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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 400 — Constance

Chapter 400: Constance

The boss fight had rewarded Zhang Yang with two Yellow-Gold equipment, and six Gray-Silver equipment. Among them was a rather strong dagger.

[Thorn of Desionia] (Yellow-Gold)

Weapon Attack: 402 - 602

Attack Interval: 1.4 seconds

DPS: 358

Equip Effect: Grants a 10% chance to restore 500 HP on every attack.


Level Requirement: 80

Even though the dagger was not up to tier, it was still one of the strongest Yellow-Gold weapons out there. Surely there were people who would want the dagger since there were not many Violet-Platinums circling in the market at the moment.

Zhang Yang picked up the loot and moved forward. There were many other monsters along the way which were killed and turned into fine ash. Just as he felt happy that the monsters had granted a luxurious amount of experience points, he was reminded about the quest that he had just received right before the boss fight with Desionia.

[Rescue Sherryl] (Difficulty Level: S)

Quest Description: The King of Vampires, Madros, has kidnapped Sherryl. The ceremony to wed Sherryl to Madros, making her the third bride will happen shortly. Warrior, you have to pick up the pace in order to save her in time!

Duration remaining: 2 hours 47 minutes.

Progress: Rescued Sherryl 0/1

Zhang Yang sighed heavily. He hated quests with time limits. Still, for a quest to be ranked at S-level, it was understandable. Furthermore, the time taken to finish the quest will be taken into consideration for the final quest score.

The monsters on the second floor were mostly just normal tiered. Zhang Yang had effortlessly turned their living flesh into grayish ash. In the battle of the normal monsters, Zhang Yang had picked up many pieces of [Silk]. Like a hot knife through butter, Zhang Yang had butchered his way through the entire floor. Right before he arrived at the staircase to the third floor, he stopped and changed his battle mount to the Mythical Turtle. He would not make the same mistake as before.

After climbing the stairs and arriving at the third floor, he was immediately interrupted by a woman in a familiar white dress. Her hair color was different compared to Desionia. Unlike the deep, charcoal black, hers was blonde.

[Constance, Bride of the Vampire Lord] (Yellow-Gold, Spectre)

Level: 87

HP: 1,740,000

Defense: 1,500

Note: Intensely jealous. The manifestation of envy!

Just when Zhang Yang was ready to command the turtle to strike first, he was stunned at the sight of the green colored name tag.

"Warrior!" said Constance when she saw Zhang Yang had arrived at the floor. "Worry not. I come in peace."

An NPC with a green color name tag meant a friendly character. Zhang Yang slid his sword back into its scabbard. There was no way Zhang Yang could attack a green color name tag NPC. "Why are you in my way?"

Constance clicked her tongue irritably. "Madros, the bastard! When he married me, he had vowed to love me, and only me! However, 30 years ago, against my will, he took another bride for himself! He married Desionia! Just when he swore to never take on another wife, he had turned back on his words and picked that human insect! I cannot allow this to happen again! Warrior, I will help you kill that bastard!"

Woah…So this was what jealousy would do to a woman. How many big shots had committed homicide just because they were dissatisfied about playing second fiddle? (In context to ancient China family)

Zhang Yang nodded his head. "Alright."

With a Yellow-Gold boss helping him in battle, he would not need to summon Han Ying Xue or anyone else to assist him in killing the last boss.

Since the boss fight was not going to happen, Zhang Yang swapped the turtle for the bear. If he had waited for the turtle to follow him to the last boss, he would have already grown a beard as long as Rapunzel’s hair!

"Follow me!" said Constance coldly. She gestured Zhang Yang to follow her and led the way. There were no monsters on the third floor, allowing both of them to proceed quickly and arrive at a room at the end of the floor.


The door was opened slowly, yet it still made a creepy creak. "Madros is inside. Be quick with it!" said Constance as she headed in.

The room was dark and quiet. It was so dark that Zhang Yang could not even see his own feet. It was as if a temporary blindness had robbed him of his vision. 20 to 30 steps forward, he heard the same creak, followed by a loud click. The door behind him was shut. The light started to appear from the sides. The torches on the side of the wall of the room had lit up one by one and quickly brightened up the room.

Just when Zhang Yang had gotten used to the darkness of the room, he was blinded by the sudden illumination, which forced him to shut his eyes. It took some effort but after he had readjusted back to the light, he opened his eyes to observe his surroundings. The room was too large to be called a room. It was roughly 300 to 400 meters square wide. The problem with this "hall" was that there were close to hundred elite-tiered vampires standing at every corner, with their fangs bared at Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang frantically searched for Constance and found her standing at the furthest corner from him, laughing sinisterly. Her name tag had changed to red!

Zhang Yang was bamboozled! Of course, he would be, everyone with an average level of intellect would be tricked as well. Constance was a friendly NPC back then! A normal player would have already treated her as a comrade instead of being wary.

"My minions! Kill the human!" cried Constance as she lifted her pale fingers to point at Zhang Yang’s general location. The vampires in the hall spread their wings in unison, creating sudden airwaves that sent the dust on the floor flying in all directions.

Zhang Yang felt a cold shiver down his spine. There is no way that he would survive the battle with a hundred elite tier monsters!

