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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 381 — The Return of Megatron

Chapter 381: The Return of Megatron

Zhang Yang had proactively taken only a pair Gray-Silver boots and moved to one side.

Treasure Water and his friends had understood Zhang Yang good intentions to give them all the equipment and felt extremely grateful for his actions. Unlike Zhang Yang, they had high demands of Yellow-Gold equipment.

"Hey guys? Could you speed things up at the part where you’re supposed to help me?" cried Culonca. During the boss fight, the boss had not crushed the spot where Culonca was stuck. The attack from the boss had only managed to loosened the land around and made the small hole into a long crack in the earth. However, the gap was only a large as his head and Culonca could only stare from the inside.

Zhang Yang and the rest of the party member went towards the gap and forcefully pulled Culonca out by his hands.

"My word. I am but an old man. You, young lads, could have been a little gentler with me!" said the 60 years old man. Although the man was already an old text book, he was in amazing shape. He must have been a strong man when he was younger.

Culonca dust of the dirt on his clothes and turned to the party. "Still, I am grateful. Thank you for saving me from that wretched giant robot there."

‘Ding! You have completed a quest: Someone Save Me. Obtained 1,000,000 Experience Points!’

‘Ding! You have obtained an item: Ring of Grandiose!’

Even though Zhang Yang had treated the ring as another item that was meant to be tossed into the Little Merchandise Shop, Treasure Water and his party treated it very much differently. Besides Zhang Yang alone, the rest of the party were smiling happily as if they had just won the lottery, while Zhang Yang had just drawn a dud.

While the party was chatting about the reward they had just obtained, Culonca walked towards the boss’ dead body and pulled out a glowing crystal forcefully from Optimus’s chest. "Hey. You guys seem strong. Would you like to help me on some errands? I will reward you handsomely!"

"What about it?" Thinking Five Million replied Culonca immediately. The first quest reward was already a Yellow-Gold ring, how would the next reward be after escalation?

Culonca smirked. "I need you to travel to the Crumbling Valley and search for a similar Mechanical Servant, called Megatron. Take this Energy Crystal and revive him, and bring him back here!"

‘Ding! Culonca has a quest for you: Revive Megatron. Will you accept it?’

Everyone accepted the quest without thinking twice.

[Revive Megatron] (Difficulty Level: C)

Quest Description: Culonca wants you to find the deactivated Megatron at the Crumbling Valley. Use the Energy Crystal that Culonca has given you to revive the Mechanical Servant and lead the machine to Culonca. The Crumbling Valley is located to the North of Snow Peach Mountain.

How weird! The subsequent quest was lowered to C tier!

However, Zhang Yang did not give it much thought of it. He also did not care about the quest reward. The most important reason was that he only cared about triggering the quest that would lead him to the Dimensional Key Fragment. By any means, it's best to complete the quest and let it run its course.

Zhang Yang and the rest of the party summoned their mounts and took off. By then, the drop rate of a battle mount was still a scarcity. Among the four merry friends, only Blizzard General had a battle mount, the rest of the party only had normal mounts which were available for purchase at Level 40.

After descending down Snow Peach Mountain, the party headed north and after 20 minutes of traveling, they arrived in a cold, abandoned valley. Everything around the valley spoke of the aftermath of a great war. Rocks, pebbles, and a barren landscape illustrated the great history of what that had occurred there.


As the party moved forward, a skeletal monster broke out of the earth and bared its fangs towards the party, displaying hostility. The skeletal monster was completed battered. Just like the Crumbling Valley, the monster had broken bones, tattered wounds, rotting flesh, and many other features that had given off a feeling of ancient war.

[Tattered Skeleton Soldier] (Elite, Spectre)

Level: 84

HP: 84,000

Defense: 450

Up till this point, Zhang Yang had finally felt the annoyance of Spectre monsters. Anywhere he went, they would surely be a nuisance and would not let him be!

Zhang Yang unsheathed the new sword he has just obtained and sliced the enemy with a clean downward slash. At the same time, his shield was held up high and had blocked off another monster attack.

‘-3,989’ Normal attack.

‘-4,246!’ {Shield Bash}.

Although they had already witnessed Zhang Yang prowess from the boss before from before, they had not yet gotten used to seeing such a devastating damage coming from a player, and a Guardian at that!

"Boss Zhan Yu, how are you able to deal such high damage? That was just a normal sword attack and {Shield Bash} correct? Kindling, that s.o.b had only managed to deal 1,500 damage with his {Shield Bash}! How are you…What did you do?!" Everyone asked.

After having interacted with Zhang Yang for a short period of time, all four friends had already fallen for Zhang Yang, hard. One by one, they started calling him "boss" and "big bro". From the manner of their conversation, Zhang Yang recognized that they and the unknown player called "Kindling Justice" were second-year high school students who were living together in a dorm. From the way they address each other, Zhang Yang knew that they shared a strong bond with each other. Naturally, they would be playing together.

Zhang Yang posted the properties of the [Titan Chest Plate] into the group chat, explaining why Zhang Yang’s {Shield Bash} was so strong, as if he had permanently triggered a Critical strike.

All five of attacked simultaneously and killed the Tattered Skeleton Soldier.

