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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 382 — Foil the Plan

Chapter 382: Foil the Plan

"F*ck! What a sheetty NPC!" cried Bleeding Tornado.

Even though the NPC had obviously turned against the player, his name tag was still in the color of green. Zhang Yang and the other players could not attack him just yet.

Zhang Yang tried to trigger something to initiate the battle. "Culonca, just what is that servant?"

"HAHAHAHA! Now, that is the question I wanted to hear." His sinister laugh echoed through the cockpit. "This machine is a living mechanical being that came from outer space! For it possesses an immense power, strength, and the ability to transform! According to my extensive research, these aliens were divided into two factions! They are the Autobots and the Decepticons. The previous enemy that you had just defeated for me was the leader of the Autobots! He was the last of his kind! It was a pity that when I had revived him, he was still conscious and I was unable to control him!"

Culonca continued. "It was only later when I had found the body of Megatron, the fallen Decepticon. At the same time, I had also found out the hidden secret of controlling these mechanical servants. I had used that method and cast a spell on the body of Megatron which will allow me to control him, after his resurrection!"

Culonca started laughing maniacally. "However, the only Energy Crystal was already used on Optimus Prime, and without it, I could not revive Megatron! Never had I thought that the leader of the Autobots was so strong that he had trapped me in the earth! That is, until you fools had freed me from my peril! Now that I’ve said it, I should be thanking you for it! Not only have you freed me, you have also brought me Megatron!

Zhang Yang had been bamboozled by the system again!

Culonca was a typical villain. After gaining massive power or the means to topple the hero, he will start monologuing, revealing all his plans to everyone as if he would have died if he had not.

"Do you know why did these mechanical servants had come to our world? They were here to search for a power source called the Allspark, an ancient artifact that could create mechanical life. Be it the Autobots or the Decepticons, they were both born from the power of the Allspark! To think that the precious treasure had fallen into our world! Haha! Now that I have gained control of Megatron, I could finally start searching for the Allspark! I shall use the power of the ancient artifact to create an indestructible army to dominate the world! I shall reform the earth as to how my ancient ancestors would want!"

"Ah…" Blizzard General clapped his hands as he had an epiphany. "Transformers!"

"I see it now! D*mn! It's Optimus Prime and Megatron! How could I have forgotten about them!" cried Treasure Water.

"How nostalgic! How many years has it been since they had made the last movie?"

Everyone started to discuss the years when they had watched the movies and the cartoon animation of the Transformers series.

"I, Culonca must thank you for your contribution to my conquest. Now, you can die without having any regrets!" Culonca bellowed and the name tag "Megatron" turned red.

‘Ding! The quest: Revive Megatron, has been deleted!’

‘Ding! You have received a quest: Foil the Plan!’

[Foil the Plan] (Difficulty Level: B)

Quest Description: Culonca has managed to gain control of the alien mechanical lifeform, Megatron. Planning to search for the ancient artifact Allspark, Culonca wants to dominate the world by creating an army of mechanical servants. Warrior! You have to stop his plans and save all of life’s creations. The fate of the world lies in your hands!

Progress: Defeat Megatron 0/1 Kill Culonca 0/1

Everyone’s quest log suddenly popped out and displayed a change in their original quests. Zhang Yang had not cared about it one bit, as long as he could kill Culonca and obtain the Dimensional Key Fragment from him forcefully.

"Guys, roll out!" Zhang Yang laughed at his own attempt at mimicking Optimus Prime’s voice and battle call.

"Submit to the power of the Decepticons!" cried Culonca from the inside of Megatron chest. The movement of the giant mecha was rather rigid and slow, which automatically told everyone that Culonca was just a novice at "piloting" the machine. He then controlled Megatron’s arm and thrust it towards Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang raised his shield to intercept the attack. With a loud crashing sound, Zhang Yang was pushed deep into the ground, making a meter-sized crater from where he was standing. Right then, Zhang Yang’s strength was already off the charts, yet he had still been pushed back. With all the power he had, Zhang Yang forcefully repelled the attack and managed to parry Megatron’s massive metallic arms back.

"Ho…Impressive! I have never assumed that you possess such brute strength! However, could you hold up forever with a mechanical servant?" cried Culonca as he taunted Zhang Yang. The machine then drew back its arm and thrust another punch at Zhang Yang.


The attack had landed on Zhang Yang and dealt only 5% of Zhang Yang long 100,000 HP! The rest of the party did not stand by in awe, instead, they started their attack as soon as they had the chance. Everyone upheld their class roles; attackers attack, healers heal.

"Urgh! Annoying pests! Death be upon you lot!" Culonca growled and left Zhang Yang be. He then moved Megatron towards Blizzard General and smashed him with the massive mechanical palm.


When the massive damage dropped on Blizzard General, he panicked. Colors started to fade from his face as he has just realized that he had lost close to one-third of his HP! He managed to survive, as he was riding on a Gray-Silver battle mount, or else he would have lost more than 50% of his original character HP!

After one attack on Blizzard General, Megatron left him and switched his target to Thinking Five Million. Similar to all his previous attacks, Megatron smashed him with his massive palm.

