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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 393 — Imperial Sky Assault 3

Chapter 393: Imperial Sky Assault (3)

"F*ck this sheet!" One Sword Stroke could only curse out loud and take a few steps back!

He could still hold his ground if there was only the {Chaotic Dance of Electric Current} charging up on him, because with his defense capability and a few healers healing him, he could hold his ground! But when Zhang Yang launched his super skill onto One Sword Stroke, the members of the Lone Desert Smoke quickly noticed the flamboyant effects, and they also locked on to One Sword Stroke. Without the protection of his {Shield Wall}, he would definitely take heavy damage!

One Sword Stroke continued to back his steps. Although he could not dodge the attack of the {Chaotic Dance of Electric Current}, he could still let his guild members aid him by blocking the assaults from the members of Lone Desert Smoke so that he could be healed in peace!

The [Battle Mount] beneath his butt was a Yellow-Gold grade. So when he is mounted onto his [Battle Mount], his total health points would reach up to 70,000. Although it’s still far from the maniacal Zhang Yang’s health points, once he activates the [Ring of Endless Desire], he could still make it through a critical stage!

[Ring of Endless Desire] is the Violet-Platinum ring that One Sword Stroke got from the previous lucky draw during the Soaring Sword Competition. Activating it will turn every single damage inflicted on him into health points, and it lasts for 2 seconds! It’s actually a strong and powerful life-saving effect of a ring!

"Haha, Zhan Yu! You have failed to kill me this time!" One Sword Stroke was running away like a coward, but he tried to provoke Zhang Yang by saying that it was Zhang Yang’s failure for not being able to kill him. His tone was full of scorn.

Zhang Yang heard and he laughed, "If you’re not happy about it, then let’s just settle this one-on-one!"

That sent One Sword Stroke speechless. Although he already admitted that his skills as a player can match up with Zhang Yang, his equipment was vastly inferior! Of course, he could not say this out loud as it will only make him look bad. So the next question is why is his equipment still inferior to Zhang Yang’s equipment?

The one thing that measures the strength of a guild is the capability of the guild in slaying bosses, seeing how many bosses can one guild slay. Equipment is basically the only absolute thing in the game that defines one’s strength in an online game. By admitting that his equipment is not as good as Zhang Yang’s, it would mean admitting that Imperial Sky is not as good as Lone Desert Smoke!

One Sword Stroke will never say it out loud, even when he knows it himself, deep down his heart!

Just when the battle was getting even more intense, Zhang Yang received a voice message from Fatty Han all of a sudden --- that guy is now the Guildmaster of the Sub-Guild, and he would normally just get rewards from events like he did in the previous Guild War Competition. So basically, he would just sit tightly at the Sub-Guild. After all, he is the one person that Zhang Yang trusted the most, a true brother in arm.

And for that, Zhang Yang had not brought him over for this defense.

"Little Yang, the Dominators and the few other guilds have f*cking joined together to attack our Mining Cave again!" Fatty Han was speaking out of rage.

Zhang Yang frowned, "They really grew ears that can hear thousands of miles away all around their bodies! One small movement of any grass in our guild, and they would eventually find out!"

The system will not spread the news on the server about Territory Conquest events, but right before the conquest is about to begin, the system will lock up the teleportation circle of the territory where the conquest is going to happen. That phenomenon was a very obvious hint that a conquest is about to begin! Furthermore, there are spies in every single guild. Guilds can still enclose top confidential secrets, but an event like a Territory Conquest, a conquest defense that involves the entire guild? It’s not possible to hide such information from the other guilds.

"Little Yang, all members of the Sub-Guild are basically made up of the Servicing players, and today we have transferred many elites to the main guild for that stupid conquest! We’re in trouble here!" Fatty Han was worried through the roof.

Well, it’s true that Zhang Yang had been moving most of the Servicing players over to the Sub-Guild, ever since the Sub-Guild was founded. The main aim is to increase the strength of the Main Guild in battle. Other than that, Zhang Yang had also moved most of the elite players from the Sub-Guild as a temporary measure so that he can prepare the Main Guild to become strong enough to go up against the merged forces of 3 guilds! However, the drawback is that the Sub-Guild is weakened and left vulnerable.

Zhang Yang made a decision on the spot and said, "Just hold on first, Mountain Mover will go and help! I’ll take it from here!"

