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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 385 — The New Servant

Chapter 385: The New Servant

In the cartoon, Devastator was one of the savage generals of Decepticons, and its iconic combination function was extremely strong!

Admittedly, to smack around a strong villain from a childhood cartoon was a very exhilarating moment! Zhang Yang was very excited, as this cartoon was a classic, over 60 years ago.

{Berserker's Heal}, {Shield Wall} and [Heart of the Death Knight]’s effect were activated in succession, and Zhang Yang drank the Grade 10 Transmutation potions like a jug of water, while also drinking a health potion. Then, he used {Rearm} to reactivate {Berserker's Heal} and {Shield Wall} once again. He vigorously bombarded Devastator’ HP down to less than 10%!

"No! D*mn it, earthling!" Devastator roared as its body pivoted, its left arm suddenly falling off and transforming into Long Haul, "I will crush you to pieces! I will!"

Long Haul remained the same Gray-Silver boss that was close to death, with one HP remaining, but it carried an invincible effect which made it immune to all damage as long as Devastator still stood.

This means that as long as the main body is not destroyed, even with Long Haul having only 1 HP, it would never die!

This was another kind of a boss’ berserk mode!

Zhang Yang was holding on to his {Titan's Shield}, the key to his survival! Currently, he retained only 50,000 HP, which was far from critical!

Qiang qiang qiang!

Devastator’ HP was depleted by another 2%, and its right leg also suddenly became separated from its main body, which then transformed into Bonecrusher, and continued launching aggressive attacks towards Zhang Yang!

Three versus one!

6%, Devastator’ left leg suddenly broke off and turned into Hook!

The boss had lost its two legs and was unable to move, but its huge hand was enough to cover the distance of 30 meters. So, if Zhang Yang wanted to continue attacking the boss, he had to also remain in the range of the boss’ attacks!

With the four bosses allied and attacking Zhang Yang at the same time, Zhang Yang’s HP also started to decrease rapidly!


The boss’ right arm finally fell off as well, and turned into nothing but scrap. Five versus one!

Zhang Yang thought that the boss’ main body was a dummy, but Devastator’s eyes suddenly flashed and emitted two rays of laser that instantly dealt 8,000 damage to Zhang Yang!

{Titan's Shield} initiated!

2%! The main body part of Devastator also transformed into Mixmaster. At present, there was only Scavenger still intact as Devastator’ head. To bombard the boss’ remaining 2% HP, regardless of {Thunder Strike}, {Horizontal Sweep} or {Blast Wave}, any of these AoE skills could also kill the six bosses at the same time!

A Yellow-Gold boss and five Gray-Silver bosses were definitely powerful, but {Titan's Shield} could absorb 300,000 damage which was equivalent to four times of Zhang Yang’s HP! Who else could defeat Zhang Yang?!



Zhang Yang finally bombarded Devastator’ last drop of HP, and Devastator’ huge head also turned into Scavenger’s appearance!

The six Gray-Silver bosses only had 1 HP, and their invincible effect had disappeared!

‘{Horizontal Sweep}!’

Zhang Yang slashed them with his shiny sword, and six bosses fell defeated at the same time. A gold chest dropped from them.

Zhang Yang quickly opened up the chest. Regardless of opening whichever grade of chests, players would always be excited!

[Servant: Devastator] (Silver-tier)

Use: Summons Devastator as your servant in battle. Lasts for 5 minutes. You can only summon one Servant at a time. Summoning any Servant will cause all Servants to be in cooldown. Cooldown time: 30 minutes.

Level Requirement: 80

Binds on pick up.

Zhang Yang thought for a while, and decided to pick up the Servant directly as his original [Servant: Clear Lotus] was already outdated, and although her {Substitute} was still strong, 30 minutes of cooldown just to summon her for a {Substitute} skill was not really worth it!

Zhang Yang then summoned Devastator to see its standards.

[Devastator] (Silver-Tier Servant)

Level: 88

HP: 22,400 (25,980 with {Vitality Aura})

Defense: 2,500

Melee Damage: 4,689 - 5,289 (Attack Interval: 3 seconds, DPS: 1,663)

Skills: {Quake Strike}, {Force Blast}, {Heavy Fist}

{Quake Strike}: Beats the ground continuously with both arms, causes 2,000 physical damage every 2 seconds to all the surrounding targets within 20x20 meters. Lasts for 10 seconds. During this period, the caster must always maintain a channeling status. Cooldown time: 5 minutes.

{Force Blast}: Causes all the targets within caster’s 5 meters range to be knocked back 10 meters behind and interrupts the targets’ casting bar. Cooldown time: 5 minutes.

{Heavy Fist}: Uses a huge fist to strike a target, and the target will receive a melee damage equivalent to 100% of physical damage. Cooldown time: 5 seconds.

This Servant’s basic damage was similar to a player who was equipped with Level 80 Yellow-Gold equipment, but its offensive skills were not strong enough, which was {Heavy Fist} only. Although both {Quake Strike} and {Force Blast} were powerful skills, their cooldown times were too long.

However, this Servant was huge!