"Yo, b*tch! Come now!" Zhang Yang speedily opened his Friend List and dialed up to Han Ying Xue.

"What? I’m busy grinding with Yan Er! Buzz off!" said Han Ying Xue lazily.

"No time to explain! Put on the charm now! My life is at stake here!"

"Oh! So you want the damsel to save the prince in distress now huh?"

Within seconds, Han Ying Xue had arrived at the scene.

At the moment she had appeared in the battlefield, she was greeted with the cries of hundreds of vampires. The color drained from her face. "Dummy! No more surprises like this in the future! I’ll bite your nose off the next time you rope me in like that!"

"Enough! Time for our skill!" Zhang Yang bellowed. He had activated {Shield Wall} and had only managed to survive the fight because of the skill’s healing capability. Anyone and everyone would know that once the {Shield Wall} ended, Zhang Yang would be shredded into pieces, even if he had the thick defense of an elephant.

Zhang Yang reached out and grabbed Han Ying Xue’s fair hand and activated {Blizzard Sky}, and {Lunar’s Dew}.

Shush! Shush! Shush!




Since the vampires could fly, space was filled rather economically by them, thus increasing the efficiency of the skill.

"Kill them! Kill the humans!" cried Constance with a loud shriek.

"Hey Dummy, why are you always in trouble when it comes to women?" asked Han Ying Xue with a laugh.

"…Why? Jealous much?" said Zhang Yang.

"Please. I’m not talking about the people in the game. I’m talking about Zhao Bin, Zhao Xue, and Zhao Yu! Those three are exquisite! A rare beauty! How could you not drown in the triplet’s beauty?" said Han Ying Xue. She was jealous.

Zhang Yang frowned worriedly. "Erhm…they…I mean the girls were just freshmen in university!"

"Hmph! Only God knows what kind of dirty thought dwelling in that filthy mind!"

As they were having their conversation, most of the vampire had already turned into piles of ash that had defiled the beautiful scenery of the skill.

"Woah, that’s really a lot of experience points!" said Han Ying Xue.

After 30 seconds prior to the skill’s activation, the hundreds of vampires were killed, leaving the hall barren and lifeless.

"Bastard!" bellowed Constance angrily. She spread her own wings and shot towards Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang laughed tauntingly and parried her claw. "Relax woman, you’ll get to meet your friends real soon!"

Constance raised her head and stared into Zhang Yang’s eyes with great contempt. She opened her mouth and shrieked loudly, causing Zhang Yang to feel a great pain in his eardrums, forcing him down to the floor, closing his eyes and ears, abandoning his weapons.

{Despair Shriek}, looks like it was a skill exclusive for a vampire’s bride. Zhang Yang immediately dispelled the debuff with {Warrior’s Will} and returned to the fight. With a quick dodge and turn, Zhang Yang was back in front of Constance.

{Destructive Smash}!


A great damage text burst out with a slightly larger font since it was a critical strike. Both Zhang Yang and Han Ying Xue were slightly surprised.

"Dummy, are you really using a hack? How could you deal such high damage?"

Zhang Yang immediately opened the battle log and said, "It was a Critical Strike and a Lucky Strike stacked together."

The passive bonus effect of using {Warrior’s Will} was to grant a 100% chance to land a Critical Strike. If that attack had triggered a Lucky Strike, it would deal a massive 6x the original damage!

Now that the army of vampires were killed, Zhang Yang could easily settle the boss on his own. Now that a super healer had arrived to the scene, it was more of a concrete certainty that Zhang Yang would win the fight. Pairing his power with the bear, Zhang Yang had basically turned the fight into a one-sided brawl.

Not long after, Zhang Yang heard a loud "cling!" and realized that Constance’s body had turned as hard as a rock! Zhang Yang turned his gaze to Constance’s character and noticed a new status effect on her head.

[Petrifying Recovery]: Immune to all damage and status effect. Restores 5% HP every second. Last for 10 seconds. Channeling required.

Compared to the other vampire’s recovery skill, Constance’s recovery skill had even granted her a 10 seconds invincibility! She would have restored 50% of her HP without interruption! Not even the debuff of {Destructive Smash} would affect her!

After the 10 seconds skill duration ended, Constance spread her wings out, breaking the stone encasement, like a butterfly out of a cocoon.

She hovered a few meters into the air. Her wings were bigger now and cast a shadow over Zhang Yang.

"This is the gift from the king when he had bestowed immortality upon me! Surprised?" Constance smiled wryly. She now had 60% HP left.

Zhang Yang scoffed. Unless the skill had a cool down time of only 2 minutes, Zhang Yang could have killed the boss before she could have a chance to activate {Petrifying Recovery} for the second time.

"Dummy. When a player gains the Vampire Inheritance, would he gain that skill as well?"

"More or less." Zhang Yang nodded. "That’s actually the reason for me being here. To farm the Inheritance Fragments! The Inheritance is strong, but it doesn’t suit you though."

"Please. It’s not like I want it in the first place!"

With haste, Constance was killed before she could activate the {Petrifying Recovery} for the second time. As it was with any other vampire, Constance screamed and put up a scene before turning into ash.

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