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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 371 — Blood Rage Armor Set

Chapter 371: Blood Rage Armor Set

Fatty Han could not help but feel content for the moment, "Little Yang, let’s slow down the pace for a little bit and kill some more monsters. We can get more experience points!"

Wei Yan Er laughed out loudly at Fatty Han and said, "Wretched fatty, you just don’t want to engage with the scary ghost boss, am I right?"

Fatty Han sunk into shame and blushed as the gang continued teasing him! Everyone was laughing at him for being afraid of ghosts!

56%, 53%, 50%!

"Argh --- No! No! No!" Lord of the Myriad Ghosts let out a thunderous roar and collapsed down to the ground. The black mist that was surging through the body of the boss had also dispersed through the surroundings, followed by countless hideous faces crying miserably, while rushing towards the gang in a ferocious manner!



It was an AOE attack, nothing more. Zhang Yang and the gang were inflicted by the attack and lost quite a number of health points. Basically, each of them had lost approximately 20,000 of health points! If it wasn't for the Level 80 Yellow-Gold equipment that they were wearing, and the one or two pieces of Violet-Platinum grade equipment at hand on some of them, and also the {Vitality Aura} that Zhang Yang possessed, which boosted each of their health points beyond 25,000, that wave of AOE attack would have wiped them out clean for good!

Han Ying Xue and Fantasy Sweetheart quickly healed everyone up. Because if the boss used any more powerful skills, one more wave of attack would be enough to instantly-kill every single one of them, as they were already low on health!


As the boss smashed heavily onto the ground and the black mist completely dispersed, a gigantic skeleton of a head appeared right before them. The size of that gigantic skeleton can be compared to the size of a house! The flesh and blood of this skeleton seemed to have decayed into dust completely, and the skeleton was only left with two large holes of eye sockets that ignited with the evil flame of the undead, from within the two sockets!

"So this is the real form of the boss?"

"Haha, there’s only a head without any limbs or body! Let’s see how it fight!"

The Lord of the Myriad Ghosts spread its mouth opened and let out a solid and husky voice, "Damn you, bastards! You bastards smashed all the souls to disperse, all the souls that I’ve collected! Do you have any idea how much effort was needed to collect so many souls! Damn you! Damn you! You forced me to use my body that has yet to recover to its former state!"

The ground began to tremble! Boom!

As the boss was talking, the surface of the ground had begun to tremble and the rumble began to roll across the ground, like an earthquake followed by an avalanche!



Two large arms of a skeleton emerged from below the ground, followed closely by a large torso of a skeleton that appeared right before the gang! Then, two legs of a skeleton that emerged from the ground! The sole of one foot was already the size of a large bus!

This gigantically sized skeleton had all four limbs attached to its body, except for the skull. But as the entire body had emerged from the ground, the gigantic skeleton reached it's armed to that skeletal head of Lord of the Myriad Ghosts, picked the skull up and attached it right to the neck joint! It was like attaching a piece of lego head onto the top of a lego body!

A dark aura then surged and surrounded the gigantic skeleton. Lord of the Myriad Ghosts cracked its neck, and then the rest of the joints and knuckles like it was trying to adjust itself to a newly formed body!

[Lord of the Myriad Ghosts (Complete Form)] (Violet-Platinum, Undead)

Level: 88

HP: 8,800,000

Defense: 2,500

Note: The completed form of The Lord of the Myriad Ghosts!

"Oh f*ck sheet! The boss is at full health again!" The gang was all screaming in dismay.

"You pitiful weaklings, I shall smash you all into pancakes!" The Lord of the Myriad Ghosts roared out like thunder from the sky it self and reached out with its large skeletal hand towards Zhang Yang. It gave him a large, boney slap!


‘-1,304!’ Reflect damage of {Block}!

Zhang Yang raised his shield up not because he wanted to, but because it was his natural response that caused him to raise his shield up to protect himself from harm! But no one had ever thought that after the boss entered its complete form, it attacks patterns and effects were changed as well! The attacks could not be blocked, just like any other regular melee boss!

