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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 379 — Sword of Purging Devourer

Chapter 379: Sword of Purging Devourer

Honduras ran at such speed, that Zhang Yang wondered that whether he was really true to his heart about meeting his daughter, or is that he wanted to actually skip town to get away from Zhang Yang!

Luckily, Zhang Yang’s mount could keep up with anything on two feet. No matter how fast Honduras ran, Zhang Yang was always able to chase after to him. He never had to worry about losing him.

Honduras ran a good distance and turned back, only to see Zhang Yang was smirking at his futile attempt to flee. Finally giving in to his fatigue, Honduras panted and walked with a slower pace. He knows that no matter how fast he ran, he could never outrun Zhang Yang and his bear. His actions had only proved that he wanted to con Zhang Yang!

The duo finally reached a town and went around a few streets before coming to a large building.

"Master…!" Standing near the entrance were two gardeners, When the saw Honduras walking towards them, they exclaimed in surprise.

"I’m back!" Honduras nodded. "Where is my daughter!? Where is Adele?"

"The mistress is in the flower garden, sir!" said the two gardeners in unison.

"Oh! My beloved daughter Adele!" Honduras rushed to the back of the mansion. This time, he definitely missed his daughter.

Zhang Yang pulled the reins and rushed to follow him. He crossed a small river inside the mansion and came to a large flower garden, with flowers of all kinds that radiated a perfume-like fragrant scent. The place was extremely grand and pleasant, like the garden of Eden. At the side of the garden was a small stone pavement, with a small stone table and bench. Sitting sulkily alone was a beautiful little girl with lush, dark hair.

[Adele] (Normal, Humanoid)

Level: 81

HP: 8,100

Defense: 81

"ADELE! MY DAUGHTER! MY BABY GIRL!" cried Honduras in a melodic tone as he rushed towards Adele with his arms wide open.

"Father?! FATHER!" The sulky, solemn face disappeared, and was immediately replaced with relief and joy. She jumped down from the bench and skipped towards Honduras.

With the father and daughter reunited, the long talk started immediately. Questions about their health, places that they had been and other et ceteras popped out.

For a minute, Zhang Yang was happy for the both of them. But that did not mean that they could just leave the man’s savior standing at the side! Zhang Yang moved closer and coughed softly to remind them of his presence.

Honduras ignored Zhang Yang’s attempt and continued to have the father and daughter conversation with Adele. Zhang Yang had coughed even louder, yet Honduras continued to ignore Zhang Yang. On the other hand, it was Adele who took notice of Zhang Yang and broke off from her father. "I’ve heard. You’re the hero that rescued my father! I thank you, honorable warrior Zhan Yu. Thank you for saving my father. You have my utmost gratitude."

"The honor is mine to have! I am pleased to be able to meet such a beautiful young lady," said Zhang Yang as he bowed down. He then reassumed a rude stance and turned to Honduras. "Hey. Do you want to be called a lying trader for the rest of your life? Where’s my reward? I’m an adventurer, a mercenary at best. My service cannot go unrewarded."

"Aiyah! What a greedy bastard!" Honduras finally stopped pretending and revealed his true nature.

Zhang Yang was troubled, he was called a greedy person by a dishonest trader. How would Zhang Yang respond to that? In any means necessary, Zhang Yang put on a stoic stance and said, "Honduras, you gave me your word! You will give me the Millennial Heroic Soul in exchange if your freedom! I’d say, business is all about trust! You must really want to be a dishonest trader for the rest of your life!"

"Hmph! That’s where you’re wrong!" said Honduras, ready to refute Zhang Yang’s statement. "My words were for you to save me! My freedom was granted by Lord Winchester! Not you! You have done nothing!"

Zhang Yang could really faint from what he said. He had met a few people that he could not argue with, but to argue to this extent was extremely rare! Zhang Yang clenched his fist so tightly that he could swear that he could punch him right in his throat and be done with it. He could simply ransack the entire mansion if he wanted to! Instead, he pulled out his Goblin's Head Lobber and smirked.

"Listen here, dishonest trader, do you know the name of this axe?" said Zhang Yang with a heavy killing aura.

"…What does it have to do with this matter?" said Honduras, unfazed.

"Hm. Hm. Hm. This axe is called the Goblin's Head Lobber. I have beheaded a few monsters with this wonderful blade. Now, I could easily kill a few monsters without much trouble. Do you think I can behead a single human?"

Hoping to scare Honduras, Zhang Yang brandished his axe in front of it. However, Honduras remained unfazed. It appears that Honduras was a man who willing to take a beating than losing his fortune.

"Father, you have given your word to Mr. Zhan Yu. It’s best for you to keep your word." Adele interjected. She was slightly upset and nudged her father. "Have you forgotten about mother’s words? That the most important virtue is honesty!"

Adele plea got through Honduras and he started to twitch and twist. "My baby girl. Do you know how much did I spend to buy the Millennial Heroic Soul?"

Honduras sighed heavily and turned back to Zhang Yang. "Fine! I’ll take it that you actually helped me out! I will give you a chance! I spent over 20,000,000 gold coins to buy that Millennial Heroic Soul. Now, you can have it for only half it the initial price! For 10,000,000 gold coins, you have it! You must know this, if it’s not for my daughter, I would die before I lose 10,000,000 gold coins!"

10,000,000 gold coins!?

Even though there were two more Territory had appeared, part of Thunderstorm Castle fees were earned from players that had reached Level 50 and more. Since the number of player that travel in between maps had risen, the profits had only risen continually! Just on the travel fees alone, Zhang Yang had earned more than a million gold coins on daily basis! Honestly, it was not even hard for him to fork out 10 million gold coins.

