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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 372 — Killua Castle

Chapter 372: Killua Castle

After the guardian and the priest, the third Armor Set for a profession has appeared!

But, there was only one Armor Set for DPS Profession, unlike guardians and berserkers, priests and pastors, the differences between these were like two different professions already! And each of them had their own Armor Set!

Sun Xin Yu and Lost Dream are both in need of this equipment, so they agreed on to decide by tossing the dices. Sun Xin Yu threw out a 21-point as the first toss, and just when she thought she was not fated to be the owner of the [Blood Rage Chest Plate], who would have thought? Lost Dream threw out a 12-point roll only! Who would have thought Lost Dream was so out of luck on that day!

[Song of Victory] (Violet-Platinum, Accessory)

Equip: Every time a Critical attack triggers, there is a 10% rate to activate a victory cry, boosting one of the attributes of strength, agility, intelligence attributes by 300 points for all party members (Maximum 10 members) (Boosts the attribute of the player that has the highest points), last for 10 seconds.

Level required: 80

The gang were looking at each other discussing about this piece, this little piece of accessory was indeed a little overpowered, somehow! But, it doesn’t matter who took it, as it was a fine piece that provides benefits to everyone. So, as long as they are in the same party, everyone could still enjoy the perks of the additional buff this small piece can offer!

And of course, there was no doubt that this accessory should go to a Thief!

Thieves wielded two weapons, and a number of attacks that thief can do within a set period of time, let’s say within 10 seconds, was the highest among all of them! Furthermore, thieves had the highest agility attribute value, and their critical rate was also quite high, it would be easier for them to trigger the effect of the accessory!

As Sun Xin Yu had already taken the [Blood Rage Chest Plate]. Of course, it was natural that this piece of fine accessory should go to Lost Dream. It wasn’t a bad deal. Although this accessory had a little smell of ‘the spirit of serving the people wholeheartedly’, but it could still be activated even if the player went solo. It would still be a fine piece!

300 points of attribute boost might not be much for one player, but it would become a boost of 3,000 points if there were 10 players, and the effect would make it worthwhile!

Other than the three pieces of Violet-Platinum equipment, the boss had also left six pieces of Yellow-Gold equipment behind. However, only two pieces of them were taken by the gang, the remaining four pieces will be sold at the Little Merchandise.

After they were done with the boss, everyone tore their [Teleportation scrolls] and teleported back to the main city. Of course, mainly because they had just gotten some new equipment, so they would want to take them back to identify them.

Zhang Yang was dragged along by Wei Yan Er to help her identify her new weapon. So, after paying 200 gold pieces, this magnificent piece of a Violet-Platinum weapon finally revealed its true form.

[Kroll, The Axe of Devastation] (Violet-Platinum, Two-Handed Axe)

Attack: 3,494 - 4,094

Attack Interval: 3.8 seconds

DPS: 998

{Level 3 Socket 1}

{Level 3 Socket 2}

Equip: 30% rate to ignore all defense of the target for 10 seconds when hitting the target.

Required Level: 80

Holy mother of lord, the range of the basic attack of this weapon has already exceeded the attack of Zhang Yang which already accounted his strength value in it!

So when Wei Yan Er switched the weapon on, her melee attack reached into a terrifying range of 8,311 - 8,911! When the special attack of the weapon activates, she can inflict a high damage of approximately 8,600 in a single attack on a high defense boss! That is just wickedly awesome!

Just by comparing the damage in one single attack, it has already gone up to no just two times of Zhang Yang’s attack!

Zhang Yang felt a little envious of the little girl after seeing this. Now, he is currently equipped with a Level 70 Yellow-Gold weapon. When it is compared to a Violet-Platinum weapon, of course, the difference between the two weapons would be like miles apart!

However, he believes that this quest ‘Mysterious Sword Hilt’ would definitely reward him with an impressive one-handed sword. If not, then this quest won;t be limited to only warriors, knights and thieves these three professions only --- it doesn’t matter which type of thief profession you picked, there is no way a thief profession of any kind can lift up a two-handed sword!

So, next item to be collected would be the [Millennial Heroic Soul]!

