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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 384 — Devastator

Chapter 384: Devastator

"What power you have, for a tiny little earth dweller!" cried Starscream. He wavered a little and withdrew a few steps back. Suddenly, his massive body made a huge loud crack and he then transformed into a huge jet plane just like Megatron. In this case, Starscream’s jet plan was red in color. It fired its afterburner and was about to take off.

If Zhang Yang was slower by a little later, Starscream would have already shot through the cave and disappeared just like Megatron did back then. Zhang Yang could not allow it to happen. He then jumped to the front and activated {Dance of Heaven and Earth}, and the ring {Chaotic Dance of Electric Current}.

The shadow formed and quickly seeped into Starscream’s body. At the same time, an old orc mage appeared by Zhang Yang’s side and started chanting a spell.





In just a few seconds, Starscream’s HP dropped from 10%, all the way to 0. Starscream was able to only travel a few hundred meters when his HP was completed drained, causing him to "die" and crash violently into the pile of crystal fragments. With a loud explosion, Starscream mechanical body exploded into many parts and was sent flying in all directions.

Zhang Yang ran to the body and picked up a funny item called [Laser Cannon]. Besides that, he had also picked up two other Yellow-Gold equipment which was not worth mentioning, and six other Gray-Silver equipment.

[Laser Cannon] (Usable)

Use: Deals 10,000 Natural Damage to all targets in a 3 x 3 meters area.

Range: 30 meters.

Cool Down Time: 1 hour.

Uses left: 10/10

Level Requirement: 80

The [Laser Cannon] looked somewhat of a miniature version of the magic cannon that was etched on the walls of Zhang Yang’s Thunderstorm Castle. Though it may have the same AoE attack power, its damage was greatly reduced and had a long attack interval. It also had a limited usage, which made it a mere toy. A powerful, lethal toy at that!

Zhang Yang picked up all the loot and went on his way.

Not long, another mechanical servant came up and attacked Zhang Yang.

[Brand New Mechanical Robot] (Elite, Mechanical Servant)

Level: 85

HP: 85,000

Defense: 800

Even though the monster’s defense was strong, Zhang Yang had {Eagle Eye} and {Cripple Defense}. Basically, Zhang Yang would be hitting him directly, never to worry about high or low defense. Zhang Yang only needed to worry about a monster’s defense when other players were around. Having the Sword of Purging Devourer, Zhang Yang took a few minutes to reduce the moving mechanical robot to a pile of scrap metal!

Zhang Yang reached out to collect the loot and picked up four counts of [Mithril]!

[Mithril] was a type of metal mineral that can be found in maps in Level 60 or higher. The Mining Cave that Lone Desert Smoke occupies also produces this kind of minerals. [Mithril] is one of the hottest selling minerals in the game! The mineral will remain as a hot-selling item as long as new players keep coming in. Until new players stop joining in the game, the item will forever remain in high demand.

The monster did not drop any coins directly, but a single [Mithril] could be sold for 1 to 2 gold coins! It was a worthwhile trade! Zhang Yang had killed more than several hundred mechanical servants and discovered that not all of them would drop [Mithril]. Instead, they only dropped worthless [Iron Bar] and [Solid Iron Bar]. Only a few would actually drop [Refined Iron] and [Thorium]. [Thorium] is a kind of mineral, higher tiered than [Mithril,] which would normally spawn in maps higher than Level 90!

After half an hour or killing, Zhang Yang had faced six larger mechanical servants. They were slightly apart one another. One of them, which was placed at the further left, had its eyes glowing in a weird, reddish hue. While the machine with the glowing red eyes was active, the rest were completely motionless.

[Hook] (Gray-Silver, Mechanical Servant)

Level: 88

HP: 880,000

Defense: 1,200

Note: A mechanical part of the great war general, the Devastator.

"Filthy scum!" cried the truck with a giant hook. The truck was all too similar to the tow trucks that are used by law enforcers to tow away illegal parking cars. The truck transformed itself into a humanoid figure and weaved his right arm (without the hook) towards Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang remained motionless and did not even bother to use {Block} against a mere Gray-Silver tier boss.


Zhang Yang took a clean hit without resisting and only received damage that could not even surpass 3,000!

Zhang Yang smirked confidently. He had nearly equipped himself with a complete set of Violet-Platinum equipment, on the contrary, the boss could even call Zhang Yang the real boss!

After a good whack, smack, and splat, Zhang Yang had only traded a {Berserker’s Heal} for the boss’ life.


The mechanical body of the boss exploded in flames, which immediately died down and dropped one Gray-Silver equipment and three Green-Copper equipment.


As the next moment, the second mechanical servant was activated. A bright glow flashed at the head lights. However, it did not immediately start its attack. In fact, there was a progress bar appearing above its character, which indicated it required some time, a total of 20 seconds before the battle starts.

Zhang Yang quickly seized the chance and swapped out the Mythical Turtle in place of the bear. With the little time left, Zhang Yang sat down and started munching on recovery snacks to heal himself. Before, he had no time to properly judge the battle beforehand, but now, Zhang Yang knew that he had to fight a total of six Gray-Silver bosses. Luckily, the bosses did not jump on him altogether. Even though they were playing tag with each other, at least they were "polite" enough to give Zhang Yang 20 seconds to prepare for the next fight.

[Excavator] (Gray-Silver, Mechanical Servant)

Level: 88

HP: 880,000

Defense: 1,200

Note: A mechanical part of the great war general the Devastator.

