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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 386 — A Fierce Fight against Megatron

Chapter 386: A Fierce Fight against Megatron

"Idiots, all of you do not deserve to take possession of this world!" Megatron launched another attack and slashed at Zhang Yang, "I proclaim that this world will be ruled by us!"

"I never thought that this mechanical boss would have such a great ambition in its mechanical brain!" Han Ying Xue teased.

"Sure, everyone must have a dream!"

"Sigh!" Fatty Han sighed, "When will my little dream come true?!"

Zhang Yang smiled as he said, "Fatty, you are that eager to get married to Xiao Wei, huh? She still has not graduated from university, calm your flaps down!"

"Xiao Wei is good at everything but she is too strict with me!" Fatty Han sighed again and again, "It is my fault as I had an impulse to confess to her about something that had happened previously. So, she was worried about it and she calls my house phone every hour to ‘check’ on me, and if I do not pick up the phone within 3 rings, she will break up with me! Sigh, now I even fear to go to the loo. Like yesterday, I ran out off the toilet for a phone call and I did not even wipe my ass! Luckily there was no one else in my house, otherwise, people would have seen my naked *ss!"

"Yo!" all of the girls covered their noses and mouths with their hands.

At this moment, the minions rushed towards them like a tidal wave, but Zhang Yang was already prepared and waited for them. Zhang Yang launched {Blast Wave}!



All of sudden, countless of ‘-1,000’ damage texts floated among the minions, and one after another of minions replaced those which were defeated. [Sword of Purging Devourer] flaunted the [Dark Enigmatic Sword]’s special effect like a new baby. Therefore, the scene was like fireworks, with dazzling damage texts.

As the [Sword of Purging Devourer]’s level requirement was Level 90, it meant that the 2% chance of activating special effect would only decline after Zhang Yang reaches Level 110!

Besides, Wei Yan Er also provided a {Strength Aura} during the battle, and 8% of Strength didn’t seem like much, but it actually increased Zhang Yang’s Strength attribute by 100 points, and this was a permanent Strength increment! On the other hand, if Lost Dream successfully triggered critical attacks, then [Song of Victory]’s special effect would be activated which would also increase another 300 points of Strength attribute!

‘{Horizontal Sweep}!’




A series of ‘-7,900’ damage texts floated among the minions once again, within the range of Zhang Yang’s sword slashes, a lot of minions instantly screamed in pain and fell defeated. But they never dropped any equipment and only equally distributed 850 experience points to everyone.

{Horizontal Sweep} also immediately activated [Sword of Purging Devourer]’s special effect of cloning the attacks. The damage texts floated among the minions again and again!

Zhang Yang then summoned [Servant: Devastator], and once this huge fellow appeared, it uttered a thunderous roar, and both of its arms struck the ground and then started beating the ground continuously with both arms.

‘{Quake Strike} activated!’



{Quake Strike} was a terrifying AoE skill as it dealt 10,000 basic damage within 10 seconds!

After three rounds of attacks, at least hundreds of minions were killed instantly, and this scene left Han Ying Xue and the rest astounded!

"Although I have seen this many times, that damage is too powerful. I strongly request to weaken this, otherwise, our pure attacker classes are going to look lame!" Lost Dream shook his head as he said.

Endless Starlight laughed happily and said, "Now you know that tanks could be quite capable, huh!"

"Pfft, it’s not you launching such powerful attacks!" Fantasy Sweetheart pursed her lips as she said.

"Pretty sis Fantasy, you are wrong by saying so. Boss Zhan Yu and my hearts are always united, both of our souls are eternally bound and beat as one! Thus, there is no difference between both of our attacks!" Endless Starlight said shamelessly.

Suddenly, all the girls looked at Zhang Yang together.

Zhang Yang quickly put up his hands and said, "I don’t even know this person!"

Endless Starlight shyly smiled and said, "Brother Yu, have you forgotten the Little Star at the beautiful Da Ming Lake?"

Everyone burst into laughter.

Before all of the minions had been cleared, the party could not strike the boss. So, all of them launched AoE skills to kill all the minions ferociously! The thousands of minions were indecently slaughtered by party members’ strong firepower, especially Zhang Yang’s [Sword of Purging Devourer]!

After four minutes later, all of the minions were almost annihilated!