However, Zhang Yang did not travel straight to the Killua Castle in Black Feather Forest immediately to find Honduras. The reason is simple. It would be unwise to begin another main quest right after completing one. Zhang Yang knew that he needed to restock and prepare himself first before setting onto another main important quest, so he did not have any intention of starting any quests with a higher difficulty. Because this [Millennial Heroic Soul] would not be easily earned, he had to prepare for another tough battle!

He then concocted a number of [Potions] until the next morning, before he went offline to go for a morning jog.

After buying breakfast and heading straight back to the house, he saw that Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er were just placing their feets on the ground from the bed. Then, the three of them went on a ‘war’ on who was the best eater of the deep-fried dough sticks dipped in soya bean, and they really made a mess with joy! After finishing up with their breakfast, Han Ying Xue sent Wei Yan Er to school, while Zhang Yang went to the company by public cab.

It’s really a joke that he would still be taking a cab to his company even after he had become a CEO of a multi-billionaire company, even after he has personal properties that were worth hundreds of millions! If this routine of his was to be spread out to the public, people would laugh at him, hard!

Well, might be time to buy a car, then!

Zhang Yang arrived at the company, and he was greeted by the secretary on duty with a cup of hot coffee, and a deep line of very obvious cleavage, plus the very upturned curve of a round butt! She attempted to seduce Zhang Yang with all she got before she removed her presence from the office, and she threw a wink right before the door closed. This kind of life is quite good. He could enjoy the pretty view of pretty ladies all around him, play online games whenever he wanted to, he can even tackle girls whenever an opportunity presents itself! More importantly, Zhang Yang did not have any big and great dreams ahead of him, so this kind of life suited him very much.

Of course, there was the two poisonous cancer tumor lurking in the dark, making him feel uneasy! There is no sign of that Liu Shu Yan, and Liu Wei had been quiet for too long already, god knows what he is planning in the dark! It was just too disturbing to just even think about!

Putting on the game helmet, Zhang Yang logged into the game.

The [Dimensional Key Fragment 6] can be located within the Black Feather Forest, while the [Millennial Heroic Soul] was somewhere deep in the forest as well. However, these two quests have nothing to do with each other. The sixth descendant of The Seven Generals is called Culonca. He was currently living uphill somewhere by the Snow Peach Mountain, a totally different region from the Killua Castle, located tens of thousands of kilometers away from the castle itself!

After giving some thoughts on it, Zhang Yang decided to leave for the Killua Castle as a start.

Even if he managed to get the [Dimensional Key Fragment 6] now, it would mean nothing, without all of the fragments collected together in one place to form the complete piece of the [Dimensional Key]. But, it will be a totally different story if he can get the [Millennial Heroic Soul]. After getting it, he can just travel back to meet Margery, and hand over the ‘Mysterious Sword Hilt’ and unseal the first seal!

Zhang Yang summoned Whitey and began his journey to the Black Feather Forest.

Now that he had his hands on a [Party Summon Order], whenever he encounters a boss that he cannot handle, he can just summon his party members to aid him. This piece of [Party Summon Order] is definitely a god-like piece in saving lives!

After a long seven to eight hours of journey, Zhang Yang finally entered the last map on the Level 80 Black Feather Forest region.

How Black Feather Forest got its name, was because of the countless dried trees seen in the middle of the map. All these dried trees were thousands of meters tall, and the treetops covered over tens of thousands of area in kilometers. Because of the dark-inked green of the leaves, looking from afar, it’s like seeing a land of black feathers covering the forest.

Therefore, the name Black Feather Forest.

Zhang Yang was riding Whitey, while traveling on a familiar road, and they traveled all the way up to the west side of the Black Feather Forest. They could already see a large castle from afar. By sight alone, they started heading for it!

A flag with a golden griffin symbol painted on, stood high up on top of the castle, fluttering in the wind, giving out some flapping sounds. The castle had a deep moat surrounding it, serving as a protection facility for the castle. The moat was approximately 50 meters wide, and there was a hanging bridge connecting the two sides of the land that allowed people to enter the castle. The door of the castle was wide open, and there were four fully-armored soldiers, standing guard, by the entrance. There was also a general sitting high on a battle horse, in metallic armor.

