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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 377 — Demon Portal

Chapter 377: Demon Portal

Both of them were cinematic NPCs, but Winchester was winning by a landslide!

By the time Winchester had over 30% HP left, he had already managed to bring Leonardo down to his knees. Victory was just a sword slash away!

"It looks like the quest WAS that easy!" everyone agreed.

"Lord Wakala! Help me!" Out of a sudden, Leonardo cried in terror.

Winchester scoffed and pointed his sword at Leonardo’s throat. "Give up your foolish dreams, Leonardo. From the moment you raised your sword against humanity, you were destined to have this ending."

Winchester lifted his sword up high. When his blades fall, Leonardo’s head will roll!


A cloud of black gas seeps out of Leonardo’s body and formed a large hand that grabbed hold of the sword as it came down, stopping the blade from slicing off Leonardo’s head.

Winchester was shocked. He pulled back his sword and jumped back. Horror filled his face as he screamed, "T-This…this is demonic power! Leonardo! What have you done?! You have brought a demon into the castle!?"

"Hmm…haha…HAHAHAHA!" As the situation had developed to this extent, Leonardo had no use to pretend anymore. He laughed loudly and said, "Winchester! I may never be an equal to you! You have always had the upper hand ever since we were kids! That is why I have kept a trump card against you! Lord Wakala! Reap the fruits of your victory!"

"Imbecile…" A deep husky voice was heard out of Leonardo’s body. To be accurate, the voice came from the necklace that he was wearing.


A black light blasted off the necklace and formed a portal. A pair of eerie red hands that looked like the claws of an eagle first reached out to grab the edges of the portal, followed closely by the face of a demon. Twin horns grew out of his forehead and a pair of bell-shaped eyes glowed with a dark flame.

"Urgh…" the demon growled as he dragged his massive body out of the portal. He had a massive body, measuring over 10 meters. A dark, bloody red colored skin and a pair of bat-like wings stuck out of his back. He also had a long devilish tail that was pointy at the end.

[Demon General Wakala] (Violet-Platinum, Demon)

Level: 88

HP: 8,800,000

Defense: 2,500

When the demon appeared, it brought along a sickening aura that awakened inner anger, causing everyone to have a strong bloodlust. They could easily kill each other for the sheer fun of it!

Until this point, the truth has not been clearer. Every NPC had pointed their weapons towards Wakala. Some were ready to start the fight, and some were trembling in fear.

The demon glanced around the field, looking down at everyone as if they were nothing but rodents waiting to be crushed. He then turned to Leonardo and spoke in a deep demonic voice. "The portal is yet to finish. You imbecile. How could you reveal everything before that!"

Wakala sighed disappointingly. "Two days! Two days! You’re such a bloody waste! Such a simple task, yet you could not do it properly. You’re such a disappointment."

"Lord Wakala, I am not at fault here. It’s all because Winchester had suddenly shown up! I can only do so much before…"

"Excuses!" said Wakala coldly. He then turned to Winchester and smirked.

"Winchester…Winchester…Did it ever cross your mind that you will be betrayed by your own brother! Thanks to him, I could infiltrate the castle! All of your defenses were for naught!" Wakala laughed. But his laughter was accompanied by Winchester as well!

"Hahaha…you’re so wrong…Demon, you came here alone. Do you really think that you could defeat me? No matter how strong you were, you shall die right here and now! Right after I kill you, we shall prepare for a counter attack! Without you, we can easily eliminate the demon army!"

"Such boldness! Hahaha! That is indeed a good plan! But, I seem to detect a major flaw in your plan of attack. That is, I will be the one who kills you instead!" said Wakala with a sinister laugh. "I had never attacked this castle, thanks to your magic cannons. But now, what can you use against me?! Hahahaha! Furthermore, even though the Teleportation Circle has yet to be done and could not be used to do a mass transport, it could still be used at a limited capacity!"

Wakala then cast some sort of summoning skill. He thrust out his hands, causing the necklace that was hanging on Leonardo’s neck to snap off and fly into his hands. Wakala murmured a few words and chanted a spell. The necklace glowed with a dark light and a black portal formed right beside him.

