This quest’s difficulty was B which also means that the boss was not hard to defeat. The true fact also was shown, under the crowd’s powerful crushes, the boss was quickly defeated.

Once the boss was dead, Wei Yan Er quickly ran over the boss’ corpse to pick up the coins, while Rhine excitedly rushed towards the back of Briggs’ corpse for a stone chest. Rhine broke the stone chest and took out a fiery red colored hat.

Rhine held the red hat like his baby and even gently stroked the hat against his face obsessively.

Wei Yan Er stood beside him, similarly stroking the gold coins in her hands!

After some time, Rhine only put the red hat on his arms then came to the front of Zhang Yang and his party members. After that, he threw a piece of silvery white small pendant at everyone and said, "You guys did a good job, here are your rewards, I’ll take my leave then!"

‘Ding! You have completed the quest: This is just a little favor. Obtained 2,000,000 experience points!’

‘Ding! You have obtained an item: [Dwarf’s Blessing]!’

Rhine went off quickly without saying anything, as if he was afraid that Zhang Yang and the rest would snatch away his "treasure".

After everyone distributed Briggs’ drops, they continued moving forwards and immediately reached the final floor of the Tomb of Despair. They were there for the final boss, Lord of the Myriad Ghosts!

If the first two bosses were a Gray-Silver grade, the third and the fourth bosses being a Yellow-Gold grade, then the fifth boss would most probably be a Violet-Platinum grade!

Everyone had been bored of fighting against Yellow-Gold bosses, but Violet-Platinum bosses were not common encounters yet!

They cleared the monsters along the way, and after they had cleared the fifth floor of monsters, Zhang Yang had already collected 10 [Zombie Moss] in total. Unfortunately, the [Zombie Potion]’s recipe was not dropped so easily, so Zhang Yang would have to keep waiting.

There was a wide space in the middle of the mountain in the deepest of the fifth floor of Tomb of Despair. It was chilly here and the cold wind actually made people shiver!

A monster which was hidden by the black fog appeared in front of the party, its body size was huge, reaching up to eight meters tall. They vaguely saw its skeletal skull and two green evil flames burned in its eyeholes.


A head stretched out from the monster which was covered by the black fog, uttering a cry with a terrified expression, but it seemed to be held back within the black fog by something else!


From these screams, one after another, more heads stretched out from the black fog, but then disappeared in the black fog again. It seemed like countless of wraiths stayed in this body.

[Lord of the Myriad Ghosts] (Violet-Platinum, Spectre)

Level: 88

HP: 8,800,000

Defense: 2,500

Note: The King of Spectre of the Tomb of Despair!

"Yo, this boss is scary!" Wei Yan Er complained.

"Little brat, I thought you are not afraid of anything?"

"My cousin said, I’m a big girl after 18 years old, I have to learn to be demure and lovely, only can I trigger men’s desire to protect me, and also to control them!" Wei Yan Er said flippantly.

After hearing those words, Zhang Yang and the rest were speechless, but Han Ying Xue only sighed.

"What’s the plan?" everyone looked at Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang shrugged his shoulders, as there was the Fastest Dungeon Raid Level Clearance Ranking for the dungeon’s bosses, therefore, many players would come up with tactics for the optimal party class combinations and tactics. But there were so many open-world bosses, and the bosses did not re-spawn as swiftly as a dungeon boss. So, only a few famous open-world bosses would have comprehensive tactics available against them, from intensive research.

Those open-world bosses were hardly defeated, but there were many members in a strong guild, so strong guilds could just use their numbers to defeat the open-world bosses. So at this point, tactics have become pointless!

Zhang Yang did not fight against this Lord of the Myriad Ghosts before so he did not know the corresponding tactics.

Zhang Yang simply answered, "Just do what feels right. We’re not racing for time. If worst comes to worst, we die once, and start again from the scratch!"

Zhang Yang summoned Mythical Turtle and directly dashed towards the boss.

"A live one? Here?" Lord of the Myriad Ghosts uttered in a weird tone that sounded like a chorus of voices. The boss looked at Zhang Yang with its burning green flames eyes, and suddenly, its body inflated as if someone had blown gas into it, and it instantly became hundreds of meters tall!

"Become part of the king's body!" the boss uttered again with the voice of the thousands of thousands of people screaming, and a black light suddenly emerged from the black fog that formed a huge palm which tried to grab hold of Zhang Yang!

When they looked carefully, the palm was made up from countless of faces; all the faces showed terrified expressions and screeched continuously!

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