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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 373 — Rescuing Winchester

Chapter 373: Rescuing Winchester

Zhang Yang was shocked to see the keys, "How did you manage to get the keys to the jail cell?"

"Haha, my friend! You have underestimated the power of gold and coins!" Honduras laughed hard, but he quickly frowned again and said, "I can escape, but my daughter, Adele will suffer a worse fate. And I have only one daughter, nothing must happen to her!"

It was actually unbelievable to see this crooked trader turning out to be a good loving father.

Zhang Yang nodded and said, "Then, how can I help in such regard?"

Honduras sat down and began to explain, "Let me tell you the entire story from the beginning till the end!" He paused for awhile, trying to find the best way to tell the story, and finally began. "I, Honduras, am the best trader there is in Kullia Castle, and also the richest man! 20 years ago, I married the prettiest girl in Kullia’s Castle, haha! Every man in the city envied me! No exception!"

Zhang Yang laughed and reminded Honduras to get back to the topic, "Honduras, just before you get way over your head, kindly consider the current situation that you’re in right now!"

Honduras was shocked and he went into silence for a moment, and then he lowered his head down with his hands on his ears and said, "Although I am all wealthy, all that wealth could not save my wife from disease! 3 years ago, my wife had left me and my precious Adele and went on to meet the gods in the heaven, all on her own. And now, Adele is the only family I have left, she is all that I have left of my life! A few months ago, the younger brother of the baron of Killia Castle proposed, saying that he wanted to marry my Adele and take her away! This Winchester is already same age as me, and he still dares to marry my daughter!"

He punched the ground revealing his raging face, "3 days ago, Winchester went out on an expedition and was ambushed by demons. Ever since then, there was no news about his whereabouts, at all! Back here, Leonardo accused me of making a deal with the demons and betraying Winchester! That’s his intention, his scheme all along! He wants to take my Adele, and my property from me, so he framed me on purpose!"

Is this the game-version of the governor versus the rich?

Zhang Yang then reacted, "Honduras, so you need my help to prove your innocence, right?"

"That’s right!" Honduras nodded and said, "If I’m all on my own, I can just leave everything behind and get a new fresh start in other places! But my Adele is still here! And she visited, and told me that the prick Leonardo threatened her with my life, and wanted her to marry him! Pui! Luckily my daughter is bright and rejected him. If not, I would have died of a heart attack! If I am to die and he manages to marry my daughter, then all my wealth would go to him! Every single dime!"

Honduras paused for a moment again to reorganize his words, "Leonardo has placed people to monitor Adele, and she has no chance at all of leaving this city! So there it is, my warrior, this is why I must prove myself innocent and walk out of here, upright! I will not pull my daughter down to mud! My precious daughter!"

Then he looked at Zhang Yang and said, "And, I don’t believe that this Winchester would die so easily! He’s a great warrior, a strong one! Demons will not stand a chance against him! Warrior, I require you to look up for Winchester and bring him back! If Winchester lives to come back and tell the truth, that will definitely prove my innocence! Also, I suspect that this prick Leonardo is the traitor who betrayed Winchester because it’s been so long since he wanted to become the baron to this castle!"

‘Ding! Honduras has given you a quest: Rescuing Winchester, accept or decline?"

Obviously, to get the [Millennial Heroic Soul], Zhang Yang had to get Honduras out of the jail. So to get him out of the jail, he must first find Winchester. And he knew, he cannot skip or take shortcuts on this, he must do the quest step by step.

Zhang Yang let out a breath of sigh and accepted the quest. Nothing comes by easy, no shortcuts!

[Rescuing Winchester] (Quest Difficulty: A)

Description: Winchester has been ambushed by the demons and his whereabouts remains unknown. You must quickly find him and bring him back to Killua Castle to prove Honduras’s innocence!

Hint: Winchester was ambushed by the Malin Bridge, there might be some clues left there. Malin Bridge is located on the east side of the Killua Castle.

Completion: Rescue Winchester 0/1

Honduras passed the bunch of keys over to Zhang Yang, "Adventurer, I’m counting on you!"

Zhang Yang took the keys over, opened up the door to the jail cell and passed the keys back to Honduras, "Just sit tight and wait for the good news!"

He walked out of the jail like a boss, and it was obvious that the game system did not plan for players to engage in battle in the city area, so there were no guards at all at the entrance of the prison. Zhang Yang summoned out his Whitey and left the premises in pride.

The guards by the entrance of the Kullia Castle had already changed their shifts, so the new guards did not recognize Zhang Yang. So, they did not stop or interrogate Zhang Yang as he was passed through the main gates of the castle.

After leaving the castle, Zhang Yang headed east for about half an hour, and then he saw a stream of rapid rivers. The water current was rapid and strong, and the sound of the water flowing, was loud and clear as a waterfall. He searched by the two sides of the river and discovered that there was a visible bridge not far from where he stood. He patted Whitey’s head and headed over to the bridge.

No long after, he arrived at the bridge, and all he could find were the dead bodies of some humans and some demons where limbs had been torn apart, the scene was just bloody disgusting! The red blood belonged to the dead humans while the black blood belonged to the dead demons.

From the abandoned, dead, torn up bodies and weapons in the surrounding, the battle between Winchester and the demons had begun right on top of the bridge, and the battle went on to the small forest by the east side. As Zhang Yang followed the trail, the amount of blood splashes on the ground was getting lesser and lesser. That could only mean that the battle was about to end at that location.