"That’s great!" Fatty Han laughed as if his problem had been solved, then he asked again, "Then how about the defense against the conquest? Are you going to be alright with it? If we lose the Mining Cave, we can get it back anytime we want. But a territory? It’s just too important!"

"Calm down, my friend. We won’t lose the territory because they don’t have it in them!" Zhang Yang smiled gently and contacted Mountain Mover through the party channel, "Mountain Mover, the Dominators and a few more guilds have joined forces to attack our Mining Cave again. I need you to kill yourself and get back to the main city immediately. Then, use the teleportation circle of Radiance and get over there to help Fatty Han. Secure our Mining Cave!"

"Yes sir!" Mountain Mover nodded quickly and got moving.

Since the current battle had turned into an all out tug-of war, only strength mattered, there was no more room for tactics! So it’s pointless for Mountain Mover to stay here as his forte was all about tactics. So, it would be more efficient and effective for him to aid Fatty Han.

He took out all of his equipment and charged in between the crossfire of the two sides of the guilds! Without any additional attributes from the equipment, a naked Level 80 Spellcaster only had about 3,000 health points! In an instance, he was bombarded by countless fire balls, ice blades, and arrows, and turned into a stream of white light that headed back to the main city.

Zhang Yang had been holding back before this. He wanted to let his fellow guild members experience the battle with Imperial Sky for a little longer so that his guild members can be trained to face this kind of battle in the future. But now that their Mining Cave was being attacked, and the resource point might be fallen into the hands of others at any time, he couldn’t just sit on his *ss peacefully anymore. "Brothers and sisters! It’s time we show them our real strength! Let them have a taste of Lone Desert Smoke!"


"Kill ---"


With just one inspirational phrase, the morale of Lone Desert Smoke went through the roof! Everyone roared out their strong will to crush their enemies! So this what the power of an idol could do, every single word and action can affect everyone around them!

One Sword Stroke frowned a little at the fact that Zhang Yang gave up on defense and instead, he decided to go all out at Imperial Sky. He couldn’t understand why Zhang Yang would make such irrational decision.Lone Desert Smoke had an advantage over Imperial Sky, for which they were the defenders, while Imperial Sky has limited time to break through their defense! Even if there is only one player left on their side, Lone Desert Smoke would still claim the victory as long as they keep their flag in the Territory Hall safe! They could have just stood their ground, smile, and win by the end of all this, if they played their cards right!

But he suddenly smiled coldly, after he received news about the Dominators and the other guilds ganging up on the Mining Cave.

Everything made sense now!

"Brothers, charge! For the glory of Imperial Sky! Take down the Thunderstorm castle and our guild shall be flagged as the number one guild in the entire China server!" One Sword Stroke quickly raised his axe up in the air and roared.

"Kill them all!"

The situation at the entrance of the castle was already like a meat-grinding factory for god’s sake, and now the situation got elevated up to another level! The situation became even more horrifying! Countless limbs that were detached from bodies flew across the air, and the blood spilled like red rain! This scene of the endless massacre would give people with weak stomachs a hell of a time! Some might just faint the moment they see it!

"Hahaha, Zhan Yu! Looks like Lone Desert Smoke has many enemies! And now, have a taste of these wise words! ‘A just cause enjoys abundant support, while an unjust cause finds little support’! Hahaha!" One Sword Stroke would never let go of such an opportunity to verbally assault Zhang Yang.

Instead of being provoked, Zhang Yang smiled, because he had already sent a private message to Snow Seeker to seek aid from Crimson Rage on defending his Mining Cave. They were allies for a reason, and allies would only do right to provide aid at times like these! And of course, Zhang Yang had always been deceived by that sexy little cunning woman, she had taken advantage of him many times already.

Liu Wei began to laugh, "Zhang Yang! You are now in the belly of the ‘beast’, your enemies! You’re destined to fall this time!"

Wei Yan Er pointed her axe at Liu Wei and said, "Hey pretty little gigolo! Come and face me alone if you dare!"

Liu Wei turned to Wei Yan Er and looked at her with a perverted face, "Alright, I’ll reserve one room on the Ya Tian Hotel, waiting for you!"

"Bastard!" Daffodil Daydream shrieked and shot out a {Fire Blast} at Liu Wei.

