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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 401 — The King of Vampire

Chapter 401: The King of Vampire

"Look here!" cried Han Ying Xue as she displayed three bottles of potions for Zhang Yang to see.

[Blood Potion] (Usable)

Use: Restore 10% HP every second, for 10 seconds. Cool down: 10 Minutes. All potions will share same cooldown duration after consuming this potion.

Level Requirement: 80

The potion was a mirror image for the vampire bloodsucking skill. Rather than sinking one’s teeth into someone’s else’s neck, one could easily heal the same amount by just consuming a bottle of potion. However, there was a problem with the potion. The 10 minutes long cool down time. To put it in comparison with other potions in the game, a normal potion would only have a 1 minute cooldown time. In 10 minutes, one could already consume 10 bottles. For a [Level 3 Healing Potion], one could heal over 40,000 HP. [Level 4 Healing Potions] would only be available for players after Level 90. The recovery amount reached up to 10,000 HP a bottle. If the battle could drag as long as 10 minutes, the bottle of [Level 4 Healing Potion] would be efficient. On the contrary, if the battle would only last for 4 to 5 minutes, the [Blood Potion] would be a game changer.

It was sad that Zhang Yang had only picked up 3 bottles. If they could be mass produced, half of potions in the market would lose their value.

"Well, d*mn. Bosses these days sure are stingy!" Zhang Yang picked up the loot and kept it. Equipment that was farmed in the fields would automatically end up in Zhang Yang’s inventory is no one else would want to claim them. Since no one else would want it, Zhang Yang would be the one to place the items in the Little Merchandise Shop.

Constance had dropped two counts of Yellow-Gold and seven counts of Gray-Silver equipment. Neither of them piqued any interest from Zhang Yang nor Han Ying Xue. Naturally, they were all fated to be sold.

"Let’s go. It’s time to kick the final boss’ *ss!" said Zhang Yang. He tried to share the quest to Han Ying Xue, but failed. It was to be expected since the end of this chain quest would reward the player with an Inheritance Fragment. It was considered to be a Unique item and could only be completed by one person at a time.

Han Ying Xue shrugged it off and the both of them continued moving to the end of the hall. After a large door, a narrow little corridor revealed itself. Unlike the rest of the castle wall, the material that made the corridor wall was different, for it was as white as snow. It was after a long walk before Zhang Yang and Han Ying Xue were greeted with another color. At the end of the corridor was a red door. The door was so old and gave off some sort of magical vibe, since there were many strange symbols and runes carved into the surface of the door. With the color of snow on the wall and the cold temperature of the surroundings, it gave the both of them cold eerie shivers.

Han Ying Xue sneaked behind Zhang Yang and cowered behind him.

Zhang Yang gritted his teeth uncomfortably and said, "Are you…perhaps…scared?"

"N-No! I’m soooo not afraid!"

"Woman, you do realize that you’re holding my right arm! Loosen up and let me go! If you don’t, I might be able to react in time if something jumps out!" said Zhang Yang as she stuck out her tongue.

Han Ying Xue scoffed and gave Zhang Yang a cold shoulder before releasing his arm.

Zhang Yang snickered a little and opened the red door. "You know? When you’re younger, there is always a fear of monsters lurking in the closet or under the bed. I realized that the best way to tackle the problem is to open the closet or look under the bed yourself!"

"Oh Hell No!" cried Han Ying Xue loudly as she shook her head.

"What a pansy!" said Zhang Yang. He then gave a large push, and the door answered with a loud creaking noise. Behind it was another large room, that was decorated just like a church! The only missing piece to make it a real church was the image of Jesus at the end of the aisle. Although there were paintings of flying angel babies like the Sistine Chapel, and stained glass windows, with no real light source, this "church" seems to have been abandoned for a long time. Beneath their feet, there was a large magic circle etched into the ground. Without chairs and benches around, the place was instead filled with sacrificial items at each corner of the pentagram. In the center of the magic circle was an unconscious young woman, wearing a beautiful white wedding dress.

Zhang Yang narrowed his gaze and confirmed it was Sherryl. She still alive was Zhang Yang could clearly observe her breast—chest was moving with life.

"Welcome…Welcome…" A deep husky voice came echoing from an unknown source.

"Madros?" said Zhang Yang as he tried to trace the source of the voice.

"It is I! Madros!" From the corner of the room, a shadowy tall figure walked out. He was dressed in a deep crimson cloak. His entire outfit was adorned with many gold accessories which Zhang Yang would refer to as blings. The man had the appearance of a man in his 30s. He had a full head of thick hair which had been combed all the way back his head. Perhaps, the man was using Gatsby hair gel, since his hair was all shiny. With a monocle hanging on his right eye, the man gave off the vibe of a noble man, and a proud one at that!