20 seconds later, the machine was activated. After spinning around, it transformed itself into a bipedal form and started to charge towards Zhang Yang.


The massive shovel was sent smashing downward and smashed Zhang Yang right on his head.

After another round of one-sided battle, Zhang Yang managed to defeat the Excavator even quicker now that he had help from the Mythical Turtle. In just 1 minute and a half, Zhang Yang had wiped the floor with the boss and had only consumed a bottle of [Fountain of Life]. If the environment was not an indoor setting, Zhang Yang could have gotten atop his battle mount and defeat the boss without using any healing, midway into the fight!

After clearing the second boss, Zhang Yang sat down again to heal himself and waited for the third boss to come at him.

The third battle was with a Cement Mixer, and Zhang Yang had only used a {Berserker’s Heal} just when it had finished its cool down.

The fourth battle was with a Flattener, at which Zhang Yang had used {Shield Wall}, healing over 150% of his HP.

The fifth battle was with a Crusher, and Zhang Yang had used {Berserker’s Heal} just after finishing its cool down.

For the last battle with a Pick-Up Truck, Zhang Yang had consumed a bottle of Grade 7 Transmutation Level 3 Healing potion and another same bottle after a minute into the fight. He had killed the boss with only 3,245 HP remaining.

Truthfully speaking, Zhang Yang had no need to consume any healing potions to fight the boss. He could have just allowed the Mythical Turtle to tank the boss for a bit and share the damage load. Naturally, the entire battle duration would be prolonged slightly. Zhang Yang had chosen not to be cheap and used the potion anyway to save some time instead. Zhang Yang had no need to save any gold coins in the first place!

After killing the boss, Zhang Yang quickly sat down to heal himself back to full health. In any event, where a wave of machines come to attack him, it would be quite an annoyance but not fatal to him.

Fuunnng! Fuuunng!

When Zhang Yang was healing, all six dead machines glowed with an intense red color as if they were resonating with each other!

Zhang Yang had no idea what was happening, were they trying to revive and attack him in one go?

"We had underestimated you, earth dweller!"All six bosses spoked in unison. After a loud crashing and clanking sound was heard, the machine rose up and started to merge together weird shape and sizes! Like the robots combining themselves in the show, Power Rangers, the machines transformed themselves into parts that fitted to the main body; heads, hands, and even legs!

Kachack! Kang! Klang!

All six parts joined in together and formed a complete, colossal machine!

A progress bar appeared on the top of its character with a 30 seconds countdown timer!

[Devastator] (Yellow-Gold, Mechanical Servant)

Level: 88

HP: 1,760,000

Defense: 2,000

Note: Formed from the combination of Hook, Excavator, Cement Mixer, Flattener, Crusher, and Pick-Up Truck!

What the hell! After fighting so many bosses, Zhang Yang was actually expecting to fight something even stronger than a regular Yellow-Gold! It was actually rather disappointing for him!

However, a Yellow-Gold boss could never be compared with a Gray-Silver boss. Even though Zhang Yang had high confidence in his battle strategy to defeat the enemy, he had never underestimated an enemy’s battle prowess! He used his remaining time to heal himself quickly.

After 20 seconds, Zhang Yang had recovered to full health and threw a {Spear of Obliteration} at the boss.


Obviously, the system would not allow the boss to be vulnerable to players’ attacks during the "preparation" time of 30 seconds!


"You have proven yourself to be among the strongest in this planet! For, it would require the six of us to defeat you!" the Devastator growled in a deep, mumble. It then thrust out his right arm and attacked Zhang Yang. After combining, the boss’ mega structure was so huge, that it might be even larger than Megatron! Its fist was so huge that it could cast a gigantic shadow when it was about to smash Zhang Yang from above.

What a self-loving, narcissistic boss! So what, if it was a Yellow-Gold tier? There were many other bosses of the same tier, having stronger, deadlier, and faster attacks!

After all six Gray-Silver bosses were combined, their power had indeed gained a massive boost. Still, how strong they were, they were only a Level 88 Yellow-Gold boss. Far from the prowess of a Violet-Platinum boss, let alone a Mythical tier.

Zhang Yang unsheathed his sword and delayed in attacking the boss. Instead, he unequipped his shield and attacked without it. He wanted the Mythical Turtle to gain more aggro, allowing it to be the temporary tank. Having close to 4,000 DPS, the Mythical Turtle’s total damage output was only a little higher than Zhang Yang, and he could not use {Block} reflect damage and {Shield Bash}. As long as Zhang Yang held back just a little, the Mythical Turtle could maintain its aggro value.

After activating the Mythical Turtle’s {Turtle Shell Defense}, Zhang Yang re-equipped his shield and started to attack after 20 seconds. With haste, Zhang Yang gained the boss attention and became the main target of the boss.

Zhang Yang activated the turtle’s {Wild Recovery} and {Madness}, and the Mythical Turtle recovered rapidly.

Zhang Yang began to attack with all he had. After obtaining 5 pieces of the Titan’s set equipment, it had granted Zhang Yang’s {Shield Bash} much higher DPS. The damage output for {Shield Bash} after {Cripple Defense} was 4,696. Having 6 seconds of cooldown interval, the additional DPS it added to Zhang Yang’s overall DPS was 783. If he was lucky enough to trigger a Critical strike, it would add much more DPS!

Nothing but wails of pain coming, only from Zhang Yang’s enemy, the Decepticon, Devastator!

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