He immediately bashed out a {Shield Bash} on the boss!


An unexpected value of damage was inflicted onto the boss! The {Shield Bash} scored a critical strike, apparently!

Initially, {Shield Bash} could only inflict a basic damage of 2,608. But after being blessed with the additional effect of the 5 pieces of [Titan Armor Set], the damage output of the skill had been doubled! With a critical attack, the damage output of the skill could reach up to 4 times higher than the initial damage value!

That was awesome!

The rest of the gang were shocked to see that high amount of damage!

The Lord of the Myriad Ghosts was enraged, as it pulled it’s right hand back over its skull and gave another Zhang Yang another bash!


This time, Zhang Yang could not use his {Block} again right after he had used it once, so all he could do was to endure all the impact of the attack. But his defense, his damage immunity and his damage absorption of his equipment were all activated! The basic attack of the boss was reduced from 19,000 down to 11,000, he had negated almost 40% of its damage!

Everyone was stunned for a second there after seeing it, and then they resumed their assaults on the boss as hard as they could at the moment. Everyone knew that it would be pointless for them to complain even if the boss healed itself, so the best thing for them to do at the moment was to bring down the boss as soon as possible, speed is the key!

Truth be told, although this Lord of the Myriad Ghosts looked imposing and all in it’s Completed Form, it’s damage output had actually decreased! It could only inflict a total damage of approximately 12,000 in 2 seconds, and the damage value was further reduced down to approximately 4,000 after Zhang Yang’s {Block} and the damage reduction passives on his equipment. That was a reduction of 50% on the boss’s initial damage output of approximately 6,000 per second!

Han Ying Xue and Fantasy Sweetheart were much more relieved on their role in healing the gang, and according to the current situation, Han Ying Xue alone was enough to support the entire party! After reaching Level 80, she had managed to equip a Violet-Platinum grade staff, turning her into the super saiyan of healers! The only thing that she lacked off now was a long MP bar. As her MP usage on activating healing skills is massive, her current amount of MP she had at the moment is not sufficient for her to heal at will. She would need to coordinate carefully and time correctly to heal effectively.

98%, 96%… the health point of the boss had begun to reduce again.


"Enough of this nonsense! Stop these futile struggling, you imbeciles!" The Lord of the Myriad Ghosts halted its assaults on the team, and suddenly, white spikes made of bones sprouted out of its body, covering the entire body. And shoof shoof shoof! The white spikes of bone were shot out in all directions from its body!

‘Ding! The Lord of the Myriad Ghosts has unleashed {Reign of Bone Spikes}!’




Instantly, everyone was inflicted with damage that almost reached 20,000! Fortunately, they had entire sets of Yellow-Gold equipment, at the very least, and also the {Vitality Aura} from Zhang Yang, so they had about 25,000 HP. If it weren’t for all these, they would have been instantly-killed by the ‘rain’ of attack!


Wei Yan Er did not even give a sheet, because she knew that someone was healing her from behind. So, she furiously charged forward and unleashed her worst as she was gaining rage points exponentially! She bawled out and slashed at the boss, however, the boss did not receive any damage and instead, she was inflicted with a value of damage!

"The boss has damage reflect now!" the little girl was shocked and she immediately informed everyone about it. It was really lucky for her to have a very high health points. As she was left with more than 6,000 health points after the boss’s assault, she had not killed herself after receiving the reflected damage, leaving her with less than 1,000 health points!

[Reign of Bone Spikes]: Reflects all damage, last for 10 seconds.

Right after it happened, everyone noticed that there was an additional special buff on the boss. However, it was not a buff that would benefit them.

Everyone halted their assaults on the boss. Zhang Yang. Fatty Han and Hundred Shots had to command their pets to stop their attacks as well. For that period of time, only the boss could unleash its assaults on everyone around without having to worry about being attacked!

10 seconds had passed quickly. Everyone rounded up the boss once again and continued on their attempt to take down the boss.

