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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 391 — Imperial Sky Assault 1

Chapter 391: Imperial Sky Assault (1)

However, just a few days after, Zhang Yang received an important news.

The news came from Luo Xin Yan. Just like ‘history’ unfolding it self into the present, she actually did meet Liu Wei when she joined the Model exhibition in her school. And just like history, Liu Wei fell for her and took her in as his mistress.

Luo Xin Yan was really greedy. It wasn’t enough for her, even after Liu Wei provided her 50,000 dollars every month. So, she still continued to be the ‘spy’ and consistently contacted Zhang Yang. Only, she was not able to provide any important information, therefore she was not given any additional rewards. But this time, the news that she brought up to Zhang Yang, was definitely worth something!

--- One Sword Stroke had also acquired a piece of [Territory Conquest Order] when he completed the Main Story Linking Quest! Meanwhile, under the influence of Liu Wei with a substantial amount of gold, Imperial Sky, Rolling Rocks, and Storm Riders, three top-tier guilds were going to join forces as a temporary measure in order to lanch their assault on Thunderstorm Castle! They were going to activate the [Territory Conquest Order]! They were going to start a war with the Lone Desert Smoke!

At first, Zhang Yang could not understand. Be it a Territory Conquest or a Territory Defense, the battle could only be led by one guild. So how can these three guilds join forces?

Luo Xin Yan then explained it clearly to Zhang Yang, that Rolling Rocks and Storm Riders would temporarily send their top players over to join Imperial Sky. In that way, they could gather all of their best players to form an ultimate force to win the Territory Conquest! So, what about the maximum capacity of the members in one guild? They wouldn’t be able to fit so many top players in one guild! Of course, One Sword Stroke had already get his hands on one [Level 3 Guild Upgrade Order] when he had completed the previous quest! He hasn’t used it because he wanted to keep it as an element of surprise! When he is ready and the time is right, he will use it and move forward with his plan. By then when Lone Desert Smoke sees it in the system notification, it will be too late to react!

Indeed, there weren’t any guild strong enough to take on Lone Desert Smoke one on one. But these three guilds were three of the top guilds in the China server, and they have joined their elite forces together into one powerful force! This force might just overwhelm the best of Lone Desert Smoke!

Furthermore, the Imperial Sky still hasn’t used their [Level 3 Guild Upgrade Order]. If Luo Xin Yan did not give this news to Zhang Yang, Zhang Yang and the guild would only make preparations ad planning according to their current Level 2 Guild. They would only make preparations to go up against the basic number of ‘20,000’ players in Imperial Sky. But, Imperial Sky can simply use the [Level 3 Guild Upgrade Order] and increase their maximum capacity of players up to 30,000 and expand their force at the final moment before they begin the Territory Conquest, like an hour earlier or so. Then, they will have the element of surprise over Zhang Yang and the Lone Desert Smoke!

Over these few days, the Imperial Sky and the two other guilds have done preparing their forces, so that meant, that it’s just a matter of time before they activate the [Territory Conquest Order] and launch their full-scale attack!

Zhang Yang took a deep breath. He should have guessed it! Liu Wei had been in the dark, hiding for too long, and it’s about time he made his move!

But, why aim at Thunderstorm Castle?

Well, Thunderstorm Castle is the first territory that appeared in China server, so the time and effort used to set up the territory were the longest, and the Castle Defense level must be the highest as well. And, not to mention that there is a top-tier guild called Lone Desert Smoke running the territory behind it! So this territory was definitely the hardest to fall among all three territories in the China server. So why would they want to aim at the most difficult one?

After thinking further through, Zhang Yang finally understood.

One Sword Stroke had an insatiable appetite, so large that he will not stop until he is bloated with it all! So after his latest achievement, if he takes down Thunderstorm Castle, then Imperial Sky will become a stronger guild than can replace Lone Desert Smoke at the top, becoming the best guild in the entire China region! But if he proceeded to conquer the other territories that will actually give him the same benefits in terms of economic growth for his guild, but they will never be able to shake off the shadow that had been cast upon them by Lone Desert Smoke!

The higher the risk, the higher the benefits!

There is only one question left. Can One Sword Stroke and Liu Wei secure their victory over this conquest? We shall see about that!