[Madros, King of Vampires] (Platinum-Gold, Spectre)

Level: 89

HP: 8,900,000

Defense: 2,500

Madros carried an Invincibility effect on him, even though he was not a green name tagged NPC.

"Hot d*mn that boss is handsome~" said Han Ying Xue as she swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

"Hmm. That’s new."

"What is?"

"That you’re into mature old men. You must have an exquisite taste for men."


"Is that even possible?" Zhang Yang gave his comeback.

Madros walked gracefully towards the both of them with both his hands crossed behind his back. He had a long saber which hung at his hip. It clinked slightly with his steps. Still crossing his hands behind his back, Madros gazed at Zhang Yang and rubbed his chin. "Hmm. For you to step in my presence, I assume that you have met my two brides. Could it be that you have already defeated them?"

"I beg your pardon, sir. For I must hereby announce you a widower!" said Zhang Yang as he shrugged. "Well…sorry for your loss!"

Madros eyebrows twitched a little. He laughed immediately. "All is well! All is well. For I have here, a third wife!"

Zhang Yang frowned. "Why must you have her and not anyone else as your bride? What is so special about the girl?"

Madros raised an eyebrow and stopped walking. He turned to look at Sherryl and spoke without looking at Zhang Yang. "What makes you think that I will tell you?"

"You can keep it a secret for all I care. But know this. No one will know why you did it in the first place. And if you succeed, there would nothing for you to enjoy about it. So you can keep it a secret, kill both of us, and the world will not know what had you done." Zhang Yang tried a reverse psychology attack. Instead of threatening, he played the verbal game.

"Or could it be that you want to keep it a secret since you’re afraid of two lowly humans. Aren’t you the king of vampires? So much for your immortality, huh?"

"Jest all you want human, but you have killed two of my wives. That is not something a regular lowly human could do. But, you’re right about one thing. I do wish to have the world know my power. I have kept this secret too long for time to tell."

Madros laughed with a chuckled. He then reached his hand out, causing a huge, gold-framed throne to hover from its original position, and towards him. The vampire sat down and crossed his legs proudly. "16 years ago, this castle once belonged to Drauders Martin, the previous king of vampires."

Madros chuckled for a while and turned to Zhang Yang and Han Ying Xue. "The father of Sherryl!"

Zhang Yang flinched. "You’re saying that Sherryl is also a vampire?!"

"Oh no! Heavens no! If she was a vampire, I wouldn’t have paid any attention to her!" Madros laughed. "On the contrary, Sherryl was the only human child of Martin! The only living vampire that was born from a biological mother!"

Madros stood up and his fist clenched tight. "I would complete the vampire’s wedding ceremony and take her powers for myself! Only then, I would be the first vampire to walk under the sun!"

"Why now?" Zhang Yang interjected quickly.

Madros smiled. "Why? Because after defeating Drauders Martin for the past 16 years, only now have I known about the existence of Sheryl! I was completely oblivious to the fact that he had a daughter! A human daughter! I had sent my minions to fetch her for me, but little did I know that she had put up a fight. I had to take her for myself!"

Zhang Yang frowned. Only now, did he know about Sherryl? It was all crap talk. Sherryl would have lived and died of old age if Zhang Yang had not stumble her in the first place!

Still, he was worried about the quest. "You seek to kill Sherryl?"

"As long as I could obtain the power to walk under the sun, the minions that I would create would have no need to cower in the dark! They can march with me, under the sun, boldly and proudly!" said Madros with a smirk. "For the glory of the vampire clan, I’m sure Sherryl would be delighted to offer her life!"

"Delighted? I wouldn’t be too sure about that." Zhang Yang had already had the Mythical Turtle on standby. Even though the boss could not attack nor be attacked, Zhang Yang was free to conduct any action! He then leaped as far as he could towards Sherryl!

"Stay away!" Madros slightly raised his voice and created a violent wind that slit Zhang Yang’s back.


Zhang Yang immediately received a strong damage. The boss’ name tag was no longer green. After attacking, he had become an enemy. Zhang Yang turned around and grinned. With quick reflex, Zhang Yang threw a {Spear of Obliteration} to him.

"You dare!? Insects! Vermin!" cried Madros. He then spread his giant black wings and shot towards Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang hurriedly withdrew back and kited the boss a little further so that the turtle could attack!

"I was hoping that I could treat you as a guest, but since you refuse to behave, I’ll have you removed from this world!" Madros landed, cracking the tiles beneath him, and immediately slashed at Zhang Yang with a sword drawing technique.


Zhang Yang raised his shield in time. There was a loud metal clashing sound, followed with one straight, glowing scratch on his shield. No bosses had ever done something like that to him before!