88, 84%…

Whenever the health points of the boss reduced by 10%, the boss would unleash the {Reign of Bone Spikes} once and gain the damage reflect effect.By doing so, the boss gained an opportunity to inflict great damage to the players around and also restricted the damage output of the players. If players were careless, they might end up killing themselves after taking the reflective damages from their effort to attack the boss, while the buff of reflective damage is still effective!

Luckily, there were no idiots in this party. Even Fatty Han had learned his lesson after being ‘taught’ for so many times by experiences. He had grown wiser, even though he is still not a professional player, at the least, he won’t repeat simple mistakes such as this one!

When the boss was left with 50% of health points, everyone stopped as they did not know if the boss would immediately transform itself into another form like a ‘Transformer’!

… No it did not!

There was only a {Reign of Bone Spikes} raining down towards the gang inflicting them with massive damage. It was still manageable for Han Ying Xue, but the MP bar of Fantasy Sweetheart had almost met the bottom!

"Increase your damage output! Everyone!"

Zhang Yang took a glance at the two healer’s MP bars and frowned a little bit. Too bad, they just came out from the ‘Pandemonium’ not long ago, so their {Dance of the Heaven and Earth} were all on cool down! Even if they wanted to, they could not increase the speed in killing the boss!

40%, 30%… the health bar of the boss was reducing steadily. Zhang Yang had to make do with it. What he was focusing on was to activate his {Vanguard's Aggression} every time the boss unleashed it’s {Reign of Bone Spikes} to reduce the stress on the two healers! Although he was unsure of whether the boss would go into Rage Mode in the later stages of the battle, but if they can’t even overcome the situation now, what could they do about Rage Mode then?




"Undeads from the deepest dark abyss, come forth and show your allegiance to the king!" The Lord of the Myriad Ghosts did not go into any sort of Rage Mode when its health points hit 10% low. Instead, the boss activated a powerful skill!

Following the roar of the boss in a low pitched voice, the entire ground shook and cracked right open, a large crack appeared right in the middle of the ground and there were vague signs of burning flames igniting up by the crack!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The crack was getting bigger by the moment, and in just a brief period of time, the entire ground was torn into pieces, as streams of raging flames sprouting through the cracks all over the ground, just like hot springs of water gushing out from the ground! Zhang Yang went on to touch the flame to test out on the damage those flames would inflict. Instantly, he was inflicted with a ‘-6,226’!

‘You were inflicted 6,226 fire damage by the {Unleash of the Earth Core’s Flame} (2,000 damage immune, 1,774 damage absorbed)!’

Zhang Yang took a look at the battle log record and said, "Don’t let the flames touch you! The basic damage of the flame attack is about 10,000 points! And it’s a fire attribute attack!"

As the ground was trembling violently, suddenly!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Skeletal hands emerged from beneath the ground one after another through the cracks, and all of the skeletal hands were almost as huge as the boss’s hand! What closely followed were large white skeletons emerging from beneath the ground, crawling their way out of the cracks. All of them were holding scythes in their hands that were about 10 meters long. They looked exactly like Grim Reapers!

[Death Collector] (Elite, Undead)

Level: ???

HP: ???

Defense: ???

Only monsters that were 20 levels higher than the player would show ‘???’ on their level status, that would only mean that these newly spawned elite monsters were at least Level 100!

Zhang Yang quickly kited the boss around using some tactical movement of his. He tried his best to avoid all of the Death Collectors while he was on it, "These monsters are obviously too strong for us now, everyone, just focus on the boss! Kill the boss, and all these monsters should vanish! If not, it would be illogical and unwise for a game company to spawn so many super powerful elite grade monsters!"

Everyone understood and agreed as they went around all of the spouting flames of ‘spring fountains’ from the crack holes on the ground. Then, they began to focus their firepower on the boss!

9%, 8%, 7%… the health points of the boss was reducing while these Death Collectors were pursuing Zhang Yang and the gang tightly from behind! But their movement speeds were extremely slow, allowing the players to avoid them with ducks and rolls!

However, there are still flames spouting all around the area. One small careless mistake would cost 10,000 health points. Therefore, the entire gang was fully focused on getting the job done!

