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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 396 — Incoming Vampire Attack

Chapter 396: Incoming Vampire Attack

Since Zhang Yang had no idea on how to trigger the Vampire Inheritance quest, he had to just follow what Sherryl tells him to do. However, he was not afraid of completing the quest, because he could always let other players to complete the main Inheritance quest. All Inheritance quests were the same. First, they had to complete a series of quest to obtain a piece of Inheritance Fragment. Secondly, to gather all the Fragments which varies in different type of Inheritance, and start the main Inheritance quest. Finally, complete the long and draggy chain quest to obtain the Inheritance skill.

Some Inheritances did not have the same first step, but the second and third steps were usually the same.

The shards obtained were not bound by account. Which meant, Zhang Yang could complete all the Inheritance quests and obtain all the shards only to give it to someone else to complete the main Inheritance quest.

Sherryl staggered and sulked. "I…I have friends here. I can not just abandon them…"

‘Ding! Sherryl’s relationship with you has dropped!’

What? Just one wrong suggestion would decrease a person’s liking?

Zhang Yang sighed but he understood something. If he wanted to trigger the pre-requisite quest of the Vampire Inheritance quest, he would need to main a good Relationship with Sherryl the NPC. He nodded and said, "When you were fighting the vampires alone, don’t you wish to have a partner with you?"

Sherryl turned her face to Zhang Yang. Her eyes widen with curiosity. "Warrior, do you meant to join my fight against the vampire?"

"Yes. I do."

Sherryl smiled but her smile faded away quickly. "I thank you. But I can only accept the thought of it. I cannot ask you to put your life on the line for a fight that has nothing to do with you!"

Zhang Yang laughed. "Well, I did kill one of them. It’s too late for me to pull out now, don’t you think so? Killing one or a hundred would not make a difference! I’d say, Sherryl, we should cooperate together to chase the vamps away from the town of Silent Hail!"

Sherryl smiled. "You’re one trustworthy warrior! I’ll have you know, killing one vampire was easy, but do you know that there were at least 1,000 vampires in the castle! The ones that we had just killed were only the weakest among the vampires in the castle! Furthermore, a stronger ranking vampire has the power to dominate and control other lower ranked Spectres. They could easily drown us all with the sheer number of enemies!"

Zhang Yang smiled. Killing a sea of monsters was his specialty anyway, thanks to the sword’s special skill that he had. Come one hundred or one million, he could kill them all!

"We can’t say that we can’t defeat them if we haven’t even tried!"

Just then, there was a loud commotion happening outside the house. Zhang Yang and Sherryl then exchanged a look and went outside. To what Zhang Yang had least expected, there were hundreds of winged vampires hovering across the town, forming a circle to prevent anyone from escaping. Each of them shrieked ever so deafeningly that their cries could easily perforate one’s eardrum!

"It is time for the sacrifice of the month!" There was a woman’s voice echoing through the town. Although it was not loud, it was very clear.

Sherryl face turned pale. She trembled in fear as she pointed at one of the vampires in the air. "T-That’s… Desionia! She is the second wife of Madros, the Vampire King! Her powers are unmeasurable! Why would she come!? Why is she here? She’s never been here before! Zhan Yu! There would normally be only more than 10 vampires around during the monthly sacrificial!"

Zhang Yang kept quiet. But he knew that it was all because of him! But, it was better to keep quiet about that sort of thing. "Let’s see what does that Desionia wants to do."

Sherryl smiled bitterly and said, "I have no words left to describe you, warrior. Be it reckless or strong, you have to know that Desionia is incredibly strong as a vampire! You…*sigh* Please help me! Chase those vampires away!"

‘Ding! Sherryl has a quest for you: Chase the Vampires. Will you accept it?’


[Chase the Vampires] (Difficulty Level: A)

Quest Description; Chase away all the vampire in Silent Hail Town. Once Sherryl dies or is taken away, the quest will be deemed as failure.

Progress: Chase the Vampires away: 0/1

The two of them moved closer to the town. The screams of the vampires were so loud that the townsmen had to cover their ears with their hands as they rushed out of their house and gathered at the town’s plaza.


A female vampire descended down with speed and grace. The female vampire had long hair that dropped down to her feet. Although the air was chilly and the floor was covered with snow, she wore only a thin white wedding dress. Unlike her dark, black hair, her eyes were bloody red, that glowed in contrast with the white background. As she walked slowly towards the plaza, she took out a long black leather whip and coiled it around her right hand.

[Desionia, Vampire’s Bride] (Yellow-Gold, Spectre)

Level: 87

HP: 1,740,000

Defense: 1,500

No wonder Sherryl was scared, the enemies that she had fought were an elite tier. Now, walking towards the human crowd of Silent Hail Town was a Yellow-Gold tiered boss!

Silently and slowly, both Zhang Yang and Sherryl blended into the crowd and remained quiet.

Desionia walked towards the crowd and withheld her steps when she was roughly 3 meters away from the front. She then turned her head towards the furthest left and slowly glanced through all of the townsmen. When the townsmen felt the gaze of Disionia’s cold dead eyes falling on them, they would lower their heads and close their eyes, hoping that the female vampire would not call out to them. She was like the god of death, hand picking anyone to deliver their last breath!

"Sherryl!" she cried. "Who is Sherryl! Stand out!"

By the time Zhang Yang wanted to cover Sherryl behind his massive armor, more than half of the townsmen turned their head around and had locked on to Sherryl! Zhang Yang gritted his teeth. These men must be the lazy sloths that Sherryl had mentioned earlier. These pigs were the ones who would do anything to stay alive!

"Ahh…" Desionia sighed as if she was appreciating Sherryl’s beauty. "What a beautiful girl."