[Brunoss The Ranger] (Yellow-Gold, Humanoid Creature)

Level: 85

HP: 1,700,000

Defense: 1,500

On the other hand, the four guards were all Level 82 elite-grade NPCs, with 82,000 HP. They were similar to any other elites in the game.

These NPCs were all labeled as green-name monsters which mean that attacking them would only bring disaster to oneself, it would definitely be a stupid decision to pick a fight with them. Zhang Yang tapped on Whitey and went up to them.

"Hold it right there, outsider!" Brunoss raised up his long sword in his hand and stopped Zhang Yang from going into the castle.

"Why would you stop a fellow adventurer from entering the castle, honorable General Ranger!" Zhang Yang halted Whitey from making another step.

"Bring your name and your intention to my ear, outsider," after being buttered by Zhang Yang, Brunoss became so much more friendly than before, his face showed it all!

"Zhan Yu, an adventurer from the White Jade Castle. I have business to attend to with a person named Honduras!"

"Honduras? The trader that turned into a traitor that sold his soul to the devils?" Brunoss suddenly trembled in anger, as both of his eyes were burning with murderous aura looking straight at Zhang Yang, "Guards, bring this outsider into custody! It’s hard to say, this outsider might also be a devil’s man sent here to spy on us!"

"Yes, Sir Brunoss!" the four guards rounded up on Zhang Yang and pointed their weapons at Zhang Yang from four directions. If Zhang Yang showed any sign of resistance, they would undoubtedly launch their attacks on him!

If the labeled names of these NPCs suddenly changed from green to red, then Zhang Yang would definitely have launched his assaults on them without having second thoughts! However, the five NPCs, including Brunoss himself still had green names! They were still friendlies!

Zhang Yang gave it some thought, and he did not resist in the end. Instead, he flipped down from his [Battle Mount] and unsummoned Whitey.

After taking Zhang Yang into custody and putting him in a jail within the castle, the four guards left him after locking up the door to his cell. Well, there were basically only five jail cells in the entire jail. Other than Zhang Yang’s cell, there was only one more cell that held someone in it, the other jail cells are empty at the moment. Even before looking at the name labeled on top of the head, Zhang Yang knew for sure, that it must be Honduras sitting in the next jail cell!

[Honduras The Great Trader] (Normal, Humanoid Creature)

Level: 85

HP: 8,500

Defense: 80

This NPC seemed like a 40 years old middle age man. Although the NPC appears as a prisoner at the moment, the clothes that he wore were still fancy and grand. He had a big belly that pushed the clothes out tightly, and he had that look of a rich, crooked, trader! He looked at Zhang Yang and turned his face over, sighed like he was having a real bad luck, frowning very hard.

Zhang Yang smiled and said, "Honduras, what devilish deed have you ever done to deserve such treatment? I only mentioned about looking for you at the front of the castle and I have been put here without any chance to plead for myself!"

Honduras turned over to Zhang Yang, looked at Zhang Yang more closely and said, "You were looking for me? Do I know you?"

"I heard that you have made a purchase of a [Millennial Heroic Soul], and I would like to make a purchase of that item from you. That’s the main reason for me to travel all the way from White Jade Castle to look for you." Zhang Yang expressed his real intentions to Honduras, "Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Zhan Yu, an adventurer from the White Jade Castle!"

"An adventurer?" Honduras looked at Zhang Yang for awhile in silence, and suddenly, his eyes were widened and he was pleading for help like a person that was about to drown pulling on a grass, "Zhan Yu! Please help me! If you can get me out of here, I will give the [Millennial Heroic Soul] to you for free! Real, for free!"

After waiting for awhile, there was no sign of any notification from the system. Zhang Yang felt weird about not receiving any notifications!

He could only follow the script to uncover the truth behind all these. So, he took out his [Goblin's Head Lobber] that he had kept in his backpack for awhile, ready to throw a powerful swing at the door to the jail cell.

"Stop ---" Honduras quickly stopped him, "Adventurer, let’s not be hasty! If it’s that simple to leave this place, I could have left anytime I want!" As he was speaking, a bunch of shiny keys appeared right on his hand as he took them up and shook them in front of Zhang Yang.

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