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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 390 — The Needle that Fell Out of the Haystack!

Chapter 390: The Needle that Fell Out of the Haystack!

The next day, Zhang Yang went to meet the girls, along with Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er… and also Sun Xin Yu! They went straight to the address that the ‘Sailor Moon’ girls… erm, no, the Zhao Bin sisters gave to Zhang Yang.

So, the three girls are Zhao Bin, Zhao Yu and Zhao Xue. All of them are 19 years old. They had just moved into the life of a university. Their hometown is located at Jinnan District. Although the three of them were going to the same university, but they were of different majors, so they could not stay in the same dorm. The bond of their sisterhood is strong, as they cannot live without each other in their lives. So they are renting a unit near their university, so that they can stay together.

Initially, Zhang Yang intended to bring only Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er, but as they ran into Sun Xin Yu, the Icy Queen actually followed them without saying a word. Zhang Yang was actually shocked to see that she actually cared!

The four of them arrived at the doorstep of the address, and the three sisters welcomed them in afterward. They were obviously very curious about Zhang Yang’s relationships with the three pretty girls that came with him. So, they kept on poking around with their ‘interrogation’ skills, hoping that they would get what they wanted to hear.

Han Ying Xue was acting like a queen, making herself look as if she was Zhang Yang’s girlfriend, while speaking to them. Meanwhile, the Ice Queen was burning in flames of jealousy beside them, which made the triplet sisters laugh silently.

Wei Yan Er was about their age as well, and she will be going for the National College Entrance Examination in 3 months time, before she becomes a freshman. So, the four of them had many topics that clicked, and had a blast chatting.

After having dinner and a little chat, the four of them got ready to leave.

But as they were just about to leave, Zhang Yang stepped out of the door and suddenly, he lunged back and squashed the front portion of Sun Xin Yu, who was right behind him.

The Ice Queen blushed in shame and in an angry tone, "Asshole, if you did that on purpose, I’ll arrest you and take you back to the police station!" Her chest was the most sensitive part of her body, and ever since she had known Zhang Yang, she had already lost count of how many times that part of her had been felt up, squashed up, roughed up by him already!

"Shhh --- " Zhang Yang turned around and put his finger on his lips, telling her to shut up. He had a serious expression on his face. Then, he slowly closed the door until there was only a slight opening by the door panel and said in a very low voice, "Look!"

"What’s so nice to look at!" Wei Yan Er shouted out loudly by the door, trying to take a peek as well.

The girls were peeking out from the slight opening by the door panel.

" --- Liu Shu Yan!" Sun Xin Yu and the two sibling sisters were shocked to see that woman.

"Who’s Liu Shu Yan?" Zhao Yu asked them out of curiosity.

Zhang Yang smiled and said, "Well, what do you know? Can’t believe that we tried so hard to find her, and now she pops up in front of us!"

Well, what a coincidence! A very juicy one too! It was supposed to be a simple dinner with the girls. Now it turned out to be a ‘bingo’!

"Still, although she is an important suspect in a criminal case, there is no evidence to prove that she is the one who lit up your apartment. So, I’m afraid that even if I detain her now, we won’t even hold her for 24 hours before she goes ‘wild’ again!" Sun Xin Yu told Zhang Yang.

"Not a problem, the main thing is that we know where she is now. So there’s no worry over her being stubborn and not talking!" Zhang Yang put a sinister smile on his face.

"Why am I feeling like the three of us are invisible now? Hello?"

"We’re in a different realm now, no one will mind us, or even see us."

"Pity us!"

The triplet sisters began to cry and sigh beside them.

Zhang Yang took out his phone and dialed his brother in arms, "Fatty, come over quick, we have spotted that b*tch Liu Shu Yan!"

As of the current development of the game, players can make calls of receive calls when they are logged in {{God’s Miracle}}. Players can choose to bind their phone numbers and their pager numbers with their account. That makes it possible to communicate from within the game, with the players, even if the caller is in the real world at the moment.

"Alright, I’m on my way!"

Sun Xin Yu stared at Zhang Yang and said, "You are not going to do something that I don’t like at all, are you?"

Zhang Yang smiled vaguely and said, "If you can get her to turn herself in, then I will gladly watch by the side!"

"I’m going back!" Sun Xin Yu saw that Liu Shu Yan had already gone into the house and closed the door shut, so she walked out of the door. Then she stopped and stood there for awhile and said, "If anything happens, call my number!"

Zhang Yang felt a glimpse of warmth in his heart, as that was how Sun Xin Yu usually express her affection towards him. That’s just how she expresses herself.