After just a brief moment of walking, there was no longer any sign of blood on the ground, but there were signs of footprints walking straight into the thick forest, right before Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang went straight into the forest, following the trails and signs there were left behind, hoping that he was getting closer to Winchester.

About half an hour later, Zhang Yang arrived at a small mountain ridge, and following the mountain ridge forward, he could see dozens of demons wandering at the entrance of a cave, as they were growling and giving out who-knows-what sounds.

Was Winchester in that cave, waiting for someone to rescue him?

Zhang Yang asked himself that as he approached the bunch of demons.

[Raging Void Dweller] (Elite, Demon)

Level: 83

HP: 83,000

Defense: 450

Zhang Yang threw a {Spear of Obliteration} at the Raging Void Dweller at the upper-most side among the horde. But as soon as the attack landed on the monster with a ‘-2,914’ damage, the rest of horde suddenly charged over at Zhang Yang, obviously, the aggro of the monsters were linked!

He quickly moved in strategical movements, while kiting the monsters around. With his skills {Blast Wave}, {Thunder Striker}, {Heroic Leap} in restricting the movement of the monsters, he took his own sweet time to slowly torture them to death.

In less than 5 minutes, the horde of Raging Void Dwellers had fallen under the axe of Zhang Yang.

After picking up all the loot on the ground, he went up to the entrance to see if Winchester was in the cave.

There was a middle-aged man with a deep wound in his abdomen, standing with his sword. The man was sturdy and tall, with a stern and frosty face of a superior that looked regal! Even after he witnessed Zhang Yang slaying all the monsters one after another, he did not lower his guard down against Zhang Yang. He was still gazing at Zhang Yang vigilantly, like he was afraid that Zhang Yang was trying to trick him by slaying his own fellow monsters before giving him a final, fatal blow!

[Winchester] (Yellow-Gold, Humanoid Creature)

Level: 86

HP: 10,233/ 1,720,000

Defense: 1,500

"You’re Winchester, right?" Zhang Yang began to talk to the man, "I received news from Honduras that you were ambushed not long ago, so I have been sent here to aid you!"

Winchester looked at Zhang Yang with doubt and asked, "Honduras? Why would he send you here to help me? He and I are not really friends to each other, we hardly know each other!"

Zhang Yang said, "Ever since you were ambushed by the demons, a man named Leonardo had accused Honduras of making a deal with the demons to betray you. So now he’s being imprisoned! To prove his own innocence, he would like me to escort you back safely, alive to clear his name!"

"That little piece of prick Leonardo! Curse that sun of the beach!" Winchester suddenly let out an outburst of anger, his eyes were ignited with murderous aura, "That bastard, he could actually make a deal with the demons to betray his own brother, his own blood brother!"

He looked at Zhang Yang once again with much lesser vigilance, "Warrior, I’m badly wounded, and I am even struggling just to stay awake, barely… I cannot engage in any battle at the moment, at all! If we are to return back to Kullia Castle now, Leonardo will definitely take the advantage of this and attempt to murder me, then he will just find another man to carry the crime --- such as yourself!"

Zhang Yang followed the script and asked, "Then, what do we do?"

"So now we must heal me from my wounds before we can take on that bastard Leonardo!" Winchester said, "I have been inflicted with the demon’s venom, only the purest blood, the unicorn’s [Blood of Purity] can cure the demon’s venom! Warrior, please help me, bring me a bottle of the unicorn’s fresh blood."

‘Ding! Winchester has given you a quest: Blood of Purity, accept or decline?’


"Warrior, you must hurry, the demon’s venom is spreading, eating through my flesh as we speak. I can’t hold on much longer!" Winchester was struggling to finish his words.

"Rest assure, I will bring you the fresh blood of the unicorn in time!"

"I shall leave everything to you."

After leaving the cave, Zhang Yang mounted onto Whitey and he brought up the quest list to check on the new quest given to him. He checked to see if there were any hints on the location of Unicorns.

[Blood of Purity] (Difficulty: A)

Description: Winchester requires you to bring him a bottle of [Blood of Purity] from a unicorn to purify him of the demon’s venom! You can find Ai Carlo The Unicorn in The Valley of the Wind by the south side of the forest.

Completion: Acquire the unicorn’s [Blood of Purity] 0/1

With a specific direction to go to, things became simple and easy!

Zhang Yang went towards the south direction on Whitey for two long hours before he arrived at a large valley. There were huge trees that were outstretched to the heavens, all around the valley, and there was a lake right in the middle of the area. The lake wasn’t big, and the surface of the lake rippled constantly, making the scene beautiful to look at.

However, searching for a unicorn in this valley would still be like searching a needle in a haystack, even after he reaches the location stated in the quest description! It’s just extremely annoying and hard!

Zhang Yang gave it some thoughts and decided to stay in one spot, to wait for the unicorn to come to him naturally!

It would obviously be unrealistic and stupid for him to search the entire valley for the unicorn. And it would make sense that an animal, beast or no beast, would need to drink, because water is essential to every living being! So, all he needed to do is to just sit nearby the lake and wait for the unicorn to come forth for the water! So it’s just a matter of time before that happens!

After making that decision to stay put, Zhang Yang is in no rush. So he rode on Whitey and began to wander around the lake to see if he could discover anything interesting while he was waiting.

As he was currently free and doing nothing, and there were many herbs around available for picking, he decided to do something useful with his free time. Since he is in a ‘treasure trove’, why not make the best out of it and gather some herbs?

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