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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 398 — The Garden of Vampires

Chapter 398: The Garden of Vampires

The townsmen had chased after Zhang Yang for about two kilometers before stopping to catch their breath. Although they had stopped, Zhang Yang could still see where they were, due to the light from their touch and the loud inaudible screaming.

Zhang Yang continued to ride until they reached to a thick forest before helping Sherryl down from the bear.

With wide, unfocused eyes, Sherryl finally broke. "Why…Why…"

Zhang Yang sighed. It was understandable that Sherryl would react that way. She was only 16 years old for god’s sake. Zhang Yang tried to lighten her mood. "Those townspeople of yours are really scary."

Sherryl smiled weakly and turned towards the direction of the town. The glint in her eyes still suggested the shock from being treated harshly by the townsmen.

Zhang Yang crossed his arms and gave into his recklessness. "Wait here. I’ll be back."

"Where are you going?" Sherryl asked. She seemed to regain some level of vigor.

"I’m going to kill that lord vampire king Madros or something." Zhang Yang replied with a warm smile. "If that bloody bugger is dead, then no one will blame you for something as outrageous as you being one of the vampires!"

Sherryl expression softened greatly but quickly grabbed Zhang Yang by his arm. "Warrior! Don’t do that! It’s too dangerous! I cannot allow you to be in danger because of me!"

‘Ding! You have gained a good Relationship with Sherryl!’


Zhang Yang smirked. "You need not worry about me! You see, I have a bunch of very strong friends! Together, we can kill Madros!"

"Warrior…" Sherryl tried to talk Zhang Yang out of his reckless idea.

"Too late. I’ve already decided," said Zhang Yang, confirming his decision. "Sherryl, I don’t know what the vampires want from you. But I do know this. You’re extremely important to them. That is why I must ask you to remain hidden. Keep a low profile and wait for the good news!"

Sherryl hesitated but eventually succumbed to Zhang Yang’s confidence.

Even so, after the entire wild commotion, Sherryl still had not given any follow-up quest! As hard as it sounds, a hidden quest was surely hard to trigger! Zhang Yang thought to himself, now that he had already proceeded with the "event" so far, and he had confirmed that Sherryl was the NPC that would give out the Vampire Inheritance quest, he could just kill Madros some other day and not need to come back for Sherryl! Would not that be a waste of time since the girl would not trigger the quest?

Zhang Yang nodded confidently. "You take care of yourself. I’ll be on my way now."

"Good luck." Sherryl wished Zhang Yang well and gripped the dagger hard, whilst nodding her head up and down.

Zhang Yang rode the bear and galloped as fast as he could towards the north, where the vampire had flown. After riding a few hundred kilometers for god knows how long, Zhang Yang had arrived at a desolate garden. The garden was huge and wide. In the middle of the garden was a flower circlet. In this godforsaken place which was devoid of any sunlight, there were many odd plantation and flowers that had grown beautifully. As Zhang Yang approached closer to the flora, he noticed that the stems of the flowers were transparent and what made the plants look red was the blood that was flowing in it!

Behind the garden was a three stories building. It was obvious that the building was extremely old. There were veins glowing all over the exterior of the building. The dark, black building was encased in coils of growing veins that had only made it look like it was a man-eating "beast" that could just swallow him as he enters it.

Separating the main building from the outside world was an iron gate that measured two person’s height. Inside the flower garden were vampires tending to the flowers, but it was not clear to what they were actually doing.

Zhang Yang pushed the iron gates, which gave out a loud rusty creak as it swung open. Riding the bear, Zhang Yang moved slowly. After the gates was a long, white pavement. In the middle of the route was a beautiful large water fountain. After that was the eerie looking building.

Zhang Yang rode slowly towards the building. The bear’s paws were soft like a cat’s, making no noise as it moved. However, the metal plates of his armor were constantly crashing into each other, as the bear wobbled up and down.

"H-Help…me…" A faint cry of help was heard coming from the flower garden.