After Sun Xin Yu was gone, Zhang Yang also had Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er scurry back to their house. Because what was about to happen was not going to be a pretty sight. Zhang Yang said goodbye to the Zhao Bin sisters. He did not want the triplets to be caught in his own affair. Better to be safe than sorry.

Soon after, Fatty Han arrived in a hurry.

Zhang Yang looked at him and nodded. It’s show time! The two of them went up to the front door of Liu Shan Yu’s house, and they were ready to do what must be done. They knocked the door.

After awhile, the door ‘crack’ opened, and the next thing they saw was the head of Liu Shu Yan peeking out by the panel of the door --- fortunately there was no peep hole in the door, as this design of door seemed to be very old, the houses in this area were considered old.

Zhang Yang smiled at her, specifically at her.

The facial expression of Liu Shu Yan changed in an instant, from heaven down to earth. There, she realized that it was Zhang Yang! She quickly pushed the door with the attempt to close the door shut, however, ‘boop’! She could feel that something was stuck in between the door, preventing her from closing it.

"We have been looking for you for a long time, missy." Zhang Yang pushed the door open and took back his foot that had stopped the door from closing.

Well, this Liu Shu Yan was indeed worthy of being the ‘Mastermind’ behind the entire scheme. She was calm again after a very brief moment, then she walked steadily back into her house, "Well, you must be very tired!"

Zhang Yang looked at Fatty Han and nodded, and the two of them walked right into the house as well.

"Zhang Yang, you already own the entirety of Silky Soft Holdings, what more do you want!" as she pleaded, Zhang Yang and Fatty Han took a good look at her close up, finally. This Liu Shu Yan was indeed pretty and she had a great body as well, as a woman of course. The parts that should be big are big, and the parts that should be small are small, all at the right size to the point that men would drool by looking at her. And, she was wearing a pair of high heels, with long stockings that were almost transparent, up to her thighs. The way she positioned her feet as she sat down was definitely seducing.

Zhang Yang gave a soft smile and said, "Looks like you have forgotten about the fact that you burned by apartment down!"

"Natural disasters happen because of natural causes. That’s just how nature works, kid! Why would you blame an act of nature on a weak helpless lady like me!" Liu Shu Yan was trying to make pity of herself.

Zhang Yang shook his head with an annoyed face and said, "There are only 3 of us here, you can just be honest with us, you know?"

Liu Shu Yan began to talk in an aggressive manner, "I really didn’t do anything, so how honest would you want me to be?!"

This woman was being very careful, as she was probably worried that Zhang Yang and Fatty Han might have activated some recorders. Every word she used, every sentence she spoke, she picked her words carefully enough.

Zhang Yang revealed a smile with his teeth and said, "Well, we are not cops, we need no evidence."

Liu Shu Yan suddenly laughed out loud and said, "So what are you going to do to me? Rape me? Hmm --- that’s good, because I have not had a man in bed for a long time, my p*ssy needs a good scratch these days! You two can come at me at the same time, show me what you got underneath your trousers! Let me savor them!"

Right in front of Zhang Yang and Fatty Han, she took off her clothes one layer after another, then she lied down onto the sofa. Then, with one hand grabbing her own boobs, massaging them, like she was really excited, while the other hand was down in front of the bushy ‘cushion’, trying to dig her finger into the ‘entrance’ in between her ‘cushions’. She was moaning like a cat, seducing the two men to ‘stand up’ and make their entrance.

"What the f*ck! What a slut, man!" Fatty Han looked at her with scorn, but his eyes were already nailed onto the ‘important’ parts of Liu Shu Yan, and he just could not turn his eyes away from them! "I shall teach her a lesson for you, little Yang! I’ll take it from here!"

"Fatty, she’s a snake, a fiend! A pretty and sexy one of course. But you better not ‘enter’ her, because once you do that, there’s no turning back! And God knows what kind of trap she has prepared for you, once you do it!" Zhang Yang warned Fatty Han straight up.

"Don’t worry, didn’t I just said I’ll take it from here? Head back first, wait for my good news!"

Zhang Yang nodded, then he turned around and left the house. After that, he went straight back to Han Ying Xue’s house.

Fatty Han did not let Zhang Yang down at all. In just a few hours, he had already contacted Zhang Yang and told him that Liu Shu Yan had been taken care of, and she that had already given herself up to the police station and had revealed every single truth about her own crimes.

Zhang Yang was amazed and yet confused, how did that fatty do it? So, he asked Fatty Han about it. As he knew, Liu Shu Yan was definitely very tough and extremely hard to break without using violence. So, how could she break so easily then?

