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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 375 — Returning to Kullia Castle

Chapter 375: Returning to Kullia Castle

Charging all the way back like a thunderbolt, Zhang Yang arrived back at the cave where Winchester was resting by.

Fortunately, the NPC was still there. Zhang Yang was very worried that the demons would have launched their assaults on poor Winchester after he left, and they might kill him just like that, and Zhang Yang would have failed the quest!

"Warrior, you return so soon! Good news or bad news?" Winchester looked at Zhang Yang suspiciously. Following the normal quest flow, players should have located the unicorn first, activated the side quest where players need to go on searching for the [Fountain of Life], before finally returning here. So, it should be impossible for players to return in such short period of time.

Zhang Yang took out the [Blood of Purity] and passed it to Winchester, "Let’s cure the demon’s venom coursing through your veins first!"

Winchester took the bottle and popped the cap open to have a smell of it, and then only he was relieved, like he just put down a very heavy burden off his shoulder, "Looks like I made the right choice to trust you, you are indeed a capable man, with a good soul!"

He took off the clothes on his abdomen, which revealed a very deep and obvious wound. The wound was extremely deep, as anyone could vaguely see that his intestines were about to pop right out from the wound! What was even scarier was that, there were dark colored tissue and skin all over the wound, obviously, they were signs of the demon’s venom spreading into his body!

Fortunately, Winchester was a major character in the game, or else, anyone inflicted with this kind of venom would have been dead long ago!

Winchester poured the [Blood of Purity] onto his wound and in an instant, a stream of pure holy light channeled through the wound, followed by an unholy stench in the cave. Drops of dark liquid were dripping rapidly out from the wound, as they were purified by the [Blood of Purity], and turned into ashes when they touched the ground.

The process took exactly 3 minutes before the wound of Winchester was completely healed. He was finally cured of the demon’s venom and ready to go back with Zhang Yang!

Winchester laughed and turned to Zhang Yang, "Warrior, do you have something to eat? I’m hungry!"

If he could ask for food, that should mean he is all cured from the venom, already!

Zhang Yang took out some snacks from his backpack and passed them over to Winchester.

After Winchester took the snacks, he chewed everything and swallowed them down like a hungry wolf. His health points were recovering back as Zhang Yang stared at it with his own eyes!

So basically, the [Snacks] that Zhang Yang gave the NPC would not heal the health points immediately, it should work by healing 50,000 health points within 20 seconds. So if this NPC needed to heal himself back to full health state, that would require him to take about 30 to 40 [Snacks]! But such characters in the game could not be measured based on the basic rules of the game. Winchester only took 3 [Snacks,] and his health was already back to full.

‘Ding! You have completed a quest: Blood of the Purity. Obtained 3,000,000 experience points!’

‘Ding! You have acquired a reward: Ring of Hope!’

[Ring of Hope] (Yellow-Gold, Ring)

Vitality: +67

Strength: +61

Equip: 1% rate to recover 1,000 health points when hitting your target.


Required Level: 80

It was not too bad at the least, this quest has given Zhang Yang a reward, although it was just a Yellow-Gold grade equipment. But it has always been harder to acquire rings, necklaces, and accessories in this game. So, this [Ring of Hope] should cost a substantial amount. If he meets some rich buyers, he can definitely sell it out at a price that is higher than any of the regular Violet-Platinum equipment pieces!

Winchester walked out of the cave and looked in the general direction of the Killua Castle, "Warrior, let us travel back to Killua Castle together, and give a big ‘surprise’ to Leonardo!"

‘Ding! Winchester has given you a quest: Return to Kullia Castle, accept or decline?’

Zhang Yang laughed and said, "I believe Leonardo will definitely have to pick his eyes and jaw off the ground when he sees you!"

"Hahaha!" Winchester laughed together with Zhang Yang.

[Return to Kullia Castle] (Difficulty: A)

Description: Winchester wants you to travel with him back to Kullia Castle. Caution, Leonardo will definitely not admit defeat so easily. He will be doing everything in his power to kill Winchester. Warrior, you must protect Winchester and make sure that he returns to Kullia Castle in one piece!