At that moment, the scene was really messy and chaotic!

5%, 4%, 3%!

Everyone gulped down [Power Potions] to power up on their strength to attack, and they activated the best skills that they had! But it was really an unfortunate thing for them as their {Dance of the Heaven and Earth} were all still under cool down period at the moment. If not for that, they could have unleashed hell onto the boss when the boss was left with 10% HP and didn’t have go the worst and dangerous stage of the battle!




"Argh --- " The Lord of the Myriad Ghosts let out a miserable and raging cry, then it’s body smashed into the ground and shattered into pieces. Instantly, the pieces turned into a pile of shattered bones on the ground!


That gigantic skull-head of the boss did not shatter into pieces, instead, it fell right down to the ground and smashed heavily among the pile of shattered bones. The impact was thunderously loud!

"You imbeciles of the living, do not take this as your victory over me, I shall return!" The Lord of the Myriad Ghosts spoke out its final words before the flames within the two eye sockets on the skull flickered and vanished. Everything went silent for a moment.

"If you dare to return, we shall return you to dust one more time!" Endless Starlight growled at the pile of bones.

"You mother of something!"

The moment when Lord of the Myriad Ghosts died, the elite skeletons with no level stated on them went crawling back to where they came from, the cracks one after another. Crack crack crack! The cracks closed together and the ground became one piece once again, and the streams of spouting flames had also stopped. The entire area had finally returned to its peaceful state.

"Finally, we beat it! I’m so tired!"

It was still simple at the beginning of the battle, but the final part of the battle, when the boss was left with only 10% of health points was really hard and tiring. They had to dodge the spouting flames and the elite monsters, and at the same time, they were required to keep their damage output on the boss at a high rate! It was indeed a tiring battle! After slaying the boss, everyone could feel a heavy large boulder lifted from their shoulders, and the harder the battle was, the more excitement and joy could be felt by the players when they finally stand victorious!

Wei Yan Er was the first one who went up to collect the coins among the loot. Meanwhile, Zhang Yang went up to pick up a piece of shiny black stone from among the loot.

[Ancient Magic Stone] (Quest Item)

Description: This is a magic stone that has been passed down from the ancients, it contains powerful magic power!

Zhang Yang was smiling with a satisfied expression on his face as he placed the item into his backpack.

After Wei Yan Er picked up the coins, she turned her focus on the equipment.

[Kroll, The Axe of Devastation] (Violet-Platinum, Two-Handed)

Attack: 2,356 - 2,956

Attack Interval: 3.8 seconds

DPS: 699

Equip: 21% rate to ignore all defense of the target for 10 seconds when hitting on the target.


Level required: 80

"Mine! Mine! It’s mine!" Wei Yan Er widened her eyes, as it has been at least a month ever since she had longed to get a good quality Violet-Platinum grade two-handed weapon that had an attack interval of 3.8 seconds. Immediately, she hugged the shining piece of weapon piece, with strange bright lines on it, without fearing that she would be cut by the sharp edge of the weapon.

Among the whole party, only the little girl can wield a two-handed axe. So, the rest of the members had to give up on the fancy piece of weapon to that little girl and selected the ‘cancel’ button on their screen.

Seeing that little girl was still drooling at her ‘new toy’, Zhang Yang took over her ‘job’ in looking through the loot.

[Blood Rage Chest Plate] (Violet-Platinum, Leather Armor)

Defense: +48

Vitality: +564

Strength: +161

Agility: +378


Required Profession: Thief

Level Required: 80

Blood Rage Armor Set (1/8): {Blood Rage Mask}, {Blood Rage Necklace}, {Blood Rage Mantle}, {Blood Rage Chest Plate}, {Blood Rage Gaunlets}, {Blood Rage Greaves}, {Blood Rage Boots}, {Blood Rage Ring}

3 Pieces: Increase 500 points on agility.

5 Pieces: When you activate {Vanish}, immediately recover 100 points on MP.

8 Pieces: When attacking a target, there is 1% chance that you will acquire the ‘Light of Perception’ and summon an ancient thief to fight by your side!

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