In no time at all, a pair of blue colored hands appeared out of the portal. Like pulling oneself out of a pool of mud, the pair of hands grabbed the side of the portal and dragged the blue body of a blue colored Floating Apparition.

Winchester cried out bravely, "Everyone! Destroy that portal! Do not let the demons into the castle, or many others will die!"

‘Ding! There has been a change in your quest: Hunt of the Evil. You must complete the following: 1, Kill Wakala. 2, Destroy the demon portal within 30 minutes. 3, Winchester must stay alive throughout the ordeal. If any of the conditions are not met, the quest shall be deemed a failure!’

Everyone in Zhang Yang party received the quest changes notification. They were unable to move due to the quest cinematic sequence. Only now did they regain their mobility.

Zhang Yang immediately laid down the first command. "I will tank the boss. You guys attack the portal. If there are monsters, Endless Starlight, hold them off!"

"Roger!" Everyone nodded. Things had gone out of control.

The boss had a gained a buff, restoring 4% HP every second, that would last until the portal is destroyed. Even though Sun Xin Yu and the rest had immense firepower, they could not deal a strong enough damage to cause a drop of 1% HP every second to cope with the healing buff, even with {Destructive Smash} on him. They had to destroy the portal first!

As for Leonardo, he was simply sitting by the side. Since he had been defeated by Winchester, leaving him with only one bit of HP left, he had been kneeling down by the sidelines. However, he had an invincible status effect which rendered unkillable.

Zhang Yang rushed to the front of the boss and got his attention with a {Spear of Obliteration}. The quest demanded that Winchester is to remain alive. Right then, Winchester had only over 30% HP left, which was over 500,000 HP. Facing the Violet-Platinum demon boss would put him in grave danger.

"Human! Succumb to the power of the shadow!" Wakala swiftly took out a pale silver axe and swung it hard towards Zhang Yang. The blade of the axe cut through the air, giving out a scary whistling sound! Zhang Yang tried his best to hold off the boss while diverting part of his attention towards the portal. What a troublesome boss! All Violet-Platinum bosses are like that! If he could, Zhang Yang could pace himself and carry out the fight at leisure. The problem was due to the fact that the quest demanded the portal to be destroyed within 30 minutes! 30 minutes was a long time. An S-ranked quest wasn’t that kind, the portal must have a monstrous amount of HP!

[Demon Portal] (Tool)

Level: 1

HP: 50,000,000

Defense: 1,000

Bloody hell! 50 million?! If it were just the rest of the party attacking, they would take roughly 20 minutes and more just to destroy the portal! That was not counting monsters that will occasionally appear from the portal! Since the party would need to invest a few seconds in defeating the monsters, they will be delayed by the monsters! There’s no way that 30 minutes would be enough!

Now they understood why the quest was set to be S rank!

Zhang Yang frowned harder than he had ever frowned before. Facing such a high HP portal, {Dance of Heaven and Earth} has lost its prowess! How could they possibly damage a 50 million HP portal with just 100,000 damage?!

"F*ck it! Use all your ultis! Consume all potion that could increase your attack! Use the [Power Potion], even the ones with Grade 10 transmutation!" Zhang Yang ordered.

Everyone looked closely at the portal’s HP and understood Zhang Yang’s order. They knew that the quest had demanded them to perform beyond their limit. No one argued and took potions of their respective classes, and used skills that could increase their damage for a short time, and a bottle of [Power Potion]!

[Beginner Power Potion (Grade 10 Transmutation)] (Usable)

Use: Increase 20% attack power. Due to the transmutation effect, a 20% increase in attack power will be granted. Lasts for 15 seconds.

Level Requirement: 30

As expected of a Grade 10 Transmutation, it had increased the potion effect by 100%!

Everyone braced themselves and use [Dance of Heaven and Earth] without even thinking twice!




Although {Dance of Heaven and Earth} was not a long-term skill, and could not have its attack increased by a player’s equipment or other levels, it could be affected by buffs and debuff of the enemy! Nine players took their potions, increased their attack power to the best they can, and used {Dance of Heaven and Earth}! Zhang Yang had even used {Chaotic Dance of Electric Current}.

In just 10 seconds, the portal had received more than 2,000,000 damage! However, the damage was done with nine counts of {Dance of Heaven and Earth} and one {Chaotic Dance of Electric Current}! Like a wooden sword, it cannot be used again after one simple sparring match!