"Or perhaps, I should do something with you instead of ending your life. Maybe, a blood sacrifice as a wedding gift! That would be marvelous!’ Madros wielded his blade in an odd manner. Instead of slicing, Madros had struck Zhang Yang in the same manner of hammering instead. Even though the weapon handling was wrong, Zhang Yang was sent back a few meters, even though he had blocked the strike with his shield.

Both Zhang Yang and the Mythical Turtle started their attacks. After the Mythical Turtle had learned the skill {Spirit of the Flame}, each of his physical attacks had been turned into fire elements which would ignore the boss’ defense value! Each of its attacks would be at the highest value, around 4,300! Paired with Zhang Yang’s own 4,700 damage value, both of their attacks had reached almost 9,000!

"Hey, dummy? Should I summon my servant?" Han Ying Xue asked.

"No. Not yet!" said Zhang Yang immediately to stop her. "We do not know the boss might enter a berserk state at 10% HP. You can summon it after the boss has less than 20% HP!"

"Hmm. Ok…" Han Ying Xue nodded.


While talking, Zhang Yang had taken another heavy blow which had taken away close to a quarter of his HP.

"Hey, dummy? Why is the boss so strong?" Han Ying Xue complained as she had to heal Zhang Yang immediately after the attack.

Zhang Yang dodged one incoming attack and opened the battle log. The damage was indeed oddly high for his level and tier. "I think it’s the boss’ sword effect. Something that says, "Light of the Blood Race". It has a chance of triggering 150% damage!"

Again, Han Ying Xue nodded obediently and healed Zhang Yang. While they were fighting and healing busily, Han Ying Xue suddenly popped up another question. "Hey, dummy? If I were to be lost in the woods someday, what would you do?’

"…Why the f*ck would you go to the woods? You know that you’re a directional idiot!"

Han Ying Xue frowned and gritted her teeth. "I did say IF! What IF! Stupid! Now answer the question!"

"Sigh…First, I would call the police, and have a nice big meal after that."

"What?! I get the police part, but why a meal?"

"After eating, I would be ready to search for your sorry *ss in the woods for a long time!"

Han Ying Xue smiled happily. "Well…at least you know what you’re doing."

"Vile vermins! Surrender to the power of the darkness!" Madros bellowed and pointed one of his boney fingers at Han Ying Xue. "Bind!"

"Crap! Dummy! I can’t move!" Han Ying Xue cried.

"How long!?"

"30 seconds!"

"DAMMIT!" Zhang Yang shouted with much frustration. Without her, Zhang Yang would have to fight the boss on his own for 30 seconds!

"HEHEHEHE! Let’s play, vermin!" This time, Madros used his saber as a saber should be used, and sliced Zhang Yang at such a high speed. Without Han Ying Xue healing him, Zhang Yang had suffered great damage and was in danger! The main headache for Zhang Yang was the sword’s special skill! It seemed to have a high proc rate! On average, every 10th strike would trigger the high damage attack. To make things worse, it was by chance. It would occasionally trigger the burst damage twice in a row! When that occurs, Zhang Yang would lose 50% of his HP!

If Zhang Yang had not had such a large HP pool, in this case, any other tank would have been dead when the sword’s skill, "Light of the Blood Race" procced twice in a row.

To survive the entire ordeal, Zhang Yang had used {Berserker’s Heal}, a bottle of {Blood Potion}, and {Shield Wall}.

"Dummy, I think that you’re the only person in the entire game that could endure the boss for 30 seconds without a healer! If some other tank were to switch places with you, I think they would have already died in the first half of the battle!" said Han Ying Xue as she sighed heavily.

"Well, of course!"

"…Please. Don’t let it get over your head."

Zhang Yang laughed and continued laying more devastating attacks on the boss. Even though the boss’ attacks were strong, Zhang Yang had not been slacking off. With the turtle attacking together, both of them had taken around 17 minutes to would the boss until he was left with only 52% of his HP.


"Ah…" A screamed was heard. Zhang Yang turned and saw that Sherryl had woke up. What an inappropriate timing to suddenly interfere with the battle!

"Wonderful! You have awakened, my bride to be!" With speed, Madros sheathed his sabre and flew towards Sherrly.

"Stay away from me, demon!" Sherryl, despite being bound in an elegant dress, did an acrobatic jump and dodged Madros.

"Do not be bashful, my bride. Be good, and complete the final ceremony! We shall re-create a bright future for the vampire clan!" Madros reached out his arms to grabbed Sherryl, but was immediately stopped with an attack in the air. The boss puffed with anger and turned to glare at Zhang Yang who had just thrown a {Spear of Obliteration}.

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