Without Luo Xin Yan’s news, maybe Zhang Yang would have been beaten before he could react, but he had prepared the one thousand army of Mechanical Servants! That’s his secret weapon that his enemies did not know of! That’s his element of surprise! These 1000 Mechanical Servants can charge out to save the fight when they are in desperate times. This army of Mechanical Servants was the key to turn the tables!

When the time comes, let’s see who surprises who!

Zhang Yang did not leak the news regarding Imperial Sky, Rolling Rocks, and Storm Riders. He only told Fatty Han, Hundred Shots and a few more core players of the guild about it, so that everyone is prepared for it.

But, only one day after he received the news. One Sword Stroke had launched the [Territory Conquest Order] on Thunderstorm Castle, igniting the countdown to a war!

‘Ding! Player One Sword Stroke has launched [Territory Conquest Order], the Territory Conquest will begin tomorrow at 7 p.m. The Territory Conquest will last for 3 hours.

Participants limitation: All members of ‘Imperial Sky’ and ‘Lone Desert Smoke’ only.

During the Territory Conquest, all teleportation services or scrolls will be unavailable.

All players who are killed during the Territory Conquest will be teleported back to the main city and these players will not be able to rejoin the conquest!

After the 3-hour conquest, if Imperial Sky takes down the Territory Main Hall, then Imperial Sky will be deemed, victor! Player One Sword Stroke will take over and become the new Baron of Thunderstorm Castle."

Both sides of the guilds received the same notification message from the system.

"Haha! The Imperial Sky still hasn’t had enough from us. Let us give them bastards some real firepower this time!" Lost Dream was crunching his fists already.

A battle maniac like Wei Yan Er would, of course, have sharpened her weapons and was prepared for battle at any time.

Everyone knew that the Imperial Sky had a ‘Secret Weapon’, but none of them knew how Zhang Yang got the news. Zhang Yang had also kept the fact that Luo Xin Yan told him the news from everyone around him, not because he didn’t trust them, it was just that, the more people know, the easier the news would leak. And most importantly, it wouldn’t benefit anyone as not many even knew Luo Xin Yan.

One day had passed.

It was 6 in the evening, and all members of the Lone Desert Smoke were gathered at Thunderstorm Castle. From that moment on, the Teleportation Circle service had ceased functioning for all outsiders, except for the members of Lone Desert Smoke. Many players had no idea on what was about to happen, so there was an uproar on why the Teleportation Circle could not be accessed!

The members of the Imperial Sky were beginning to gather by the front of the Thunderstorm Castle outside the castle wall. Later, they were joined by the members of the Rolling Rocks and the Storm Riders.

"So they really are patient about this, it’s almost time to begin, and they are showing no intention of using the [Level 3 Guild Upgrade Order] yet!" Hundred Shots laughed.

"The later they use it, the shorter time we will have for our preparation. Well, they’ve done great, all those efforts in trying to ‘surprise’ us! So unfortunate for them ---"

All members of the Lone Desert Smoke were standing on the castle wall while smiling and laughing, for they already knew the ‘little surprise’ that their opponents thought no one knew.

It was already 6:50 p.m.

‘Server Announcement: Congratulations to Imperial Sky for becoming the second Level 3 Guild in the entire China server! For the next 3 days, all Imperial Sky members will receive the reward of earning 100% additional experience points, and the cost of repairing equipment, inserting gemstones into sockets, and identifying equipment will be halved!"

Finally, One Sword Stroke had taken out his ‘Ultimate Game Card’!

7 p.m.!

‘Ding! The Territory Conquest has begun!"

In an instant, every single player that was not from Lone Desert Smoke and Imperial Sky were teleported 2 kilometers away from the Thunderstorm Castle!

Gu loo loo! As sounds of heavy objects were heard, 5 catapults appeared at the front line of the battlefield. Shoof! Shoof! Shoof! Shoof! Shoof! 5 huge rocks were shot out from the catapults’ swings, and the stones were flying over like missiles, smashing onto the castle wall of Thunderstorm Castle.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As the rocks were smashing onto the castle wall, the walls were blasted into pieces as countless bricks of the wall flew all around into the surroundings! Those who did not react fast enough, could not avoid the assault of the huge rocks and were the first to die. As for those who survived the impact of the huge rocks, also took great damage!

"So, now we’re dealing with catapults, eh? We have our own catapults too!" Mountain Mover was the absolute commander in this battle against the large army of the Imperial Sky. He raised up his hand and made a commanding gesture. Then he shouted, "Aim at their catapults, fire back at will!"