Something was odd. The battle with Megatron was extremely different compared to any other battle that any player had ever encountered. The boss seemed to be immune to the aggro system! It will attack anyone, and anytime he wanted!

Based on damage alone, Zhang Yang would take the lead in rank and position. Also, as a Guardian, the amount of aggro generated by him would have made sure that no one in the party could ever OT! However, the situation now begged to differ!

They checked the aggro list and found out that everyone’s aggro value was changing faster than a traffic light could! Even when those players had not made any attack on Megatron would have their aggro surged up to the maximum, whereas Zhang Yang, who was attacking furiously from the start had his aggro value dropped to the lowest!

Was there a bug in the system?

Zhang Yang could not help but think of an explanation.

"Megatron is just a servant! Who he attacks is determined by Culonca! Since Culonca is hidden inside the machine, he could not take damage, and would not have his aggro controlled! He can freely attack whoever he wants!"

The rest of the party started to panic when they heard Zhang Yang’s explanation.

Zhang Yang quickly added. "Blizzard General! Use {Vanish} and leave the battle! Do not think of continuing the fight. The three of you! Hide behind me, I will try to move around to prevent Megatron from attacking you!"

"Hohoho! Feel the power of Megatron!" Culonca taunted. "Think about it! No sooner after this, I will create more soldiers just like this! I will create an empire far larger than the Imperial Heaven's Empire! No matter who it is, be it the Spectres, the Demons, Humans, all Demi-humans alike shall bow down to my reign!"

"Hmph. Just because you have obtained a little bit of power, you think you can rule the world with it?" Zhang Yang scoffed. This Megatron contraption was just a Yellow-Gold boss entity. Even if Culonca could create a million more like it, a Celestial tier boss could easily wipe everything out of existence with just a lift of its finger! Even Princess Serena, a Mythical tier entity could easily wipe out every living being in the land with her sword!

"I am the descendant of the mighty Luis Kant Muer Witwicky! I will re-create…NO! I will make a new glorious empire, far better and stronger than any empire had ever existed! My name shall forever be etched in the walls of history!" Culonca screamed as if he was greatly offended by Zhang Yang’s menial scoffs, which led to several consecutive attacks on Zhang Yang.

"Hm…I know now why people say that a tank must have an annoying, punchable face! Big bro Zhan Yu is sure is strong! Not only does he have the skills, but he also has a face that could endure a good punch!"

"Haha! Yeah! He could grab the boss aggro when the boss had no fixed aggro to begin with! Go Zhan Yu!"

"Guys, it’s not just the face. Big bro Zhan Yu has also a poisonous mouth that could literally make any person, in this case, the boss angry!"

"As expected from Zhan Yu boss! Go Zhan Yu Go!

Everyone slapped Zhang Yang on the back enthusiastically, which left him wordless. If he could, he would have paused the fight for a while to give them all a good slap on the face before continuing the fight.

No wonder these guys have always been jumping guilds! It was probably because of their loud blabbering mouths! Perhaps, a good number of players were sick of them!

"Stop yapping! Attack the boss!"

Due to Zhang Yang consistence verbal insults on Culonca, the boss had only attacked him. From the looks of it, verbal assaults were especially effective at gaining aggro, since Culonca is a man of pride. He thought highly of his own ancestors and would never accept insults to them. Now that most of the aggro was on Zhang Yang, everyone else could lower their guard a little and attack the boss.

Truthfully, Zhang Yang could easily take on the boss without a hitch. However, now that the other party members had joined the fight, he would have to play his role of the tank and protect his teammates. Instead of improving the battle, their presence in the battle field had only affected Zhang Yang performance. Still, it was only this special boss.

In just three minutes, Megatron HP was cut down to only 100,000.

"No…! No! This cannot be!" Culonca started to panic. "Impossible! It’s not possible! You could not defeat me! You would not defeat me!"

"It’s time to face reality, Culonca!" said Thinking Five Million with confidence. Everyone else laughed at his taunt. Just when the rest of the team want to pitch in their share of insults, a sudden loud noise was heard.


A sudden glow in the one eye of Megatron shone and its entire mechanical body stopped, as if the machine had just run out of power!

"GRAH! Move! Move and kill these bastards for me! Piece of trash! I revived you! Move! Aren’t you but nothing but a piece of rusting tin can!?" Culonca voice could be heard from outside the cockpit.



The party had not stopped attacking even when the machine had stopped moving, however, their attacks seem to have no effect on the machine. Their attacks were only responded with the word "Immune" as they attacked.

Megatron opened its mouth and cried, "None shall insult the great Megatron!"

The chest plate hatch opened and reveal Culonca inside the cockpit. Megatron forcefully grabbed Culonca from inside and tossed him to the ground.

"I AM MEGATRONNNNNN!!!!" cried the machine as it extended out its arm and legs. He then stomped on Culonca and bellowed, " I am King! I am the strongest! No one can control Megatron!"


Culonca spat blood as he was being stepped on. A sudden "ding" was heard and a silver piece of metal fell off his body.

Zhang Yang focused on the item and realized it was the Dimensional Key Fragment!

Just when he was about to move towards it, he realized that he was frozen in place!

He had been forced into a cinematic scene!

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