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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 383 — Search and Destroy the Allspark

Chapter 383: Search and Destroy the Allspark

"Dimensional power!?" said Megatron as he noticed the key fragment. He then held out his palm, and the key fragment somehow moved on its own and flew into his palm, as if Megatron had the power of telekinesis, despite being a mechanical being.

"Marvelous! With this power of Dimensional Travel, I can finally complete my search for the Allspark! Beware my words, Earth Dwellers! For now, I am wounded! You shall live for another day! But I will be back! And I will lead an army to dominate this pathetic world!"

Beep Beep Boop Ching Klang!

The mechanical servant transformed and folded itself into the shape of a jet. He then took off at an intense speed, leaving the airspace with a loud sonic boom and disappeared in the air. Megatron flew like a jet, but would be possible to chase after him with a flying mount. However, right now, there were nothing Zhang Yang and the rest of the party could do but stare blindly at the Megatron leaving, with only a fraction of his HP left, with the Dimensional Key Fragment at that too!

Everyone regained control of their character only after Megatron had disappeared.

‘Ding! Megatron has obtained a piece of the Dimensional Key Fragment! He will use it to complete his search for the Allspark! His intention to the entire land is naught but dire threat! Warrior! You have to stop him!’

‘Ding! You have accepted the side quest: Search and Destroy the Allspark!’

[Search and Destroy the Allspark] (Difficulty Level: S)

Quest Description: Zhan Yu, you must search and locate Megatron before he locates the position of the Allspark and summons an army of mechanical soldiers! You have to find him and kill him. The Allspark must be destroyed in order to foil any future threats to the land. Tips: Dimensional Key Fragments will resonate with each other!

Progress: Destroy the Allspark 0/1

Zhang Yang was stunned. He quickly turned to the party and asked, "Have you guys obtain any new quests?"

"Nope!" said the guys with a straight face.

Zhang Yang finally understood what was happening. The side quest that had just triggered was only given to players with the original quest "Meteor Sword". For any other player, the quest would be concluded as soon as they were done with the quest "Foil the Plan". As for Megatron and the Allspark…if he had directly tried to invade any major city, he will be killed instantly without any chance of resistance. There are many other Celestial tier bosses in each of those cities!

Culonca had received a major strike from Megatron but he had not died just yet. From the looks of his HP bar, he was just one clean sword strike away from being sent to the graveyard. Wrenching in pain, Culonca spat out a mouthful of his own blood while still monologuing on his own, "Impossible! There’s no way! I’ve worked for more than 10 years for this! I will never accept this ending! Never!"

"Oh! Just die already!" cried Blizzard General as he laid down the final blow, successfully ending Culonca’s life.

‘Ding! You have completed the quest: Foil the Plan! Obtained 3,000,000 Experience Points!’

Zhang Yang sighed at the reward the quest had given. Nothing but a luxurious amount of experience points was the least of what they had expected. The four merry friends cried all sort of insults at the dead body of Culonca, cursing him to come back alive so that they could beat the crap out of him again!

The game utilized some sort of player’s lens perspective; in cases where an NPC had died, the player who had just completed the quest will never again see him! If the quest did not belong to a hidden quest or a special quest, other players could still trigger the quest, but not the same player that had already completed it.

Culonca was just an elite tier monster, naturally, he would not drop anything special but a few [Silk] and coins. Zhang Yang had not even bothered to look at the drops, lest being the other four players.

Zhang Yang opened the world map and noticed a small blimp at the northern part, far from where he was. Even though it was far away, this was the first time a quest had provided the location for where Zhang Yang needed to go next! Zhang Yang jumped on his white bear, bid everyone goodbye and rode towards the bleep on the map.

After riding for a least 2 hours or so, Zhang Yang left the grassy plains and found himself in a huge wasteland, covered in ice and snow. Not far from where Zhang Yang stood, he saw a huge hole. Zhang Yang approached the hole. Immediately, he had a bad intuition, and tried to test the depth of the hole by throwing a piece of rock into it and waited. He waited and waited until god knows how long but there was no sound of the rock reaching the bottom of it!