Shoof! Shoof! Shoof!

The catapults within the Thunderstorm Castle premises were also beginning to fire huge rocks back to the formation of the Imperial Sky army.

However, although catapult attacks can bring a substantial amount of damage to the castle wall, but the damage inflicted on living targets weren’t really that high. Even if the rocks landed on the targets, it would only be able to wound the targets badly. These targets can then take some [Snacks] or some [Potions] to recover their health points, and they will be as good as new. So, these kinds of attacks cannot be effective against living targets.

After all, catapults are meant to use for breaking down castle walls only. If catapults can also inflict great damages to players, then what use would be the [Magic Cannons]?

Boom! Boom!

The two guilds exchanged fire with catapults. But catapults were just like Magic Cannons as well, they had limited ‘ammo’, and every catapult can only fire 20 huge rocks in one battle.

In just about 10 minutes, the battle of catapults had finally ended as both sides were out of ‘ammo’. Thunderstorm Castle had lost two Magic Cannons, while the Imperial Sky had lost 3 catapults, all blown to bits!

It was all money down the drain!

Be it the catapults or the Magic Cannons, money was required to purchase these kinds of weapons from the system, and the price of each weapon of this sort exceeded millions of gold! Besides, these kinds of weapon can only be used on certain occasions only. More importantly, once these sort of weapons are destroyed, there is no way to repair them, and the only way to replace them is to buy a new one!

So from this point of view, the officials are eager to see players triggering Territory Conquest, because they can earn more money if players are required to make additional purchases of the weapons to defend their own territory!

One Sword Stroke was riding on a [White-boned Sabretooth]. With a shoof, he pulled up his axe from his waist and said, "Brothers and sisters, charge now! Thunderstorm Castle should be ours for the taking! We shall paint the flag of Imperial Sky with the blood of Lone Desert Smoke!"




The 30,000 plus troops charged in like a tidal wave towards the direction of the Thunderstorm Castle.

Mountain Mover raised up his left hand and said, "Aim the Magic Cannon at the most saturated point of the army, on my mark… Fire at will!"


Streams of white lights were shot right out into the saturated point o the army, followed by a burst of explosion! The white light expanded out by an area of 10 X 10 meters as they wiped out every single player within that perimeter! Everything melted, there was not even any sign of dead bodies!

Unfortunately, the area of the explosion was not large enough, it only managed to wipe out approximately 100 members of Imperial Sky!

"Ready, again! Fire at will!" Mountain Mover raised up his hand again and pointed at the most saturated point of the enemy army.



The Magic Cannons were serving their purpose, as they shot out streams of white lights that blinded and most importantly, destroyed! After ten shots, Imperial Sky had lost more than a thousand soldiers already! However, the Magic Cannon had reached it’s firing capacity for the battle. After all, no matter how strong and valiant a weapon can be, it won’t hold after being used for many times, which clearly exceeded its durability!

If all three Magic Cannons were intact, they could have taken out more 3,000 players! The main idea was that, even before the real battle begins, the enemy would have already lost 1/10th of their army! It could have been an advantage for the Lone Desert Smoke in that sense!

The Imperial Sky arrived at the front door of the castle and began to launch their assaults on the door itself. It’s the only way in!

[Level 3 Territory Door] (Item)

Level: 1

HP: 10,000,000

Defense: 3,000

Magic Resistance: 3,000

Standing right before a magnificent door, Imperial Sky should have trouble breaking through the super strong door of the castle! As the other two territories were just Level 1 territories, their castle doors only have 1,000,000 health points, 1,000 defense and magic resistance. So it would not be wise to compare the difference!

Furthermore, the information of the Territory Door will not be revealed to anyone, until players are in a Territory Conquest!

One Sword Stroke indeed had many ‘secret cards’ that were not revealed yet, so people may think that he shall be the one who triumphs over his enemy. But, how about Zhang Yang? How many ‘secret cards’ did Zhang Yang have up his sleeve for the moment?

So what should be done next?

Well, One Sword Stroke had no other choice at the moment but to make great sacrifices! Fight, by sacrificing the bulk of his army if necessary!

With a wave of his sword, One Sword Stroke commanded his members to attack! Countless players were gushing up onto the door like a tidal wave and they began swinging away in an attempt to bring down the door, by force!

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