The rest of the NPC were restless, as they strived to destroy the portal as well. By then, the blue colored Floating Apparition had managed to pull itself out of the portal. It immediately growled and attacked one of the NPC soldiers who was standing closest to it.

Endless Starlight then kited the monster and attacked it, along with the rest of the party. The Floating Apparition was a Level 85 elite tier monster. Once the number gets high, even Endless Starlight might have trouble tanking them. It’s best to kill them as fast as possible. With haste, the team quickly turned the monster into grind meat, giving the party a tiny bit of experience points.

When the first monster emerged out of the portal, the portal did not stop functioning. Instead, it immediately started to transport another monster. This time, it was an elite tier succubus!

Zhang Yang kited the boss as far away as he could, as Wakala would occasionally use {Tornado Cleave} which will cause more than 20,000 damage to all targets within 20 meters away from him. If the boss had not used the skill, Zhang Yang would not have kite the boss away, since no one else was attacking him! He could at least join the fight in destroying the portal and occasionally attack the boss to keep the aggro on him high.

Despite that, Zhang Yang would throw a {Spear of Obliteration} at the portal every 10 seconds. Even though he could only deal over 3,000 damage to it, it was still damage!

"Make haste o demon’s force!" cried Wakala as he opened his hands wide. A black light ray blast off his chest and onto the portal.

Instantly, the portal gained a buff. "Transport Speed Increased by 100%!"

The buff was as described. The speed of which the succubus emerged from the portal increased dramatically. Right then, more than half of her body had already come out!

Zhang Yang leaped down from his bear and commanded it to attack the portal. His HP then dropped to a staggering 76,730! Still, he had no worries of being killed by the boss! Since the boss carried a recovery buff, having the bear with him would be like slicing water with a knife! It was a pity since the battle had started abruptly. Zhang Yang had no chance to swap his battle mount to the Mythical Turtle, or else he would have gained a tremendous boost of attack power!

"Human! Give up! This world shall be ruled by the darkness! Bow down and surrender your fate to the shadow!" Wakala kept on using the same provoking sentences to Zhang Yang as he attacked.

"Do not falter over mere words, warrior! Demons are the race of deceit! Look at Leonardo! He has fallen to such a grade, for he had succumbed to the demon’s temptation!" cried Winchester in response.

Zhang Yang laughed at Wakala and said, "Wakala! If you’re willing to be my underling, I might even consider joining the dark side!

"Foolish human!" Wakala bellowed angrily at Zhang Yang and smacked him with his massive palm.

"Demon! Begone! This is not your place!" cried Winchester as he stopped attacking the demon portal and attacked Wakala with a quick jab of his sword.

"Imbecile! With the power of darkness in my hands, you have but only to serve the greatness of it! Now, bow down to me!" Wakala scoffed and hurled another palm towards Winchester. With a loud thud, the demon had managed to deal more than 16,000 damage on Winchester.

If the quest had not demanded Winchester’s survivability, Zhang Yang would not have minded having one or two more extra meat shields to take the boss’ attack. Instead, he could only coax Winchester to give up attacking, "Winchester, please lead the attack on the destruction of the portal! Let me handle it here! You had said it yourself, destroying the portal is the number one priority!"

Winchester spat a mouthful of blood and wiped away some of it from his lips. He glared at Wakala disgruntledly and said, "Then, I shall take your word. Warrior, you must prevail. Until we have destroyed the portal, we shall join you to defeat this evil!"

Finally, this quest NPC could work for his life!

Even though the speed of the portal transporting the demon was faster by two-fold, it was not as fast as it seemed to be. Once it got out, they would be killed by Zhang Yang’s party and the NPC soldiers around. Among their attacks, Winchester and Brunoss were Yellow-Gold bosses! Even though their remaining HP was so pathetic, their attack power was as strong as before!

"Make haste O demon forces!" Wakala bellowed again as he blasted another dark ray towards the portal, increasing its speed to 200%!

As obvious as the sun in the sky, the buff could be stacked on indefinitely!

If they do not destroy it as soon as possible, the speed of which the demons were transported will be increased to the point of no return!

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