Basically, this little girl is the little sister figure that everyone adored in Lone Desert Smoke. So, everyone was provoked when Liu Wei said uttered that line.

Liu Wei quickly took a few steps back, as he knew that he was a ‘fragile’ spellcaster. It would be better to keep a distance. He also realized that he was way out of his head for a while back there.

Although both sides had 30,000 players on their own sides, but there is a special restriction set on the battle for Territory Conquest. Once a player is killed during a conquest event, the player will be forced to leave the battlefield and will not be able to rejoin the battle again. Unlike challenging open world bosses where players can just respawn and rush back to continue the boss battle within a time frame, every death counts in Territory Conquest, and one death means one less player on the battlefield!

In just an hour, the number of players on both sides has been reduced drastically, and both of them had less than one tenth (10%) of their forces!

That was the time where the effect of three guilds joining forces showed. There were at least 500 players more left on the Imperial Sky compared to the numbers on Lone Desert Smoke! That’s actually a huge difference!

These 500 players were incomparable to the number of 30,000, but as the end-stage of the battle was approaching, this number could actually be the decisive factor in the battle!

It was about two hours until the conquest ended, so the Imperial Sky had the time to slowly weaken the Lone Desert Smoke until there were maybe 7 or 8 players left. Even after that, they would still have a lot of time to break into the main Territory Hall and destroy the flag, and take over the Thunderstorm Castle! As victory was within their grasp, Liu Wei could not hold himself anymore, he began to show his cocky face and laugh loudly, "Zhang Yang! Time to face your failure!"

Zhang Yang could not help but to reveal a sinister smile on his face, "Well, do you seriously think you have won?"

Liu Wei still couldn’t sense the scheme Zhang Yang had under his sleeves, so he continued to laugh, "Are you implying that you can magically summon out an army? Hahaha!"

Standing right behind Zhang Yang, Wei Yan Er and the rest of the gang were trying to hold their laughs, but they failed. They chuckled and laughed. Then, Han Ying Xue said, "Silly Yu, this guy can really read your mind, he might be fated to be your blood brother!"

Seeing Zhang Yang and the gang were calm and smiling, One Sword Stroke knew that there was something wrong about all this! A chill crept up his spine!

And surely enough! Everyone heard Zhang Yang shouting, "Heaven Storm Tigers, move in!"

Almost immediately, a loud tremble was felt by everyone, followed by the rumbling of foot steps which everyone could hear clearly, coming from some corner of the castle. The rumbling was getting louder and louder, indicating that something was approaching their location at a high speed! So what is coming at them? The Imperial Sky members were uneasy and worried. In just a brief moment, the mystery was revealed. Countless Mechanical Servants were marching up from the streets towards the entrance of the castle. All of them are ten meters tall, Level 85 elites with black and shiny armors on them!

Holy sheet! F*ck this!

Seeing this army of countless Mechanical Servants marching up, blotting the streets and roads before them, One Sword Stroke and the remaining members of the Imperial Sky turned their hateful sights towards Liu Wei and they voiced out in unity, "You and your big mouth!"

Liu Wei went silent in awkwardness, "…"

These Mechanical Servants were too huge to be true! Even though there was only 1,000 of them, they gave an impression of an army the size of tens of thousands! They were just plain intimidating!

Looking at how the faces of the Imperial Sky withered as if they were going to be poked in their *sses, Zhang Yang could not help but to recall back a story long ago.

In previous years, the game ‘Starcraft’ was really popular, and there was a guy who went on TV to challenge an online player of the game. But, he ended up being slammed on his own face and defeated repeatedly. Later on, he finally met an opponent that was a little weaker than the average players on the server. So, he brought his troops and forces straight onto the home base of his opponent. Just when he was about to win, he also felt the itch to shout, "Well, what a hard-earned victory!"

And the opponent immediately replied, "Don’t think you have won!"

In just an instant, that opponent of his activated a cheat and summoned countless troops, descended upon his troops. There he was, being bombarded until he lost everything…

Seeing One Sword Stroke and the remaining members of Imperial Sky looking like they had just tasted some dead flies in their mouth and were choking, he was most entertained!

Zhang Yang laughed and said, "Heaven Storm Tigers, attack!"

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The 1,000 Mechanical Servants charged at the enemies, or stomped over the enemies, or even double punched the enemies! They launched a full-scale attack onto Imperial Sky!

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