If Zhang Yang did jump into the hole, he would probably be jumping straight to the domain of Lucifer! At least, Zhang Yang had a way to prevent death, for he had the skill of the Heart of the Death Knight, which would grant him 10 seconds invincibility to nullify even falling damage! But the main problem was the fact that the hole devoid of light! There was no way for Zhang Yang to even know if he is to about to reach the bottom!

Jump? Don’t jump? Or jump on another day? Zhang Yang kept on contemplating hard. He then thought to himself, right then, it was impossible for any player to possess any Flying Mount! As far as the system goes, it would never allow a player to jump to their death, when clearly the situation calls for it! If that was the case, then…could there be a lake at the bottom of this bottomless pit?

Zhang Yang ruffled his hair into a mess. Frustrated at his indecisiveness, Zhang Yang made sure that there was no one around the area before he let out a frustrated scream.

"F*ck it!" Zhang Yang said. If he dies, then so be it. It’s not like he would lose any experience points or level. A mere 10% loss of equipment durability is nothing, it’s not like it would burn his pocket to fix them anyway!

Zhang Yang unsummoned the bear and took a deep breath.

"LEEROY JENKINS!!!!!" Zhang Yang screamed as he jumped into the hole. The sound of the wind brushing across his ears was so loud that he could not even hear his own scream! The speed at which he gained started to have a piercing effect, and Zhang Yang felt a slight painful pull from the side of his cheeks.


At the speed of him falling down, Zhang Yang could have sworn that he would be the fastest man alive! Still, he was still gaining speed! The giant hole was so deep and dark, and Zhang Yang felt a great nervousness at the beginning of his fall. However, as the time dragged on, Zhang Yang was still falling, eventually, he felt bored and irritated. Nothing but the sound of the wind accompanied him as he fell. There was nothing, or rather, due to the absence of light in the hole, it was just darkness and wind.

1 minute…5 minute…30 minutes! Zhang Yang had been falling for 30 minutes, and still counting!

Since he was playing the game in his sleeping state, however bored he became, he would not feel tired. He then decided to call on Wei Yan Er and teased her for the fun of it. This little brat was a real fun to tease!

Hmm? Finally!

A bright blinding light pierced Zhang Yang’s vision like a sharp needle. As he got used to the presence of light, he began to see what lay beneath the hole! As he approached the bottom, he finally saw a blurry reflection of himself. It was a huge lake!


Like a bullet hitting the water, Zhang Yang prepared himself and made himself fall feet first, while crossing his arms. He remembered it well, as an experience he had at a water theme park’s water slide. Since the speed of which he entered the water was too quick for any human eyes to catch, the splash was not any regular splash, Zhang Yang had dived down at such tremendous speed that he had made a tsunami of the lake! Even though it was water that he was crashed into, the massive repelling force was still too strong that it was not dampened so easily! Zhang Yang had forcefully taken a huge damage, his HP dropped from 78,440 to only 7,241! And that was Zhang Yang we were talking about. If it were someone else, the sheer repulsive force of crashing into the water at that speed would easily kill someone!

Still, anyone could easily survive that with survival skills that could grant damage absorption, or temporary invincibility.

It took some time, but Zhang Yang managed to swim his way back to the surface of the water. Once he managed to get a breath of air, he summoned the Mythical Turtle and shot his way to land. Zhang Yang got himself out and was immediately dried up. He felt a little relieved for surviving such a fall and felt like Wei Yan Er could have fun at this place.

From where he stood, Zhang Yang noticed that there was nothing but one circular wall at the edge of the lake. He turned and saw another exit besides the hole from where he jumped in. The exit was a small ledge which could lead him out of the lake and into a huge hill.