However, the main point was that, there was no quest ever that had required a player to pay 10 million gold coins! It just meant that this NPC wanted to mess with Zhang Yang!

"Father!!" Adele was already on the edge. "I have seen the accounts! That Millennial Heroic Soul had only cost you 5,000,000 gold coins!"

F*ck! He spent 5 million and plans to sell it for 10 million!? What a good trade! If it wasn’t a cheat!

Honduras nearly cried. He turned back to Adele and patted her on the head. "Oh my sweet sweet Adele. Who are you supporting here?!"

"Hahahaha!" Zhang Yang laughed to a point where he was sure to have a stomach ache. "Miss Adele. I see that you’re a girl of culture. In fact, if you succeeded over your father’s business when you’re a little older, you might actually be able to save your father from being called a dishonest trader!"

"Thank you! Respected warrior!" said Adele with a large smile on her face.

Honduras shook his head and sighed heavily. "With that attitude, you would surely be losing business! Aiyayaya! I might as well live for only a few more years. Fine! Warrior! You win. I give up. You can have the Millennial Heroic Soul for free. Just, promise me, that you’ll leave here and never come back! Don’t let me catch you socializing with my baby daughter!"

"Father…" said Adele with a face blushed with the pink of a mildly abashed person.

Honduras brought Zhang Yang into his mansion and towards a hidden chamber. There, he commanded Zhang Yang to wait outside as he went in to fetch the Millennial Heroic Soul. He came out later with a red box, about the size of a regular shoe box.

"Here. Take it. Inside this box, is the Millennial Heroic Soul. Now, leave. Don’t let me catch you doing any funny business with my Adele!"

Zhang Yang took the box off his hands and opened it. Inside the box, he examined the object that shared a similar appearance with a ginseng root. It was only one foot long and was entirely green. As he held up the Millennial Heroic Soul, he could feel a powerful aura emitting from it.

‘Ding! You have completed the quest: Rescue Winchester. Obtained 3,000,000 Experience Points!’

‘Ding! You have obtained an item: Millennial Heroic Soul!’

During the time when Zhang Yang was arguing with Honduras, all the way to his mansion, and obtained the Millennial Heroic Soul, Han Ying Xue and the rest of the party members had long left the castle and went to train their own levels. Zhang Yang got away from the mansion and headed towards the Altair Flatlands. It’s easier to go directly to Altair Flatlands from Black Feather Forest than to travel from Thunderstorm Castle. That way, Zhang Yang would not have to waste a [Teleportation Scroll], saving him a few gold coins and time!

After a long ride, Zhang Yang arrived at Altair Flatlands and entered the dungeon - Pandemonium. Ever since the in-game time was altered, the dungeon refresh rate had remained loyal to the real time. A 20 man dungeon would take 3 days (real time) to refresh. It was 9 days in the game. Since the dungeon was not yet ready for other parties to raid, there were no monsters inside the dungeon when Zhang Yang entered the Pandemonium. He ran effortlessly, all the way inside and towards Margery.

"Ho! Adventurer! I see you have found the 2 items that I asked," said Margery, as she hobbled towards Zhang Yang with her magic staff which she used as a walking stick.

"Scholar Margery. Yes. I have found them." Zhang Yang took out the Ancient Magic Stone and the Millennial Heroic Soul, and passed the Mysterious Sword Hilt to Margery.

After she obtained all three items, she nodded as she examined the items. "Hm…These items are the right ones indeed. Now, I will start channeling the spell to break the first seal. Adventurer, please be patient, while I try to break the seal."

She then held the hilt in her left hand while placing the Ancient Magic Stone and the Millennial Heroic Soul on a marble desk. She pointed her magic staff at the items on the desk and started chanting in some weird language. Without a word of warning, a bright, radiant light burst out of the Ancient Magic Stone. The bombardment of light was so blinding that Zhang Yang had to close his eyes shut and turn away.

The entire process took close to 3 minutes!

After that, the light started to dim down and eventually went out completely. Zhang Yang turned back and saw that the Ancient Magic Stone and the Millennial Heroic Soul on the marble desk were gone. On the other hand, there was a 3 foot long sharp sword, with a purplish glow in Margery’s hand.

‘Ding! You have completed a quest: The Mysterious Sword Hilt. Obtained 5,000,000 Experience Points!’

"Adventurer! Please take this. This is the ancient godly Sword of Purging Devourer. This sword contains the power of untold possibilities. I’m certain that this sword will be of much use to your adventures in the future," said Margery as she placed the sword into Zhang Yang hands.

‘Ding! You have obtained an item: Sword of Purging Devourer!’

Zhang Yang was extremely excited. Although the sword’s quest duration and length were not as long as the Dimensional Key Fragment’s quest, he had spent a great deal of time and had always looked forward to the reward!

[Sword of Purging Devourer, the Mystery of the Ancient Legend] (Violet-Platinum, One Handed Sword)

Weapon Attack: 2,219 - 2,619

Attack Interval: 2.8 seconds

DPS: 864

<Level 3 Socket 1>

<Level 3 Socket 2>

Special Effect 1: Consumes another weapon Special Effect. Can only be used once.

Special Effect 2: Lowers the Level Requirement of the weapon by 10 Levels.

Note: Unlock the first seal!


Consumes another weapon special effect? What is that?

Could it be that Sword of Purging Devourer could copy the Dark Enigmatic Sword’s skill?

Furthermore, the sword was a Level 90 sword! Yet, it could be worn right away at Level 80! This would immensely support Zhang Yang as a low DPS Guardian!

The best of all, the Sword of Purging Devourer had only unlocked at the first seal! How much stronger would the sword be when the other seals are broken?!

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