"Haha, that slut loves men for a reason, right? So all I had to do was to call 20 of my brothers over, muscular and strong on the upper body, and also ‘strong’ down there! I lined them up before her, not a single fabric covering their bodies. I also put a small little blue pill into each of their mouths before letting them do their ‘work’! After that, she submitted to everything! And most importantly, she let everything out, I got it all recorded!" Fatty Han was laughing hard.

Wow, 20 men with viagra! The ‘force’ must have been strong!

Zhang Yang could only shake his head, "Fatty, you really are ‘filthy’, you know that? Filthy good, man!"

"Cheh, this is a tactic! To win the battle without having to fight! All famous generals used tactics!" Fatty Han said without any sense of shame.

But in the end, that Liu Shu Yan really did went to prison after that. At least 20 years of serving was waiting for her, ahead of her life, at least 20 years of prison life! So she will definitely not be a problem to Zhang Yang, well, at least for 20 years.

Now that the potential threat has been removed, Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er no longer required protection anymore. So he decided to move out from their places. A man living under the same roof as two ladies, he would still feel a bit uncomfortable with it, no matter what.

But his old apartment and everything in it had been burned to crisp! So now, he could only think about buying a new house for him to stay.

Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er found out that he was trying to look for a new house, so they decided to aid him in his search. They tagged along with him to several locations, most of which were per their suggestions. The designs, the location, everything should follow their so-called ‘guidelines’!

Zhang Yang tried to say no to their proposals, but according to some ‘wise’ people, a woman is like 500 ducks1. He only had one mouth, how could he win against 1000 ducks! So by the end of it, he let the girls decide everything for him.

Another few days had passed, the army of Mechanical Servants had finally reached the 1,000 maximum capacity of a Level 3 Castle Defense. So, to increase the limit capacity on the number of Mechanical Servants he can produce, he must elevate his current Castle Defense level up to Level 4. In order to do so, he needed [Mining ores] that are acquired from Level 90 Mining Profession skills. So, it was impossible for him to proceed at the moment!

Zhang Yang had reached Level 86, so he is just 4 levels away from reaching Level 90. He was also looking forward to getting the final piece of the [Fragment of Dimensional Key] and becoming eligible to enter the fallen palace of the Imperial Heaven's Empire. He intended to seek out the [Ancient Godly Weapon - Meteor Sword] and complete the main quest that was assigned to him by Princess Serena.

This linked quest is believed to be the longest main story linked quest that Zhang Yang had ever received. There were quests among quests, it was extremely annoying! Of course, the reward of this extremely long and annoying quest should have heavenly, or else, what was the point of all this?

‘Server Announcement: Player One Sword Stroke has successfully stopped the resurrection of the Witchking of the Undead - Yeekla, and contributed greatly to preserving the peace of the main land, this great deed will be published on the list of the glorious deed for the world to admire!"

‘Server Announcement: Player One Sword Stroke has acquired Level +2, Skill Point +1, Lucky Attribute +1 as rewards!’

Zhang Yang suddenly received a server notification which congratulated One Sword Stroke, while he was making potions!

Well, that was marvelous of him! That should be one of the main quests in the game. The rewards were handsome. Just by seeing the level increment, the skill point reward, lucky attribute increment, Zhang Yang knew that there must be more, such as a skill book, some powerful equipment that made the entire quest worth while, and also a powerful pet as additional rewards!

One Sword Stroke, a skillful player, formidable opponent that one must not forget!

After awhile, Han Ying Xue and the rest of the gang were beginning to discuss about One Sword Stroke’s achievement on the new quest that he had completed. They were making guesses which boss did Imperial Sky slay, and what kind of rewards did they get.

"At the best, it could only be a Violet-Platinum boss! The officials have introduced before, Mythical grade bosses will only start appearing in Level 110 dungeons. Now that Zhang Yang is only at Level 86, we’re still far away from entering the Chaos Realm!" Lost Dream said.

Everyone nodded to express their agreement on this.

Zhang Yang then reminded them, "Well, they might have acquired some sort of skills like {Dance of the Heaven and Earth}! So, the next time we engage with them, we must be ready to use our life-saving skills!"

"It’s actually a fortunate thing that the arena forbids the use of such skills, or else every match or every competition like the Professional League Championship will mean nothing, as people would just activate powerful skills and see who dies first. No skills will be tested anymore!"

After the gang had their discussion and chit chatting, they soon forgot about the achievement of Imperial Sky. But this was actually a huge success for the Imperial Sky as they managed to reforge their image and name in the game. Although they would still not be as good as Lone Desert Smoke, at least they have stepped up to show their strength to the public!

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