"I have been meaning to ask, why haven’t you guys join a guild? You do know that joining a guild will grant you some extra bonus experience points?" Zhang Yang asked. He had judged and evaluated these four players, and felt like they possess some sort of prowess to them.

"We did. But, most of them were really strict. That’s why we left. For the past few months, I think we had already joined and left at least 13 guilds? Guys?"

"Nah…At least 16!"

"Bro, I think we’ve nearly hit 18!"

Zhang Yang started to twitch. Even though Zhang Yang would agree that there were a few guilds that were famous for being extremely strict, but quitting 18 guilds would only prove that these lads were a problem. With that thought, Zhang Yang was a little worried and never mentioned anything else about guilds.

The party went on and encountered many more Skeleton Soldiers which dropped some gold coins, experience points, and occasionally, a few equipment. Which was nice. The party killed their way quickly and entered the deepest part of the valley.

Deep in the valley, there was a huge lake. The lake was extremely calm and clear, yet in the center of the lake was a huge mechanical servant’s head. One of the mechanical eyes was blackened while the other was clear, yet dark. The head alone was big enough to be a house, or a restaurant! Zhang Yang stood closer to the edge and could make out the rest of the massive body of the servant through the crystal-clear water.

"Are we supposed to revive that thing?" everyone asked. Since there were no name tags nor any clue to indicate its name, everyone could not be sure that it was Megatron.

"Let’s try it out!" said Zhang Yang. He then summoned out his Mythical Turtle.

"Woah! Boss! Is that an Underwater Mount? You even had that?!" Treasure Water cried out in amazed. But when everyone saw the tier and the mount’s HP, they could not say another word.

These guys had yet to even battle a Violet-Platinum boss, and yet Zhang Yang was already riding a Violet-Platinum mount! No wonder people will always say that there will always be someone better than you!

Zhang Yang hopped on the Mythical Turtle and jumped into the water. Like an arrow, Zhang Yang shot towards the massive servant and headed towards the head. He then aimed at the broken eye and shoved the Energy Crystal in it.


A powerful shockwave blasted out in all direction, sending the waters off the lake. The shockwave continued and create a huge tidal wave that dried the lake. Not just the lake, in fact, the entire valley started to vibrate and shake in a dangerous manner that sent stone and dirt off the top of the peaks.

As if they were standing on a woman’s vibrating dildo, their vision started to degrade tremendously, unable to focus on anything or anyone.

"I think!" one of the screamed, trying to overlap the massive loud noise. "I think something is about to happen!"



While the four of them were busy having their menial argument, the gigantic servant glowed with an intense brightness, creating an even more violent surge of shockwaves.


With an even bigger shockwave, the servant’s eyes glowed like a miniature sun, that was too blinding to see, even when they had already squeezed their eyes shut!


The servant stood up, creating yet another massive tidal wave that lowered the water level of the lake by several meters. Thud! Thud! Thud! The servant got out of the water and moved towards the land. Water droplets the size of a pickup truck splashed down from above. The light in its eyes dimmed down and turned into a blood red color. After standing still for only a few seconds, it turned its head to a certain direction and started moving toward it.

[Megatron, Alien Lifeform] (Yellow-Gold, Mechanical Servant)

Level: 88

HP: 1,760,000

Defense: 2,600

Alien lifeform? What is that? Does that mean that this machine was from outer space?!

Everyone exchanged a worried look. This contraption could have weighed a few million tonnes, easily, judging from the massive quake it made, every time it took a step. If it does not listen to the party, how do they bring back the servant back to Culonca?

By the time they were thinking of a method to draw its attention, Megatron had already covered a good distance away from the party. Everyone summoned their mounts and chased after it.

Luckily, the direction where Megatron was moving towards was where Culonca was, and only then did the party relaxed.

Although Megatron movement speed was extremely fast, like nothing had Zhang Yang had ever seen, they were still able to chase after, it since the body of the servant was extremely huge, allowing Zhang Yang to see its figure, even though they were left far behind. By the time Zhang Yang had returned to Snow Peach Mountain, they were surprised at the sight of Megatron standing still at a place, completely motionless as if someone had hit the shutdown button.

When Zhang Yang approached closer, he could see Culonca was already climbing onto its shoulders with a big smile on his face

"You’re late!" cried Culonca. He then did something to Megatron’s chest plate and the servant’s chest opened like a cockpit in the all-time famous, Japanese iconic symbol of mechas, mobile suit Gundam. Culonca jumped towards the cockpit and entered the contraption.

"Sorry, there’s some trouble along the way!" said Zhang Yang from the top of his head.

Thinking Five Million immediately cried out, "Yo! We have brought Megatron back! What about our reward?"

"HAHAHAHAHA!" Culonca laughed maniacally. "What a bunch of stupid adventurers! Are you daft?" Culonca then went into Megatron and closed the hatch. A robotic voice echoed out of Megatron, "I merely gave you a few scraps and you’re as obedient as a dog! Did you really think I would be that generous?! HAHAHAHAHA! Do you think I would even care about a few obnoxious adventurers? I had only used you to help me obtained Optimus Prime’s Energy Crystal and travel to the dangerous land of the Crumbling Valley to revive Megatron!"

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