Desionia flapped her wings once and she hovered above the ground and landed right in front of Sherryl. Zhang Yang scoot aside, preparing to start a fight if she would to do something to Sherryl. The rest of the townsmen moved back a good distance.

Desionia reached her left arm out and caressed Sherryl face with her finger. She traced her cold, pale fingers down to her chin and slowly moved towards her neck.

"To hell with you! Creatures of hell!" Sherryl cried as she swiftly drew out the dagger that was hidden behind her. It was the same dagger that had killed the elite vampire with a single strike.

"How wild!" Desionia reached out her arm and caught Sherryl arms at her wrist. Desionia had only smiled when Sherryl was struggling hard to free her hands from Desionia’s grasp. She then pulled Sherryl closer to herself and planted her face to Sherryl breast. She took a deep breath and let out a satisfied moan. "You smell so delicious! Where do you think I should start with you?" said Desionia playfully.

The townsmen who were moving back had returned to their homes. Based on the tradition, every time the vampires had selected the town’s sacrifice, the townsmen would gain another month of a carefree moment before they would face another round of fear. As to what would happen to the victim, the townsmen would not give a d*mn about. To them, to see the light for another day was considered to be a blessing. There was no time to care for anyone else! Right then, Zhang Yang who was ready to strike the vampire was the only person left standing close to Sherryl.

Sherryl turned her eyes and met with Desionia with anger and contempt. "I’m not afraid of you, demon!"

"HAHAHAHA!" Desionia laughed. With her hand still grasping firmly to Sherryl, she said coldly, "Little girl. I’m afraid to tell you that you have used the wrong pronoun. We belong to the great race of Vampires. The greatest race that would live forever! And you, my beloved Sherryl, it is not me, it is we! You, my child, are one of us!"

"Horse sheet!" Sherryl cursed.

At this time, Zhang Yang stomped forward with haste and cried aloud. "Sherryl, loosen your grip!"

Sherryl was shocked at Zhang Yang’s sudden bold move but understood what he wanted to do immediately. She then released the dagger in her hands and allow the silver dagger to drop to the floor. At lightning speed, Zhang Yang lowered himself and skidded through the snow, grabbing the dagger in the air. As he was still sliding through the ground, he jumped upward and stabbed Desionia with a half-moon turn in the air.

[Sacred Silver Dagger] (Tool)

Use: Blessed with holy water from the church, this dagger is imbued with great power to damage Spectres. Due to its silver content, its power against vampires is increased further.

Uses left: 3/3

Level Requirement: 80

It was obvious to Zhang Yang that Desionia was all too confident that no one would defect. Little did she know that the weak little "food" would actually fight back! It was even a bigger surprise for her when there was another fearless one that would act against her! That surprise move had caused her to miss the dagger and was left with a deep bloody wound in her chest.


Zhang Yang eyes nearly popped out when he saw just how much damage he had just dealt! Sadly, it was a shame that it was a tool and not an equipment. If it was, he could have use it against the Vampire King and hack 1 million HP of the bugger’s HO with just 100 slashes of this miracle blade.

"ARGH!" Desionia staggered and immediately flew up into the night sky. Panic, rage, regret, and most of all, the expression of shock was written all over her face as she cringed in pain. "Kill that man!"

Shush! Shush!

The vampires that filled the night sky obeyed Desionia and shot down from the sky towards Zhang Yang and Sherryl.

"Let’s go!"

Zhang Yang pulled Sherryl up to her feet in one strong pull and ran behind her as the both of them ran towards the brick house.

Zhang Yang could summon his mount and fight the monsters with it, but he would have to endure the monsters’ physical attacks. As the disadvantages outweighed the benefits, Zhang Yang had rather rely on the good old fashion brick house to protect them.

As fast as their feet could move, the two of them ran into the house, with Zhang Yang behind Sherryl. Only after seeing Sherryl entered the house, Zhang Yang stopped and stood guard at the entrance.

"Here. Take it," said Zhang Yang as he returned the silver dagger back to Sherryl. For him, the dagger could only be used three times. But perhaps, there was a chance that Sherryl could use it perpetually. She was, after all, an important NPC for the quest.

"KYAAA!!" With a loud shriek, a vampire had flown close to the entrance. It then slowed down by spreading its wings wide and thrust his sharp claws at Zhang Yang.

"Oh! F*ck off!" Zhang Yang cried and slashed the vampire with the godly sword in his hand.

The situation got worse by the minute when many more vampires had descended down and formed a wave of enemy. They started to shriek together towards Zhang Yang.



The shriek had formed a visible wave in the air and had caused nearly 600 damage to Zhang Yang. The problem was the sound wave could not be blocked! If it was one or two monsters, Zhang Yang could handle it just fine. But when the number reached more than 10, it would cause a problem, even for a tank.

"Warrior! Put this on!" Sherryl cried out loud and took out a silver pendant. Her eyes screamed of fear of losing him. Zhang Yang did not know what was the pendant for but since the NPC had given it to him at the moment of peril, it had to be something useful!

[Holy Silver Pendant] (Tool)

Item Description: Blessed by the holy water from the church. This pendant would negate all evil and their negative temptation on you. Duration: 1 hour.

"KYAA!!!" As he put the pendant on, the number of vampires had already reached to more than a hundred. With a loud unison shriek, the air literally tore apart forming visible waves that were traveling towards Zhang Yang.


As the sound waves touched Zhang Yang’s character, the word "Immune" ticked.

This is good stuff!

Zhang Yang was extremely pleased. "Don’t think that you’re the only one who can shout like that! Watch me! BRAAAAAAA!!!" Zhang Yang shouted and activated {Blast Wave} at the same time.

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