Zhang Yang jumped from the sound of it. It was extremely scary being alone, in dark, creepy place. Surely anyone would be scared when they suddenly hear a cry for help in this situation. He quickly stopped his tracks and searched for the source of the sound. But no matter how hard he searches, there was nothing of a human to be found.

"Heeellppp…Me…" The same faint cry was heard again.

This time, Zhang Yang heard is clearly. He got down from the bear and walked into the bunch of flowers. He then bent down and pulled the flowers. Once the flowers were broken off their roots, it literally bled. Zhang Yang continued until he found a soft spot. Inside the area was a man, or half of what seems to be a man. The body had already decayed halfway through, roots growing from inside the man’s organs. No wonder the flowers were able to grow so beautifully, their nutritions were coming directly from a human! The blood that flowed in the plants was human blood!

What a disgusting setting! Props to the designer!

The man opened his eyes. Although he was unable to move, he was still able to move his eyeballs and glared at Zhang Yang. "Please…kill me. End my life!"

[Half-dead Human] (Normal, Humanoid)

Level: 1

HP: 1/50

Defense: 1

Zhang Yang nearly vomited from the sight of the man still being alive after all that he had been through. Filled with pity and disgust, Zhang Yang granted the man’s wish. He pulled his sword out and stabbed the man in his chest, ending his tortured life.

"T-thank…You…" As life seeped away from the man, Zhang Yang retrieved his sword but there was no bloodstain on his blade. The plants had already sucked the man’s dry!

Just then, a shadow appeared on the ground and shot over him. Zhang Yang immediately hid himself. The shadowy figure landed gracefully on the ground and walked towards a flower. The person than pressed his lips to the tip of the flower and begun sucking the fluid in it. As the bloodily liquid flows out of the flower and into the man’s, his pale face regained its color. The man continued sucking out the blood from the plant until the plant withered away. With obvious vigor regeneration, the man spread out his wings and flew back into the building through the roof.

Zhang Yang knew then, that was the more brutal method to draw and store blood from a human. Even if it was just a game, Zhang Yang had to applaud the designer and the director for coming up with such an amazing story lore. Because right then, Zhang Yang was filled with immense rage. He hopped on the bear and gently ruffled the bear’s forehead. "It’s time for a massacre."

The bear growled faintly and galloped towards the building.

"I smell the smell of a Human! A living human!"

Unlike the unguarded garden, the building had two elite vampires standing guard at the entrance. The system had the vampires react to Zhang Yang only when he had entered their aggro range, and not based on sight.

Zhang Yang started the battle with a {Spear of Obliteration} thrown at the left vampire.

"Ack!" the vampire winched in pain. The two targets then lunged themselves at Zhang Yang.



Having more than 100,000 HP, Zhang Yang had barely felt anything! Based on calculations, the two enemies had a basic attack of around 6,000. Even though it was rather average, it was made to look like a pea shooter, since Zhang Yang had a strong damage reduction ability, reducing close to 80% of their attacks!

Zhang Yang set his sights on the one that he had attacked before and launched a series of sword slices.

"What a strong warrior!"

"Such strength, the blood would most definitely be of quality!"

Like hungry men who had not eaten in days, the two vampires licked their lips, drooling at the sight of Zhang Yang. Their attacks were weak albeit being fast and swift.

"My blood? Please, you don’t have enough qualifications to taste my blood!" Zhang Yang taunted.

The match was a 2v2 battle, with Zhang Yang and the Gold-Eared Bear King against the two vampires. With over 6,000 DPS, they had easily killed the first enemy in just 15 seconds. Losing all 80,000 HP in the battle, the vampire fell to the ground and turned into fine ash, which was blown by the winds. The second one was also defeated in about the same time.

"Is that all?" Zhang Yang scoffed.

