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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 370 — Lord of the Myriad Ghosts

Chapter 370: Lord of the Myriad Ghosts

The devilish boss manipulated everything an ancient devil!

Within the black fog, countless of faces continuously moaned and screamed in pain in a terrifying image of sorrow! This scene exactly looks like the end of days!

That huge palm came at Zhang Yang, but Zhang Yang immediately raised his shield and activated {Block}. At the same time, he also lifted his axe on his right and hacked at terrifying evil palm.



12 ‘-1,000’ damage texts floated on top of Zhang Yang’s head continuously. At the same time, Zhang Yang’s axe chopped nothing but air!

The party members saw that Zhang Yang had the boss’s attention, so all of them surrounded the boss and started launching attacks, while ranged attackers also threw fire arrows and fire balls from afar. But their attacks also hit nothing like Zhang Yang. These fire arrows and fire balls phased through the black fog, until the maximum 30 meters skill range, where fire arrows fell on the floor and fire balls were automatically extinguished.

"This is not from the boss’ body, look for the actual target!" Zhang Yang quickly shouted loudly and continued rushing towards the Lord of the Myriad Ghosts’ huge body!

As the boss received attacks from the ranged attackers, Fatty Han, Hundred Shots and Daffodil Daydream, The Lord of the Myriad Ghosts roared with the voice of the thousands and thousands of people shouting, and three masses of black fog emerged from the boss’ body and turned into three evil palms which raced towards Fatty Han, Hundred Shots and Daffodil Daydream. The palms were made up by countless of anguished screaming faces!



Multiple ‘-1,000’ damage texts floated above these three persons’ heads. When the boss kept its evil palms, each of their HP bars had already lost 12,000 HP!

Zhang Yang was frowning, as this boss caused 1,000 damages to all types of classes, which made his pridefully high defense useless!

He quickly referred to the battle record to check what type of attack he had received, ‘You have lost 1,000 HP due to the Lord of the Myriad Ghosts’ bite!’

It was "Lost" instead of "Being Hurt", these two words produced the same outcome, but they had totally different algorithms. "Being hurt" would be affected by defense, magic resistant, passive immune and equipment absorption effect, while "Lost" would directly deduct the HP, ignoring any resistance effects, even ignoring "invincibility" skills and effect!

It was like the sharp bone paralyzing effect that Zhang Yang encountered from the skeletal minions previously, which directly deducted 10,000 HP within 5 seconds, without any discount!

In this scenario, the tank’s only remaining advantage over the other classes would be his high HP.

Zhang Yang rushed towards the Lord of the Myriad Ghosts, within a 10 meters range, and activated {Charge}!


Zhang Yang was like a speeding arrow, he struck against boss and the [Goblin's Head Lobber] on his hand crunched into the boss once again.


This time, the attack finally dealt damage to the boss.

Lord of the Myriad Ghosts screeched, the black fog emerged from its body once again then turned into evil palm, and whacked towards Zhang Yang. Previously, everyone was attacking the boss’ "invincible" evil palms and did not deal any damage to boss, therefore, the boss’ aggro list became disorderly, so the boss had launched counterattacks to the four persons who attacked it before. At this time, the boss’ body only received damage from Zhang Yang, thus, the boss’ aggro list was back to normal.

Zhang Yang received another 12,000 damage and his rage bar became full. He immediately added 5 stacks of {Cripple Defense} on the boss which activated the signal to lay it all out.

Every party member quickly read the situation and started attacking the body directly. The melee attackers also went around to the back of the boss to launch their attacks. The ranged attackers were standing in a group, but were separated by three meters to allow the healers to heal without much difficulty.

Lord of the Myriad Ghosts’ attacks seemed weaker than other Violet-Platinum bosses as it dealt only 19,000 damage at once, but its attacks ignored any defensive skills, while also launching an attack every two seconds. Each strike was a guaranteed hit, and its DPS totaled up to 6,000. It was still a Violet-Platinum boss through and through!

Fortunately, this time, Zhang Yang had brought along two healers, which were Han Ying Xue and Fantasy Sweetheart. They were the top healers in Lone Desert Smoke. Both of their abilities were sufficient in healing all of the party members’ HP!

Although this Lord of the Myriad Ghosts was not a magic-type boss, it caused Guardian’s strongest defense skill, {Block} to lose its role which also prevented the use of {Shield Bash}! As Zhang Yang already had the five piece effect of the Titan set equipment, his {Shield Bash} did not require rage anymore, and its damage was doubled. When this {Shield Bash} struck on the boss with 5 stacks of {Cripple Defense}, it could actually cause 4,830 points of damage to boss, an impressive amount of doubled damage!

However, when fighting against the Lord of the Myriad Ghosts, Zhang Yang only had his higher HP to rely on!

"Mortals will eventually be swallowed up by death!"

"Death is the beginning to eternal life!"

"Mortals, become part of the body of the king, and you will all be immortals!"