"Wretched earthlings, stop it!" Megatron roared again and again, and it stretched out its left arm, and a [Magic Cannon] immediately unfolded itself from its arm, and a white light flashed at the muzzle of the cannon, gradually growing in size.

A casting bar appeared on top of the boss’ head: [Magic Firearm]. Casting time: 3 seconds!

Zhang Yang quickly yelled, "Everyone, back away from me! At least 10 meters, no, at least 20 meters!"

The mechanical servant was like a moving castle, and that [Magic Firearm] was a miniature [Magic Cannon]! Thus, Zhang Yang believed that the power of this [Magic Firearm] would almost be able to wipe out any average player, and that he would be able to withstand it!

Sun Xin Yu and the rest were smart enough, all of them immediately stayed away from Zhang Yang.


Three seconds later, a ray of bright light from the muzzle of Megatron’s [Magic Firearm] shot towards Zhang Yang!




Two damage texts immediately floated across Zhang Yang’s and Mythical Turtle’s heads respectively. Zhang Yang was unable to evade as he was already locked on as a target by the boss! As for the slow-moving Mythical Turtle, it stood no chance from the beginning!

As expected, this attack from the boss was an AoE and the coverage area of [Magic Firearm] was about 10x10 meters around the main target, and the basic damage was up to the terrifying amount of 40,000 damage!

This kind of high damage could only be withstood by a tank with the best equipment! If it was other attackers, they could only use survival skills!

"F*ck, is this the power of a Violet-Platinum boss? That’s ridiculous!" everyone exclaimed as the Violet-Platinum bosses they met generally dealt about 20,000 basic damage.

"No! All of you, look at the boss’ defense value!" Zhang Yang suddenly said.

"Dropped from 3,000 to 0!"

"What's going on?"

Lost Dream slapped his thigh as he said, "Ah, I get it! In sci-fi movies, if a space battleship wants to launch the main gun, it is required to draw away all the energy around it, including the energy of the shield! Thus, the boss’ [Magic Firearm] would deal high damage to the enemy, while at the same time, the boss would also harm himself. Although the [Magic Firearm]’s damage is extremely powerful, the boss’ defense value has drastically dropped as well!"

Everyone agreed and found this explanation logical.

Since the boss had zero defense value at this moment, everyone quickly launched attacks toward the boss vigorously! The boss’ zero defense value gave an advantage to the physical-type attackers. Within Zhang Yang’s party, except for Daffodil Daydream, the rest of the attackers were all physical-type attackers!

Suddenly, the party’s attack power skyrocketed!

However, this good moment would not last long, as the boss recovered 100 defense value every two seconds. The boss would slowly recover to 500, 1,000, 2,000 until its defense bar was full, which was 3,000. This was only in theory, as in fact, half of the boss’ defense value was already weakened by five stacks of {Cripple Defense}.

A minute later, Megatron’s defense value recovered to full, and it stretched out its left arm once again. That [Magic Firearm] aimed towards Zhang Yang!

"Get out of the way!"

Everyone scurried away.


A ray of bright light emerged from the muzzle, Zhang Yang and Mythical Turtle were immediately harmed by the high damage!

The boss’ [Magic Firearm] was extremely powerful, if it was another tank with poor equipment, they would have been one-shotted! But, Zhang Yang had about 80,000 HP and these 30,000 damage values could not even reduce half of his HP!

Conversely, Megatron’s defense value dropped drastically after it launched [Magic Firearm]’s attack.

The first time, everyone was not ready, but this time everyone was ready and immediately drank a [Power Potion] and madly launched attacks towards Megatron!

The boss increased its own attack power, but at the same time, the boss had also weakened its defense. On the other hand, this helped the party increase their attack power as well!

After the {Cripple Defense} debuffs, it only had 750 defense, which was actually similar to a Yellow-Gold boss.

"I’m Megatron, I’m undefeatable!" the boss angrily howled, and suddenly it lowered its body and beat the ground madly with both of its arms.

‘Ding! Megatron has used {Quake Strike}!’

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Suddenly, the ground was like a jittering carpet, and the party felt as if they were in a ferryboat that was being continuously rocked by extremely big waves! The rocks were all broken, and the broken stones were hitting them like bullets!




Zhang Yang and the rest were blasted with huge damage values! Besides, the quaking ground caused them to stumble around drunkenly, therefore, they could not cast healings and attacks!