Completion: Escort Winchester back to Kullia Castle 0/1

Winchester is a Yellow-Gold boss, so it was actually very hard to tell, who is escorting who now!

After coming out from the cave, Winchester summoned a handsome horse that neighed loudly in pride. This magnificent black [Battle Horse] let out a powerful puff, and took off towards the direction of Kullia Castle like a black thunderbolt.

Zhang Yang did not dare to be left behind as he must make sure that Winchester reaches the castle in one piece. So, he also summoned his Whitey and pursued Winchester from behind.

A horse and a bear charged forward at lightning speed, everything else around seemed to be flowing backward and the wind from the front was really strong, blowing their faces to the point that Zhang Yang could feel his tongue coming right out from his mouth and his saliva dripping! After just awhile, they already had the sight of Kullia Castle in their view! They were already not far from there!


Suddenly, tens of arrows were shot out right from rocks from both sides, left and right. The arrows pierced through the air sharply as they flew towards Zhang Yang and Winchester!



Zhang Yang and Winchester were hit by the arrows, and they were both inflicted with damage. However, the defense and the damage immunity of Zhang Yang has far exceeded the Level 80 Yellow-Gold boss! Winchester was inflicted with a damage of approximately 3,500, while Zhang Yang was only inflicted a damage of not more than 500 points!

"Hahaha! Winchester! I predicted that you wouldn’t die so easily! Sir Leonardo sent me over to stand guard at this location until you show yourself here!" a man with a two-handed sword jumped right out from behind the rock and shouted at Winchester.

[DiCaprio] (Yellow-Gold, Humanoid Creature)

Level: 85

HP: 1,700,000

Defense: 1,500

Note: One of the Seven Generals serving Leonardo.

"Humph! One of the dogs of Leonardo! When did you get the courage to show your sword right before me!" Winchester did not hold himself back as well, not even looking at his opponent.

DiCaprio was enraged and he cried out loud, "Winchester! You are nothing but a weeping dog who weeps in failures! What is there to be proud of! Brothers! Kill these two men!"

Shoof! Shoof! Shoof!

Another wave of arrows flew from behind the rocks at the two of them, Zhang Yang and Winchester!

"Warrior! Let us clear out these annoying pests first!" Winchester smiled and let out a laugh, and then he rode on his horse and leaped over the rocks.

This horse is obviously a [Battle Horse], as Winchester is on the horse, but could pull out the sword from his back and swing it around. In almost an instant, splashes of fresh blood were visible, and countless miserable cries were heard from behind the rocks.

Zhang Yang could not just stand aside and show that he could do nothing, so he immediately patted on Whitey’s head and charged to the other side of the rocks. Then, he launched his fierce assaults at the soldiers that had let loose the arrows at him earlier on! These soldiers were all Level 83 elites. After encountering Zhang Yang and Winchester in close quarters, they began to abandon their bows and arrows and pull out their swords from the sword hilts tied to their waists to engage in melee battle!

"Winchester! Your time is over! If you were clever enough to hide your real name and stay quiet in the dark, you might have had the chance to leave out your remaining days quietly! But now, you have only one choice, death! I will not let you destroy Sir Leonardo’s magnificent plan!" DiCaprio swung his two-handed sword over his head, at Winchester.

"Hahaha, if Leonardo is so capable of doing everything, then why does he need to make a deal with the demons to ambush me! Humph! For power, he would rather sell his own soul to the demons. To pass the title ‘Baron’ to a traitor like that, no doubt, the entire castle and the people in it will suffer a fate far worse than being burnt alive!"

As their truth and beliefs were not on the same page, the two Yellow-Gold bosses began to engage into a fierce battle.

Zhang Yang kited the remaining soldiers around into one spot and switched to his [Dark Enigma Sword], and then activated his {Blast Wave}!

In just less than a second, every single one of the soldiers within his attack range was inflicted with 1,000 damage points. At the same instant, the special effect of his [Dark Enigma Sword] was activated, and another two rounds of damages were inflicted upon the soldiers! When his assaults stopped, he acted, and continued to strike!

{Horizontal Sweep}!