Zhang Yang was only as tall as Devastator’ toe, and Zhang Yang could not imagine what happens if he summons this servant in a place where the space is not big enough!

There was nothing else of note in the chest, only two pieces of Yellow-Gold equipment with mediocre attributes were found in the chest, Zhang Yang could not even find any Gray-Silver equipment in the chest! Zhang Yang assumed the Gray-Silver equipment was included in the loot from the previous six Gray-Silver bosses.

After picking up all the loot, the gold chest automatically disappeared, and Zhang Yang continued moving forwards.

The system was not designed to let the players confront with the boss so easily, and along the way, there were so many minions popping up and launching attacks towards Zhang Yang. However, it was not a bad deal, as Zhang Yang could also get experience points and mining bars along the way!

About two hours later, Zhang Yang finally reached the deepest of the cave.

The landscape here seemed more capacious, and the mini-map finally showed a blinking spot which indicated that the sixth piece of [Key fragments], just within 200 meters!

Zhang Yang looked up and he saw that Megatron was standing on a 10 meters tall hillside far away. Megatron seemed to be fiddling with something like a Rubik's Cube, and this cube emitted unusual rays towards a metal ore.

The metal ores that came into contact with the rays trembled vigorously, and then turned into mechanical servants! The huge robots were transformed from big metal ores while the smaller robots were transformed from the smaller metal ores. To Zhang Yang, they were all giants!

This must be [Allspark]!

It was amazing and it could continuously create the mechanical lifeforms!

Luckily, Megatron had just created the normal minions through [Allspark], therefore, Zhang Yang did not really bother about it! The main issue was that Megatron’s eye and the scars on his whole body had been fully repaired.

What frustrated Zhang Yang the most, was that Megatron had actually turned into a Violet-Platinum boss!

[Megatron, Leader of Decepticon] (Violet-Platinum, Mechanical Servant)

Level: 89

HP: 8,900,000

Defense: 3,000

This must be the effect of [Allspark], since it could create mechanical life, curing some injuries would not be a big deal!

Unfortunately, Zhang Yang could not fight this Violet-Platinum boss alone.

Zhang Yang equipped the [Party Summon Order], called up Sun Xin Yu, Han Ying Xue and the rest into the party channel and said, "Let’s fight a boss!"

"Is it a Violet-Platinum boss?" Wei Yan Er excitedly asked, as although she already had a Violet-Platinum two handed axe, she still had not obtained any Violet-Platinum set equipment parts, which made her impatient.

"Stupid brat. If it’s not a Violet-Platinum boss, I can simply defeat the boss myself without having to call any of you guys up, right?"

"Hmph, if not for my stupidity, how else would you be able to appear smart in contrast?"

"… That’s some abstract thinking, since when were you so smart?"

After all nine people had joined the party, Zhang Yang activated [Party Summon Order], and then Sun Xin Yu and the rest instantly appeared around Zhang Yang.


"Leader of Decepticon?"

"Is this the legendary Transformers?"

Lost Dream and the rest of the guys were astounded, as all of the boys loved Transformers!

"Where is Optimus Prime?"

"He is dead, write him a note to hell if you have any questions!" Zhang Yang shrugged his shoulders as he said.

Wei Yan Er had no idea what the Transformers were, and she did not even know that Transformers represented the men’s childhood memories. She swung her broad axe with murderous intent and said, "Quickly, kill the boss and drop me some set equipment!"

Zhang Yang laughed out loud and said, "I will pull the boss, Starlight will tank the minions. If I can last long enough by then, let’s kill the boss together!"


Zhang Yang held his [Sword of Purging Devourer] and dashed towards the boss. Endless Starlight did not move immediately, but held his shield up, carefully surveying the crowd of monsters. When killing groups of monsters, tanks fear getting swarmed out to a point beyond their control. Also, it would be like trying to catch chickens in a chicken coop with doors open on all sides. Catching hold of them all at once would be difficult.

"Earthling, you actually had the guts to follow me here?" Megatron looked at Zhang Yang with his eyes, full of strong hatred. Megatron kept the [Allspark] and took out a red flashing sword from his back with its two hands, and then strode towards Zhang Yang, "Great, at least I can have my revenge at once!"

As the boss moved, the minions surrounding the boss were all affected by the aggro link, and instantly, the minions formed a tidal wave of robots and rushed towards Zhang Yang.

That was good, as Endless Starlight would not need to chase after the minions by himself!

"Evil b*tchy, Fantasy, don’t cast healing on me first, as now, all the minions’ aggro are on me. If any of you cast healing on me, they will come after you! Let me use {Berserker's Heal} first!" Zhang Yang lifted his sword and shield.

"Roger that!"

Megatron strode forward and it waved the sword in its hand and threw a huge cleave at Zhang Yang’s neck.


‘-1!’ {Block} reflected damage.

Before adding five stacks of {Cripple Defense} on the boss, even if Zhang Yang had {Eagle Eye} which ignored the boss’ 50% defense value, with the boss’ 1500 defense value, Zhang Yang could barely hurt him.


Zhang Yang quickly followed by a "free" {Shield Bash}, and this time the damage was impressive!

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