He then proceeds to push open the door. To his dismay, the door creaked loudly. Compared to the creep exterior, the inside of the creepy building was surprisingly pleasant. The entire hall was illuminated with the warm light coming from a candle chandelier hanging on the ceiling. The hall which Zhang Yang had just entered was the living room. Like what you could expect from a wealthy old western family; the hall was filled with cushioned chairs and a marvelous, grand wooden craved table, and a large fireplace. There were more than 10 well-dressed vampires, both male, and female who were sipping what seems to be red wine. There was even music playing in the background which made it look like a social party for the snobs.

Although they were classified as Spectres, the vampire considered themselves to be one of the noble creatures. They felt superior compared to the skeletal soldiers, or zombies, and the undead that would look and behave savagely. The vampires would never associate themselves with the rest and would live in the grandest and upscale castle. They would then consider themselves as the Blood Race and refuse to be classified as a part of the Spectres.

Everyone turned to Zhang Yang at the moment he pushed the door open. All heads turned to him, which immediately made Zhang Yang think that he had just made the worst mistake ever. One of the beautiful ladies laughed and clapped her hands. "Welcome! Oh my! What strong, young man!" She emphasized the word "young".

Another lady joined the conversation and giggled behind a paper fan. "Ohohohoho…My dear Phoebe, control your lust!"

"Why should I, Lorraine? Imagine the both of us in bed, intertwined with each other! The pleasure of taking his blood while he breathes next to me! Who could resist that! Ahh! I must have him!" Phoebe screamed in a weird, pleasure-like moan. She stood immediately and spread her wings, tearing the dress on her back. With lightning speed, the vampire lunged towards Zhang Yang, with her hands bared and claws ready to stab Zhang Yang.

"I hope that you don’t mind me joining you! Phoebe!" said the same female who had interjected her.

"Piss off! Why are you always trying to snatch my toys! It was the same as before and it is the same as now! I’d never want to share the same men with you! You always have it too rough! The men you play with always end up dying!" Phoebe growled angrily.

"Hohohoho! Whoever gets her hands on him first shall own the warrior!" cried the vampire named Lorraine.

Zhang Yang raised his eyebrows, along with his sword and shield. "Why don’t I have a say in this?"

"Give up fighting and give in to me!" Bellowed Phoebe as she placed her attention on Zhang Yang. There was a certain aura to the vampires here. As if each of them were strong. Even though they were all elite tier, they had special names to them instead of the general noun. These elite monsters were strong. They had over 200,000 HP and could be called mini-bosses.

Zhang Yang threw a {Spear of Obliteration} towards Phoebe and withdrew slowly until he reached outside the building. Zhang Yang wanted to be able to ride on the battle mount, to allow himself to be stronger!


Zhang Yang kicked the door behind him and rolled backward, just in the nick of time to avoid the attacks of both Phoebe and Lorraine. Zhang Yang quickly jumped behind the bear and was ready to lay down attacks. It was a shame that he wasn’t ready. If he had been, he would have swapped the battle mount to the Mythical Turtle and gained even more power!

"Surrender to me, human! Bow down, and I shall grant you the ultimate pleasure before your death!" Phoebe taunted Zhang Yang as she clawed her way to Zhang Yang.

After parrying a number of attacks, Zhang Yang laughed and replied, "Shame that you’re completely not my type!"

"HAHAHA!" Lorraine laughed. "Looks like it’s time for you to change your appeal!"


The two of the female vampires continued to have their war or words, yet the physical attacks on Zhang Yang had not slowed down! However, Zhang Yang did not mind. His main target now was only Phoebe. Dancing with his blade, Zhang Yang had delivered a series of attacks which drained the enemy’s HP down rapidly.

Even though Phoebe had slightly more HP than the average elite monsters, she had only 200,000 HP! Zhang Yang had killed a 80,000 HP in just 15 seconds, so at most it would take 40 seconds or less to deal with 200,000 HP!

"Ack!" Phoebe finally winched in pain after her long HP was left with over 20,000 HP. Before Zhang Yang could deliver the final blow, she shot into the sky and flew to the flower garden.

"D*mn!" Zhang Yang cursed. Somehow, he knew that she would do that.