Like the movie "Journey to the Center of the Earth", Zhang Yang felt a euphoric moment of discovery. The place was practically a rain forest with plants and grass all over the place. The source of light that Zhang Yang saw early was emitted from a fiery ball hanging on top of the "sky". The ball of fire was not the sun, but it was still shining brightly and spreading heat across the land.

The forest was filled with beings of various size and shapes, similar to what you would see in a rain forest in the real world. However, due to the different environment, the animals here had undergone a different kind of living process. Of by which, the only major difference Zhang Yang could observe was their size. They were huge! There was a bug the size of a real-life bull and a bull the size of a 6-story building! There was even an eagle so big, that each side of its massive wing could measure at least a hundred meter long! Just when he thought that Megatron was huge, he was nothing but a regular human size mechanical robot when he dwells among these colossal beasts! And Zhang Yang was nothing but an ant! In fact, an ant could probably be bigger than he is, in this amazing world.

Naturally, size was nothing when judging the power they held. Zhang Yang had even encountered three Celestial tier boss that were no bigger than you and I. The only difference they had was the immense power they held.

Zhang Yang opened the world map to check his location, but only saw a blank map with his avatar, and the bleep was at the same location. In the mini-map however, he saw an arrow that pointed Northwest from his location. It was pointing to the location of the sixth fragment of the Dimensional Key. However, due to the great distance between them, the mini-map could not be enlarged any bigger and had replaced the location with an arrow pointing to its direction. Zhang Yang summoned the Gold-Eared Bear King and rode towards the direction.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Within a few steps, Zhang Yang was already interrupted by a loud stomping noise that had sent tremors beneath his feet. At his front, he saw a ridiculously huge mountain goat rushing out of a bush, and charging towards him at great speed.

[Earth Core Berserking Antelope] (Elite, Beast)

Level: 85

HP: 85,000

Defense: 450

Facing a beast as large as a building, Zhang Yang could not help but feel like a tiny little ant. However, just because the monster was incredibly huge, it did not mean it was any stronger than a regular Elite in this game!

"Meeeeeaaa!" the Antelope bleats and lowered its head to charge towards Zhang Yang with its horns facing him. Although Zhang Yang felt intimidated by its sheer size, it was just a millisecond before Zhang Yang regained his confidence. No matter how big or scary it looked, it did not change the fact that it was only a Level 85 elite tier monster, having the same attack power as any other Level 85 elite tier monster. Zhang Yang felt a little funny, thinking that he was afraid of the Antelope that had only 5,000 to 6,000 attack power!

With a whack and slash, the Antelope fought bravely and even managed to gain a 50% attack power bonus after entering the Berserk state. However, it died in the hands of Zhang Yang. It may still fight and defeat other players but while facing Zhang Yang, the monster would only be facing death itself, with nothing but a short struggle.

The Antelope had dropped two to three counts of [Antelope Fur].

Zhang Yang proceeded on and slew a few more Earth Core Berserking Antelope and picked up a few more [Antelope Fur]. Although these elite monsters would only drop fur, Zhang Yang was not disappointed at all, because the forest he was in was filled abundance with many kinds of herbs. Although it was a shame, that the herbs found here were not rare, like the [Zombie Moss].

Along the way, as he collected more herbs, Zhang Yang headed towards the Northeast and came across a huge cave, with crystals forming on the walls! The cave was as huge as a large stadium, with a ceiling measuring at several hundred meters tall. There was literally nothing but crystal pillars in the cave. Like walking inside a kaleidoscope, the crystal forming the walls were of all sort of colors, like red, yellow, green, and all the hues of the rainbows! Due to the light reflected and refracted by the crystals, the cave was illuminated clearly, but as far as Zhang Yang could see, he could not determine the end of the cave.

Although the cave was so huge that it could probably fit Megatron in his jet form, it was still considered as an "indoor" environment. Zhang Yang was immediately ejected from the bear as soon as he set foot into the cave. Zhang Yang sighed and shrugged it off.