Lord of the Myriad Ghosts was attacking them as it uttered these words. Each line was uttered with the chorus of a thousand voices, it was bone-chilling!

After Zhang Yang had stabilized the boss’ aggro, the boss targeted Zhang Yang alone. The two godly Priests were in charge of healing, even though Zhang Yang lost his immune ability, he still happily withstood the boss’ attacks.

90%, 80%, the boss’ HP started to reduce steadily.

"Foolish mortals, give up on your mundane ideas, and allow the king to devour your flesh and souls!" Lord of the Myriad Ghosts angrily shouted. After that, the boss swung its body and countless of heads dropped from the black fog, all over the ground!

This scene was extremely bloody and terrifying which could actually scare off a weak-willed person!

"Oh my god!"

The first person who screamed was not the timid member of the party, Fantasy Sweetheart, but Fatty Han!

Everyone was speechless and Han Ying Xue was curious and asked, "Sweetheart, why aren’t you afraid?"

"I love to watch horror movies, so…" this little beauty with a baby face and plump bosoms shyly answered.

Zhang Yang laughed and asked, "Fatty, why are you screaming?"

"You guys, don’t you feel that this is scary?" Fatty Han answered with his half-opened mouth.

Endless Starlight laughed evilly and said, "Brother fatty must have gotten f*cked in the ass!"

When they were talking, the soil on the ground wiggled and formed into headless clay figurines! These clay figurines reached out and picked up the heads on the ground, and stuffed them on their necks, it was like magic, instantly a clay figurine army was formed!

[Restless Spirits] (Normal, Summon)

Level: 85

HP: 8,500

Defense: 80

These spirits look ferocious, the spirits even constantly uttered the same frightening screams as they lifted their hands, moved their clay feet and slowly moved towards Zhang Yang. There were about four hundred of them!

"Damn, why do I have the feeling of watching zombie movie?!" Lost Dream yelled loudly.

Zhang Yang frowned and said, "Starlight, move to the ranged attackers’ position and kite that monster that are after them, and I will pull the monsters at the melee position!"

There were too many monsters to be squashed into the players’ AoE skill range, therefore, it was pointless to pull the monsters into a group but to at least kill 50 of the monsters first.

"Roger that!"

Endless Starlight quickly kept his war hammer and moved backward to protect the ranged attackers.

Normal monsters were totally harmless to the well-equipped tank, but these monsters were still threatening to the other classes, especially in such a high amount of monsters! Endless Starlight had already prepared his {Vanguard's Aggression} and could be used at any time.

The spirits didn’t move very quickly, but there were so many of them that they slowly surrounded the party like a zombie attack in horror movies!

Zhang Yang changed his weapon to his [Dark Enigmatic Sword] and launched {Horizontal Sweep}!

Suddenly, a wide cloud of ‘-6,000’ damage texts floated across the monsters’ head, along with a few critical strikes which dealt up to 13,000 points of damage, and some spirits were killed instantly! The special effect of [Dark Enigmatic Sword] was activated and immediately launched another sword of shadows!

"Ah!" the spirits screamed in pain and started moving towards Zhang Yang.

‘{Blast Wave}!’

Zhang Yang wielded his [Dark Enigmatic Sword] once again and launched a conical-shape shock wave. Suddenly, those areas of monsters were all stunned and more than 10 ‘-1,264’ damage texts popped-up!

The special effect of [Dark Enigmatic Sword] was activated, as when fighting against so many monsters, even a 1% chance of special effect activation would also be easy to trigger!

Pa! Pa! Pa!

The spirits were just the normal monsters, even though they were in high amount, they quickly fell defeated!

‘{Thunder Strike}!’

Zhang Yang trampled on the ground, and then another series of damage texts popped-up!

Sun Xin Yu and the rest did not stand by idly, and also helped to clear out the horde.

The pitiful minions’ basic attack was only 1,700, even when attacked Zhang Yang from his back, they also caused nullified damage! ‘-0’ texts popped-up when the spirits put their hands on Zhang Yang!

Less than a minute later, the minions at the melee position was all cleared! There were still a hundred monsters after the ranged attackers, which showed that Zhang Yang’s sword was peerless in AoE attacks!

Unfortunately, this special effect was greatly weakened after Level 80, otherwise, they would have killed all the minions even faster!

Sun Xin Yu and the rest turned around to help Daffodil Daydream and the others. Zhang Yang was still tanking the boss and Endless Starlight was steadily pulling the minions. He did not require Zhang Yang’s help!

In a short time, the minions at the ranged position were also cleared. Everyone headed back to the boss and vigorously launched attacks towards the boss.

70%, 60%…

After a while, the boss dropped countless of heads once again to form another clay figurine army which then lumbered towards Zhang Yang and his party members.

Previously, everyone did not use any long cool down skills. This time, they cleared the minions with ease, obtaining plenty of experience points!

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