"Don’t try to escape!" Lorraine bellowed. Seeing her comrade being attacked to that state, she roared angrily as she clawed at Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang had not want to deal with Lorraine just yet. Frantically, he left the place, only to see that Phoebe had landed in the flower garden. There was a glint of panic in her eyes. With all the power left in her body, she quickly dashed around the garden. Her speed was so fast that Zhang Yang could only see flowers disappearing in a fraction of a second. After that, there was a sudden blow of strong gale that swept away most of the dust, revealing herself standing in the center of the garden. In her hands, there were blood dripping off, but it was not her blood. It was the blood that was oozing out from the flower. With great speed, she sucked in all the blood from each flower and gained a boon status.

Consuming fresh blood, recover 10% HP every second for 10 seconds.

Even though Zhang Yang was efficient in using {Destructive Smash}, leaving no gap in between the skill’s cooldown, 3 seconds had passed since Phoebe had flown away. By the time she started consuming the blood, the debuff from {Destructive Smash} had already expired.



"Crap!" Zhang Yang cursed. Phoebe had started healing, and at great speed at that! Hoping that he could make it in time, Zhang Yang pulled the reins and made the bear leap 10 feet forward.

{Destructive Smash}!



Zhang Yang let out a sigh of relieve when he had managed to delivered the skill, causing Phoebe recovery to receive a 75% reduction.

"You bastard!" Phoebe shouted from the top of her lungs. She then spread her wings and shot towards Zhang Yang, causing him to be pushed behind a great distance.

"Tch!" Zhang Yang cringed as he pulled the rein to prevent himself from falling over.

"Come get me!" Zhang Yang taunted and charged towards the two vampires. Zhang Yang still focused his fire on Phoebe instead of Lorraine. After receiving the {Destructive Smash} interruption during her blood sucking, she had only managed to heal over 40% of her HP.

"No…NO! NO! ACK! SAVE ME! NOO! KYAA!" cried Phoebe as she lost her mind when Zhang Yang had landed the last attack which completely depleted her HP. The wound at which Zhang Yang had sliced into Phoebe turned into a burning ember. The amber spread all over, causing Phoebe to panic. As much as she tried to claw the amber from spreading to her entire body, there was nothing that she could do except to scream at the top of her lungs. As quickly as the time ticked away, Phoebe’s entire body turned into a glowing amber before crumbling down into a pile of gray ash.

"Phoebe! My dear! Phobe! No!!" Tears started to fall from Lorraine’s bloodshot eyes. She lunged herself at Zhang Yang and pinned him down. "Bastard! You have killed my daughter! When I’m done with you, you’d wish that I would end your life right now! I will turn you into a vampire and torture you for all eternity!"

Threats aside, Zhang Yang was actually more surprised at the fact that both Lorraine and Phoebe were mother and daughter! What kind of game designer did Dream Tech hire!

"All your blood are belonged to me!" Lorraine flapped her wings with much power, granting her the ability to move around with better agility. Attacks came from all directions!

Zhang Yang laughed despite being attacked by a crazy mother who had just lost her daughter. When two monsters had attacked Zhang Yang, he was not troubled by it, now that Lorraine was the only one left, what sort of trouble could she do to him?

Zhang Yang picked himself up and retaliate even harder. Just as Phoebe, Zhang Yang took no time at all to kill Lorraine. Before he knew it, Lorraine had left with only 10%. As expected, she too, shot towards the garden to suck on the flowers.

"Crap!! Again!?" Zhang Yang scolded himself for being reckless. Not only had she healed herself, she had chosen a place much further away from where Phoebe was. Zhang Yang cursed angrily and chased after her with {Destructive Smash} ready in hand.

This time, he was rather lucky, when Lorraine had shot off, the {Destructive Smash} debuff on her still had over 7 seconds of active duration. Zhang Yang had managed to reach her and deliver another {Destructive Smash} before the effect wore off. Thus, Lorraine had only healed by 25%. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

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