Within these 10 seconds, everybody continuously stumbled and fought to regain their footing! Luckily the damage was a one-time off, otherwise, 15,000 of damages every second could actually annihilate them directly!

Megatron attacked Zhang Yang madly, and because Zhang Yang was only buffed with two {Regeneration} skills, he lost a total of 50,000 HP! Also at that moment, Megatron’s defense value had also been recovered back to 3,000, and the [Magic Firearm] had also started charging up!


Zhang Yang cursed the boss and activated his {Shield Wall}, while at the same time, he also commanded Mythical Turtle to initiate {Turtle Shell Defense}.



A bright light emerged from the muzzle of [Magic Firearm], and Zhang Yang only received 6,000 damage, while Mythical Turtle was even more powerful, with its {Turtle Shell Defense} resisting the damage by up to 90%. Therefore, Mythical Turtle only received 4,000 damage!

Finally, 10 seconds had passed!

Everyone stood up and started attacking, and casting healings.

"Little Yang, the boss’ {Quake Strike} is much powerful than your robot servant!"

"… Bullsheet, one’s a boss, and the other’s a servant, whaddayathink?!"

After getting through Megatron’s combo, Megatron’s HP bar had been reduced to 50%!

Now, the party had already found out the boss’ attack patterns, therefore, they knew when to launch attacks and when to evade. As a result, they now had it easy!

As long as you can anticipate a boss’ attack pattern, the boss could be defeated with ease. The same goes for the open-world, overpowered bosses!

40%, 30%, 20%…

Megatron’s powerful damage had almost come to an end. Although Megatron’s damage was still quite strong, Zhang Yang was still undefeatable in front of Megatron. Megatron’s futile attacks would only be counteracted completely by Han Ying Xue and Fantasy Sweetheart!


"Bastard, damn it earthlings, I want to kill all of you! I must kill all of you!" Megatron roared loudly and launched the second {Quake Strike}.

This was also the last rage mode of the boss.

They passed the boss’ attack smoothly. After this, they were going to claim victory!

3%, 2%, 1%!


Megatron’s huge mechanical body fell defeated, and then countless sparks poured out from its body and causing some exploding sounds.

"Hu, finally defeated the boss!"

Zhang Yang walked over to the boss’ corpse and picked up a shining silvery metal fragment and a cube-shaped metal block that was bigger than his brain.

‘Ding! You have obtained an item: Dimensional Key Fragment 6!’

Zhang Yang kept the sixth fragment, but that cube-shaped metal block was un-lootable, and actually had a HP bar!

[Allspark] (Tool)

Level: 1

HP: 50

Defense: 0

Note: The miracle created by an ancient Great God which can create mechanical lives.

Unfortunately, players were unable to use [Allspark]!

Zhang Yang felt that it was too bad that he could not use the [Allspark], and with a heavy heart, he raised his [Sword of Purging Devourer] and brought it down on the [Allspark].


Instantly, like a sodium compound reacting with water, the [All Spark] then ignited with a bright light and lit up the air! This process lasted for about 10 seconds, and when the flame was extinguished, the [Allspark] was only left with a fragment about a size of a little finger.

Zhang Yang was speechless as he seemed to be having an endless fate with fragments!

‘Ding! You have completed a quest: Destroy [Allspark]. Obtained 5,000,000 experience points!’

‘Ding! You have successfully completed side quest. Please pick up your reward!’


Zhang Yang’s eyes shone and picked up the [Fragment Allspark], this item could only be used after it has been broken into slag?

[Fragment of Allspark] (Tool)

Use: Create Level 85 elite mechanical Servants to help you guard your territory. You must have a territory, or your guild must have a territory. Otherwise, if you summon the mechanical Servant, it will disappear automatically after 5 minutes. Mechanical Servants can permanently guard the territory, but they cannot be resurrected after death and they can only be active within the range of 1 kilometer from a territory. The number of the mechanical Servant that territory can accommodate is decided by the level of city defense. Level 1 city defense: 100, Level 2 city defense: 500, Level 3 city defense: 1,000, Level 4 city defense: 2,000, Level 5 city defense: 5,000. Cooldown time: 1 hour.

Level Requirement: 80


Zhang Yang was stunned!

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