Echoes of his footsteps could be heard resonating throughout the entire cave.

As he walked forward, Zhang Yang thought that it would bring a huge advantage to any player who gets hold and uses the Allspark. As per what Megatron and Culonca have explained, the Allspark could be used to create countless mechanical soldiers. If a player could use it, it would summon an army at no cost, which would allow him or her to win any sorts of battle!

It was a shame that the quest would have him destroy the Allspark, making it impossible for anyone or anything to possess it.


Just when Zhang Yang was having his deep thoughts, he saw a green hue shooting through the cave. It was a large green-emerald crystal pillar that flew towards him like a missile!

With lightning speed, Zhang Yang lifted his shield and activated {Block} out of instinct.


Although Zhang Yang’s speed was so fast that it could even rival the speed of sound, the peak of the crystal had hit Zhang Yang’s shield at the top angle, causing Zhang Yang to lose his balance and stumble back. At the same time, a huge, red colored mechanical servant appeared in his sight. The mecha was equipped with two huge cannon-like weapons on each of his shoulders. In his right arm, he had a long chain coiled up.

[Starscream] (Yellow-Gold, Mechanical Servant)

Level: 85

HP: 1,740,000

Defense: 1,500

Note: One of Megatron’s right-hand man. A cunning war general.

What the hell? Another Transformer character?!

After Starscream’s first attack was blocked, it thrust out his right arm and uncoiled the black chain. Like a long viper, Starscream sent the black chain towards Zhang Yang and chained him by the waist.


The attack was too quick and accurate, that Zhang Yang had no time dodging it.

"Earth dweller! Was is you who attacked Lord Megatron!" Starscream shrieked. His robotic voice was truly annoying, being high pitched and loud. "Was Megatron so debilitated, that he allowed himself to be wounded by a mere puny warrior? He even lost one of his eyes! Looks like it’s time for me to lead the Decepticons!"

A charging sound was heard from his left shoulder and the cannon fired a light beam which blasted Zhang Yang directly at his chest.

‘Ding! Starscream had used {Laser Beam}!’


Zhang Yang took a great amount damage. He then immediately opened the damage log.

"You have received 10,170 Natural Damage (3,000 damage reduced, 1,830 damage absorbed) from Starscream’s {Laser Beam}!"

D*mn! What a cheating attack! The boss had a physical attack, a binding chain, and a cannon attack! How would one actually defeat it?!

Fortunately, the laser attack was strong, but it had a long cool down, so the boss could not use it consecutively. That or Zhang Yang would have already been shot down like a honeycomb.

To counter a boss with high Defense, Zhang Yang had to rely on {Cripple Defense} first, and then only laid down all his attacking skills. It was a pity that Starscream had suddenly ambushed him, or else Zhang Yang would have time to swap his bear for the turtle. Because of that, he had lost a great deal of DPS power.

With him alone, Zhang Yang would not be stupid enough to charge recklessly. The cave interior was filled with a great number of crystal pillars. He could use the pillars to take cover from the boss’ attacks and restrict the boss’ movement due to his colossal size!


As Starscream gave chase, he had already broken many crystal pillars. This was why having a small size had an advantage. Just when the boss was about to attack, Zhang Yang had moved away and forced the boss to be blocked by one or two pillars. The boss would have to resort to attacking the pillars in order to clear a path towards Zhang Yang. Utilizing this strategy, Zhang Yang had brought out the full potential of the pillars, almost taking no damage at all! All but the laser beam was negated. Zhang Yang would still have to take a clean hit from the laser beam. Luckily, the laser attack had a 20 second cool down time, providing Zhang Yang enough time to heal himself back with [Healing Potions] and [Fountain of Life]! Besides that, he also had other skills such as the {Berserker’s Heal}, and the {Shield Wall} that could easily allow Zhang Yang to cut down the boss HP to 10%!

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