In about two to three minutes, the soldiers were taken care of and every single one of them fell before the sharp blade of Zhang Yang and the deadly claws of Whitey.

Zhang Yang could not afford to waste his time on picking up the loot all around the ground, so he quickly flipped onto Whitey and charged towards DiCaprio, and began his full assault on the boss.

Although bosses like this DiCaprio are Yellow-Gold, the truth is, these kinds of bosses would only have a higher amount of health points, and normally would not have any deadly skills, or even any special skills that would bring devastating damages. So, this DiCaprio is only designed to only attack blindly like a wild boar. How would he able to go up against a battle against Zhang Yang and Winchester joining hands together?

In less than a minute, DiCaprio had to face his own demise and collapsed onto the ground without any chance to even moan.

This boss only dropped two pieces of Yellow-Gold equipment and a few pieces of Gray-Silver equipment. The two Yellow-Gold equipment were a set of leather greaves and a pair guardian’s gloves.

As Violet-Platinum bosses were beginning to appear within Level 80 dungeons like a new species being discovered within a new area, it’s impossible for any of the bosses to drop equipment pieces of armor set! If they did, then the value of defeating a Violet-Platinum boss would decrease!

"Pui! Traitor!" Winchester spat on the dead body of DiCaprio with contempt, "Warrior, let’s continue with our journey! But be warned, this might be the first ambush that Leonardo planted along the way back to Kullia Castle, but it will definitely not be the last one!"

The two of them rode on their [Battle Mounts] towards the direction of Kullia Castle.

As expected, after traveling for merely two to three minutes, another platoon of soldiers revealed themselves and blocked their way.

"That imbecile Decaprio, he still let these two slipped through even he brought so many men with him!" This time, the leader of the platoon was a spellcaster with a weird looking staff in his hands. He looked like a 30-year-old man, clad in a light red robe, with a face filled with disdain.

[Claudier] (Yellow-Gold, Humanoid Creature)

Level: 85

HP: 1,700,000

Mana: 850,000

Defense: 1,500

Note: One of the Seven Generals serving Leonardo

So, this boss is a spellcaster type, and it would be natural that he has an army of spellcasters as his minions, and all of them were Level 83 elites. This battle will be much more difficult than the previous one. When engaging into battle with spellcaster type monsters, the defense of Zhang Yang is nullified against magic type attacks, and he cannot duck and roll to avoid most of the magic damage.

Winchester went straight up to Claudier without having second doubts.

Zhang Yang knew his own capability, so he did not kite too many monsters in one attempt to keep the situation under control. If he kited too many monsters at once, he might need to use consumption items such as [Fountain of Life] and [Healing Potion]. But it is in his best interest, that these items are to be spared until desperate times, before consuming them! Zhang Yang also let Winchester sustain some of the monsters’ attacks. Since he’s an NPC and his health bar was freaking long, as long as he does not die, Zhang Yang can just ‘heal’ him back to his full health just by tossing some [Snacks] over to him.

After taking out every single monster around him, Zhang Yang engaged the boss battle with Claudier with the intention to aid Winchester in winning the battle!

Spellcaster type monsters were indeed impressive! In just a short amount of time, Winchester had lost about 300,000 health points after being attacked by those ‘minions’ of the boss! If Zhang Yang had not rushed in to help, Winchester would definitely have died upon being ganged up by Claudier and these elite-grade ‘minions’!

The main reason was also that of the aggro system in the game. The boss would just engage in battle when a target is detected within the aggro range. If not, Winchester could have begun by slaying all the ‘minions’ first before engaging Claudier, giving him a higher chance to win the battle!

But as players join in later, it totally turns the battle tide! Zhang Yang came in and slaughtered all ‘minions’ that were poking around Winchester, reducing the damage received by Winchester. On the other hand, the situation had turned into hell for Claudier! Instead of overpowering Winchester in the earlier battle, now the boss is being raped by Zhang Yang and Winchester, with their continuous strikes to the point that Claudier was actually crying out miserably! Claudier’s health bar was reducing like an avalanche crashing down the hill, and in just s brief moment, he knelt down in defeat.

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